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2. Janet Leigh

All books can be found in digital format, wherever eBooks are sold; while also being available in paperback and Amazon. While there, keep an eye out for the release of her latest novel, "Overtaken": The true infant Jane was replaced with a mischievous, occasionally malevolent, fey changeling in , who grew up contemplating how she could use her powers without divulging her true nature.

In , she tricked human James Baxter into marrying her, and then meticulously began to write down the chronicles of her ancestors. Disguising her work as fiction, the creature known as Jane Timm Baxter finally achieved her goal of infiltrating the world of publishing when she decided to publish and market her work in e-book format. Having not expected such an ongoing battle with her vessel, Baxter is currently limited in the time and energy she can apply toward her goal of world domination through art and writing. At this time, nothing else may be revealed concerning the true nature and mission of The Chi-Baxter Pack, under penalty of death.

Those who are familiar only with Jane Timm Baxter in her human disguise, frequently describe her as any and all of the following: Whether or not any of these words are accurate descriptions of any part of Baxter remains to be proven. I've been married for 12 years and I have three sons.

Top 10 Most Terrifying Female Characters in Horror

I've been writing since my fingers could hold a pencil. It started with poems and short stories as a child and have continued, now I couldn't live without it if I tried. I am working on two series' right now. One is urban fantasy, the other is a children's type chapter book regarding the karate we teach.

I also write horror. I have two books published to date. I'm editing the second in the children's series now and that book will be published by December. Miller lives, writes and plays in the Colorado Rockies. She has three amazing children who she claims as inspiration. Jenna, as she is called by friends, is the co-founder of the popular writer's group, Word Weavers, the mind behind the Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror Anthology Franchise, and a gritty dark fiction writer in her own right.

Miller, who has been writing since she was a child, began writing seriously in , and her first publication came out in , Speaking With Shugaan, an epic fantasy novel, was the first of a planned four book series. However, Miller had fallen for a heinous publishing scam and has since asked readers not to purchase the publication.

30 Photos of the Most Famous Women in Horror Movies

All the stories, plus one previously unpublished story, Black Widow are collected in her Anthology, Ceremony of Chaos. Currently Miller is working hard on the Ladies and Gents. A novel about a very angry ogress, and a short story in the vein of her popular short, The Shewolf. The Ladies of Horror. Star is a Southern Belle straight from Hell. While out, I hope your headphones and mobile devices are tuned into our latest episode where we celebrate some really groovy women who have contributed to the horror community through non-fiction prose.

Hannah and Ashlee jump right into their [read]trospective of Carol J.

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Clover's Men Women and Chainsaws: Gender In The Modern Horror Film first by uniquely describing how the book came to their knowledge and second, a briefer on their favorite sections. Shout out to the folks who responded to our Facebook and Twitter question about what were some of your favorite non-fiction horror by or about women:.

Ladies of Horror 2013

Alexandra West point us to The Dread of Difference: Gender and the Horror Film. Shearer is hip to Renegade Sisters: Girl Gangs on Film by Bev Zalcock. Mae West may have been a part of a girl gang. It was a lecture Ashlee heard many moons ago! Eileen Winslow is all about Mary Roach's Stiff: Rachel Hoover tips her hat to Chicago Haunts: Melanie Light MisartessMel says 'yea! In addition, give Isabel Pinedo's Recreational Terror: Journalist, vlogger, and jill of many trades Lianne Spiderbaby reads from and talks about her upcoming book, Grindhouse Girls: Cinema's Hardest Working Women while having a general conversation about her professional pursuits.

Women in Horror From A to Z

We hope to get listeners as excited about your book as Hannah and Ashlee are! The second episode of the Official Women in Horror Month podcast is a recap of this past February and a big, huge thank you to all who participated.

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  • If we forgot to mention you, multiple apologies. The response was overwhelming in a positive way and we appreciate all the hard work and effort from ambassadors, event organizers, the generosity of sponsors and our Viscera family. La Petite Morgue's Kellie posted a brief recap of the organization's event, Bloody Gore-geous Monologues and shared some next steps for the budding organization.

    Jovana Dimitrijevic's triumphant quest to pay homage to women horror artists in Serbia, Girls Can Do Horror spanned over the stretch of 10 days as a multimedia showcase of the work and insight these artists are contributing to the horror community. Jovana also had a film screening event on March 8th in Postdam, Berlin Germany. Details can be found on the Facebook page where Jovana continues to share amazing art by talented women!

    Here's the link to her film Women's Court: Don't forget to check for new highlights, content, and event happenings all month on our social media platforms:.

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    • Women in Horror From A to Z.
    • Drink the blog on Tumblr - http: Like the renaissance on Facebook - http: Follow the movement Twitter - https: Means Coleman and her book, Horror Noire: Black Women of Blaxploitation Horror currently in post production. Here's the link to the video clip: Rebekah Herzberg - Actress, horror enthusiast www.

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      Hannah Neurotica and Ashlee are your typically over-enthused, sometimes cynical horror nerds.