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Kau ndia, ndi'i dhoko. They're drying out their rice in dhoku n. Kami ka uta dhoma adj. La'a ata ndau ndau. The person walks slowly. Indonesian loan] — n. The vera dance was stick. Kazhi tau dhombi ko lambu perfomed for one night. He's grabbing his shirt out its length was one night. How long Lazha ndau dhombo. That's a no was the vera?

His arm was months amputated. The snake lives in the that's the case, I'm rather fast now. Sizha la'a zhele Dhonggo. They went to Dhonggo. Manu doghi ko'o dhonggo2 Syn: The chicken pecked at the rice. Some dogs chased each See: My shirt got dhongo2 adj. He with tall poles supporting it. Manga propped up the house.

There's a hut do'o sokongo support. Dho'o sokongo at the edge of the garden. Assemble them to make rana the edge or bank of the lake chopsticks. Dhopo gha ko dhuka2 adv. Maju ndau paru rebha ja'o. My patience is up. The deer ran mbeja. Don't let dhozho2 v. Dhundia mbiwa dhu ko bukti. Hold my hand tight! That stone can't be held. That's the only one left. Pierce the meat with this piece first time I managed to get a deer. Kami ka uta dhusu.

We ate dhu gha. There's no more water. The roof work has finished. Sizha weli dhudhu ko kowa. They bought a plug for the small do'a v. Ja'o do'a lau Gereja. The rice for the thing. Indonesian loan] chicken is on his hand. I push- repi investigate until you know it started the car. My father's name is Anton. God, the mighty one. Ja'o ti'i ndoi maki ema1 n. I gave money to my man. Jadi ema kau tau mai ndia nephew. Ja'o come here for? Ngazha ema ja'o Anton. Wendia woso ko'o grandchild. There are many mosquitos Ndala. My grandfather is Ture here.

You are our My mum's going to the garden. We went to Embu or by parents to their daughter. I can't usually see evil ena n. Ka maki ndia east Flores. Please enjoy this Enggur n. Ndau writen or spoken. That's the first thing. Listen carefully to or abstact things. Esa zhua mbo our ancestor's advice.

Sizha la'a esi lako emi komo v. They provoked komo kau. Ndau ko wild pig. That's enough of the story. We possibly used for a stranger man. His garden's full of We went fishing for eels. Take the lid off the cooking mbiwa ti'i ndoi. I won't give you pot. Fortunately, we're not dead. Fry a basket of corn. Don't look back, way in life generally far away , you might get caught! Don't look left and right! My son went to nduku; nganda.

Malaysia to get a job. Tako ndau kazhi indifferent! The cat ate the carried and lulled to sleep. The fata papa obstacle. Mbiwa dhu fata child is very light. There aren't any obstacles. Ndia fato kau ka lau uma. He faihaki husband and wife. Over there are fedhi v. If the ritual is still in progress, together.

Kami ponggo filo v. We cut down the fai tree. My mum was a widow. Fala wa'i ngai due to hot drink. Kopi ngai mbana, dhano. The footprints are still there. The coffee was hot, fanga adj. I and I slurped it. Kazhi ndau fara1 v. He's a relative of ka fara-fara. Let's eat together from ours. Don't work, take a rest ground.

Ja'o foro kopi mbana. The hair foki n. Folo, the name for fu bhoko short hair. You're willing to go fua1 n. The child ate with what I was talking about voraciously. Kazhi ti'i ja'o ko'o our parents futi. He gave me some small mbiwa fonga disagree, object. What's wrapped in your story about the old people a long cloth? So, you're Sugar dissolves in water. The candle melted from the hoa kana.

When you're young, you heat of the fire. Ja'o ala uta sa naked. I grabbed a handful of ga'i n. Kaju ndau no ghala molo zhili. Marsha Marks: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

The boy was confused. We have to remind the ghala3 adj. Your cigarette does not smell strong. I feel ghemba v. Ja'o la'a ghalo ana zhili ghemba. Put away your clothes, Denpasar. I visited my child in don't be messy! Kodhi fai ndau ghambo v. That woman's very hunting for deer. Don't grope salt with the sugar!

