Breaking Free from Hepatitis C: A Personal Journey

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It seemed it might clear it because my viral load went very low. But then it spiked a few months later. Then low again, then spiked again. He decided I should begin treatment with Harvoni in December But first ran some extra blood tests to assess the amount of liver fibrosis because the insurance company would want to know. He was shocked to find I was at Stage 4 final stage in such a short amount of time 1 year. Apparently, in rare cases, some individuals have extreme rapid progression of liver fibrosis with HCV. Something to do with being over 50, a moderate drinker in the past, fatty liver, and contracting HCV from a person co-infected with HIV.

I was one of those unlucky persons. At the same time, I was switching insurance companies for So, on Jan 1, , I got the ball rolling right away with the new provider letting them know I was Stage 4 and we had to move fast. Found no cirrhosis and cleared me to begin Harvoni in Feb Three weeks into the treatment, I was undetectable for HCV, liver function normal. They decided to also do an Elastography fancy UltraSound to assess the fibrosis again. They said I was now at Stage 3. I completed treatement one month ago and still undetectable for now.

They are going to check again at 3 and 6 months. They will also want to do a yearly UltraSound to look small possibility of liver Cancer. But said if I eat right, don't drink alcohol, my liver should be fine for the rest of my life. I read cases where fibrosis can regress over time, but my Dr said not to count on it.

If you have been diagnosed with Hep C, don't wait. Get in the care of a good Dr quickly. This is serious stuff that will kill you if you put it off. I was told I have hepatitis C by my doctors 3 months ago. Plus I was testing positive by blood work tuberculosis.. I will be starting treatment for hep c few months. After signs showing no trace of hep c get to start another very expensive medicine for tuberculosis. The medication for tuberculosis is very harmful on the liver.

Sometimes I want to give up.. What Idiots I want to thank each one of you who wrote about your experience.. Hello dears I have been tested with hepatitis b positive since December last year and remain right now but the doctors told me that no cure for it and IAM now worry for my liver how can I get rid of it? After two failed treatments I finally got the Harvoni treatment and am pleased to say I have been clear for 3 years now.

Although I did some drinking in my life along with hep c I now have severe liver damage. I undergo an ultra sound every six months and blood tests too. Now I have to go to a liver specialist next week. I am really scared that the liver may be worse than I expected. If you are posting on this site my advice to you is get your treatment ASAP. Quit drinking alcohol, slow down on salt, quit drugs, and do anything you can to prolong the damage to your liver.

I am really tired of all of the problems associated with hep c. I read on the net that liver transplants are a very serious and invasive. Recovery Is sometimes a year or longer. Rejection is quite common and not something to take casually. Peace be with you brothers and sisters, I pray for you please pray for me. Im 45 now and was ment to start on treatment back in March of this year but I was told just b4 I started the medication I was told I cleared the virus by myself. I've been tested twice and the doctor,s are saying that the virus is gone from my body is this possible. I was told over 20years ago I had hep c I was about to get the wonder drug but just before I was ment to be started the liver clinc told me that some how I have not got hep c and they can't find the virus in my body now and all I can say is the only thing that I took was milk tisele iv had two blood tests done since and they told me they can't find the virus in my body.

I was gino type one but I can feel my body getting rid of the hep c it's like my body is going through a detox getting what's left of this virus. I hope my story can help someone else. I nearly fell off my chair when I was diagnosed with HepC Geno type 3 back in early Just wait a year I was told new drugs are coming on trials all the time.

FF a year and I was put forward for Mavaryet Just wondering if anyone that took the cure Harvoni? Had their hep c come back?? So did blood test and bam. Sooo tired and sore. Anyways not looking for a aw poor guy just tired get mad when I wake up. Hope no one else has had this come back after being told You r vured? I have had hepatitis symptoms since March when I received a blood transfusion in the Philippines after a serious accident in which I lost a lot of blood.

I have been sick with the symptoms of a serious hepatitis like infection ever since. Subsequent blood tests showed that I am negative for hepatitis B and C, but I was exposed to hepatitis E, which is self limiting. However, I have never recovered from this illness. In fact, I have been sick on virtually a daily basis ever since then. Liver specialists here in Seattle tell me that there is nothing they can do for me.

My liver enzymes are always elevated and I have the other symptoms of a chronic hepatitis C infection. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Changed my diet, no drinking. Because of my age the Dr recommended a transplant. On the list over 10 yrs, got on Harvoni, doing really well, got liver cancer which was cured imidiatly.

