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The right elbow position is crucial for two reasons: While getting your right elbow into the correct position at the top should be an easy enough move to visualize, it may prove quite difficult to perfect. It is hard to resist letting the elbow fly out. But with practice this step should start to become natural within a few weeks. Take six swings in front of a mirror three times a day, getting your right elbow into the correct position and keeping your left-hand grip firm.

This will also strengthen the key muscles. If your right elbow is in the correct position at the top of the swing Step 4 , the proper downswing will follow automatically as soon as you shift your weight off the right foot and onto the left see Step 6. Most women uncock, the hands too soon because they are not strong enough to delay this. But with the right elbow pointing straight down it is almost impossible to make this error. When you have started your downswing correctly, the right elbow should work down in front of the right hip. The move will properly delay the uncocking of the hands and bring the club down on the desirable inside arc and the clubhead into the ball from straight behind.

You will be able to swing hard without a resulting loss of club control. Once the elbow gets behind the hip on the downswing, the result is often a slice and a disheartening loss of distance. For a minute or so each day, starting from the correct position at top of the swing, stand in front of a mirror and practice 1 bringing the right elbow down in front of the hip properly and 2 keeping the hands fully cocked as long as possible. Where distance is concerned, the force exerted by the right foot is critical. The weight planted on the right foot should be carried along the instep 1.

How to swing a golf club – Understanding the problem

As you sweep the club back you should gradually and consciously push your weight off the left foot and onto the instep of the right 2. The right foot and leg, in fact, should act like a buttress, resisting the pressure of the backswing, and the right leg should maintain pretty much the same position that it held at address. Also keep this in mind about the left foot: If the left heel is lifted too high, or even if it remains planted on the ground, too much weight will tend to remain on the left foot.

At the top of the backswing 3 , most of your weight should be felt along the right instep and along the inside of the right calf and thigh. You start the downswing by pushing your weight off the right foot and onto the left 4. The hips will turn almost simultaneously, but there should be no violent pivoting action. Initiating the downswing by turning the hips—the popular method—too often leaves the right elbow behind the hip.

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This throws the clubhead into an outside-in arc and is likely to produce a slice. Spend five minutes a day swinging your driver back and forth, concentrating on footwork. Hit at least 15 shots with your driver each time you practice, concentrating entirely on this weight shift. It is not exactly revolutionary to state that you should keep your head behind the ball throughout the swing and at impact.

But it is still an important point to stress, because failure to do so will drain off all the power, rhythm and momentum built up by the first six steps. You must feel from the very start of the downswing that your head is remaining behind the ball, that you are looking at the back of the ball when it is hit. Thus, though your weight will be moving over to the left side, your right shoulder will be under your left shoulder and in perfect position to keep the explosive hitting force you have produced behind the ball where it belongs. If your head has slid to the left of the ball before or at impact, this means that your shoulders have also moved to the left.

The movement can produce only two results, both bad. First of all, your hands also will have moved ahead of the ball. The clubhead, accordingly, will not have reached its maximum speed at impact. What little power remains will be applied downward instead of through and toward the target. Second, hitting at the ball from in front of it, instead of from behind it, will open the face of the club at impact, with the obvious result that the shot will be pushed to the right or, worse, will result in a slice. Spend 10 minutes of every practice session drilling on keeping your head steady. Ask an observer to tell you each time whether you have succeeded.

SUMMARY In explaining how it is possible to increase dramatically the distance of your drives, I have made no attempt to describe all the basic fundamentals of the golf swing.

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I have sought only to isolate and clarify the areas in the swing from which distance hitting springs. There are other factors that will help, too. Ball games—tennis, paddle tennis, ping-pong, etc. Pitching or chipping a golf ball around the backyard also helps in this respect. So will exercises with hand grippers and dumbbells. With them you can increase your hand and arm strength.

How to swing a golf club – Beginner

A woman, fortunately, can do a good many strength exercises before they begin to have any effect on the shape of her arm muscles. If you are a weekend golfer, by merely handling, swinging and feeling the weight of a club every day you will help your game. If you should go further and master even two or three of the seven steps I have described on the preceding pages, you are bound to improve. When you have incorporated all seven into your swing, the result in longer drives and lower scores is likely to be astonishing.

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Email Address Enter valid email address. The lower the hands, the lower the ballflight. Moving the ball back in your stance or choosing a stronger club and trying to swing easy are other ways to accomplish the same thing, but they're less reliable and more difficult to execute. Instead, keep your hands low in the finish compare the two photos at right , and the trajectory of your shots will be lower. Just got back into the game after a 2 year spell out.

Look forward to implementing these in my next round. You know that the traditional golf swing is so hard to time. Even professionals who practice every day struggle sometimes with timing.

Golf Tips: How To Hit A Straight Golf Shot

But for the average golfer timing is next to impossible with the traditional golf swing. And when you implement this one move, it will drive your entire swing and help you to hit the ball properly and with control! You can read all about this phenomenal discovery here: My only question is, are there any good tips to stay accurate when you add power? It seems whenever I try to add power, my accuracy is compromised.

What often happens is people will use their arms more to add power. This messes up the technique completely. Remember, power comes from the hips and everything should flow together. You can find it at: You forget the most important tip.

Hit Straight with The 10 Best Golf Swing Tips Ever - Golf Tips Magazine

That way you impact the ball just as you set it up. Greatest golf fault is getting the spine out of place. If you manage to not do that all the rest is just simple fine tuning. Golf can be so hard, especially for newcomers. If you are struggling and need some tips check this out, it worked for me when I started. One point I think it? If anybody wants then I can share that PDF here. Tip number three is something that took me a long time to learn.