A Higher Duty (A Ben Schroeder Legal Thriller Book 1)

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Murphy describes an exclusive society that has disappeared.

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A Higher Duty has a legal background, and someone dies in dubious circumstances in the opening chapter, so perhaps its claim is slightly stronger than some; but the background is largely family law, and the death requires no investigation. Instead, the real crime in this thoughtful, vividly evoked story is an ongoing one, committed for centuries against most of the population by a small but powerful section of it.

Several loosely connected story strands come together to form the kind of neat conclusion in which justice is done after a fashion: He makes a jolly good fist of recreating the social background which defined that era, and he does it in a highly readable way, using the old-fashioned device of good storytelling: Some of them are likeable, others less so, but there is no black and white, no good guy required to triumph or bad one who has to get his comeuppance. The ending is tidy, and probably inevitable, though whether it makes for the kind of satisfying denouement aficionados of crime fiction expect is open for debate.

But it is an absorbing read, and one which will make you think, and consider yourself fortunate to be living in a world which has moved on.

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A compelling and disturbing tale of English law courts, lawyers, and their clients, told with the authenticity that only an insider like Murphy can deliver. The best read I've come across in a long time. Reader Reviews for A Higher Duty. Writing a Novel Word Doc format. Writing a Novel pdf format.

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    A Higher Duty A compelling and disturbing tale of law courts, lawyers and their clients set in sixties London Early s London. As innocent lives become entangled, nothing is sacred — not even justice.

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    Added by 1 of our members. In Harold Macmillan's Britain of the early s the Bar is dominated by white, privileged, Oxbridge men. Underneath a profession which proudly flaunts its integrity and traditions lies a world of hypocrisy and ruthless self-interest.

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    When scandal threatens, self-preservation is the only goal and no one is indispensable. But Schroeder is an outsider, not part of this privileged society, where wealth and an Oxbridge education are essentials.

    A Higher Duty (Ben Schroeder, book 1) by Peter Murphy

    He encounters prejudice, intrigue, and scandal. Kenneth Gaskell, a rising star of Wesley's chambers has become involved in an affair with a high-profile client and the relationship, if known, could ruin his career, and the careers of all those around him. But Bernard Wesley has some information - he knows about a student prank that went terribly wrong.