How I Organize My Money: The Budgeting Secrets of a Lazy Do-it-Yourselfer

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5 Lazy Ways to Stop Overspending

One day I finally wised up. You find a way to afford it, and it's all yours. I have never seen him more motivated. He has always been frugal, but it certainly lit a new fire under him! He started packing a lunch to work to cut back on eating out, he went through the house and sold old guitar amps, furniture, old clothes, electronics, even things he still used he sold for cash because he was choosing the dirt bike over that item.

Before long he saved up enough to buy a used dirt bike that he painstakingly researched, bartered, and negotiated for. It's his favorite thing in the world, and he takes care of it like it's his baby. Keep breaking down the numbers and one of them are bound to resonate. In any successful company, are there two presidents of marketing? Two chief financial officers? Two presidents, for that matter?

If our country would crumble with two leaders doing the exact same role…why do you think that would work in your own family? But otherwise, they are given their responsibilities and deadlines, told to get it done, and they do it their way. In your marriage you need to divide and conquer! Don't BOTH be in charge of paying the medical bills, buying the groceries, paying school fees, or buying shoe polish…it's redundant and inefficient! Divide up and you'll get the chance to do it YOUR way …as long as you're getting the job done, that is. It includes free printables so trust me, it's worth it!

Think of it like being on a diet. To see what works and what doesn't, to get the hang of cutting calories, and to stay motivated, you need to weigh yourself…often! The longer you go without talking about money, the harder it will be the next time. It's like deep-cleaning your house. If you haven't done it in a while, the first time might take you several days to cut through the grime and sift out the junk.

Don't make talking about money a pit of despair, make it something you look forward to! When you sit down for your weekly weigh-ins, dress up in a funny costume. Let your 5 year old do your makeup before-hand. Put makeup on your husband. Put all your clothes on backwards. It will keep things light hearted and will make it hard to get in an epic fight…especially if your husband has blue eyeshadow and lipstick on while talking.

There is NO shame in counseling. If you and your spouse are so at odds over money that it's effecting your relationship, go seek professional help. Often times it's rooted deeper to something else; trust issues, depression, resentment, insecurity, communication issues, or sometimes all you need is a good old fashioned mediator to help facilitate a healthy conversation.

I know for me my mom could tell me something and I would roll my eyes and get defensive. Simply because she's my mom, I innately have walls built up! Sometimes hearing it from another person is all your spouse needs to realize they might be in the wrong. Do you know I offer one-on-one consulting? Email me, jordan at funcheaporfree dot com and let's get the conversation started. I would LOVE to help. Hopefully that helps you and your honey have a new view of money and how to make it a positive light in your life, not a negative thorn in your you-know-what.

You can get all my budgeting and finance tips, and my secret sauce in my fun-to-watch video program Budget Boot Camp! This article is fantastic! Love all these reminders and suggestions! I think it would work well, even while dating in the getting-to-know-you phase, for sure! It was discussed at Conference a few years ago.

Please correct that in your article at the beginning. You will have at your disposal a 'blueprint' that you can use to create an organizational system for your own money. Before I learned how to budget, my money seemed to simply vanish into thin air. It never felt like I was spending a lot, but time and again I would go through an entire paycheck like it was chump change. Once I learned how to organize my money I could suddenly see my entire budget with clarity and precision.

I always knew exactly where my money was going and I never again had the experience of wondering where all my money went. In my eBook, you will discover the exact strategies I use to keep control of every penny of my money. You will see how my organizational system gives me maximum control of my money with a minimum amount of effort. If you use my system as a model for your own personal budget, you will be able to build a system that completely automates your savings.

You will also be able to focus your savings with laser-like precision. You will understand that savings is not just for retirement. You will see how savings can can be used for very specific mid-term and long term expenses, and you will have a blueprint to follow in planning your own savings strategies. I know from experience that my 'inner child' loves to spend money on toys. Instead of trying to change or suppress this part of myself, I give it rules and boundaries that keep it under control.

My budget is designed to allow a certain amount of indulgences within the umbrella of responsibility. In my eBook, you will learn the simple strategy I use to to both manage my spending impulses and allow myself the freedom to spend money on the things I enjoy. Where is it written that budgeting has to be a struggle? With the right strategy, budgeting money can be effortless, natural, and intuitive.

My budgeting methods are so simple a child can understand them, and yet they are sophisticated enough to handle complex financial situations. When you order my eBook, you will get a detailed blueprint of my my system that you can use as a model for creating your own effortless budgeting system. I can't remember the last time I had the slightest worry about paying my rent or any of my monthly expenses. And that's not because of how much money I make.

It's because I use a system that organizes my money. The money I need to pay my bills has its own specific place in my system. I never have to worry about that money because I know that it is right where it's supposed to be.