Ghepo maki ramba ti'i Kazhi gharo ja'o la'a zhio. Hold the rice for the asked me to join him to take a bath. Ana hongga ndau gharo ana ghera1 adj. The young man seduced the ndau ghera ko nitunimba, bhara, girl. The colour of the ka the mother persuaded her child to python is like a rainbow, white, eat yellow, blue. Kami mai tau ghera2 v. We've come to invite Ja'o walo ghera. I'm going straight you. Ja'o gheri ndai inu polo ata mai ghati. I'm thirsty, I want some water. I felt like children out walking at night! The girl primps seawater retreated far away during herself everyday. Ko ka gheso conj.

Don't be finicky he said gheso longgo kazhi la'a ga when eating! I'm disgusted gheta v. Ja'o mbiwa dhu ghetu over, overturned. I never think of him. Dad's sleeping ghetu tu'u sogho ko tona. He thinks face down in his room. Kowa ndau hard because of poverty.

I bitten by a dog See: We are mbeti ghiro gha. Don't stay sick, get cleaning up the garden. Manga ghora ghiu v. There's a big lizard. The pig's baby is moving about ghora2 n. Ana ndau ko ata ghora in its womb. Roma, don't foot when I was playing football. Keu, don't take your piece the steep mountainside. You can't breathe underwater. He opened his eyes wide. The boy ghodho adj. Hopefully we won't have any ghula adj. Kazhi ghuli tau wa'u.

Lazha mena Kaju tried to go down. Roads in Kaju Ala ghumbu n. If you talk, don't be that's difficult. Kazhi ghuru ghuju incoherent. Pas kenda bhangga ghuta n. When the board was ghuta a life full of debt stepped on, it was misplaced. Don't forget father's advice.

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Ja'o goa ghoma dhadho watu. My arms hoa goa adj. Ndia ko guru kazhi. Ema Guru ajar kami This is the magic spell. The teacher taught me how to sing. Ja'o mbiwa haki nasa n. I can't remember sadho haki kau. I'm dead if your that child. Haki nasa kazhi ha n. Ko ha ko'a tolo mata gha. Her husband has died. The crow is perched in the tree. Hey boy, please keep halo n. Ja'o ata ana halo ndia. Ja'o na'a maki dhanga ana hama. I put rice in the shell. Lift your foot, don't step on the cloth. Hadho wati ndau pai Hani kazhi rita ja'o mbiwa peduli.

Throw that basket to me. Moto Although he's crying, I don't care. The child was hao1 adv. Kazhi toli ja'o thrown away. Kazhi ka muku my head. He ate the half-ripe banana. Sezhu kazhi le hao. His Hai Melo n. Muku ndau mami suku Motu. The babana is not completely Melo dance within the Motu clan. Other kinds of Vera nggore ha'u n. Ha'u lima esa dhu nggote, saju] ndau. There are six steps in all. When unwanted hollow rice. If you've finished fell. Ja'o le hedha mali kau centipede.

I'm worried you'll leave. I'm afraid, it'll hiu v. Kami mara la'a hiu. We'll all go away. Hedho sapi ndai pai zhili hiwa n. Let the cows go to the creek.

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Perhaps next year we'll go far heko n. Roast it until it's heated it up and respect. That string is elastic. I spun from others. Kami wasi manner, not the same way as others. Woso pu'u helo zhili others! I felt dizzy after hengo1 n. Sadho nuzha hengo2 adj. That coconut is hollow. Ko ata mara heta. Don't be too noisy! All of the people are quiet. There are many Why do you all have to be naked?

Yun la'a weli hgola. Hi tu'u lazha ndau. We ate at hobha1 n. We placed the food in a hinga n. Kazhi kewi hinga ja'o. He container made of palm sheath. Take the hingo adj. Meka ndau hingo tu'u. The old man is seriously deaf. There are legumes hipa. My hand was stung by a in the garden. The buffalo is garden. The grass in the garden ho'o n. Kami ndia ho'o ko ata. Huki wa'i mara am working for someone. The skin has peeled off my hopa n. Pita hopa kaju ramba foot. Collect bark for the hoko See: Don't put on too ground. The pants are too big. Ja'o tau la'a hongga hu part.

