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This is another great book in the series. If anyone is not reading these, you need to seriously start. Maybe set aside the peculiars and dystopians for a bit and start to chuckle. It's the new year, so I figured it's time for a challenge. Why not a marathon? New year, time to get healthy, but much like Stephanie Plum, my running skills need some work. Much like Stephanie, I'd probably get side-stitches a quarter mile in. And that's being generous. So I figured I'd take on a different sort of marathon: This easily solved two of my resolutions -- a marathon, and finally finishing series that I've started.

I kno It's the new year, so I figured it's time for a challenge. I know, I know. I've taken some liberties with marathon in this regard, but I have to stick with what I'm good at. And running ain't it. Every time I start a Stephanie Plum novel, I know I'm guaranteed a laugh, and this one was no exception. From the eccentric and colorful cast to Stephanie's endless apprehension bungles, it seems like I'm laughing out loud on every other page.

Evanovich's novels are like brain candy and essentially, that's what keeps me running back for more. I adore all of the characters and what I love is that once a character is introduced, while they may disappear for several books, inevitably they return. In this case, one of my favorites has finally resurfaced.

Sally Sweet is back in all of his fudgin' glory, rhinestone dangly earrings and all. In this installment, Stephanie is working one of the most serious cases to date.


Ten Big Ones (Stephanie Plum, book 10) by Janet Evanovich

While previous FTA's have always been varied -- from the mild offender to the murderers and rapists, none have been as formidable as what she's facing now. Trenton and the 'Burg have recently become a hotspot for gang activity and Steph is thrown right in the thick of it when she inadvertently steps into gang territory trying to make an apprehension.

As if that weren't bad enough, the gang has placed her on a hit list and everywhere she goes puts someone she loves in danger. What's a girl to do? Business as usual, that's the Plum way. The only thing complicated about Plum novels, and even that's stretching it, is Stephanie's love life. I'm indifferent when it comes to love triangles, I neither like not loathe them.

They're just kind of there. The exception to this rule is the relationship between Stephanie, Ranger, and Morelli. I flipping love this triangle and seriously hope she never decides on one. Each man has their good qualities, each man is a good match for Stephanie and while I do favor one over the other, I certainly don't want one to "win". That would most definitely take some of the fun out of these novels, and Stephanie "settling down" doesn't really sound all that appealing.

Bottom line -- Evanovich has a formula to her novels: Stephanie is bound to bungle much of her job, she's bound to be reckless, she's bound to make stupid decisions. That's just who she is. And while many of the same elements are found in each and every book, Evanovich manages to infuse each new story with more humor, more oddball characters, and never once does her series feel formulaic, despite having a formula. Some characters experience growth, such as the case with Lula, but most of them stay the same.

Just like Stephanie depends on the 'Burg and the Buick to never fail her, I depend on Evanovich to never fail me in laughs, quirky characters, and fast-paced and goofy mysteries. Mar 30, Trudy rated it really liked it. For those that haven't gotten my 50 positive reviews for these books at the same time: Laugh out loud funny, a real treat. Got into them last year as I was moving into my house.

Between painting EVERY wall in the place and staying up late reading these books, I was sore all over and tired, but I had a great time doing it. This book finds Stephanie losing yet another car to a fire bombing incident She is then the target for a local gang and must find a place to hide until sh For those that haven't gotten my 50 positive reviews for these books at the same time: She is then the target for a local gang and must find a place to hide until she sorts it all out Stephanie tracks it down and breaks in while Ranger is out of town and we get to hang out in his space while he is away Did I mention, Lulu and Stephanie think it would be a good idea to capture a guy, hold him prisoner, and torture him for information I had more donuts to eat.

Sep 04, Miss Kim rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the tenth installment obviously of Stephanie Plum's misadventures. In this one, she tangles with some dangerous street gangs and her life is in serious danger. Although, I like this series, I'm becoming increasingly irritated with Stephanie.

