Perspectives on Listening (Communication and Information Sciences)

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Alongside my degree programme, I have been involved in study association Commotie, and I spend a lot of time on student association activities. There is also a focus on oral and writing skills, and on doing research which I like very much. I myself am very interested in communication processes of businesses, schools and hospitals and how these processes can be improved. The programme pays a lot of attention to this. My job involved supporting the communications advisor in implementing projects. That was anything from writing texts and collecting images to organizing press briefings and planning interviews.

Every assignment was different. I really liked thinking up different ways to implement a communications assignment, but after two years it was time for something new. In I started my own communications and copywriting company. Since then I have been working for several different clients, particularly in the public sector. I draw up the offers, complete the assignments and submit the invoices. How can you teach people communication skills? Nowadays I occasionally give writing training.

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My studies equipped me with the skills to be able to do so. I'm really interested in studying how you can communicate a message effectively through various channels and in various ways, so that the recipient understands it and can act upon it.

I also really enjoy learning to apply the theoretical knowledge in real-life situations, for example in the first-year course unit Communication in Organizations. I moved to Groningen two years ago to live in student housing, and I love being able to make spontaneous plans to go out to eat with someone or play sports. In addition, I've been following a course in classical ballet at the USVA, the student cultural centre. So you see, anything is possible in Groningen!

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Events News 9 Nov. Communication in the broadest sense of the word Watch this video. The programme pays a lot of attention to the communication processes of businesses Read more. Anything is possible in Groningen Read more. Abstract Full Text References Abstract.

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