I want to shave my hair off. All of them screamed, 'hey ana hongga single. Manga ana there's a big buffalo'. Mother is man over there. Kami hudhu rebha tu'u ana ndau. The child is watu zhili alo. We collected stones extremely handsome. Huki ana ndau no bhara. Lezha The child's skin is very pale. You have to listen to my ceremony. I come here with my friends.

You mata ili ala wild roving eyes. Ja'o imbi ngaja ih part. I believe his word. I believe in God. Our lives have been longer trusted by people neglected. Waerana loan] imu n. Manga imu lau mbo kami. Who's the ika n. The mother horse bamboo. Ine Rie, a mountain in Flores.

Ja'o indi maki pai lau isi2 n. I carried the rice to the garden. The corn plant has grown its indi weki v. You're behaving like a fool. We live in this small house. The child entered the Toro river house. Io ndia komo kami. Yes, this spirit in the forest. Tau Guru Agama iwo. Yes, I'm also want to be a religious teacher. Iwo-iwo kami la'a ipa n. Sometimes we go there. That's my sister in law. Kami la'a sao ipu.

Mbiwa dhu ata iwo went and caught the small fish. There's no one else here. Who told you to go there? First, check their jaja v. Don't talk ja bhori quiet, not as many people as too much! Kami This vera is pretty quiet. We took a rest in jadhi1 v. Sizha jadhi ga fai the hut. They've become husband jangga adj. The child is tall. So, just stay here.

Ja'o to'o lau uma. I'm going jadhi3 adj. Mali kau jadhi ga to the garden. If you're successful jara n. Jara ndau ka kumba. The you'll get Endo. Jagha mota lau uma. Rebha tu'u ja'i kazhi. The jara jata n. I was riding a bike. Uma ja'o mbiwa ndau. We went fishing at the jari. My garden is unsuccessful. This meat jawa1 n. We ate was finished quickly. Please Jawa Tu Nai Pati n. Jawa Tu Nai Pati, a move forward a bit. Ka'o joko pu'u sailboat. I walked on my tip-toes from Ende] because I'd injured my foot.

All the people were lying sizha mbiwa sadho. Ko lua jeka wengi until when, how long. His chest is full of pu'u wengi? The dog is must be finished. Perhaps this gift isn't from your Ndotu jara ndau jomi tu'u. I jongi ana ito ndau. Don't tease the bear the pain. Ngaja kau no jewa. We took Your talk is straightforward. They are like genies. Jopai, a place name. Their legs were bent when they Stab the pig once more.

Before the back is flat. There's a flat piece of land. You all just pierce. The lance was stuck through ju v. Kau the body of the pig. Jara kau lau ask him to bring me some water. The child speaks incoherently. Kami la'a They held a cockfight. Ema ja'o jadhi ko juk. Father is playing the juk. My father was a secretary. The buffalo's julu jala. The orphan wandered trampling the dirt. I threw out the rubbish. He crossed over to the la'a. It's only them who might have other side of the river.

Roughly a week ndau kadho tu'u. The child's very later, a man from Bhai came. The wild horse is on the slope — v. Don't have to buy the science to understand that waste is waste, and efficiency is good in and of itself. The has been here for billions of years. The climate is always changing. To think that only the last years, that fossil fuel has changed anything is craziness.

The crazy ones are the ones who listen to Al Gore, telling us how we are ruining our planet, as he races around the world, polluting our air with his big jet airplane, and our children with his dribble,. We will never live without oil. Look around you, touch and feel what is made of plastic. We can all conserve, that's great. But we are not changing the climate. It is so powerful what light work can do! This is our 2nd observation of this initiative. My children and I plan to do our part every year. Hopefully next year we can encourage more in our community to do there part. We plan to present the lesson plan from the Earth Hour website to their teachers to encourage participation and use it as a science study tool.