Well first I will have to say I'm on Team Morelli and I want her to grow up and stop acting like a child. Joe wants her to settle down with him and for her to get a less dangerous job--or none at all. He threw out the suggestion of 'housewife' to h This is the tenth installment obviously of Stephanie Plum's misadventures. He threw out the suggestion of 'housewife' to her.

I think they could compromise, but both are too stubborn in their ways. Then there is Ranger. I like Ranger a lot, and I agree he is way sexy. I just don't want him with Stephanie. What is she doing saying she's pretty sure she loves Joe, yet she kisses Ranger every other week? The main story lines are usually wrapped up pretty quickly in the Plus series. However, with this one, I think how she is saved at the end is a bit of a stretch, even for Plum. Nov 07, Caro rated it it was amazing Shelves: I liked this one too. Not as much laughing, but more suspense. I was glad for a reappearance of Sally.

I liked the characters and some of the FTAs. The ending was great, perfect and a complete surprise. I liked the hideout and it's feelings. Ranger is looking better and better. Joe is looking worse and worse. I hope Steph gets it figured out. May 20, Annette rated it really liked it. Always worth a good laugh. Steamy in parts too. Jun 08, Samantha rated it really liked it. This had to be my favorite one so far. I've been told by quite a few people they do not like this series and do not understand why I read it. Well, let me tell ya this series makes me actually laugh out loud.

They are a joy to read, because of the stupid luck Stephanie has. The trouble, her band of back up, and the triangle between Ranger, Steph, and Joe. I mean really in her position I would probably do the same things. Stephanie manages to get herself in deep this time with the gangs of Trento This had to be my favorite one so far. Stephanie manages to get herself in deep this time with the gangs of Trenton. Her sister is getting married, Sally Sweet makes a return appearance which excites me because I really like his character , Steph yet again loses another car and Ranger comes to the rescue.

This time I was surprised she manages to lose and have all three cars destroyed or in need of repair, but manages to keep all three of Ranger's vehicles clean. Ten big ones, Stephanie, Lula, and Connie band together to get answers from a gang member they bonded out of jail. To the Nines I really enjoyed the three working together in Vegas, but in Ten big ones it was hilarious their inability to interrogate the gang member.

The love triangle going on between Ranger, Stephanie, and Joe sometimes bugs me a little bit, because Joe wants her to quit her job and do as he says. However we all know that if she did that would Joe really be happy? Less stressed yes, but why else has Stephanie always kept his attention. If she changed and got out of Bounty Hunting and stayed out of trouble.

See a Problem?

It really wouldn't be Stephanie anymore. She decides to hide in Rangers apartment. I thought we were getting closer to the BatCave. Sadly we haven't yet, but I feel Stephanie will finally find it at some point. Ranger doesn't want Stephanie hurt either but he approaches it in a different way. He knows she will go against any demand that is made of her she doesn't like so he is smart enough to send someone to protect her if he can't. This is what Joe needs to learn. Yes he's Italian and a cop, but still. He's known Stephanie for how long???? Just ask her instead of demanding. She usually knows the danger she's in and is admitting it until Joe makes a demand that sends her usually into more trouble.

I cannot wait to pick up the next book and read the next adventure. Sep 25, Regina De Los Reyes rated it it was amazing. Stephanie is back again, and surprise, surprise, in danger. This time the book was a little more intense for me. There has always been mob ties etc in each of these stories, but it seemed to go with the area, and the story. The mob although a threat, seemed safer because the Mob is an organized entity of crime, they don't randomly kill people, it's more methodical..

They are unorganized and they will kill people randomly. They don't care w Stephanie is back again, and surprise, surprise, in danger. They don't care who they hurt, and this includes women and children. This read had me on the edge of my seat. Stephanie witnesses a armed robbery and reports it to the police, of course her car got blown up in the process, again.

It turns out that the perpetrator has ties to a gang. Now the gang has their sights on Stephanie to shut her up, a part of gang initiation and to prove who the bad ass is. Morelli and Stephanie are in their on again stage but for whatever reason, Stephanie cannot bare the thought of Morelli telling her what to do or how to live her life. She knows she is in danger, but she will not be weak or let him protect her. Morelli is a protector and this is hard for him not to do.

Ranger is missing for most of the book, but his presence is still felt. Stephanie is able to find what she things is his bat cave and stay there until it's safe to come out of her impending danger. She is on a hit list and needs to stay away from her usual safe places. Morelli can't seem to help her and Ranger is the only one who can.

The read was intense and full of action, until the end, where I felt it fell a little flat and rushed. Was STephanie safe, yes and saved by an unlikely person, but it was so quick and so neatly handled that I felt a little cheated, not that I wanted anything bad to happen but I wanted a little more resolution with a little more detail.

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But overall a great read. Feb 28, Tammy rated it really liked it. Okay, here's the deal. There were some scenes here that just had me dying. I was in Kohl's with my kids while they were trying on clothes when I read the dog scene and I was laughing so loudly they actually came out to see what was going on. I made them read the scene so they knew it couldn't be helped.

Again, with the skirting around the cheating. I'm really not a fan. I'm losing respect for Stephanie in this sense. I like Joe, I like that Joe is actually way more mature than Okay, here's the deal. I like Joe, I like that Joe is actually way more mature than her. I hate that she's using the excuse that she just can't stop herself from being irrational, etc. I don't like that not only does she continue to put herself in dangerous situations but she does it with other people.

This book was very serious in threat and yet she's still driving around with grandma mauzer, lula, going places and not listening to Joe when really? For her to be responsible and to lay low? This is the first book where I really didn't like Stephanie very much. And that kind of bugs me. I hope it's not a habit and it was a fluke with this book.

Lastly, this is going to sound kind of stupid but I'm really getting a bit sick of the fade to black. This book has never really been a porn fest but at least the sex scenes were discussed and now it's all fade to black. This is an adult book, not Twilight. I'd love to see some more detailed loved scene's besides Joe saying You wanna? And her saying okay and then waking up. I'm not looking for detail but the way it's being written is trivializing their emotional relationship and it's a bit bothersome.

Oct 16, Lisa B. Ten books into the series and it still makes me laugh out loud. Snap an insider joke for anyone who has read this. I listen to the audiobook and find the narrator very entertaining. Jun 16, Tad rated it liked it. Ok, I am a big fan of this series. If you want a good beach read that doesn't require much brain use and will make you laugh, this is the perfect series for that. Yet, sadly, this one was really lacking in the laughs department. There were a few chuckles and some smiles here and there but this one just felt really tired and dated. Plus, it feels like Stephanie is stuck in the exact same place she was at the beginning of the series.

There has been zero growth or change in her life and that makes Ok, I am a big fan of this series. There has been zero growth or change in her life and that makes her a very static and flat character. I actually found myself enjoying Lula more in this one. Grandma Mazur added some laughs but mostly this was a humorless affair. Also, the ending felt completely contrived and slightly ridiculous even by this series' standards. I am starting to wonder if perhaps I need to stop reading these books altogether.

They are very repetitive and just more and more ridiculous. The characters and the humor are what really sell this series, though, but the characters are starting to annoy me and the humor is just getting tired. This one was a huge disappointment in a series that I used to look forward to reading. I am seriously debating if I should continue with the next one or quit now.

Ten Big Ones (Stephanie Plum #10) by Janet Evanovich Audiobook Full

Feb 10, Stephanie Burkhart rated it really liked it. When she goes into Slayerland looking for him, she causes more trouble for herself. The supporting cast is as strong as ever. Lula tags along with Stephanie and Sally Sweet is back driving a school bus. There were several occasions that made me laugh and bite my nails.

There are several unexpected turns and the ending is heart pounding.

This story is a great installment in the Stephanie Plum series and I highly recommend it. Sep 07, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: Ten Big Ones is your average Stephanie Plum novel. The one thing that pushed the book past mediocrity was the ending. I loved the ending. It was one of those never saw it coming, awesome surprises.