Put top of the list had my transplant the eve I took my last dose of Harvoini. It will be 3 yrs. Sept I am Hep C free, perfect liver. Weight gain is from lack of exercise, my opinion. I've had hepatitis C about 8 years now my number stayed at a non alarming rate. Keep in mind when the doctor told me my numbers I never understood what they meant. However it came across to a great doctor that I have I would be a great candidate for harvoni since my numbers are not that high she said I would only need 8 weeks of treatment. I've had my final blood test in my account is at zero which is wonderful now in October she said they will blood test me one more time and that will be the final time but don't let nobody for you out there you can re get it.

Yes I will not lie I got mine from injecting heroin however what is on the rise today is people getting it from using dollar bills straws and sharing with others if you are ever going to sniff something make sure you have your own straw to not use money it's disgusting and do not use anything of anyone else's under any circumstances.

I most likely contacted Hep C when I was a teenager and using drugs intravaneously. I don't remember ever having any symptoms. Thankfully I quit drugs in my teens and resumed life, not knowing I was infected. Fast forward about 18 years later, I decide to donate some blood. A month later I received a letter from donation place, saying I tested positive for hep C antibodies and to make appointment with doctor.

About 3 blood tests later, it was confirmed I had hep C. They did a fibroscan on my liver, showed fibrosis and scarring. My doctor decided that I needed treatment to prevent further liver damage. I was so scared and anxious at this point, I thought I was going to die. Thankfully I have good medical insurance. Was able to start Harvoni medical treatment. I started treatment in early December. I was officially virus free in February. In August had one last blood test. Confirmed that I was officially hep C free!

I was so happy. A year later, doctor wants my liver checked again. My liver has improved and is now actually healthy! I abstain from alcohol and try to eat healthy and be active. I'm so grateful for science and medical technology. I contracted Hepatitis C in , Most likely from Iv drug use, but i can't rule out tattoos, Dentist. After A very long fight i got prescribed Harvoni. I Am so grateful to get this opportunity, I thank God, it wouldn't of happened any other way. Just started my new medication im on week 2 now. I feel grateful knowing the success rate is very high.

No more drugs or unsafe acts for me! In I was told by the VA That I had Hep C And that made me a little mad but in VA gave me 49 week treatment, I lost 80 pounds and was vary very sick, but hep c was gone but in 6 months it was back. Then in VA did it again for another 49 weeks, And I lost another 70 pounds and thought I was going to die, I was so sick, but in 6 months hep c came back, so I thought was it I'll just die because I won't go thru another treatment like that. Then I fell and broke 8 ribs on my right side and I could not hardly get my breath, that was October The VA said it was called Harvoni and it would not make me sick, I thought sure I thought they were lying to me again, but I said I would try it but if I start getting sick I was going to quit the treatment, But 6 weeks later in April the teatment was done and Hep C was gone, They check my blood every 6 months And about 1 month ago I had my by yearly check up and still no sign of Hep C , So that Harvoni worked well, but I was told that those pills are very very expensive.

I was diagnosed with Hep C in Back then they hadn't dealt with this virus. I did a year on Interferon with no success. I got really sick in and did 48 weeks of Victrelis, interferon, and Riboviron. I was clear of the virus after 12 weeks but It didn't kill the Hep C. In I did 12 weeks of Sovaldi and Riboviron. Again, the virus came back. Again the virus came back. In I did 12 weeks of Vosevi and halfway through my doctor added Riboviron. It was a Success, I am clear of Hep C after 3 months from treatment.

My message is-- don't give up, there is hope. You can be cured. I contracted Hepatitis C genotype A1 in mid during the my final months of active addiction. Living with this virus has been tough. I discovered I had the Hep c in Recovering from my addiction at the same time, being who I was, very paranoid, obsessive, i researched and diagnosed myself with a number of things associated with hep c. I amplified what little, if any symptoms I had into life and death scenarios.

Facing Hepatitis C With Knowledge: Charlotte's Story

Liver cancer, cirrhosis, etc.. I think part of me romanticized the idea of dying an early and tragic death. This is my sixth year with hepatitis C. Now if I could only get rid of this monkey on my liver We only have today, we only have each other. And we are pretty great. I have Hep C geno 3 most likely for 54 years 1st time liver was elevated was in I'm at stage 2 I think I'm holding up pretty good.

I'm 67 years old I have not drank are used drugs for 35 years. I have been through treatment 2 times the past 3 years both failed. Feel pretty good now that I'm juicing beets, carrots, celery and a bit of apple every morning. Fish, chicken and as much food with omega 3 as possible. Milk thistle and turmeric 2 a day. I stay thin I do not over eat and make my liver work its butt off. I have found that I don't need to be pig to stay healthy. I spend as much time I can in the presents of the Lord. That's is the real reason I think I'm only at stage 2 after 54 years. Waiting to see if they find a cure for geno type 3 let me know if you hear of any breakthrough type 3.

