Faith seeking understanding: a confident journey

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Must be expert riders, willing to risk death daily. Those who violated the oath were terminated. So help me God.


Genghis Khan was noted for a horse relay postal system that covered the expanse of his empire. In Mongolia, postal riders continued to deliver the mail until , when the former Soviet Union shut down the system while attempting to erase the memory of Genghis Khan from the history of Mongolia.

However, before Genghis Khan in , the Persian Empire of the 5th century BCE was renowned for its communication system, one with striking similarities to the Pony Express. The Greek historian Herodotus said there was no swifter form of human communication at the time than the Persian system. The first rider delivered his charge to the second rider, the second to the third, and so on.

Charles Sigler, D.Phil.

These are stopped neither by snow nor rain nor heat nor darkness from accomplishing their appointed course with all speed. The biblical connection occurs in the book of Esther. I sensed I was standing on the threshold of something enormously rich and satisfying, but I saw it only from a distance, uncertain of whether I could ever grasp it. Like Moses on Mount Nebo, I was glimpsing something that seemed beyond my reach.

I knew I had to break free from the cold rationalism of my early faith.

One of my friends had told me how it had helped him in his faith to read the book in one sitting. I decided I would do the same out in the countryside, where there were no distractions. That day I discovered two themes that have transformed my life as a Christian. Both came to me when I was reading Philippians 3 , savoring every phrase, trying to identify and digest every nugget of wisdom. As I read and reread those words, I began to realize the true nature of my problem: My faith had affected my mind but left the rest of me untouched.

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Up to that point, I had thought of spiritual growth in terms of accumulating knowledge. And so I had read biblical commentaries and books on systematic theology. I was like someone who had read books about France but had never visited. Or someone who had read about falling in love but had never experienced it. Everything in the opening section contributed to my transformed vision of the Christian faith.

Yet that single verse seemed to sum up everything so well.

Understanding Seeking Faith

Its context is significant. Paul explains how his personal journey qualified him as a distinguished Jew: Paul was not being ironic.

He was listing his many achievements before delivering the point: These achievements pale in comparison to the wonder, joy, and privilege of knowing Christ. In the light of Christ, we see things as they really are.

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What we thought was gold crumbles to dust. Paul explained that his achievements might actually get in the way of what really matters: Good things can be a barrier to what is best. He made it clear that what mattered was not what I achieved, but what Christ achieved within and through me. Our status is given through faith in Christ, not obtained through the works of the law. Paul knew that knowing Christ overshadowed and overwhelmed anything and everything he had previously known and valued.

Doubting Toward Faith Quotes by Bobby Conway

This is one sure way to turn our faith into a cold, pure science. And our relationship with God will die as the romance fades. Martin Luther, the well-known reformer, referred to this as the difference between a magisterial use of reason and a ministerial use of reason. Someone who practices the former places himself above the Scriptures and judges whether it is true or false. That person becomes the final arbiter of truth and error. However, the person who practices the latter submits himself under the Scriptures, trusting the Word of God as the final arbiter of truth.

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