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Tramm is the musical director. In , Hurricane Sandy caused extensive damage in Ocean Grove.

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Over half of the town's boardwalk was destroyed, and the town's fishing pier was significantly damaged. While nonprofit organizations are eligible to receive FEMA funding, Ocean Grove was denied funding because the boardwalk was classified as being used solely for recreational purposes. The group includes the Camp Meeting Association, the chamber of commerce, the homeowners association, the beautification committee, the historic society, the fishing club, and Ocean Grove United, a gay and lesbian group.

From the late s through s, Ocean Grove saw the opening of a large number of gay-owned restaurants, hotels, and stores. In , Christian actor Kirk Cameron gave a lecture in Ocean Grove on the subject of strengthening marriage. After Cameron's speech, a lunch was arranged between members of the Camp Meeting Association and members of the gay community.

Steven Goldstein of Garden State Equality, noted: Ocean Grove scored 77 out of , representing the second highest score for cities located in New Jersey. According to the New York Times , "the couples' requests were rejected, and they complained to the state's Division on Civil Rights, which began a discrimination investigation. Complicating the dispute over civil unions was the fact that Ocean Grove's boardwalk and beachfront were held in a ruling to be exempt from property tax because they "had been dedicated years ago by the association as a public highway.

The boardwalk and beach remain tax-exempt. New Jersey Transit offers service between Ocean Grove and Philadelphia on the route and local bus service on the route. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Census-designated place in New Jersey, United States. The first tabernacle in — Harper's Monthly. Postcard of Ocean Grove Railroad Station, dated The "North End Hotel" had rooms and a saltwater pool.

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National Register of Historic Places. A statue of Ellwood H. Stokes and the Great Auditorium facing Ocean Pathway — once named one of the ten most beautiful streets in America. People from Neptune Township, New Jersey. Accessed July 21, Accessed August 8, Accessed September 17, Accessed September 4, Accessed December 16, Life in Ocean Grove's one-of-a-kind community - but no barbecues or dogs, please". Accessed June 30, Accessed November 6, Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association.

Archived from the original on June 20, Retrieved January 31, Retrieved July 30, The New York Times. Retrieved December 30, Retrieved February 6, Part I , p. United States Census Bureau , Accessed October 20, It has also had to drop a series of Sunday blue laws designed to enforce observance of the Sabbath and take down the chains that blocked automobiles from its entrances on that day. No alcohol can be bought or sold.

Although that can sometimes mean more drinking people seem to bring their own bottles just about everywhere , the lack of readily available liquor and the lack of a commercial boardwalk tend to keep things quiet and relatively safe. Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, The Great Auditorium Organ. Retrieved July 15, An organ recital is one of the daily events of the Summer's musical programme and its feature is the daily playing by Will C.

Macfarlane of "The Storm," a composition that shows of the organ to its best advantage. But the cottagers and the hotel guests in the vicinity of the Auditorium have become surfeited with the organ's noise. They complain that it disturbs their afternoon naps and annoys them at tea-time. They will appeal to the association and suggest that for "The Storm" be substituted something more soothing. Religious Resorts , National Park Service. Retrieved December 29, Retrieved September 28, Retrieved December 19, Rights, Responsibilities, and Virtues.

National Organization for Women of New Jersey. Morris Park West, between st and nd Streets. The web site Curbed. Morris Park West, which will give you an idea of what it was like to be Mrs. Wood in the off-season living at The house under the arrow is 14 Mt. Morris Park West in Harlem, where Mrs. Elizabeth Wood lived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Elizabeth Wood was known for being generous with her wealth and made many charitable gestures, both big and small, to the people and organizations that mattered to her.

Wood paid for her friends Mrs.

Ocean Grove Races

She was 75 years old and died at home in New York. Elizabeth Wood probably willed her Ocean Grove house to one of her siblings. She had at least two brothers — John and William Laird. According to her great-granddaughter Cindy, Mrs. Murgatroyd sold the house when her husband was away during World War I. Walter Stauffer of York, PA. Stauffer had been engaged in the manufacture of lime, crushed stone and refractory dolomite from to , and went on to serve as a U.

Congressman from and again in According to his granddaughter Salome who made a recent visit to Centennial Cottage , Ocean Grove was where her grandparents fell in love. Today, 19 Ocean Avenue is still a private residence. In the late 19th century, Ocean Grove, New Jersey was teeming with lady business owners, most of whom presided over hotels and guest houses. One of those ladies was Elizabeth Sherman Moore.

As early as , the property belonged to her married sister Emogen Hewson, but at some point ownership was transferred to Elizabeth. Elizabeth Moore seems to have enjoyed being a businesswoman.