I think I m doing pretty good. As man thinks in his heart so he is. I have recently tested positive for Hep C I feel like I am playing Russian Roulette every single day. Spin the Barrell, Pull the trigger I was diagnosed with hep c virus, 3 years ago from the V. I wasn't in pain nor did I have any noticeable sytems.. Skip forward to NOW My moms a nutritionist -- homeopathic, natural cure advocate. She introduced me to eat right for your Blood type. By Dr peter J. O, B, A, AB. Each Blood type has certain foods that are beneficial or avoid, for each person's Blood type.. Make it a life style, it will improve your health in most if not all areas.

It works I am living proof. This is my testimony.. NOW let's go into micro nutrition.. First Probiotics are essential for optimum health, they destroy the bad flora in our stomachs a must have, 7 strand minimum.. Antioxidants , are free radical destroyers. Free radicals destroy healthy cells and promote disease. Again these are just a couple of antioxidants there are many..

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Other vitamins you should have. Not to overwhelm anyone, Ill stop here.

Epclusa: Final Video, I am a Dragon Slayer

Keep in mind, there are alot more in good health food stores. Also all people are different, so please do you research, you'll find Whats best for you. I am in no way selling or pushing this knowledge on anyone. So please read, research. I was diagnosed with stage 3 liver cirrhosis, with a very high viral load.

I thought I would die soon, or before I wanted.. I was stunned as were the Doctors. My lver enzymes were. I know it is hard to find the doctors who care enough to help u get the right treatment for you but since I have moved to my. I recently was diagnosed with hep c. Not sure how I got it, could have been from getting a tattoo or drug use.

Today is my first day on Mavret. I don't have symptoms except for my belly being swollen. I'm trying to eat healthy and can't wait to rid my body of this horrible disease. After reading a few of the stories I feel very lucky to have fallen into the circumstances the way I did. To be honest, I feel ungrateful after the few stories I did read. I started using drugs heavily in high school and moved to IV opiates in college.

Obviously, I was unaware at the time but after moving to Dallas 6 months later, I found out. The doctor called me the next day and I cried for about an hour sitting in my truck. It all finally caught up to me but the worst part was my dad was dying from liver cancer at the same time. It was like I could see my future and it shook me up pretty bad.

Which would not cover any medical costs while living in Texas. I had to move back home but it was a blessing in disguise. Watching my Dad die 2 months later gave me the strength to finally put down the needle. I was 28 and literally that next month Sovadbi and Daklinza, used to treat Genotype 3, started clinical trials. All I had to do was stay clean for 4 months and I could start the 3 month treatment Then by chance found out about it 6 months later I knew the girl who I contracted it from btw.

Finally, one month after I moved home and quit using there was a cure, not previously available, for Hep. Negative to this day and much more grateful after hearing others' stories. Hope you find this and it helps, if only a little. My story is I lost my husband June 11th due to hepatitis it was the most horrifying thing that I've ever witnessed. I never left his side to the day he took his last breath as for myself I get tested every 3 months because I was exposed to it so my hepatitis is showing up reactive so all I can do is take it day by day blood test by blood test but one thing is I can't stop living my life because this disease.

It is curable so please get tested and do something about it don't let this disease kill you and take you from your family and your friends like it did my husband. I miss him terribly I think about him every morning and every night none of this is worth your life! Also if you know someone that has hepatitis whether it's your friend family member neighbor whoever please do not judge this person they need help not judgment! I found out in 2 years married she freaked I could not figure out how I contracted Hep c I did Interferon treatments for 6 months liken to Cancer Treatments Did not work Tried again 5 years later could not finish Then Harvoni 3 months into treatments Divorce 3 months later cured..

It's March right now. I just finished a 12 week course of Harvoni treatment. During the 3rd week of treatment the viral load was already clear in the lab work. I see the liver specialist again in 3 weeks to get the result of the second panel of bloodwork and viral load results and ultra sound. My first ultra sound pretreatment showed a liver with very little scars. I personally believe I have had HepC for about 40 years but it was inactive.

Which kept me from ever knowing. Over the years many doctors told me my liver level was high but never suggested further testing or even said a word about HepC. In I noticed little changes, such as; skin itching, feeling tired, slight insomnia, fast weight gain that would not come off. I didn't understand it. I went to 8 different doctor's because none of them knew or even looked in-depthly.

