The Snow Globe

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Meanwhile, her mother, Mabel, manages these social complications with outward calm, while privately reviewing her life and contemplating significant changes. And among those below stairs, Nancy, the housekeeper, and Mrs. Jessops, the cook, find that their long-held secrets are slowly beginning to surface As the seasons unfold in the new year, and Daisy moves to London, desires, fortunes, and loyalties will shift during this tumultuous time after the Great War.

The Forbes family and those who serve them will follow their hearts down unexpected paths that always return to where they began Paperback , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Snow Globe , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Sep 04, Pauline rated it liked it Shelves: The Snow Globe by Judith Kinghorn is set in Daisy is 17 years old and longs to be grown up with husband of her own.

She is then dismayed to hear about her beloved fathers infidelity. This is a story about the ups and downs for family life. There are some good characters in this book and it definitely gave a flavour of life for women in the 's. I would like to thank NetGally and the publisher Canelo for my e-copy in exchange for an honest review. Oct 01, Dash fan added it Shelves: Reviewed by Stacey on www.

The Snow Globe

Christmas , the elegant Forbes family are enjoying the festive time at their home, Eden Hall. Daisy discovers that he has been living a separate life in London with his lover, who j Reviewed by Stacey on www. Daisy discovers that he has been living a separate life in London with his lover, who just happens to be spending Christmas with the family. He has destroyed all faith she had in him, and now Stephen, the young man that she deeply loves has announced that he is leaving to begin a new life abroad. She does the only thing she knows she can do, she ups and leaves, heading to London.

The Snow Globe is a historical family drama set in a time when the country is recovered from the destruction of WWI, and a sense of newness is emerging. The characters have all been carefully thought out, and their stories play out beautifully, flowing naturally with one another. Daisy is a young woman who is just becoming an adult and realising that being a grown up is not easy. Along with her mother, Mabel, these two women make the book exceptionally special. As I was reading along I suddenly realised that the story had become exceptionally visual in my mind, and the images formed were very Downtown Abby-Esq.

I had a real sense of satisfaction whilst reading the book as it truly captured my imagination. Kinghorn has a true gift for creating compulsive and page-turning fiction. I will certainly be looking out for more of her work in the future. Mar 08, Jude Warsaw rated it really liked it Shelves: I was given this book from a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.

The Snowglobe

I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I normally don't read historical fiction so I was a little out of my element reading this book. However, I'm glad I received it because I actually genuinely enjoyed it. It flowed so nicely. The descriptions were perfect and it never failed to bring you into the setting of 's England. I felt giddy reading it. It had that ability I was given this book from a Goodreads First Reads giveaway. It had that ability to suck you into the story so much that it felt like real life.

I loved the way there was a different storyline for each of these women that we were following. The feminism in this was great too not sure if it was intentional or not, but it was fantastic. The plot twists did not fail to surprise me and as each secret was revealed, the story became more and more riveting. This woman has a talent for creating characters. They were each so unique and had unique voices to go along with them. Daisy fortunately did not take on the role of a "Mary-sue" MC and remained a strong woman throughout the book. It was difficult for me to keep track of who's who for the first pages since there were so many characters with individual stories but that's probably my fault, not the author's.

I'd also say it took a while to get into in the beginning and some parts were a little slow, but other than that I don't have much criticism at all. Yes, for historical fiction fans or lovers of romance, I would absolutely recommend this. And even for people like me who don't really read much of either of those genres since I surprisingly liked it so much. I think this should be made into a tv show. Also, I might just give Kinghorn's other books a try. This was a great read and I think it deserves a lot of hype from the historical fiction fans. Apr 18, MaryannC. Book Fiend rated it it was ok Shelves: I threw this one on my give up pile because it just wasn't grabbing me, I mean this is my kind of read, it sounded right up my alley but sadly it's just not holding my interest.

Sep 24, Love rated it liked it. This is a sweeping family saga with Eden Hall at its core. Fans of Downton Abbey will adore the varying characters and their antics. I enjoyed reading about Agatha Christie's disappearance which I didn't know had happened in real life. A little googling and I learnt so much.

The heart of the book is really about secrets and the repercussions they have on everyone around you. The ricocheting effect that happens when the secrets are revealed and how everyone copes. I really enjoyed Daisy as a c This is a sweeping family saga with Eden Hall at its core. I really enjoyed Daisy as a character, some of the women had that delicate nature but it fitted in with the time so it was believable.

Sometimes a lot of characters spoke at the same time about different subjects. I think perhaps the author enjoyed this sort of scene which of course happens in real life. But in a book, it becomes somewhat confusing. Overall I did enjoy the book and I recommend it to everyone who loves a good family saga. Apr 30, Patti rated it liked it. The plot was vanilla, or beige, if I liken it to a flavor or color. Definitely not very exciting nor compelling. The story surrounds Daisy, a young woman with two sisters and aristocratic parents.

The setting is England in the s. Daisy of course is the lovely youngest daughter and is sought out for marriage by three men. She discovers that her adored father has some secrets that bother her greatly; plus there may be more secret keepers among the staff at the family home of Eden Hall. For me, it certainly was not a page-turner. Downton Abbey fans of which I am one would be the most interested readers of this story, but the plot and its characters are not even close to being in the same league.

Basically, its when will Daisy find out the truth of the secret? Then, what will she do?

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What will Daisy do once the big secret is revealed? This grandmotherly advice from Noonie on pg. Mar 04, SouthernGirl rated it it was amazing. Flappers and philanderers, sisters and suitors, new motorcars and old money Judith Kinghorn entertains her readers with a Jazz Age story of a young woman blossoming into adulthood. To the outside world, Eden Hall is a beautiful English country estate owned by the Forbes family. But on the inside, the house is a whirlwind of emotions and family tumult.

Daisy Forbes, the eighteen-year-old youngest daughter, unwittingly becomes the keeper of all the family's secret confidences. Her beloved fathe Flappers and philanderers, sisters and suitors, new motorcars and old money Her beloved father is staying with an old friend in London entirely too much. Her mother has become very friendly with a widower neighbor. And her flamboyant sister is engaging in behavior entirely inappropriate for a proper English lady.

All the while, Daisy has three handsome men rivaling for her affections! It's definitely going to be a holiday to remember when all the family gathers this year at Eden Hall. Fans of "Upstairs, Downstairs" and "Downton Abbey" will delight in the quirky cast of characters, captivating British locations, and just the right amount of mystery, romance and humor to make this an enchanting novel. Jan 12, Anne Coates rated it it was amazing. The novel begins at Christmas — an exciting time for Daisy, the youngest daughter of Mabel and Howard Forbes.

But as the festivities begin at Eden Hall, the family home, she discovers that her beloved father is not what he had seemed to be and life will ever be the quite same again. Ms Kinghorn explores the themes of coming of age, of love and loyalty with fine and broad brushstrokes, creating a world of intrigue within a strong family setting. Daisy is not the only one who has to make adjustments to her view of life… Their are other love stories interwoven, some from the past which have a huge impact on Daisy's present.

In The Snow Globe, the author recreates a very specific time between the wars with authority and treats her characters with humour, understanding and compassion. An excellent read, beautifully written and perfectly plotted. May 24, Jodi rated it it was ok. This book was not what I hoped at all.

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I love my historical fiction, but other than taking place after WWI in England, that's about the most history you're going to get! Otherwise it was about 18 year old Daisy, trying to figure out love….. Super predictable and quite boring most of the time.

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Of course, you keep reading to see if she finally figures out which guy to choose, but all-in-all, not worth reading. Sep 20, Thebooktrail rated it really liked it Shelves: Visit the locations in the novel - Eden Hall in Surrey Snow globes are fascinating. That miniature world encased in glass and you, like a giant looking in and wishing sometimes you were in that snowy world.

Or was that just me? I digress Anyway, a snow globe provides a very nice link to how Daisy in the novel is feeling since her world is seemingly made of glass, her world all planned and created for her, and all she has to go Visit the locations in the novel - Eden Hall in Surrey Snow globes are fascinating. I digress Anyway, a snow globe provides a very nice link to how Daisy in the novel is feeling since her world is seemingly made of glass, her world all planned and created for her, and all she has to go is to hold it in her hands. Sep 03, Joanne D'Arcy rated it it was amazing.

It is the mid s, The Great War a memory but still being very much felt by the people who live at Eden Hall but for Daisy Forbes on the cusp of something her belief in the life she has had so far is about to be shattered. It is Christmas, a time for family for being together and for sharing in traditions, such as the snow globe that comes out every year and is one of Daisy most precious items.

However everything she knows is shaken up and settles very much in a different way, just like her sno It is the mid s, The Great War a memory but still being very much felt by the people who live at Eden Hall but for Daisy Forbes on the cusp of something her belief in the life she has had so far is about to be shattered.

However everything she knows is shaken up and settles very much in a different way, just like her snow globe. Can it all return to the way it was or a brighter future? She struggles to deal with such information and cannot understand how her mother puts up with such things and how even her older sisters seems fully aware of what is happening.

Daisy is struggling to understand love and this is not helping her. She turns to her friend, Stephen who she has known since childhood, but he has plans of his own and they may not include still being friends with Daisy as their positions in life suddenly become very different and their social gap could widen.

All the time she is being encouraged to settle down, to marry, not necessarily for love but perhaps for necessity.

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Dealing with kisses, proclamations of love and marriage proposals she does not know where to turn to seek the right advice. Her mother has gone travelling, her father she feels she cannot approach, her sisters either free spirits or already tied down with domesticity. What is the right way and if the globe is shaken once more the snow will settle exactly in the right place and then the answer will become clear. The questions she has been asking are making Daisy even more puzzled. This is a book which encompasses the lives of those upstairs and downstairs in a big house, where people gather and it is described in such a cinematic way that you can see it easily being transferred to a screen.

There is something about historical fiction that I am drawn to, the chosen era reflecting the storyline as this book does. The characters having the same anxieties as those today, with twists and turns as life takes us all on different paths. You learn so much about another time, another place but you also learn that love is sometimes all that is needed. This book encompasses all of that.

A sheer joy to read. Thank you to the publisher through netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. Sep 30, Julie rated it it was amazing. In her latest novel, The Snow Globe, this outstanding storyteller has penned a dazzling tale of passion, secrets and desire you are simply going to love! In December , the Forbes family are getting ready to celebrate Christmas and to hosting a dazzling Yuletide celebration at Eden Hall, their majestic family home, but eighteen year old Daisy Forbes cannot help but be worried by this strange sensation that a seismic change is in the air that is going to cause major upheaval for her and her family.

Daisy has known Stephen almost all of her life, but recently their relationship has changed, their feelings for one another have altered and their every encounter seems fraught with tension — and an attraction sizzles between them that is becoming increasingly difficult to deny and resist! As life leads her down an increasingly fraught and confusing path where she finds herself receiving a kiss, a proposal and a declaration of love from three different men, a disconcerted and bewildered Daisy finds herself with no other option but to escape to London and try and sort out her muddled feelings.

When she finally decides to accept the hand of one of her suitors and Stephen comes back into her life, Daisy quickly realises that she has made the wrong choice. But will fate manage to bring her and Stephen together again? Or is their love simply not meant to be?

Snow globe

The talented Judith Kinghorn paints a vivid and colourful picture of life in Edwardian England and The Snow Globe is an addictive and engrossing family saga that I found absolutely impossible to put down. Rich in period detail, wonderfully drawn characters, drama, pathos and emotion, The Snow Globe is a spellbinding tale of family secrets, forbidden love and a changing world that I found fascinating and gripping. Oct 22, Cristine Mermaid rated it it was ok Shelves: This book was ok.

It claimed to be historical fiction but while it was set in , there wasn't any actual history in it. The story was interesting enough that I finished it but the main character was so insipid that I had a hard time caring what happened to her, for her to swear off ever talking to the man she was in love with because he had sex with another woman after she essentially rejected him was so ridiculous to me. She thought he would never have sex with anyone his entire life and wa This book was ok. She thought he would never have sex with anyone his entire life and was to just pin away for her?

Valentine declaring his love for her out of nowhere and then that just vanishing made no sense in the story either and made it stilted and awkward. He just glanced at her and fell madly in love and then madly out of love when it no longer served the story? I could go on and on picking it apart but it's fair to see , it wasn't what I thought it would be , and while it was ok, it was predictable and formulated with a nice wrapped ending where every one lived happily ever after Mar 09, nikkia neil rated it it was amazing.

I won a copy from goodreads giveaways for honest review.

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  6. This is a great book for a book club especially if there are mothers and daughters. Loved how Judith Kinghorn transitioned between the different points of view to show how we can grow and change for the better or worse depending on how we love. I downloaded and read this in one day - a real page turner. Set in rural Surrey and also London during and , this is a story of true love which endures regardless of a series of doubts and misunderstandings. Judith Kinghorn, you have done it again! Oct 03, Kathy rated it it was amazing. I especially enjoyed the suspense wrapped into many moments throughout the novel.

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