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In my eBook, you will see exactly how I organize my money. You will get a first-hand look at how I easily manage bills and expenses, without sacrificing savings or spending money. As you can tell by now, I have come up with something pretty great. I think my system of organizing money is far superior to any budget that requires you to track your spending.

My budgeting system allows me to control my money without the use of cumbersome spreadsheets or software. In 'How I Organize My Money', you will see exactly how my system works and get an understanding of how money can be effectively organized. You will have a model that you can follow to build your own money organizational system.

There are three reasons my budgeting system works so well. These reasons make my system different from almost every other budget out there.

$5.50 per day could give him a $2,000 TV? Piece of cake!

Reason 1 The budgeting method I use actually organizes your money. He was a quick study. I still have to laugh about that morning to this day. I hate cleaning and organizing more than anything else.. I mean there are many other things I would much rather be doing but it is kinda like brushing your teeth. I hate to brush my teeth for some reason but I do it anyway. For my health, others would find it unpleasant etc. So I clean for the same reason. The whole secret is to get it under control and then you learn how to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. I know it is hard to do something you hate but like you said take a baby step.

Try cleaning one drawer or one section of your kitchen counter. I think you will be pleasantly surprised how good it feels. Go for it even if you hate it I think you can do it. Oh and once you have taken your baby step stop and reward yourself with a cup of tea or even better a piece of chocolate — my favorite. Hello, I love to learn and find new tips on how to stay organized. My tip is take is slow and start small.

6 Brilliant Tools To Manage Your Money Effectively And Save Your First 1k

I love to clean and organize so here is what I do: I take a picture 2. I take everything out 3. I sort and find 1. I clean out the area with vinegar 5. I place all items back in Tip: The last newsletter…livingonadime…we received was …do you automatically drop us after a certain period of time? I just read all the organizing stories, and that is what I have been doing this summer. She literally made the office run like clockwork, and the patients always got a smile, even when she was too busy for all else.

She was immaculate in her appearance, even though she was somewhat portly. Her huge desk was organized, and her efficiency at an amazing level! I am not sure what made me think of her, but when I am working, I think of how happy she always was to be on top of it all, even though she suffered from fibromyalgia. Her name was Mary, and I know she would get a real charge out of reading all the organization stories, because she had it down to a science…talk about a multi-tasker.

She died not too long ago from a fast-growing cervical tumor. I miss Mary and try to be grateful that I am physically able to work around our home, organizing and thinking of new ways to make it more comfortable for my husband and me. Thanks, Jill, Tawra, and for sure, Mary… are you watching me and smiling that gorgeous smile? Take care and God bless all of you: Growing up, we all had our chores to do and being the oldest, I had to help a lot.

I have a dear friend who grew up doing nothing and not having a clue how to keep house. I asked her what it felt like to live in a filthy home and she looked at me like I was crazy. It seems that her stay at home mom did all the housework while the 2 children were at school and they would come home and everything was spotless. I asked about summer vacation and she and her sister were always enrolled in summer activites at the rec center near where they lived so they know how to swim, row a boat, ect but no clue on washing, ironing or cleaning.

She says when she would go home from college on weekend she took her dirty clother and by the time she went back they were washed and folded or ironed and on hangers but she never really saw her mom getting them into that state. As an adult her mom is very critical of the eay she manages her home but evidently thinks that she should have been born with a gene to know all that.

It cost her a fortune but her clothes always look terrific. Fortunately they never had children so they lived like that for years. Once I helped her organize and throw away twenty years of old mail and other stuff she just kept piling up, she was able to manage it and did ok. She thinks she is living well.

Rose, I live by the woods and I have a mice problem also. They come through the garage, so I just have to set some traps and I always get them. So far this winter I am on number I leave the trap on the inside of the garage door, put a little flour in the trap and keep catching them. Please, set a traps and good luck! Where does it come from!!! You will be so happy there without your little unwelcome guests. I sure hope so. When someone is sick or housebound cats make a great friend to have to talk with and curl up with. Enjoy your new home with my best wishes.

Rose the other cat is probably filling a hole for your husband. I put her to sleep myself because the vet was a very rough uncaring man 3 years ago. Well a couple months ago we rescued another female kitten. Don loves her and his personality has changed back to having fun with the cats. We call her monster because it fits her personality. She bounces off walls bullies our two big cats and is so clumsy she is hilarious to watch.

Yesterday I got my new electric frying pan. Had it on the counter to wash it this morning and Don heard a crash after I had gone to bed. Investigating he found that Monster had jumped up into the pan and knocked it onto the floor. Just said oh well and is going to order a new base for it today. I feel that no matter what she does she is giving Don lots of companionship as he sits at his computer she sits in front of him and purrs. She is worth the trouble and expense. I sure hope your landlord and Dr. Will be thinking good thoughts for you to take to talk to the dr.