If more people actually participated instead of complaining maybe they would see the light It may not be much, but as more people jump on the band wagon it could really make a difference. Who knows, in a few years this could be a global holiday, that would be awesome!!! I was very proud to participate in Earth Hour. Next year I intend to do more by handing out flyers to local businesses, calling our town council office and local newspapers to try to notify as many people as possible in my small town. I am very excited that so many participated this year and hopefully every year more and more people will get invovled.

Every little bit helps. No one was asked to give up all their electricity for the hour, only to turn off non-essential lights. Do your part to become more "green" every day of your life. It may help improve the lives of our children and grandchildren. Teach them now so they will understand what this is all about. I'm an old farmer in mid-USA, and participating in this project was a pleasant experience-- we brought out an old kerosene lamp and played cards by that light.

The real joy in this is knowing that people all around the world can and did dedicate their minds and actions to a common interest for that hour-- a very hopeful beginning. In sixty some years of active farming, I've seen many changes to agriculture, and most of them are not good. We were stewards of the land- saving it and even improving it for future generations We turned off everything, lights, TV, computers Got out the playing cards and had so much fun playing Crazy 8s and Rummy we forgot all about the time We both said that it was really nice to return to the way we used to play as kids, and celebrate how our grandparents spent their time after the sun went down.

It was really great to be a part of this global statement on Climate Change we got a late snow during this Earth Hour and this is very unusual for the Pacific Northwest at this time of year and to have so much fun participating. Looking forward to next year's date. Might even do it again on Earth Day. I am so glad I was a part of this.

I'm glad we' re sending a huge message of concern out there. Thanks so much for the awesome pics. Shows what we can do when we all work together for the greater good Will support next year as well!!! We are stwards of the earth, here we live, this beautiful planet we must take care. Earth hour was a demonstration of how we need to work. I do believe we should protect our earth. I do not believe in global warming- changing, yes. There is no proof that there is any warming at all. We do go thru changes over the years but for warming- you just have to believe- there is no proof at all.

What happened to the ice age- did the cave men drive SUV's and cause the warming? The Earth Hour was cool and might help someone be more aware of our earth and it's needs but lets start with cleaning up our roadsides, ditches and tossing trash out of our cars- SUV's. Just respect our earth. Wow, some of these pics are just amazing with the lights off! It kind of makes me wonder how much power the world uses excessively. It's made me more aware of how many lights I used to keep on that I didn't really need, and just electrical appliances in general.

If we all keep things like that in mind and make wiser choices, our planet will be better off. Please look this page: I am 11 years old and all i have to say is great job everyone. The world is happy! My mom and I lit candles, turned off the TV, and she read me a book by candlelight. I called our neighbors and friends to remind them. I was proud to participate and will do it next year too. I felt a great sense of unity this time, I look forward to doing this again soon, this should be an international holiday. The truth is that no one really knows why "Global Warming" is happening and they are sure nowhere near a solution.

Maybe by these companies and countries doing this they spend more money and used more energy but the concept behind it is amazing. If we started doing this it would help, if we took time of our life to recycle it would help. People need to stop waiting for the government or a single company to find a solution to this. Maybe not in their own life, but in others life. Future generations that may not enjoy what we have. I wonder if it occurred to the propriatorsof these buildings that they could do without most of the lights, save a bunch of money, and give us back our dark sky?

Nice work, you really told the story with this basic technology. I continue to be impressed with The Big Picture both as a reader and online news producer. If I had thought about i, I would have turned every single light in my house on and cranked my Corvette and gas guzzling Jeep. Seeing all those pictures makes me really proud to be a Sydney-sider, where it all started. Globalisation is a double edged sword. On one side, we are all living in a much faster paced, consumerist society.

On the flip side is that we have the resources through communication to join together to change the world. What a fantastic effect we can have to raise awareness and support when together accross the globe we all unite for a common, worthy cause. We are SO impressed by the fact that the city of Las Vegas participated. It makes us proud to live there. Thank you for posting the photos because we didn't get to see the dimming of the lights on the Strip.

We were amazed by the difference that turning off the lights made. I teach ESL to adults, and plan to ask them the same question as the first grade teacher. What could they do for an hour at home if all the lights were turned off? We had 5 teen boys at our house and I was running a bit late making nachos for them all.

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I lit a bunch of candles, the boys went outside to see if they could see the stars better and how many neighbors did the same, then came in and ate their nachos by candlelight! It was rewarding to see teens care, be involved, be excited to be involved, and share the experience. We'll surely do it again next year. We were probably the only two people to turn off our lights in Ava, Missouri, but we were glad to do it.

I'm so happy to be able to be part of this honorable act. I think in my block , my family and friends. I wasthe only one that turned of my lights, but it's ok! I hope next Earth Hour they do it with me. My next Earth Hour will be next Satruday night. Thanks for this amazing pictures!!! Last year In Sydney we took our our telescope and focused on a beautiful glistening moon and even found Saturn with its rainbow rings.

Once you start you dont want to turn the lights back on. This year enjoyed a video by candlelight and forgot to turn lights on again. Think we should bring out the candles more often. We're not serious as a planet about addressing our issues; This is just us tooting our own horn. These pictures are beautiful. So great, many many people say about Earthhour and participate in it. I and my family had excellent dinner with candles.

I'm from Russia, Vladivostok. I want to tell about Earth Hour. It was nice time of darkness and talking. I thought, people lost something charming, when they got electrik light on evening And my friend - Georgian girl from Ios Island, Greece. She told me about Earth Hour on Ios. Dark, people went out with candles. She told, it was super!!!!!!! Unfortunately, my hometown can not participate in the Earth Hour action. My hometown is Kaohsiung City in Taiwan. I saw the above photo for Taipei It is nice to see Taiwan to involve in this action.

Here's a suggestion for next year, to make it more exciting, more fun, and more rewarding: The organizers WWF could have staff members one or more in each participating country, observing which companies or families observed Earth Hour This would be announced in advance. This could be money, or something more creative. Thank you for allowing us, the earth's inhabitants, to be part of such a wonderfully global statement It is amazing how powerful each individual can be when we do something collectively.

Thanks for posting the incredible pictures. This was an amazing hour, still we can do a lot more every single day in our lives for our mother Earth and our children. It's called sun cycles. Furthermore, carbon does not stay in the atmosphere, it is absorbed by the oceans and land. Earth hour is completely insignificant and has little to no impact on carbon emissions. All it does is make people more vulnerable to crime.

Wake up people, don't be fooled by environmentalist propaganda and unproven theories. Does it truly make sense to believe that we, a species that inhabits only a small fraction of the earth's surface, can destroy an environment that has existed for God knows how long in less than years. The environment is simply not as sensitive as they would have you believe, and has its own ways of healing and balancing its self.

We had a great time for our hour of darkness. We played Apples to Apples drinking wine. It was exciting to know we could be a small part of this. To the scoffers and the nay-sayers - what are you even doing on this site? It's not about the one hour a year, it's about unity and commitment. It's about saying "yes, I'm committed to protecting the only home we have! Why do you feel threatened by that?

As for you ostriches who prefer not to believe in human-caused global warming, I"m sure your opinions are formed only after due consideration of all the scientific evidence, that you have incredibly high IQ's, several PHD's and at least a couple of Nobel prizes, because otherwise you would simply be running off at the mouth about things you don't understand! Earth hour is a good thing for the environment, but it also gives a chance for pickpocketers so steal cause its so dark.

Not saying Earth hour is a bad thing, but it increases the chances of getting Robbed. Use the power within us to light our way! Flickering the lights on and off can ruin your wiring. Multiply that by millions and your power grid has a risk of being borked. I'm so pissed I didn't participate. I did last year and absolutely enjoyed every minute of it. My wife and I cooked steaks over a gas stove in the dark and then sat on the patio and made whoopie.

Maybe we'll do Earth Hour this coming weekend, since we were out partying during the actual one. Maybe next year we'll see photos from the International Space Station and Earth observation satellite showing pictures from each timezone, going lights out during Earth Hour. A lot of beautiful sentiments and wonderful ways people used the hour of darkness. On the practical side, because of the way power stations work, they take 2 days from cold to fully operational and they all have to keep in perfect speed synchronisation with each other. When the load is suddenly reduced all turning off your lights the alternators try to speed up and the steam power has to be diverted, often by blasting it into the sky.

Only long term reductions will work so we need consistancy. I'm so grateful to see so many I sure hope that others that didn't do this,this year will do it next year and even more people to follow in the years to come. We really need to keep this going to show the world that we need to start taking better care of our earth and supporting it as it has supported us and still supports us. Some say they don't see where this is helping, but as the ole saying goes.. Rome wasn't built in a day, it took time as this will take time also but we need to start somewhere and why not start now!!

And infact, I aggree that those places look more beautiful and peaceful when the light is off. Why waste the electricity and money? These pictures are really marvelous. Whomever stayed lit shuld be called out, their bill calculated. Then let's wait for next year and do a countdown. It was really amazing!!! All this people join together on a cause. Lets do that again and again and again Yeah lets do it this way and turn off all light, and while we are at it let us turn everything off and see celibrate the darkness and our stupidity. While all those lights were off and the world was thinking that they actually were contributing to something meaningfull, all powerplants actually were running at full capacity.

That is so damn missleading. Wy not do something real and meaningful and change to water, wind and geothermal powerproduction. Change your lightbulbs at home to less powerdemanding ones, buy better microwaves, ovens, dishwashers and Tv's and we will all benifit. Congratulations on a bigger better Earth Hour II. Next year should be even better, with even more publicity.

Think of Earth Day and it's initial reception from the press and nay-sayers of every stripe. The bigger this gets, the more they'll try to dampen the spirit of it's awareness. It's not as big of an individual statement as it is a vast global community, that is far more than the sum of it's parts.

This action may encourage many other efforts. T'hose too will start small and grow. They will help unite rather than devide people and cultures. We all need light, but at what cost? It will have to be highly efficient and powered by renewable energy. Aside from doing something for mother earth, this kind of 'activity' is giving us the chance to go out and meet up with good old friends!

We all enjoyed each others company and we just keep on laughin We should do this more often! It annoys me that most people wont get what this is really about and think that turning the light off is enough to solve the global warming crisis we are all going to inevitably face.. All my friends and i got together for earth hour and sat, talked, listened to music on our phones and lit candles to provide the light that we needed. I'm so happy that we participated. It was really wonderful. But still we needs to do more people familiar with this,So that we should get huge response.

Anyway its already having very good response. We will keep it up. We took part in the effort of earth hour in Zurich Switzerland. This type of ccampaign we should do every year atleast. I am very supportive of this initiative! It is time we all realise the disastrous exploitation we have made to Earth's natural resources! However, we, individuals, are not the big players I hoped Vegas would get in on the act. When the hour was up, my daughter begged us not to turn the lights back on yet, she was having a ball!

We live in Sri Lanka in a rural area, where we do not have electricity but have solar lights. We do not have running water, but engage in rain water harvesting. We grow our own food, we live off the land. So, all you first world people patting yourselves on the back, polluting our world while we live respecting it.

Here is a message: One hour in one year is not going to do it. Change your whole lifestyle. We are the lucky ones, to hear the owls and nightjars at night, to hear the peacock at dawn and to be surrounded by all nature's wonder. We may not have the material possessions in our houses, we may eat what we grow. But we know we are being more responsible than those who claim to know what is good for the whole world. Although I enjoyed clicking on and off all the pics, the cities were infinitely more beautiful with all their lights on.

It's got to be more than about voltage. It was really really nice. I'm happy that I can contribute in this magnificent hours. And also great pictures taken by photographers. Next year I hope I'll be able to take pictures from Saudi Arabia. I celebrated earth hour in my home with family. We sat around the candle light and actually it was quite romantic. I know I make a daily practice to turn off what isn't needed, but this years Earth Hour my boyfriend and I played Earthopoly by candle light, and it was awesome! Climate change is a serious thing, however that doesn't mean we can't have fun with spreading the message.

