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And I think you should give it a chance because I'm sure this was only the beginning and the trilogy will be awesome. I am not a huge fan of YA books but I rather enjoyed this little novella which is the prequel to First Kiss, which I definitely will be reading Rock stars, music, first love Jan 05, Lucia The Loyal Book rated it really liked it. Skid Out is a novella it's around 46 pages and it's a prequel to a novel soon to be released, First kiss.

And obviously it ends when things really start to get interesting and I need to know how it goes on because… okay, wait, let's start again.

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The main characters of the story are Jake and Alyssa. Jake is a senior, is in a band which has a good success and he's a quite interesting boy when it comes to looks and that's why he attr Originally posted here: Jake is a senior, is in a band which has a good success and he's a quite interesting boy when it comes to looks and that's why he attracted the attention of more than a girl.

Alyssa is a very young girl that has to start high school and who is starting to notice guys. And obviously she notices her neighbor Jake, a musician, a cute musician and older than her. The story is narrated by the point of view of Jake and Alyssa and it's nice. I think there's a lot more in store for us in the novel. I love the role music plays and it's a big one and I've always had a weak spot for musicians, so Jake is really intriguing.

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Okay, he seems like a jerk ready to break your heart, but that's okay. Alyssa is the typical teenager and she's about to get a huge crush. Can't wait to see how the thing will play out. As far as narration is concerned, I was kind of… surprised. To be honest, the language wasn't quite what I expected.

I'm not being negative, it's just that reading many YA books, I've always noticed that language is not very often as… let's say direct, yes… so, as direct as it usually is in real life. There are quite a lot of swear words and innuendos and I felt it was really realistic. Teens do speak that way at least in here so I felt it was a good choice.

The ending is really annoying, though. Because there's a huge cliffhanger! It ends when things get interesting! Oh, there's an mp3 coming together with the novella. I really feel music is important in this story and I loved it! Protagonisti della storia sono Jake e Alyssa. La storia, narrata dal punto di vista di Jake e di Alyssa, sembra carina e promette bene.

Mi piace molto il ruolo prominente della musica e ho un debole per i musicisti, quindi Jake mi intriga, anche se sembra proprio il classico str… ahem, classico ragazzo che ti spezza il cuore. Per quanto riguarda lo stile narrativo sono rimasta… sorpresa. Ora, devo essere sincera? Il linguaggio mi ha stupito. Nonostante i protagonisti siano adolescenti, ci sono parecchie parolacce e molte allusioni al sesso, cosa che solitamente non accade molto negli YA.

Certo, l'ho trovato parecchio realistico. Graditissimo e molto apprezzato! La frase che mi ha colpito: Dec 29, Amy Fournier rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a really quick read that I enjoyed a lot. Jake is in a band that seems to be going places and it's the summer before his senior year of high school.

This novella lets us get to know Jake a little and also his neighbor Alyssa. I really liked each of the characters and thought that it was a good set up to go into the first book in the Heavy Influence trilogy. We get music, a little bit of drama, and a first look at what I think is going to be a fantastic romance. Jake is a singer in a band This was a really quick read that I enjoyed a lot. Jake is a singer in a band.

He's gorgeous, funny, and charming. The band is going places, in fact they will be recording with a major producer and going on tour. Jake has his hands a bit full though with Rachel. She has been his friend forever, but in a drunken stupor he gave into her advances and now she thinks that they are something more. I really wished that he would just man up and tell her that he doesn't like her and it's never going to happen between them, but he's only 17 and I can understand where he is coming from. He also now has noticed that little Alyssa has grown up and he is taking an interest in her.

She seems to have no filter when it comes to keeping her thoughts in and it's super entertaining. It's funny because although she has been crushing on Matt, she never really thought of herself as boy crazy. Now it seems as though her hormones are in overdrive. Which they probably are She is totally into Jake and she doesn't know how to stop it.