I went to my last doctor and told her. She was the only doctor that knew it was HepC and did lab work. I immediately went on treatment and here I am. I will be under the doctors watch for the next year to see if I stay HepC clear for 1 year. That's when I will have reached Sustained Virologic Response. For a 12 week treatment. Their is a year post Harvoni recovery from the antiviral drugs very strong clearing of the virus. Its nothing difficult during recovery.

Right now I'm hopeful and I am with every person searching for healing. It's a process and I know it can feel lonely at times. People don't understand that have not been there. Seek your healing and work to improve the best you can. I was living in a shooting gallery in a basement apt. With a group of fellow junkies, sharing one surenge and sharpening the needle with a match book striker, heroin, cocaine, speed. And barbiturates and more, heck we even shot up Methedone.

Kind of hard to hide that. Doctor put me right into a Hospital for weeks. So anyway still have some Hep C in the old blood and will be starting this new drug out in May. I just started Mavyret a few weeks ago. Don't know why I put it off so long. I guess it's good that I waited actually since the older drugs had worse side effects and costed alot more. My boyfriend of 17 yrs and I both had HepC. He also had HIV. The HIV you'd think would be the scariest one but he dealt with it like a champ, pretty much almost undetectable viral load after 20 yrs. His Dr wrote papers about him. Anyway a couple years ago his liver was finally causing problems but since Harvoni was so expensive it took too long to get approved.

He died a couple days after finally getting approved. When your liver is failing and your abdomen fills with water, I know it's uncomfortable but my bf opted for the procedure where they make a small hole in that impossibly thin delicate membrane that surrounds your organs, so he could manually drain the water. Then he poked around and when he bent over he felt it split apart. You can't live when it tears open. So he was in horrible awful pain, too much to be awake for. He died within 2 days. My point was, don't you get that procedure, having a belly full of water isn't pretty but it's better than what he went thru.

I think it's called peritonitis.? So I was left with almost a full months worth of Harvoni, figured I'd need them. That was a couple yrs ago before these new HCV meds. I have medicaid and thought maybe they'd be less likely to deny me if I already had half of the regimen But I've got Mavyret. So fortunate it's easier for ppl to get treated. I can't believe people are still not getting the meds It's cheaper to treat it now than when yr liver fails.

In my town you just go to the low income medical clinic and they'll get you started. There are SO many ppl wanting treatment that they first set you up with a group appointment to explain everything. Oooh Star Trek is on, I've gotta go now I was wondering if anyone had any answers regarding what I've been going through the last month?

My husband has had hep c for 15 years due to past drug use, he's is clean now for years.

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A little Over a year ago I was pregnant with our 1st son and made sure to be tested and came back neg. Out of nowhere a month ago I became really itchy and went to my Dr and he did blood work. He called me a few days later and told me to go straight to the ER because my blood work was really bad across the board specifically my liver function. Got the call a few days later I tested positive for hep c.

I've never done drugs or shared tattoo needles with him so they said it was odd I contracted it from him. Went to a specialist , at this point I'm very jaundice, itchy, weak, short of breath. Specialist said they have never seen someone get hep c and in a year it do what it's doing to me. So my questions are has anyone else experienced such bad symptoms so quickly? Is there anything I can do to make these symptoms not so bad? As I have a small child and can't be bed bound all day everyday. I waiting on more extensive test results but the waiting is driving me crazy.

I'm terrified it's something worse than just hep c and I can't get through most days I feel so horrible. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! I finished epclusa march 2. Went for my blood work still waiting to here if i am cured, i am sure it worked there is a spot on my liver had a cat scan and a mri they still dont know what it is going to find out more this week they are not ruling out cancer. The treatment was easy some headaches tiredness. Now I have joint pain and rashes very confused has anyone experienced this,would like to no.

Hi , my name is Nageshreddy,from India my age is 33, when I'm in college time I know iam with Hapatitis b positive,from last 12 years I'm taking alcohol and smoking,since from that time I did not experienced any type of symptoms in my body , now I'm getting red rashes on body with irritating itchy skin. I went to the dermatologist and phgysian , some blood test will done doctor say some liver infection is there in body and given medicine but taking medicine from last 40 days but it not curing ,and one more thing I did not experiencing any of hapatitis problem like stomach pain, lower abdomene pain, vomtings and digestion problems what I need to do and suggest me for best treatment and what will avoid?

