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Veil of Shadow (Skill)

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And third, it made allowances for characters to gain and hire NPCs as retainers and henchmen, and also allowed characters to construct their own castles and strongholds upon reaching higher levels. It is a place of decay and death, a plane out of phase, a [place] with monsters. So, this may just be a little Hollywood mojo added in for effect. Chapter 1 of the excellent video game Icewind Dale is titled The Vale of Shadows, and has your party investigating the area on a mission for the druid Arundel.

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This Vale of Shadows is just a tomb located east of Kuldahar in the Spine of the World, and not another plane of existence. In Stranger Things , the mysterious girl Eleven has the ability to do things with only the power of her mind. The edition of Unearthed Arcana titled Psionics and the Mystic detail a supplement to house rules for playing a psionic character, but psionics is not yet official 5th edition material.

Eleven used psionics, the power of her mind, to do everything from float a toy Millennium Falcon to crush a Coke can, from levitating an entire person to instantly killing an entire person. The story line is gripping and brilliantly written. I never once felt confused or annoyed about reading the second book in a series without reading the first book for background details or to know what the series was all about, which I think shows Ms Walkers writing skills.

I'm not normally one for a kick ass heroine in a storyline who not only can look after herself and others but can also take down the hero without breaking into much of a sweat but Syn is that kind of heroine and she was brilliant! I was blown away by how much I liked her and was rooting for her right from the start. Xan was brilliantly written too.

He was everything a hero is meant to be and then had that extra little bit more just to blow Syn and me! I really liked the main secondary characters too, Lee and Kalen from the first book and Morne and Elena they helped you see Syn as a woman, witch and as a solider which I really loved. They also were a great element to draw you into the rest of the series. I adored the twist in the plot at the end! I really wasn't expecting it at all which made it all that more enjoyable and interesting.

It was triple twisted and triple amazing! Favourite Quote "The first time she saw the man, Laisyn Caar knew he was going to be trouble.

Could Stranger Things' "Upside Down" Really Exist? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

This review was originally posted at Vampire Book Club. One of the things I love about Shiloh Walker is she creates full characters. You will never find a shell of a person in her books, nor will you have an ancillary character who is a flat voice speaking a single line. Shifting among hero, heroine, outcast, enemy, rebel, leader and friend c This review was originally posted at Vampire Book Club.

Shifting among hero, heroine, outcast, enemy, rebel, leader and friend could be chaotic. It could be confusing, but when Walker does it we find ourselves in a robust world with a greater understanding of its struggles. Most of the story focuses on rebel captain Syn and new rebel soldier Xan.

Despite the fall of the gates linking their world to the demon realm, the rebel fighters still have to contend with demons attacking their people and the remaining demon leaders trying to kidnap women with magical skills. The novel gives us glimpses of Kalen and Lee from the first Veil book read our review , but the main focus of Veil of Shadows is Syn, her attempts to reconnect with the magic left unstable after the fall of the gates and her overwhelming desire for Xan. In the first Veil book, Through the Veil, we enjoyed the experience of love at first sight with a good reason for them being immediately enamored.

This time, though, we get a more traditional romance building out of need to connect. Both Xan and Syn are hesitant to start anything. In Veil of Shadows we find people trying to reclaim their lives. Other women at the rebel base try to reconnect with the magic that makes them feel whole. The exiled demons, left in Ishtan after the gate fell, seek to find a way back home. There are even those who begin this novel with less than favorable intentions only to discover what they really want is something entirely different.

A nice blend of paranormal romance and fantasy. This second book in the Veil series was a cut above its predecessor. I was given this book by the author. I read this book back to back with Through the Veil, the first in the series, so I'll be comparing the two. Here's my Through the Veil review. And also this review will contain spoilers for the first book. Veil of Shadows is the second book in Walker's Veil series, which focuses on the world Ishtan, a realm sandwiched between Earth and the demon realm of Anqar.

The Warlords of Anqar, a dying race, have been raiding Ishtan for female breeding stock for centuries I was given this book by the author. The Warlords of Anqar, a dying race, have been raiding Ishtan for female breeding stock for centuries, unleashing the native demons and monsters of Anqar on Istan, both on purpose and accident. Walker's world building is absolutely killer in this book, hitting the perfect notes between character focus, showing readers the larger conflict of the land, yet not letting anything be black and white.

This book's focus is on a small military outpost, nearly abandoned by the rest of the world who believes themselves to be safe now that the gates between worlds have fallen. But last book's heroes, Kalen, Elina, Lee and more, are still in the wilds of Ishtan fighting the pocket populations of demons, wyrms, not to mention the Warlords who were left behind when the gates fell.

