The Biggest Liar in Los Angeles (California Century Mysteries Book 6)

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I If you love LA Noir, this is a perfect book. I could really picture LA Jan 30, Sara rated it it was ok. In general, I enjoy historical fiction, and I was very interested in this era of Los Angeles.

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However, this one didn't suck me in the way, say Devil In the White City did. It was just sort of hard to follow and the final results of the mystery weren't much of a payoff. I didn't totally buy the protagonist's motivation for trying to solve this crime given the amount of personal sacrifice he had to endure , so some of the storyline became tedious.

I'd be willing to try another one of Kuhlken's bo In general, I enjoy historical fiction, and I was very interested in this era of Los Angeles. I'd be willing to try another one of Kuhlken's books, but two stars is the most I can muster up for this one. Ok I appreciated the historical aspects of this book and in particular Hollywood and LA in the twenties. Though the writing was good the Chandleresque complexity of the plot left me confused. Oct 20, Elizabeth rated it it was ok. Noir which is fine but is usually so heavy on plot and sparse, hard-bitten dialogue that it's just not for me.

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Apr 11, Carol Roberts rated it it was amazing. A good story is the first reason I liked it, but there was something else that made The Biggest Liar more than just a good story. I had the sense that the story teller was someone who recognized the weaknesses of some of his characters, but who had a gracious sense of non-judgment toward them, and therefore helped me have that same attitude.

Also I loved the way he mingled his fictional story with the lives of actual people and California history in general. Can't wait to read the whol A good story is the first reason I liked it, but there was something else that made The Biggest Liar more than just a good story. Can't wait to read the whole series.

Tom Mathews rated it liked it Dec 07, Andrea rated it really liked it Sep 07, Lisa Mantini rated it it was ok Dec 28, Thompson rated it really liked it Mar 19, Jerold Last rated it really liked it Oct 09, Douglas rated it it was ok Aug 31, Dalen rated it liked it Sep 15, Sue Russell rated it really liked it Jun 15, Vicki Righettini rated it really liked it Nov 29, Andrea rated it it was ok Dec 14, Chris Norbury rated it liked it Apr 04, Kim rated it liked it Jun 10, Leaking Lewis rated it really liked it Jan 30, Mark rated it it was ok Mar 19, Cat Tutt rated it really liked it Feb 17, Joel Kelly rated it it was ok May 16, Gregg rated it really liked it Mar 22, Emmanuel Burgin rated it it was amazing Mar 04, Lotte rated it liked it May 16, Mar 23, Muriel rated it it was ok.

Hard to follow, and disappointed with the ending. The characters were too 'pat'.

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Nancy rated it liked it Apr 08, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Other books in the series. Hickey Family Mystery 6 books.

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Books by Ken Kuhlken. Also included in Hooked on Hollywood are featurettes—articles written by Leonard for his Movie Crazy newsletter about great films like Casablanca and the people who made them. Learn more about Leonard Maltin.

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At only sixteen-years-old, she was an internationally celebrated overnight discovery. The part was an opportunity of a lifetime for a simple girl from Buenos Aires, Argentina. But for Olivia, admired for her beauty and innocence, and praised as a fresh and burgeoning young talent, the role of movie star was hard to play, and harder still, to live up to.

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Olivia also finally reveals for the first time, the identity of the actor—a fellow young newcomer—who raped her, but who would not break her. Poised, cultured, and unforgettable, Grace Kelly had the aura of a princess, even before she was crowned. She exuded grace, polish, flair, and serenity as a fashion icon, actor, and humanitarian.

Living with Grace is a captivating look at this elegant woman who has been an inspiration for many and whose legacy enlightens a new generation of fans. Seldom seen photos and outtakes are complemented by inspiring quotes from and about Grace and the famous roles she played. These words and images highlight what made her so iconic on film and in life.

Mary Mallory is a motion picture historian. She lives in California. Join us for an illustrated presentation by Hollywood historian Allan Ellenberger on the life and work of actress Miriam Hopkins, whose year career began in the pre-Code era and included three films with legendary comedy director Ernst Lubitsch. Allan Ellenberger will sign his book, Miriam Hopkins: Life and Films of a Hollywood Rebel, in the lobby before the film. Feature begins at 3: Whether she was fighting with studio moguls over her roles or feuding with her avowed archrival, Bette Davis, her reputation for temperamental behavior is legendary.

The Biggest Liar in Los Angeles: A California Century Mystery

In the first comprehensive biography of this colorful performer, Allan R. Her freewheeling film career was exceptional in studio-era Hollywood, and she managed to establish herself as a top star at Paramount, RKO, Goldwyn, and Warner Bros. Over the course of five decades, Hopkins appeared in thirty-six films, forty stage plays, and countless radio programs.

Later, she emerged as a pioneer of TV drama. Although she was never blacklisted for her suspected Communist leanings, her association with these freethinkers and her involvement with certain political organizations led the FBI to keep a file on her for nearly forty years. This skillful biography treats readers to the intriguing stories and controversies surrounding Hopkins and her career, but also looks beyond her Hollywood persona to explore the star as an uncompromising artist.

The result is an entertaining portrait of a brilliant yet underappreciated performer. A Career Chronicle and Biography. Each fascinating new bit of info further illustrates this very complex woman whose talents were frequently utilized to their fullest, but too often underappreciated. His book is full of rich details that bring us as close as possible to understanding this complex, accomplished actress. A meticulous and fascinating biography of a complicated, yet undeniably talented artist, as well as a woman who was nothing short of captivating.

A compelling actress who was equally at home in heavy dramas and sophisticated comedies, Miriam Hopkins is due for rediscovery and this book may serve as a linchpin. With pages of sources to verify his extensive research, Ellenberger has tried to bring the public and private Miriam Hopkins to life in this welcome biography. Ellenberger has crafted a fascinating portrait of a multidimensional actress and woman.

The Lives of the Stars Between Takes. The too often underrated and overlooked Miriam Hopkins is finally getting the spotlight she deserves. Robinson, Samuel Goldwyn, Warner Bros. Get the inside scoop on Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and all your favorites as we salute one of the greatest animated series in TV history. Join us after the discussion in the lobby, where Mike Reiss will sign his new Simpsons memoir, Springfield Confidential.

Mike Reiss, by definition, is a rarity. He answers a range of questions from Simpsons fans and die-hards, and reminisces about the making of perennially favorite episodes. In his freewheeling, irreverent comic style, Reiss reflects on his lifetime inside The Simpsons —a personal highlights reel of his achievements, observations, and favorite stories. An Oral History , Springfield Confidential is a funny, informational, and exclusive look at one of the most beloved programs in all of television land.

Wednesday, June 20, — 8: RSVP for comp tickets. Patricia Williams , the fifth child of an alcoholic single mother, came of age in Atlanta at the height of the crack epidemic. At 12, she had her first boyfriend; by 15 she was a mother of two. After numerous run-ins with the law and a stint behind bars, Williams decided to turn her life around. She now goes by the stage name Ms. Pat and enjoys a successful career as a comedian. Williams lives in Indianapolis with her husband and three children.

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Lee was nominated for Directing and the movie was a Best Picture nominee. Henson, for which he wrote and directed the pilot and continues serves as a producer on the series. This one hour family drama is set in the world of a hip-hop empire that features both original and contemporary music. Terrence Howard and Taraji P.

The show premiered in January and broke ratings records during its first season.

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