A boy who she used to spend time with all the time is now a hot budding rock star and she can't help but want him. I do really respect her feelings for her friend who is really into Jake too, but the sneaking is only going to backfire and I think she should just come clean about it. It's amazing that such a short story can give so much. I really felt like I was starting to get to know these characters pretty well and I need to know more. I want more Jake and Alyssa. I think that since they have been friends it will make a great relationship.

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Here's to hoping there's not too many obstacles that stand in their way. Nov 19, Shanon rated it it was amazing.

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I listened to the song, "Transpose", before diving into the story of Jake and Alyssa and I found that it was a nice touch. So, thanks again for giving me the opportunity to read and review your book! Skid Out is the prequel novella to the Heavy Influence Trilogy, and it is pretty radtastic! In this short novel, we are introduced to the two main characters: Jake is the lead vocal and guitarist in a band that's in the early stages of taking off, and Alyssa is his younger next door neighbor. The attraction between these two is both unexpected and undeniable.

I really enjoyed the fact that this novel was from the perspectives of both of them; and I appreciated the fact that the author was able to keep their point of view's from bleeding together, because the characters are two unique individuals. Jake seems like a great guy. He's focused and committed to his band. His attraction to Alyssa is a little heartbreaking on one hand because he seems to be battling with himself about how to handle his feelings for her, since up until now she was only ever the kid sister of a friend. Alyssa is also confronted with the same degree of feelings and possible doubt about their budding relationship.

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  4. She's young and inexperienced, and Jake has inadvertently awakened a part of her that she never knew existed. These two have me hooked, and I'm extremely interested to see where their road to first love will take them. I recommend this book to anyone who appreciates music and wants to read a believable story about life and love, among other things. This prequel gave me a taste of what is sure to be a fantastic story, and it left me wanting so much more.

    I will definitely be on the lookout for the Heavy Influence Trilogy because I can't wait to see what Jake and Alyssa will become. My reviews can also be found at: Dec 15, Alyssa rated it really liked it Shelves: This review can also be found at lythebookworm-ish.

    The plot portrays a coming of age theme, which is inevitably linked to sexual maturity. The story was mostly about the coming of age of a 14 year old Alyssa, who has never thought of feeling a different surge of emotion towards the her next door neighb This review can also be found at lythebookworm-ish. The story was mostly about the coming of age of a 14 year old Alyssa, who has never thought of feeling a different surge of emotion towards the her next door neighbor, Jake Masters, because he's practically family to her. She basically grew up with him, since Jake and her brother were childhood friends.

    Part of the story was taken from Jake Masters' P. He has always had this feelings for her, but because of their age difference, he doesn't pursue her. Up until that day they took notice of each other again in a whole different way I rated this prequel 4-stars, not because I love fictions with rocker guy characters or because Jake Masters is an utter hottie although, yes, both reasons were considered , but because the story was downright stimulating.

    However, I took off a star because I think it lacked a bit of thought-provoking moments. The song Transposed, which was sent to me attached with this novella, has also added to Jake's teenage punk-rock side of the story. And yes, the song was so good it went straight my iPod.

    Skid Out (Heavy Influence Trilogy #0.5)

    Ann Marie Frohoff has crafted an enticing coming of age story complete with fun and intriguing characters, which makes for a delicate yet pleasurable read. I cannot wait to read the first installment. Dec 03, Landy Jimenez rated it it was amazing. Skid Out is just a taste of what is to come, and I just can't wait to read what is coming. The 56 page novella is a quick view into how Jake and Alyssa's relationship starts.

    It might be a short novella, but I just couldn't stop reading once I started, which was right after I listened to the MP3 for Transpose, which I continued to listen a few more times while I was reading. It was an excellent touch to get you into the world of an up and coming band. Ann Marie Frohoff describes so well the teenag Skid Out is just a taste of what is to come, and I just can't wait to read what is coming.

    Ann Marie Frohoff describes so well the teenage crush, that idolization of the object of that crush especially when he is a little older. I'm a sucker for books narrated by the male lead, so I really enjoy reading the dual narration, even though at times I wanted to see more of Jake's perspective. The characters are interesting, even though that I like Jake friends more than Alyssa's, but we'll see how that changes as the series progresses. But hey that might be part of their personalities, again will see where the story takes them.

    As for our leads Alyssa and Jake, so far we got a very good intro to who they are and got a glimpse at what makes them tick. We got a nice background, two old friends that use to hang out together watching movies and the likes until they started to grow apart. And now life throws them back together a little bit older and now noticing how the other has changed and grown up. As I was reading I wanted to know more about Alyssa and Jake, and what was going to happened between them. And I have to say it wasn't enough I wanted more.

    Annie thanks for letting me review your book. Looking forward to reading the next ones: Jan 03, Tee loves Kyle Jacobson rated it it was amazing Shelves: I had it in my kindle and have been meaning to read it but as everyone who blogs knows lord help us when we take on all the tours and all the review books you forget which ones you wanted to read. So when Amy told me she was doing the blog tour for the first book I was so excited I jumped at the chance to be a part of that tour.

    In Skid Out which is the Novella for First Kiss we get to meet Jake and the band members as well as Aly who is a main character in this series. Jake is an up and coming musician and his band is going on tour the summer before his senior year in high school. What a dream come true for the band and they are very excited to be touring. Jake is looking forward to rocking out to some new tunes the band has put together but what Jake didn't prepare himself for was falling for anyone.

    Sure he has had lot's of girls and he has partied with the best of them but when one night of misjudgment and loneliness causes him more aggravation he is soon regretting hooking up with this girl because she proves to him she can't handle being with him. Jake does not do possessive and controlling girls. Plus he has been seeing his neighbor Aly a lot lately and she even though they were best friends growing up they drifted but Jake is now seeing the grown Aly and he is definitely liking what he is seeing. What will happen between Jake and Aly? What will happen to the band as they tour for the summer?

    What kind of music will they create? Come along for the greatest love story that will have you guessing what is going to happen next. Will Aly and Jake make music together?

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    Will they beat to a different drum? We will have to wait and see what happens in First Kiss! Let Me Heal Your Heart. Shopping for an Heir.

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    Second, Alyssa was only 14, which is Three years is a huge age difference when you're in high school, even though it wouldn't bother me at all if the characters were even five years older - 19 and 22 is totally fine. But the fact that she was just starting school and yet Jake was looking at her very sexually Also, there was a bit of "you're not like other girls" and I hate that trope. All told, I found the story a bit meh, hence the three star rating, and while I could see Jake and Alyssa working as a couple in the future once they're at least five years older, seriously , I didn't care enough about them to bother buying the later books.

    This isn't your typical rock star story. This rocker is still in high school and soon develops a crush on his younger neighbor. Jake is on his way to star-dom. Mini tours, rehearsals, meetings with agents it's all very big time for a garage band, but it's what Jake has always wanted.

    Alyssa is the girl next door. Fourteen year old Aly has just grown a new appreciation for her nearly 18 year old neighbor, Jake. Courtesy of her friend, Nadine, Aly has taken a sudden interest in Jake's impossibly good looks and charm. Yet, it's not that typical "I'm a rocker" charm, it's more "boy next door" charm. Anyway, we get this in a dual POV. Can this whirlwind flirtation spring into something more? Will Jake and Aly see where this leads or will they call it off before it leaves the ground?

    I love this novella and the first book in this series is amazing. You should read them sooner rather than later. Sleepless nights aren't new to me All these thoughts are killing me Someone come and put me to ease. This story introduces characters Jake and Aly. Although Aly is suddenly attracted to Jake she knows nothing could ever come of this attraction because Jake constantly has older girls throwing themselves at him and because of her family, her father is super strict and her older brother used to be Jake's best friend.

    This was a very fast read that I enjoyed. I'm very curious as to where this story will go. I can't wait to read the next book and give this one 4 stars. See all 59 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 2 months ago. Published 1 year ago. This story is enjoyable and loving. The story follows Jake and Alyssa. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Breathe The Destiny Series Book 1. Stolen romantic suspense Unlikely Heroes Book 1. Feedback If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, contact us.

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