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I have these in green and purple. I wear them jogging and they make me feel fancy fly. They are big enough to accommodate my supa thick calves and stay put. I want them in all of the colors! The exact product I wanted and expected. I order this product on two different occasions during a one week period. I needed more than expected The first set I received was in a box that said oriental trading and was packaged well. There were six colors blue, purple, green, yellow, orange, and pink and two of each color.

Even though the picture didn't show six colors I was excited to see the extra ones. These didn't show to have any uv protection in the lens. However the second box I received was in a much smaller box that looked partially damaged.

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There were only 4 colors pink, yellow, green, and orange but not an even amount of each color. The lens were lighter than the previous ones. Also these had a uv protection sticker on the lens which was good. I am not sure if they both came from the same seller or what but I would Fast Women and Neon Lights: What a great collection. The idea that the eighties are a decade which could be used as a theme for pulp fiction just like the fifties evoked a certain time, place, and mood, is fantastic.

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At its best, this set of stories takes us on a journey back to a decade that is evoked by musical references as if KROQ were playing loudly in the background. You have Tiffany playing at a level to blast your ears off as a bloody trail is left during a burglary. You have references to the Oingo Bongo concert at the Greek which I actually went to in the mids as a cocaine-fueled adventure takes place. You have mounds of hairspray, fast muscle cars, roller rinks, and wrestle mania. But amidst the lightheartedness of some Just got this light in time for my party.

Looks great with the lights off. Excited about using it! And, we liked the set so much that we bought an additional set for our running costumes for the Chattanooga Marathon this month. The material is absorbent, does not hurt your head even after five hours of constant running We're not fast. This is a solid buy for the money and the variety of colors will have us coming back for more sets. Ball Bulb Multi Changing Color. It's creates a good affect for a small area and great price. These were perfect for the 80s party we were throwing a few weeks ago.

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I absolutely love this game. I've had this game on my phone since around day 1 a couple years ago. I've currently finished the 8th stage! Love the aesthetics especially.


So main issues is that the game is supposed to be tied to the rhythm of the music which it is, for the most part. The sections where there is traffic or asteroids you have to dodge make it harder to see the rhythm, also I still prefer classic version to level one, but that is a small nit pick.

This game used to be very difficult where you used to have to get through all of the level in one shot. They've added different modes now that don't make it nearly as frustrating but also made it much easier, but in a good way! I also love that you only have to pay for the game once! None of these mobile micro transactions you see all the time! Also I wanted to extend my appreciation that it doesn't have the usual mobile cash grabbing tactics that so many other apps have!

I can't wait to see where the develop take this in the future. I've also since bought it on steam for pc. I love this game to bits! Each level feels very fulfilling to complete. However, I believe that it would be very helpful if the practice and free run modes could be played in the different speeds, as they would help more for faster speeds. This is only a suggestion and not a reason not to buy this game. Keep up the great work, developers!

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I've been playing this game off and in since it was released. I love the tricky yet hypnotic game play. Each level is unique and challenging. Not having to keep spending money to enjoy the game is such a huge plus. The game has never been glitchy or problematic. I love the eighties inspired synth music so much. And the blade runner inspired level is a great homage to a classic movie masterpiece.

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I will for certain continue to play. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description Neon Drive is a slick retro-futuristic obstacle-dodging game that will make your brain melt.