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This collectors edition comprises the first four episodes of theDino lernt Deutsch story series for German learners: Lured by the promise of endless possibilities Dino a young man from Sicily tries to make a new home in Germany. Equipped only with an intense curiosity and a knack for meeting new people hes eager to delve into local customs and cuisine if there only wasnt this pesky business of learning German Follow Dino on his adventures through the German city landscape experience daily life in Germany through the eyes of a newcomer learn about the country and its people and improve your German effortlessly along the way!

And here he does it most elegantly. Although the brainstem is technically surgically accessible its highly eloquent structure demands rigorous surgical decision-making. An in-depth understanding of brainstem and thalamic anatomy and the safe entry zones used to access critical areas of the brainstem is essential to traversing the brainstem safely and successfully. This remarkable one-of-a-kind atlas draws on the senior authors decades of experience performing more than surgeries on the brainstem thalamus basal ganglia and surrounding areas.

Meana, J. J.

Its content is organized by anatomic region enabling readers to study separate subdivisions of the brainstem each of which has its own unique anatomic and surgical considerations. From cover to cover the atlas provides readers with technical guidance on approach selection the timing of surgery and optimization of outcomes-elucidated by more than remarkable color illustrations dissections clinical images and line drawings.

Key Highlights Beautifully detailed highly sophisticated brain slices and dissections by Kaan Yagmurlu who trained under the internationally renowned neuroanatomist and neurosurgeon Albert Rhoton Jr. Color illustrations clearly labeled with callouts and other indicators of foci of interest delineate multiple safe entry zones to the brainstem More than 50 detailed patient cases highlight each patients history of previous neurological disorders presenting symptoms preoperative imaging diagnosis the planned surgical approach patient positioning intraoperative and postoperative imaging and outcome Seven animations and more than 50 surgical videos elucidate approach selection anatomy and surgical outcomes of thalamic region and brainstem lesions This illuminating atlas provides insights into the complexities of the hallowed halls of the brainstem.

Neurosurgeons and neurosurgical residents alike who glean knowledge from the clinical pearls throughout each section will no doubt become more adept surgeons to the ultimate benefit of their patients. The first volume of this updated and revised edition deals with the surgical resection of intracranial tumors.

Individual chapters focus on specific intracranial regions and provide neuroanatomic descriptions of all the major neurosurgical approaches in detail. Thieme Stuttgart Microanatomy Approaches Techniques The first volume of this updated and revised edition deals with the surgical resection of intracranial tumors. In this book Dr. Michael Lawton shares his expertise and lessons learned from his years of dedication to vascular neurosurgery.

He describes his take on AVMs in the preface as a battle and his book contains many take-home lessons. His presentation is enhanced by the spectacular intraoperative color images and illustrations drawn by Kenneth X. With no reservations I highly recommend this book to all neurosurgeons. This sequel to Dr. Lawtons best-selling Seven Aneurysms focuses on microsurgical resection techniques for AVMs found in the lobes and deep regions of the brain. It categorizes the techniques into subtypes to simplify the broad spectrum of brain AVMs neurosurgeons may encounter.

The book is organized into three sections: Lawton discusses what he believes to be the keys to successful AVM surgery: Includes more than spectacular full-color illustrations developed exclusively for this book Creates a system for conceptualizing and approaching AVMs Illustrates a stepwise process for AVM resection using strategic battle plans Summarizing the common AVMs encountered in practice neurosurgeons and neurosurgical residents will find this hybrid atlas-text to be an essential part of their armamentarium.

The complex highly technological field of neurovascular surgery is quickly expanding encompassing traditional surgical approaches as well as endovascular and neurointerventional techniques. The last decade has seen increased cross-specialty interest in utilizing minimally invasive techniques to help prevent and treat cerebrovascular disease.

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Concurrently there has been important research analyzing the efficacy of surgical methods versus endovascular approaches and the clip versus coil discussion is covered herein. Written by 21st Century pioneers in the field this second cutting-edge edition offers the latest science throughout pages and a remarkable video library covering anatomy diagnosis epidemiology history treatment indications technical nuances outcomes and complications. Internationally renowned experts from across the globe share clinical pearls and best practicesfrom the research lab to the ER to the OR.

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Medical surgical endovascular cerebral revascularization bypass surgery radiation therapy and other procedures are covered in depth. Evidence-based and transdisciplinary the second edition covers the full spectrum of neurovascular pathologiespreoperatively and postoperativelyincluding: It is a must-have for general vascular and endovascular neurosurgeons interventional radiologists neurologists critical care practitioners and neuro-rehabilitation specialists.

Refinements in the neurosurgical armamentarium continue to push the borders of neurosurgery forward.

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Lesions considered inoperable a few years ago can now be resected especially in the region of the skull base. These new developments plus rapid technological innovations in microneurosurgery have dramatically altered the scope of modern neurosurgery. You will find coverage of aneurysms arteriovenuous malformations cerebrovascular malformations and vascular compression- all derived from a wide range of etiologies.

Divided into three sections on anatomy surgical approaches and underlying pathology the book demonstrates the most innovative new techniques procedures and approaches as performed in hundreds of clinical cases. The result is the most detailed and comprehensive microneurosurgical atlas ever compiled an ideal reference for practicing neurosurgeons and residents-in-training. La utilidad del libro radica en la practicidad de su enfoque por medio de ejercicios resueltos cuidadosamente seleccionados. Se evidencian tres enfoques claros: