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Ayurveda, for example, sees grief and sadness as more of a Kapha imbalance and Kapha dosha is housed in the lungs and chest, just like in TCM. If upsetting emotions are reoccurring, it is worth focusing on the correlating organs of course and calls for further investigation. We know there is great value in expressions like: The best advice I can give to my participants during the detox program is to not get too involved. There is nothing to fix, do or resolve.

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Once these emotional states are simply left alone, they dissipate and dissolve. Stay with it, trust and breathe. Then, get ready for the reward of lightness, of clarity and of the joy that follows. It teaches that one if the functions of water within the body, is to move emotions, as well as metabolic waste out of the body. When the body needs more liquids to flush out toxins, and there are insufficient amounts in the reserves, it will draw water from the bones, muscles and the of course the brain.

Give yourself a huge helping hand through a rough day and get on the good stuff: Get outside, no really. She describes a space between the two as an important place to be aware of. This step is about creating a relationship with the present moment, releasing fear, and creating internal boundaries. She insists that when you lower your levels of reactivity to emotions and experiences, you will be more willing to experience the depths of your emotions, which will allow you to have an authentic experience of your life, and a deeper connection with the people in it.

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Once you have done the preparation, Boyle offers a multi-step process that includes these three components: Clear This is about making space so that we can more clearly work with our emotions. Look Inward Boyle describes the difference between self-reflection and self-awareness in this step, with self-reflection being a mental process, and self-awareness being a sensory process.

Emit This step is about creating a relationship with the present moment, releasing fear, and creating internal boundaries. Retrieved on December 15, , from https: Clean, easy to follow and sure to help you make the most of your Day cleanse. Each week is jammed pack full of MP3 audios to help you master your mental and emotional state.

Through affirmations, meditations, visualizations and journaling exercises, your peace of mind is just around the corner. Listen to them anytime, any place, and as often as you like. They will always be 10 minutes or less and perfect for that quick fix!

The Emotional Detox

I love making them, watching them and sharing them. Each week during your Day Detox, you will have homework and exercises to do. This is where the magic happens. Take your inner exploration to the next level within our Private Facebook Club!

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We often think we have to go this journey alone when the exact opposite is true! We are community driven people who need a healthy tribe to grow with! Unfortunately, this can be difficult when our families and personal relationships are toxic.

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Your mind is responsible for your joy, happiness, motivation, procrastination, bad habits, your weight, your relationships; you name it, and your mind affects it. Certainly not in school or work, and for most of us certainly not at home. Typically someone starts searching for answers only after a problem has occurred. There is an old saying that says we only change for 2 reasons: In most cases we seek out tools and help only after the pain is unbearable.

Get off the crazy train and never stop learning.

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Adopt what we call a beginners mind towards life, and open yourself up to new opportunities for growth. Sounds brilliant to me! Well, being in a constant state of learning requires a clear and steady mind. Without it, our emotions will keep us in a place of survival where we can never reach a thriving place.