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  • Did she find Mr. As she chatted with him over cottage blueprints, did she blush? But as fate would have it, in , Mr. She had been ailing for several years.

    Carman to the landlady herself, Elizabeth S. While the second Mrs. Carman enjoyed life as a hotelier, Mr.

    Apr 06, Pam rated it really liked it. I liked this book because I got right to the end and hadn't figured out who was doing all the damage. One thing I noticed about this writer's works is that she has several book titles that are lyrics to a Beatles song.

    Ocean Grove, New Jersey

    I'm curious about that so will read those or look at her website to see if that was intentional! The titles are as follows: Do You Want to Know a Secret? Do You Promise Not to Tell? Jun 12, Marca rated it liked it. Generally likeable lead characters, but improbable plot. Diane is sent to report on the latest girl, Leslie Patterson. The police suspect Leslie staged her own disappearance, even though she was found bound and gagged. Leslie claims that the kidnapper made her dance with him in the dark weird, but provides the book title.

    Th Generally likeable lead characters, but improbable plot. Then another girl disappears from Ocean Grove. Dec 04, Diana rated it it was amazing. This book was outstanding; right from the very first chapter. A very, very good read. I'd like to see the tented community of Ocean Grove. Sounds like a nice vacation town. Great setting, great characters, interesting story.

    I've never read Mary Jane Clark before. Now I think I'll go find one of her other books. May 24, Cindy rated it liked it. No gore, graphic sex, or language. No noticeable editing errors in text edition. Eliza Foss gives a good reading. Aug 28, Julie rated it it was ok Shelves: Choppily and sometimes sloppily written. I didn't care about any of the characters. Calling them characters might even be a bit generous for most of the names in the book.

    See a Problem?

    It's a lightning-fast read, though, for those who appreciate that. Mar 16, Katie rated it really liked it Shelves: Great book by the daughter of Mary Higgins Clark! Intriguing mystery, compelling characters, and a definite page-turner. I actually figured out the perpetrator before the book ended, first ever for me! Look forward to more books by Mary Jane Clark, a talented mystery writer. May 11, Kim rated it liked it. Author has a choppy style with many characters but does a solid job of tying together at end of book.

    Feb 01, Kelley rated it it was ok. Jul 06, Barbie J rated it really liked it. The plot was great and I loved the surprise ending. It was a good read, an easy read, and a relaxing read, which is what I love. Great book for the beach! Jun 05, Shirley Kummer rated it it was ok. I did not care for this author. I felt it was quite boring until the end when things finally happen.

    I have one more book that was given to me by this same author so I will give that one a try and hope it keeps my interest. Jul 15, Catherine rated it it was amazing. Jun 19, Rita rated it did not like it. I didn't care for the writing style, no character development and boring til the end. Jul 10, Fayette rated it liked it. A fun summer read. Feb 28, Dina rated it really liked it Shelves: Surprise ending that I didn't see coming. For Diane Mayfield, the last few months of her life have been spent trying to keep her children, Michelle and Anthony, on an even keel.

    After her husband was sentenced to prison for his part in the financial upheaval of a company who cooked its books, she's been the sole parent and money-maker in a family that once had it all. Her position with KEY News as a correspondent for its Hourglass newsmagazine forces her to give up the family's vacation to the Grand Canyon and instead haul her kids and For Diane Mayfield, the last few months of her life have been spent trying to keep her children, Michelle and Anthony, on an even keel.

    Her position with KEY News as a correspondent for its Hourglass newsmagazine forces her to give up the family's vacation to the Grand Canyon and instead haul her kids and her years younger sister, Emily, to the New Jersey seashore town of Ocean Grove. Interview Leslie Patterson, a woman who police believe "cried wolf" about her recent disappearance. Leslie has a past that includes therapies for anorexia and harming herself physically, and the police are reluctant to take her claims seriously. Leslie states that she was abducted by an unknown attacker, and although not raped, was forced to dance with the man over a period of days before a security guard found her, bound and gagged, on the grounds of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association.

    Stories from a Victorian Haven at the Jersey Shore

    Orignally a religion-based commune type establishment, the Association meets every year on Ocean Grove's shore to spen the summer in their tents. But as another girl disappears, both the local police and Diane start to believe that something more sinister is at work than a trouble young woman staging her own disappearance. As Diane delves deeper and deeper into the mystery, her own family becomes a target for the disturbed individuals that are harassing the tranquility of this once calm sea-side town.

    Mary Jane Clark has deftly penned another entertaining thriller.