The EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and Your Success

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Please try again later. The book was dirty and stained. They could have at least cleaned the dirt off of the front cover.


The EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and Your Success, 3rd Edition

I was not sure what to expect when I started to read this book. The second author is a psychiatrist and an organizational consultant.

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The first author, Steven Stein is a psychologist, but also well known for heading up a very successful test publishing company. Was the book going to be an advertisement for his tests? Would his success as a businessperson enhance the credibility of the message? The book was very easy to get into. The writing is engaging. It starts with a brief history and definition of emotional intelligence something Goleman avoids in his first book on the subject. The book, to my pleasant surprise, does not focus on the test Emotional Quotient Inventory -EQ-i , but on how to gauge yourself using exercises provided in the book and work on improving yourself in the 15 specific areas of emotional intelligence.

For the most part the exercises are taken from well-validated methods of cognitive-behavior therapy. As a psychologist I have no problem recommending this book to clients. In fact, there is more data behind this approach than what is proposed in many of the "best-selling" books out there. For the academically oriented professional, please read the EQ-i test manual.

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Most interesting to me were some of the studies in the last chapter. It is very unusual for self-help books, and books on emotional intelligence to include original research on the importance of the concept. This makes the book great for those people you know who doubt the importance of E. To see how E. I've actually reviewed the research on the EQ-i, the test that much of the research is based on.

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The normative group is bigger and better than many tests in the marketplace: There are also some good scientific publications on it. While there is no "perfect" test of E. In fact, I've come across many tests being used by companies that don't even come close to having the research that this one has.

But the book is not about the test. You can't even get the test unless you are a psychologist or qualified management consultant or vocational counsellor. Was the book an advertisement? The examples, which are very realistic, cover work and home situations.

The EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and Your Success

I bought this book because it was rated the 3 best business book of the year in the Globe and Mail Canada's National Newspaper , Wednesday, December I was not disappointed. I found it easy to read and quick to get into.

The book gives a great overview of emotional intelligence - I now have a better understanding of what it really is. A few different definitions are given, but the focus is on Bar-On's theory.

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While the book's research data, presented at the beginning and end, is based on Bar-On's test, it is not the focus of the book. The bulk of the book deals with each of the 15 areas of emotional intelligence - how you can gauge yourself, and how you can improve. The examples are very good. After I finished the book, my year-old son picked it up. He started to flip through it and ended up reading it - and he doesn't get through too many books.

I've recommended it to a few people at work and they weren't dissapointed. Esteemed and respected corporate leader? What does it take to get ahead? To separate yourself from the competition" Lead a less stressful existence? To be fulfilled in personal life and professional pursuits? What is the most important dynamic of your makeup? Is it your A0 intelligence quotient? Or B0 emotional quotient? If you picked "A", you are partly correct. Your intelligence quotient can be a predictor of things such as academic achievement.

But it is fixed and unchangeable. The real key to personal and professional growth, and happiness, is your emotional quotient, which you can nurture and develop. Stein and Howard E. Book, shows you how the dynamic of emotional intelligence works. By understanding EQ, you can build more meaningful relationships, boost your confidence and optimism, and respond to challenges with enthusiasm--all of which are essential ingredients of success.

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The book features case studies and fascinating--and surprising--insights into EQ and the workplace. As an HR or line manager, this book will help you determine which personnel are the right fit for job opportunities and who among your staff will be the most promising leaders and drivers of your business. And because CEOs to front-line workers also have other roles--parent, spouse, caregiver to aging parents, neighbor, friend— The EQ Edge also describes how everyone can be more successful in these relationships.

This book peels the onions on what EQ really is and teaches the reader to assess their own EQ and how to increase it.

The EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and Your Success - Steven J. Stein, Howard Book - Google Книги

This is the holy grail for career success. An organizational consultant and psychiatrist, Howard E. For more than a decade he has coached CEOs and senior managers on increasing their emotional intelligence so they can improve morale, teamwork, staff retention and productivity within their organizations.