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They stand between the recovering world and disaster and the recovering world is only too glad to pretend the threat is all over. Enter Syn and Xan, two warriors in Kalen's army. Syn is his captain, a witch completely unsure of herself now the the Ishtan magic was shattered in the backlash of the gate's fall. Xan is a drifter, a battle-hardened warrior who signs on to Kalen's fight, but whose past is a mystery. While the romance between the two is an important part of the story it's not all of the story and there are frequent point of view breaks to display the larger story of Walker's world.

Also my complaints about the first book are completely invalid for this one. Syn is a more sympathetic character than Lee, and since she's native to both the fight and Ishtan she's more in tune to the world setting and therefore her point of view contributes better to the world building than Lee was. Also Walker doesn't shy away from conflicts and fight scenes in this book, while still making them not the most important part of the story. The pacing is better, and the story fleshier, making Veil of Shadows a fabulous read. It will especially appeal to fans of Anne Bishop or fantasy readers who enjoy a touch of romance and a touch of darkness with their epic fantasy.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. They had interacted like 3 or 4 times before and suddenly BAM, they just do it.

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View all 3 comments. Veil of Shadows is the 2nd book in Walker's Veil series. I read Through the Veil in , so I didn't remember a lot about the storyline. I knew I liked it and was ready to dive back behind the Veil.

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They are both strong warriors determined to do whatever it takes to protect their people and make Ishtar a realm between Earth and demon realm, Anqar a safe place again. I didn't have to worry about what I'd forgotten from book Veil of Shadows is the 2nd book in Walker's Veil series. I didn't have to worry about what I'd forgotten from book 1 as Shiloh provides all the information needed to pick up where you left off.

The demon battles, the training scenes and the romance between the couple are so detailed you feel like you're there. If you enjoyed Through the Veil , I would highly recommend reading this one. Veil of Shadows by Shiloh Walker is an interesting read. This story is about a time after the earth has been visited by a race of creatures that look human, but are physically stronger, and poses powers associated with witches.

People from earth have discovered a way to close the wormhole like entrance and fighting the creatures for freedom and to secure lost lands.

In the middle of the war people are trying to continue living their lives between battles. Can these people trust and love in the m Veil of Shadows by Shiloh Walker is an interesting read. Can these people trust and love in the middle of a hate filled environment? I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys stories about the supernatural world. Aug 18, Jackie rated it really liked it Shelves: It has been years since read book 1, years that I have mourned the fact that this second book would be the last of this series and now having read it finally feel like readers have been denied what was turning out to be something worth continuing.

Guess since sales did not reflect that to the publisher no sense crying over what might have been, instead will enjoy the other works by Shiloh Walker as have a chance to read them. I forget how much I loved this series until I just did a reread for an upcoming book battle. Shiloh's books are such an emotional rollercoaster for the reader, that sometimes it can be an exhausting undertaking.

The situations are often dark and depressing but her characters always have a spark that cuts through the doom. I won't post the entire interview until after the battle, but you can see it at http: Returning to the world of the Veil with the talented Ms. Walker is breath of fresh air.

We get to meet our heroes and heroines from before.

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Time has not been go to them. The men have been a bit mixed up in the head. This story we learn more about the "demon" world. Xan is mysterious and hot. When his past is exposed, I still like him. Laisyn's hang ups seem like much to do about nothing for me.

She's kind of irrational in my mind. But, I guess in a war torn world, this is what happens. Sep 18, Catherine rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wow loved this book! Hadn't read the 1st one but almost didn't need to because it is so well written and gives enough information with out the usual " fill in back ground, let me refresh your mind rubbish" that you get in a lot of stories. Really well written, loved the depth of characters, and story line. I have to set this one aside for now. I like the main characters and Shiloh Walker has created a cool world - but - I didn't read book one, and I am really lost.

I have stepped into the middle of a lot of action and I really, really think it would have been beneficial if I had read bk one first. Then I think this would have been a pretty cool book: I quite enjoyed the book better than the first. I liked Syn and Xan and what a surprise obout Xan There was more action in this one and the romance was sooo normal and sweet, you could relate even if you cant relate to the world.

Jan 13, Oscarb rated it liked it. Loved going back to this world and finding out more of the fall out after the closing of the portal. The surprise characters introduced added some spice and seem to be setting up for a third book to conclude things But the author will not be writing any more on this series. Jun 21, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: Really enjoying this series!

Can't wait for the next installment: