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The Mk38 mod2 should help since it will be more accurate, and a 57 mm would certainly have been more effective against this size ship, but basically it is a problem that guns make holes above the water line and that does not let in the water. One report I saw stated that this ship was only tons, imagine it had been 50, or even over , tons, what would it have taken to sink, or at least stop a much larger ship, promptly in less than 30 minutes?

The 57 mm is probably about 12 time the weight of the 25 mm, but realistically we have to be prepared to forcibly stop ships hundreds of time the size of this one. I thought the CG used water to put out the fire? She went down with a lot of disel fuel onboard too, but they said it would disapate.

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I understand the use of fire hoses to sink it was an alternative in the plan all along, but that effort had to be abandoned because they had to get very close and were afraid the ship might capsize unexpectedly. Thanks to Sven I have another example of how difficult it is to sink a ship with gunfire. In this case it was a ship that had already been severely damage, having run aground and broke in half, but the foot bow section of this 36, Gross Ton bulk carrier still proved very difficult to sink.

Ray and the submarine USS Bremerton. Four hundred pounds kg of high explosives were attached to the bow and detonated.

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Sixty-nine rounds of gunfire from the David R. After 40 minutes, the ship was still afloat with darkness and a storm approaching.

To expedite the sinking, the Bremerton fired a Mark 48 torpedo at the underside of the ship. Chuck Hill's CG Blog. Chuck, Finally I have found someone who has more knowledge than I who is making the case for better armed Cutters. I proposed the mm gun as a main gun with the 57mm gun as an aft or secondary battery weapon.

I did not know it had to be a weapon in inventory by the navy. I have also pushed for a aft gun as the Cutter may not be able to maneuver at all times to bring its forward gun to bear on the target.

I have also pushed for a larger gun for gunfire support like we did in Vietnam. One of the boys uses a wheelbarrow to save essential supplies from the sinking ship.

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A half sunken ship with it's reflection. The Coast Guard rescued 14 crew members by helicopter. The body of a crew member was recovered, and one was still missing. DM c Box 5 March 28th The sinking of the 'Falaba'. Lurking menacingly in the background, as if to make sure it had finished the job, the U-boat that had torpedoed the passenger boat.

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The British liner 'Falaba' was tor Feb. Its a new block of flats in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, which is causing some comment for and against. The 'mods' thinks its modern, other call it an ''architect's nightmare''. Color lithograph Rescue System rocket system.

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Rescue personnel from the sinking ship. Illustrated Times Ship wrecked on the Greek island of Andros Vintage photo c of Titanic survivor Frederick Fleet - the lookout who spotted the iceberg which sank the ship in April Blue Sharks circling a sinking ship. Illustration of racing ship silhouette Steamship icon, isometric style battle nile Battle ship Fleet sea Water Sailing Sail cannon guns blast flags deck mast sunk sinking war death Seamless pattern with simple white yachts isolated on blue background. Illustration of racing ship silhouette Steamship icon, flat style Where the captive relates his life and adventures.

Illustration by Gustave Dore from Don Quixote.

Sectional diagram of the 'Titanic', and iceberg, April 20, The Titanic and the Perils of the Atlantic': She was the largest and most luxurious ocean liner of her time, and thought to be unsinkable. In the collision, five of her waterti arrival lifeboat rescue sinking ship boat storm sea victims traditional clothing wet Victorian engraving of a man being rescued from a burning ship, Sectional diagram of the 'Titanic', and iceberg, April 20, In the collision, five of her watertight compartments were compromised and she sank.

Illustration showing the relative proportions - normally about a tenth of the volume of an iceberg is above water - with a ship for scale. Out of the people on board, only survived. Article about the disaster with an illustration: A major cause of the loss of life was the insufficient number of lifeboats she carrie The Maelstrom 'The last goodbyes' - A illustration showing a husband and wife saying goodbye on the deck of RMS Titanic as they boarded the lifeboats when the ship was sinking Iceberg, upper deck of the 'Titanic', and Mansion House fund, April 20, The Lord Mayor of London sets up a fund to help families of crew who died in the disaster.

She was the largest and most lux The RMS Titanic ship of history goes down to the ocean floor on the tragic night of April 15, Engraving of two people struggling against water overflowing their sinking ship. From an original engraving in the Boys of England magazine