I posted the you-tube video flicking the switch on myspace and sent it all of my friends and family to participate. I think everybody should try to conserve energy every day not just for Earth Hour. First i want to thank us all, it is great to see so many people involve!!!! I have just moved to L. A from France and i was really happy to see how dark it got in here. I had pass the word to familly and friends around the world as they did too I did not celebrate the Earth Hour at home What is the harm? Yeah sure it saves quite a lot of electricity, one bulb multiplied by millions is a big number aye but does it actually mean anything if people don't change their habits?

It is just pure hypocrisy, nothing more. And that is why I personally don't value this kinda events at all. Even if they make nice pictures. I totally support the cause. If we really want to save the earth, please save the electricity at every possible occassion and to the greatest possible extent. My husband and I turned off the main circuit breaker to the house at 8: It would be nice if many of those extra bright lights in the big city were turned off every night.

It doesn't need to be like daylight at midnight. This was the second time my family and I have observed Earth Hour. Saturday, March 28, was my 52nd birthday! So my family and I celebrated my birthday during Earth Hour. We listed to the music on the battery operated radio and played the board game Monopoly until 1: Thanks to Earth Hour I will have a very special birthday memory. I played my part in India. How I wish, this happens every month!

I absolutely loved joining this wave of concern for the planet. If we as global citizens can continue to find our common ground, we will have a good future together. It's the first time South Africa has taken part in Earth Hour and I hope that as awareness of the event grows it will become an 'event' on everyones calander and an excuse to get together with family and friends to be part of something bigger!

This has been a totatly enlightening experience for me the last two years! I am still amazed at the photos, but this year to be able to click on a photo to see how an area looks after the lights go out! See you next year. It was not needed for us to specially Turn of the lights on that day.. Due to power shortage we already have power cuts for 3 hours minimum everyday..

So no lights in the entire town every day for 3 hrs.. Great way to Join Guys all over the world in this. During Earth Hour here in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, I listened to the birds grow quiet and the frogs get noisy as the storm approched and watched the silhouettes of my cats sitting in the window as the lightening crashed. It was so peaceful and thinking back to the way people used to live and how far we've come was quite impressive. I may do this more often. As for those with negative comments: For some, this is more than trying to raise awareness for environmental issues, regardless of how big they are or aren't.

Doesn't it look so much better with the lights on? To those who think this is a progressive step; please, just go outside on a sunny day. Feel the heat of that sun. Imagine that amount of energy falling on every square inch of the earth's surface. Now remember we're standing on a wafer of rock just 35km thick - above km of molten magma at 's of degrees celsius.

Do you seriously believe that turning-off your porch light makes a snow ball's difference in hell to the climate? Modern technology and the power that drives it have improved the length and quality of our lives no end. Let's not return to the dark ages. Let's stop wasting money on this global warming nonsense. This just goes to show that we are capable of conserving without causing any type of inconvenience. Is it really necessary to have every single light bulb on in a building let alone the office equipment? Hopefully, people now understand that this wasteful attitude is senseless and it's only causing problems for future generations.

While it's great that everyone enjoyed the feel-good factor of choosing to sit in the dark for an hour, it does sort of miss the point. Our goal should be to find renewable energy sources inc. Oh and by the way - I like my cities well lit at night, thank you very much. Feeling virtuous is one thing, feeling safe is another entirely. The awesomeness of this event was not in the amount of energy we may or may not have saved, nor in bringing global awareness to the cause of saving mother Earth a most noble cause!

It was, however, in the reflection of the power of our collective human spirit when we unite in a common cause. Imagine the advancements in civilization if we all came together like this for every major issue facing the world of humanity today. I think this earth hour is one of the most stupidest thing to do.

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I am not against conservation, and in fact I am all for it. But in this case, the means is more dangerous than the end, even though one cannot find fault with the intension. Reading the posts, my worst fears came true. Most of us switched off the lights and lit a candle instead!

Some of us even lit bonfires!! So were we actually saving any greenhouse emission? Electricity we get at our homes is one of the most efficiant ways power is produced, transmitted, and delivered. So what we should insead try to do is reduce our consuption for good, instead of switching off lights and then trying to read using the TV glow or candle. And of course, lighting it means more greenhouse gas emission. Also, there is a fear of grid collapse if too many people switched off their lights at the same time since electrical grids are sensitive to sudden demand or supply surges.