Rose I am thinking about you this morning. I know your dogs are leaving you andI know it is hard. I have had to loose my dogs before too and it is rough and no words at all could comfort me at the time but I did want to let you know I am thinking of you. I am so glad too you are getting moved this week end because I know you have been having problems with your old place for a long long time now. I know this will be a hard and busy week for you but let us know how things are going when you can.

I am now a ful time mom again. I had a bussiness that I put every thing in too and sigh, it fell flat. There-fore I am back to what I love and that is being a domestic Goddess. I must get going.. It will be a hey day to clear, cull and clean this house and we only have a total of fourty days. This point we are on track…Lenten season will be happy. As will our home. Just get up and move. That is the best advice any one could get.

Thanks for your direct approach. LOVE it… cyn d. Will somebody please help? Should I just throw the tree out? Anne you do have a situation.

(7 simple tips you can thank me for later)

Your best bet would be to read some of our articles on how to get organized and maybe try to make room for it in the basement. I know that is not the answer you wanted. While I agree that no one, male or female, needs 15 pair of black pants, 8 pair of pliers is not too many if you are doing a variety of jobs around the house. Sorry buy I have tried real hard and no fairy has ever appeared. When I said 8 pliers I meant 8 of the same kind. Like you said yes sometimes you do need 2 and maybe in some cases 3 but I really have never known the average person to ever need to use 8.

I had a manufacturing business for years and even with 3 employees and my husband and I both working we never used 8 and we needed a lot of tools. Was happy to see this post in my inbox today. I also deal with fibro and CFS so I always enjoy your posts because you understand the way that things can be sometimes!

Yesterday after work I managed to clean off my counters and one drawer and move my full little freezer to an easier to access spot, and took out two loads of trash. I can be very bad about pacing myself when I just want to see the end results! I am too Emilie.

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That has been one of the harder things for me to deal with since being sick — I want to keep going until it is done but I am getting better at pacing myself and sounds like you are too. Sounds like you got a bunch done. We have a small house and have had to be pretty good about not collecting a lot of stuff. I know I should get tough and give him a deadline.

Before getting a full-time job with a police department, he worked part-time in area departments and more than full-time on a farm. He works all hours of the day and night and sleeps at odd hours. All of the stuff is in storage containers. Maybe I should tell him I will bring one a week over to his apartment for him to deal with. Actually Cindy that is a good idea to bring one a week over. It is always best to break things down to do smaller amounts then to try to do it all and get overwhelmed. I know what you mean about the excuses it is hard when your grown kids are working so hard to have them deal with things like this I do it all the time although there are times when I stop myself and think I worked hours a week, took care of the kids, did yard work etc.

But still I think one tote a week is great. Leave it and forget it. Let him do what he wants with it. I might start with the closet first or one corner of the room that way you can be using or filling it up with your things while you whittle down the rest of the room. Just a note for those who dread throwing stuff to recycle into the regular trash. Most landfills have people that actually do sort through stuff and take out a majority of recycle items. If not, with everything organized, you will do better next time. When people are in almost hoarder stage or things are totally out of control the worst thing you can do is to worry about recycling at this time.

It is better just to toss everything in the regular trash or give it away then to stew and try to figure out what to recycle. I have had more people quit just because they became overwhelmed trying to decide this. Toss it in the trash then like HCJ said you can start fresh when you have things in order. I wrote an article along this same line. We often get so worried about our world environment and polluted air, streets, forests but the insides of our houses are more polluted and dangerous for many then anything we would find outside our home.

How to Organize your Money with a Financial Planner Binder

We always put the cart before the horse. I loved this article but hope to read it again when I get home so I can put it into use. I need all the organizing tips I can get. I want to put my house on the market and really need to declutter. Someone told me to take photos of the stuff I really wanted to save, and then toss the item or give it away. Jan here are a couple of articles of ours that are about moving. Between us we have moved about 12 times in the past few years so pretty much have it down pat. Because we do move so often we even have a book on it you might like to try.

We have a huge list of ideas from the book that you could use and might help you too. Moving and other Fun Things Moving Idea. Moving on a Dime. The hardest part of cleaning or organizing is getting out of the recliner! I am convinced that recliners, not televisions or computers or games, drain us from all sense and sensibility when it comes to basic cleaning of the house. Have you been spying on me? I am literally sitting in my living room, wasting time whilst trying to summon the mental energy to tidy my very messy house.

I went to bed dreading today. I woke up dreading today, only to find that it had snowed as well which made the school run much longer and my time for tidying much shorter.