Ten Big Ones

Probably the best ending of the first ten books. Stephanie leaves Morelli yet again. This time she's claiming it's for his safety. In fact, Stephanie seems to be trying to keep herself out of danger this time around. She's not as bumbling as usual and it's about time. She's still not great at her job, but at least she seems slightly less likely to be killed.

Lots of Ranger, though only a little Ranger action - in both senses of the word. Ranger actually starts to seem like a real live person in Ten Big Ones, rather than super hot, action-figure Ranger. He's even funny on occasion. A great balance between Stephanie's home and work life as usual. Valerie's planning her wedding with Sally Sweet as her wedding planner. And he's good at it. Lula and Connie help Stephanie in a hysterical "torture" scene that'll leave you thinking less of all of them. All in all, an interesting addition to the series that leaves me wondering if Stephanie's days as a bounty hunter are numbered.

Mar 30, Amy rated it liked it Shelves: I'm a relative latecomer to actually reading the Plum books. I read the first one years ago, but I think Grandma Mazur struck a little too close to home, where we had our own brand of eccentric old lady living with us.

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I managed to release almost all the numbers, but didn't read any of them. Then Bumma, our own dear live-in grandma who was more likely to tote a book than a gun, but still could confabulate even the Just listened to this as an audio book that I got from a BookCrossing CD Book Box. Then Bumma, our own dear live-in grandma who was more likely to tote a book than a gun, but still could confabulate even the strongest of minds got breast cancer and I could only read light stuff. I began listening to some of the later Plum books higher numbers on audio, and found them a good diversion.

I'd rather save my actual reading time for a somewhat deeper book, but listening to these while driving is fine. This was a fine driving book, and filled in some gaps in the story for me. I'm just waiting for Stephanie's dessert fetish to catch up to her hips. Stephanie Plum, a Trenton, N. Unfortunately, Anton Ward, the holdup man, learns that Stephanie can identify him and puts out a contract on her. After she tells her colleague Ranger her predicament, he offers her sanctuary. As usual, she's torn between sexy Ranger and her longtime lover, cop Joe Morelli, with whom she's living.

The rollicking plot, replete with car chases, family squabbles, massive doughnut consumption and a frantic, wacky finale. Nov 06, Tk Good rated it liked it. I was a little disappointed by this book. I've loved all the others up to this one and will continue on with the series but this one seemed tedious. There was enough humor and unusual antics that we all love about Stephanie. But the love triangle thing is getting old.

Stephanie is in her 30's, it's about time she stop acting like a lust- struck teenager every time she sees or thinks about Ranger. Ranger's cool, but he's obviously not long term commitment material. Its about time she admits that I was a little disappointed by this book. Its about time she admits that marriage and family is what she wants. She and Morelli belong together. And I really got tired of her being so dumb to be out in the open continuing to live and work as if the danger she was in were not serious. The ending was a nice surprise, but still wish she didn't always put herself in the position of having to be rescued by a man.

I'm ready for Stephanie to do some growing up. Jul 05, J. Brook rated it did not like it. These books are beginning to annoy me. I thought they were amusing, at first, but Stephanie's antics and internal dialog are just too corny for my tastes.

Paperback Editions

Also, a lot of it is getting repetitive. There are only so many mental head slaps I can deal with. I don't know if I am going to continue to read this series. It could be that I am annoyed by the voices Loreli King performs on the audio book version. Sep 24, Kim Roger rated it did not like it. Couldn't bring myself to finish this book, the first book I've given up on in years. Her love life dilemma continues as ever with her loving Morelli and lusting after Ranger, only this time, she gets one step further on the road to knowing the elusive, dark and sexy Ranger.

This story, however, has a slightly edgier feel to it as Evanovich introduces readers and Plum to the fact that not even the working-class suburb of Trenton is immune from progress in the form of gangs and their widespread organized tentacles of crime. Evanovich cleverly plots the story so as to keep the undercurrent of suspense and terror going through the length of the novel most effectively. Overall, Ten Big Ones is a wild, wacky and must-read combination of a lot of eating, a lot of bumbling, and a lot of laughing — in short, escapism of the first order.

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