Training Your Dog for Canine Sports

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If you need CEUS, we have plenty. What is the price of the course? What is the refund policy? Once enrollment is complete, tuition is non-refundable. Once you begin, you have access to the full course.

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What student support is available? Receive up to two hours of 1: There is no instructor support when you audit the course. Is there a course syllabus? You can download it here. What skills are covered?

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To which sports is this course applicable? This course is useful for agility, obedience, Treibball, rally obedience, nose work, protection work, and freestyle. What do I need to take the course?

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Occasional help from a human assistant View suggested equipment for the course PDF. Is this course right for me? How long is the course?

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The course is designed to be completed in a few months, but you get access to the material for a full year after enrollment. The training activities and handouts are all provided in PDF form so you can print and make a workbook for your personal use. What age should my animal be? As long as the animal has a few behaviors on cue and understands the relationship between click and treat, any age dog or puppy would be a great companion.

What language is the course in?

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The course is in English. Do I have to submit videos? You are not required to submit videos. Let us show how to help your dog be the best they can be, and have a ton of fun along the way!! Imagine your dog being the envy of all your friends and neighbors, a dog who is well-mannered in any situation; this is the Dream Dog.

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After training, your dream dog will effortlessly obey your every command with or with out a leash. Your dream dog will be a pleasant and polite companion for every adventure. Your dog will stay with for three weeks of intense training, so that you can see immediate results. Once your dream dog come home we will show you everything you need to know to maintain their new training.

Program includes everything you need to be successful both at home and in public.

Canine Sports

Space is limited so we can give your dog the attention they deserve. Wonder Dog is the best trained dog in the neighborhood! Use the infographics to get started with exercise ideas or watch these videos to get even more info! Canine rehabilitation, gait training and dog sport cross-training rises to a whole new level of fun and excitement with these nine exercises!

Gyms have all sorts of balance and stability equipment these days. They may include traditional exercise balls, foam pads of all sizes, Bosu balls, and inflatable discs. Well, balance and stability are to so important to many ….