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I got really tired of reading present participles that ended with "in'". The dialogue is also full of colloquialisms and just plain bad grammar -- lots of ain'ts, done goods, me ands. I guess it's supposed to add local color, but towards the end of the book I found myself paying more attention to the language than to the plot.

I've read a couple of the author's other books and liked them a lot. This one not so much. I'll keep on reading her but with caution. One person found this helpful. Red-headed Pearl and hot, handsome Wil, their names alone should make you anxious to read their story. Wil is a cowboy from head to toe and Pearl is a sassy motel owner. There are many other characters in this Carolyn Brown book so just hold on to your hat. I enjoy reading Carolyn Brown books and I just bet you will too.

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This is a great series. Brown's books are full of a large colorful cast of characters who leave you smiling and laughing at their antics throughout the story. The romance between Pearl and Wil is sassy, sex and hilarious! Their bantering and bickering throughout the book kept me laughing out loud the whole time! Brown is a master at creating believable characters that you wish you could be or know! Enjoyed reading about Pearl inheriting her great grandmother's motel. She meets Wil when some people lost their power, he comes in for a room.

They are attracted to each other but both are head strong so there is a lot of excitement. Carolyn Brown is a new author for me. I usually read murder mystery type books but I like to get away from the murder plots now and then just to take a break. I read her To Trust, Believe, etc series and liked it so decided to read more of her work. The cowboy books are good but not the super clean language of the To Trust etc.

But I am enjoying reading them. The stories may be a bit predictable but still a good read. Carolyn Brown is an author I have discovered on Kindle because of one of her freebies. I have now read some of her books since and I haven't been disappointed. She writes her heroines to have a lot of personality. And she really has you rooting for the couple to have their happy ending. Like many of her books this one had me hooked from the very first page. Enjoyed this book as I have all of the authors books I have read but just couldn't give it five stars because it seemed to drag a little in the middle and just wasn't one of those can't put down books.

The characters were all lovable but it wasn't one of the authors better books. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys country romance with a mixture of comedy and so serious issues. Sparks are definitely flying, and before long, the Do Not Disturb sign might be swinging from the door Overview Music Video Charts.

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View More by This Author. He romances Pearl just as sweetly, my favorite scene is in the hayloft with a tray of food and other romantic thoughts from this man. So I know Ms. Tightening the writing, not writing dialogue the way you personally speak, and toning down your heroines and even secondary characters in deed but most especially in speech would be a terrific beginning.

Keep the humor and change your heroes only very slightly. Otherwise, skimming can very easily become a way of life for any reader of these light-hearted westerns. See my complete review at http: May 13, Marcy rated it really liked it. Pearl never wanted that run-down motel, but her aunt He wasn't looking for trouble May 09, Lori rated it it was amazing. What a fun book! I love Carolyn Brown's style of writing. She makes you feel like you are part of the story. Fun spunky character's and always the ever hilarious older ladies!

Red's Hot Cowboy (Spikes & Spurs, book 2) by Carolyn Brown

Pearl inherits her Aunt's motel in a small town. The fun begins when a sexy cowboy named Wil comes to spend a night in her motel and the very next day the cops come to arrest him for murder! Great humor and moments that you want to thump both characters in the head. Hang on for the ride! Oct 03, Book Binge rated it really liked it.

Ok, so I'm into cowboys right at the moment and that is just the way it is! I never thought I would be--there have been many years when I looked at an American historical or contemporary "Western" novel and just shuddered. No way, no how! Just give me another gorgeous Regency historical and I'll be a happy camper, or so I said.

Yet I find myself enjoying American historicals more and more and as well as gravitating toward those tall, broad-shouldered, dark, handsome, mysterious cowboy types. Go Ok, so I'm into cowboys right at the moment and that is just the way it is! In the process I have discovered some really good books and some very good authors.