Earth Hour needs to be replaced with earth year or earth life. One earth hour does more damage than not doing it at all. So lets change our lifestyle by cuttign our consuption for good rather than switching off the lights for one hour a year. I thought it was great, glad to hear so many countries took part. My grand daughter and I layed on the bed talking while listening to her Mom flipping out trying to get ready for a night out with no lights etc. My grand daughter was very committed to this, she went to all the neighbors and asked them to join I think it should be done monthly too.

My husband, and two daughters played a board game by candle light. It was a great experience not only for us, but to know that we were a part of something bigger is even better. Getting the word out? What planet have you guys been on? It's people like you, with that kind of mind set, that screw up the planet. Whether you believe in global warming or not, it doesn't hurt to take care of the Earth and conserve our natural resources.

Noah, you poor, confused fellow! As the environment goes about "healing and balancing" itself, don't imagine that YOUR suffocation will be quick or painless, either. Saving up the animals, two by two, won't work this time Relocating to rural South Carolina I was amazed by the difference in the night sky minus all the man made interference. The very first thing I did was to have the outside security light disemboweled. Yes, I had the bulb removed!! I practice earth hour each and every night at my house. Only what light is needed is put on.!

Em minha casa fiz a minha parte e vi em directo a cidade de Lisboa a apagar os monumentos e Ponte 25 de Abril. The world goes dark for an hour to save the darkness it might go into forever. Lets act on it! We didn't see anyone else turn off their lights, but we are glad we did. We lit candles and played Elmo games with our son. It was nice to enjoy the quiet. It was great to be a part of Earth Hour. It should happen more than once a year.

But did anyone ever think they'd actually be using more energy than what was saved once those 1 billion light switches go on again? Why can't there be an Earth Hour more often. This proves that the world won't end if the lights aren't blazing.

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Does anyone else think some of these places are over the top? My son and I had a late dinner by candlelight and although there were many lights out in our neighborhood, I'm afraid it had more to do with foreclosures than participating occupants. Regardless, we were proud to participate and to help make a statement around the world. In fact, we thought it was such an uplifting time that we're going to have our lights, computers, stereos and televisions off at least one hour every evening. My family had our first bonefire for the season in our backyard during Earth Hour.

It is just starting to warm up here for spring, and the weather cooperated for us to stay outside. We toasted marshmallows, chatted, and the kids read stories to our group. Wonderful quality time, in more ways than one! The pix were awesome, the whole idea fantastic! I did my little part and felt better about it.

To all of the negative comments, any step s to conservation we can do to help this earth and the future of our children, we should do. Whether its water, electricity, heat, whatever. This earth is a gift from God and we should cherish it. Notice how in just about every photo that it's only the major buildings that are turning there lights out, as opposed to the homes and smaller businesses surrounding it.

Although I work for a state department of environmental conservation, I'm ashamed to admit that I became aware of Earth Hour just this year. I purchased an Earth Hour t-shirt and wore it for three days with other shirts underneath --before, on and after March to advertise the event to others. At a silent auction for local food pantries, an old "hippie" couple not much older than I asked whether Earth Hour was a reduction of Earth Day Anyway, I'm not very creative, so I simply went to bed for the night at 8: There's no question that this gesture was only a drop in the bucket, but at least the bucket encompassed the entire planet.

And for those concerned about crime increasing due to darkness, a U. I mean, I literally had to write. I typed pages and pages, entire books that I could never share with anyone because they were about deeply personal stuff: I had to get it out. Apparently my experience was not unique. Anne Lamott is one of my favorite authors. In many ways, she is my very favorite. She is hilarious, which I love, and she understands that life is a mix of beauty and horse poo—a reality she accepts without trying to recolor the bad parts with pithiness.

In other words, she is wise. Our life stories are similar but different , so I can relate and still find her fascinating. Most importantly, she writes about her faith with an honesty that I find refreshing. She writes about her faith for people who would never go near the place, and that is good, because who else does that? My family moved a thousand miles north, and simultaneously my work load was stacked higher than I could see.

Recently, as things began to settle, I noticed an abject lack of barking between my ears.