I think Carolyn Brown is one of those. This particular novel is the second book in her "Spikes and Spurs" series. The main characters are completely new and references to the first book are not very obvious unless the reader has read that first novel: This is definitely a stand alone book. Yet it bears the marks of good writing, unique characters, sparkling repartee, humor, and an underlying emotional stream that also embraces a social ill or two. Another reason I liked this book will be obvious to anyone who knows me personally--as a redhead I had a really hard time when people referred to me as "Red.

Anyone else got a dirty look and perhaps a few well-chosen "not nice" words. So it was with this heroine. Pearl just didn't like it, period! And she made her feelings known whenever the occasion arose. She finally caved and allowed Wil to call her that because of his solicitous care and kindness when she sustained a mild concussion and multiple bruises after a bad fall. And I think she became more and more accepting of his calling her by this nickname because her feelings for Wil were getting warmer as time went on.

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This story is really about the need for a very bright, very driven woman to make her own way in the world even though her education, family expectations, and career path seemed to be pointing in a different direction. Throughout the narrative Pearl reasserted her desire, her need to be her own person, even though her refined, Georgia-raised aristocratic mother seemed unable to accept her for who she was. Pearl loved being the owner of an old motel in a little burg in Texas rather than an up and coming banking executive. She loved opening her doors to people of all kinds, of being a part of an "underground" effort to protect abused women and children, of using her mind and resources to live her own style.

She loved driving a vintage Cadillac, of sharing her cat with Lucy who lived and worked at her motel, of sharing her life with her best friends, of using her inheritance to allow a best friend to launch her own dream. Pearl was her own person and she was determined to remain so.

Yet Pearl's heart was no longer satisfied with the thrill of the chase, the flirting, the dizzy tingles of lust and first attraction. She knew she had to face her past, her collection of "demons" associated with love, her fears of being once again abandoned by someone to whom she had given her heart. Both she and Wil needed to trust--I think she more than Wil, really--and recognize that being with one man, especially a man to whom she was precious, was what she desired and for which she hungered more than anything. I really love a good story, a good love story--to be exact--but a story that brings in lots of interesting side issues.

This novel does just that. Pearl's good friend Austin whose story is featured in the first book is still lurking. But Pearl's best childhood friend, Jasmine, is a woman who also had a dream and the account of her "liberation" is a part of this novel is a way that does not take away from Pearl and Wil's story, but really enhances the reader's understanding of how Pearl's mind works and her degree of loyalty to those who have stood by her through thick and thin. Austin's two bachelor brothers-in-law are hanging around, wafting in and out of the narrative, actually being present to put just a bit of pressure on Wil to make up his mind about his relationship with Pearl, not a presence to be taken lightly, as it turns out.

Both those guys would have loved to date the beautiful redhead. Raylen's and Dewar's stories are coming up in future books, I have a feeling. I think you'll like Pearl's grandmother and great-aunt Kate--two very open-minded and open-hearted women who bicker constantly about tradition vs modern thinking where women are concerned, and their responses to Wil are just a hoot!

If you like cowboys, I think you'll like this series and this book. Just lots of fun, good relationship, fun family scenes, the push-pull of a growing relationship between two people who have been around for a while and who feel a growing need to be "settled. It is the kind of book I found incredibly satisfying for an afternoon read and one I am delighted to have encountered. This novel will be turning up in stores very soon if not already on the shelves, and I encourage you to get it. I give this novel a rating of 4.

Sep 28, Jane rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wil Marshall is certainly not looking for a relationship and definitley not love. The same went for Pearl Richland. She inherited the Longhorn Inn from her aunt Pearletta and was happy as an innkeeper.

A power outage brought Wil and Pearl together I loved every minute of this book and was sad for it to end. Red hot sex No this one wasn't that good , no story really, and you get tired of the dialogs , and then there is the sex, I like a good sexy book but that's all this one is and the two of them thinking, no this one is boring and disappointing, compared to her other books.

Aug 22, Anne Blyth rated it really liked it. A fun follow up to Love a Drunk Cowboy. A good holiday read.

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Jun 05, Jamie Arledge rated it it was amazing. Jul 24, Jennie rated it it was amazing. This is a fun, entertaining book about a cowboy and the lady he falls in love with. May 03, Jessica rated it it was amazing. I love how the characters are connected. Der letzte Gast haut sie richtiggehend um: Wil Marshall wollte eigentlich nur ein Zimmer, doch der temperamentvolle Rotschopf an der Anmeldung ist eine echte Herausforderung. Ich mag den Schreibstil und die Geschichten. Man kann gar nicht genug bekommen und es gibt ja noch einige Singles in der Familie und im Bekanntenkreis von Austin, Rye, Wil und Pearl.

Vermutlich bekommt auch Pearls beste Freundin Jasmine eine eigene Geschichte.

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Man darf gespannt sein! Wer Cowboys und Romance mag, der ist hier genau richtig. Aug 22, Bookaholics rated it really liked it. But thing perk up when on Christmas day, a good looking cowboy checks in. Wil Marshall lives and works in a ranch nearby. A quirky and lighthearted romance, this is a fun read from start to end. Pearl is sassy and witty but not rude or disrespectful.

I especially like the jokes she made about her name. They are definitely an entertaining pair. Reviewed by Pauline from the Bookaholics Romance Club Pearl Richland has given up her job as a loan officer in a large bank, and has decided to run the motel her great aunt Perlita left her in her will. She's tired of watching other people pursue their dreams and has decided it's her turn. She's enjoying running the hotel, even if it does leave her tired and with no time to go out and have fun. A winter storm knocks the power out in the next city over, and suddenly her little motel is full.

The last guest to check in, Wil Marshall, is one handsome Pearl Richland has given up her job as a loan officer in a large bank, and has decided to run the motel her great aunt Perlita left her in her will. The last guest to check in, Wil Marshall, is one handsome cowboy, even if he did call her Red. But Pearl has no time for handsome cowboys, she's got a motel to run. The next morning, however, the motel is overrun by police, looking for Wil, claiming he murdered someone during the night. Pearl knows he didn't do it, and heads down to the police station to say so. After a few hours, Wil is released and the police admit they made a mistake.

Wil appreciates her assistance, but has no plans to pursue any sort of relationship with Pearl other than a thank-you dinner. Pearl doesn't even want that, she's too busy. Neither can get the other out of their mind, though, and they start talking by phone, then go out a few times, and by the time they realize they're head over heels for each other it's too late to slow down. This was a cute read, neither Pearl nor Wil were looking for romance, it just happened. I have to say, one of the parts I loved about Red's Hot Cowboy was how they'd talk and flirt on the phone just like an old fashioned romance, and had a few kisses before anything else happened.

Their comraderie and friendship was refreshing to read. I enjoyed seeing Pearl's cousin Austin again, from the first book in this series, Love Drunk Cowboy, and getting to check in on how she and Rye are doing. We also get to see Rye's family again I'm looking forward to his brothers' stories That being said, I had a little trouble with the dialogue I think it was because there were so many times contractions were not used "you are" instead of "you're" it just felt awkward and pulled me out of the story.

I also didn't see the conflict very well: Wil was worried Pearl wouldn't want to settle down with one cowboy, but I didn't really see what was holding Pearl back. All in all though, a light, cute read. Jun 10, Samantha rated it liked it Shelves: Katy Pearl Richland quits her job as a banker and retires her party hat when her aunt Pearlinda leaves her an old hotel that resembles the one out of the movie Psycho.

A bit of steam and a hot cowboy is normally always a good story but something got left out of this one. Pearl is a likeable character. She is strong, willful, and independent and has a sas Katy Pearl Richland quits her job as a banker and retires her party hat when her aunt Pearlinda leaves her an old hotel that resembles the one out of the movie Psycho. She is strong, willful, and independent and has a sassy mouth. Wil is a hot cowboy who supposedly has a bad boy image but the author never shows how he became to have that image.

Wil Marshall needs a place to stay when the town loses power. Pearl is not like any woman he has ever met. When the night brings on a bunch of chaos and the morning leads to Wil being arrested for murder, Pearl shows that she is loyal and she will do what is right. The murder arrest brings to light a mistaken identity and Wil is released immediately. Wil and Pearl get close as Wil try to repay Pearl for all that she did to help clear his name quickly the same day which could have been developed and drawn out.

Once Pearl and Wil get together the story goes on nicely and the relationship develops without little to no angst. The story shows several dates and sex scenes but nothing more. This is a standard contemporary romance story and nothing different. The secondary characters several members of the town are shown throughout the story but they add nothing important just like Wil and Pearl. Since Pearl is short staffed she hires a woman who is on the run from her abusive husband.

Overall, the story is fun but lukewarm. Jun 29, Michelle rated it liked it. Wil Marshall is only looking for a place to stay after a winter storm knocks out the power at his ranch. But trouble was looking for them both But in the midst of chaos, this spitfire is about to learn a thing or two about fare and love, the silent majority that always has the final say Pearl Richland gave up her nine to five banking job in Oklahoma and moved to Texas - much to her mothers dismay.

Great Aunt Pearlita left Pearl her vintage motel and Pearl, seeing that as a turning point in her life, jumped at the chance to be her own boss, own her own business. But running the outdated Longhorn Inn is anything but a nine to five job. When a winter storm knocks out the power on Christmas Eve, the Longhorn Inn gains several unexpected guests for the night.

Pearl is happy for the business - but frustrated with one of the guests. Wil Marshall is everything Pearl tries to avoid, all wrapped up in one hot, sexy package. Pearl has a temper to match her red hair, and Wil pushes all of her buttons. What frustrates Pearl the most is that she wants Wil to do more than that. She wants Wil - period. I am looking forward to reading more in this series. Product Details Mass Market Paperback: Sourcebooks Casablanca Language: Sep 04, Laura Summers rated it liked it Shelves: Pearl has given up her banking job and partying lifestyle in the city to run the s motel her aunt has left her.

On Christmas Eve, hoping for a quiet night, a storm and local power cut gives her a full house and leads the police to her door. It's a case of mistaken identity for Wil Marshall who somehow finds himself in handcuffs at Christmas after a night's stay at Pearl's motel Reviewed for www. It's a case of mistaken identity for Wil Marshall who somehow finds himself in handcuffs at Christmas after a night's stay at Pearl's motel.

Now he needs the feisty motel owner to help him out. I really liked both Pearl and Wil.

Red's Hot Cowboy: Spikes & Spurs, Book 2 (Unabridged)

Wil is sexy and charismatic and you can almost see him breathing off the page. I'm a big fan of hunky cowboys, perhaps I would have liked to have seen a bit more of the cowboy bit, but he was certainly a hero that was right up my street! Pearl is sassy and brave and as lover of clothes, I did love her sense of style.

As a pair the banter between them was both amusing and entertaining.

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The setting of a fifties motel should not have worked, or at least I wasn't quite sure about it, but it did adding a sense of quirkiness to the story. Adding in a mix of interesting characters and mini story-lines to the overall plot. The best of these was Lucy, an abused woman who has escaped her husband and ends up working for Pearl. I would like to see her get her own novel. I do think it missed one thing and that was a big climax. Whether it was a life or death scene or major will they, won't they moment in the relationship.

Instead the book was a slow, steady burn. But I couldn't really put my finger on a real pivotal moment. I haven't read the first book in this series, but it really didn't matter. You could easily pick it up as a stand-alone novel. It's a cute read, for when you don't fancy picking up anything too serious or heavy going.

This is the first book by Carolyn Brown that I have read and I will definitely be looking out for more. A great, fun and heart-warming romance.