My story begins with a heroin addiction. I was years old when I was diagnosed with hepatitis C genotype 3. I was still in active addiction when I received the news. I was so young and oblivious to what life really was. I am now 26 years old, almost 3 years clean. Being HCV positive is one thing that still hangs over my shoulders. It is so heartbreaking to go to doctor after doctor to find out that 1. My insurance will not pay for it. If anyone has any feedback or are in a similar situation please let me know.

I am currently still hepatitis c positive genotype 3, but I am not giving up on finding a way to get treated. I was diagnosed in only because I asked for the test Mainly due to a couple of blood tests where my LFT was elevated. My GO thought I was maybe drinking a tad to much I asked her to test me as I had had a transfusion in after a traumatic childbirth.

I was gutted at the positive result this meant I had been walking around for 35 yrs with Hep C totally unaware of the damage it has done to me. I'm am 48 yrs old. I have had Hep C for about 20 yrs now that I know of. I didn't wanna do the coctail of interferon an ribirin, due to all the bad side effecrs. I also did alternative Meds like I seen someone e on here say their cured now from. I never known of anyone that was cured from Hep C from homeopathic remedies.

The disease is undetectable at times, but always comes back!. I'm now on mayret, an half way thru with no side effects! So please do it now! Don't wait like I did! There is cures an with out side effects! I thank God everyday I am able to be on meds that will cure me! I'll let you all know how I am in the next 4 weeks.

This is an 8 week program. I have been carrying the bug from Years of being weeker and weeker Test adter test the i asked the doc test me for hep c i had a transfusion from a motorcycle Crash in 81 So finely i found c positive interferon and riv what a hard time working 12 hours a day in the oil reated industry After 90 days it was back crushed lost and scared started savolti and riv again 90 day pisitive again.

It it has beat my but Most of all cause you feel good you still Need your body to heal and listen to your Inter self slow down get rest and eat proper There is nothing worse than a physical set back cause you have not gained your strength No matter was other may say they dont know What its like they tend to assume oh no bug Now there lazy and want to rest and there cured but your body still needs to heal once the drug has done its job.

May take up to six months. In while having orthapedic surgery I tested positive Hep c. At the time my doctor had the wait and test every 6 months plan but like most people I wasnt hurting or having any effects from this until Im a musician and living that lifestyle where theres a lot of drinking and drug abuse eventually caused me to start having the upper right quadrant pain. In Dec of I went back to same doctor and we started the 8 weeks of Harvoni. For me it was rough guys but I have other health issues that played into my side effects.

I was seriously nauseated and threw up almost every day the first 4 weeks. Took Zofran for that which worked. Now that Im 20 days off the meds I still feel drained and as everyone basically has said I have a headache that will not totally go away. I use Naproxen for that. I spoke with my doctors nurse and everything Im feeling has been reported so I am so grateful I took Harvoni. Im hoping things will improve and Ill get back to life after Hep c. I wish I could get help. Am hepatitis B positive since December up now, And still under medication called enticaver 0.

I contracted Hep C in marine corps boot camp from the air gun shots. I have been fighting the VA for decades. The VA put me on Harvoni and ribovarin. I had no side affects and the virus was not present after 4 weeks. Yes I did 12 weeks to make sure it was gone. My liver had chirrosis- not anymore. Those of you infected got the Harvoni it works.. I had hep c for at least 20 years, we think probably more. I did ribaviron and interferon treatment 7 years ago and it didn't work.

Last year I did 12 weeks of epclusa treatment and it seems like the virus is gone. What is bothering me is my immune system seems to be weakened now. When I was young I had allergies that had gone away over the years. The allergies have come back. I have also caught 4 colds now in 5 weeks this winter. I had not had a cold for 20 years before this. I'm glad the hep c is gone but if I feel sick all the time it isn't really any different. My doctor said my liver function is still good, so I don't feel I am any better off.

I am on here, specifically to answer two letters - one from Millie , the retired lady who was told she needs 40 thousand dollars worth of medicine and Ahmed, whose wife and son need to be treated. It is appalling that you must have this money to be well. That being the state of things for now, we have to find out what to do. Please contact several, very good university hospitals - Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic or some closer to you and ask them if they are able obtain the drugs free of charge from the the pharma company on compassionate basis.

If one tells you, no, go to the net and the next. You will be talking to human beings and you're trying to resolve a problem together. Most people will want to help if they can. Never hit a dead end. When one contact cant help you, ask the to refer you. Speak to the pharmacy for gastro or hepatology in these university hospitals. That's what Vanderbilt has anyway. Make a trip to visit the gastro doctor there even. The more you ask, the more you'll narrow in on the exact things to ask and look out for. If the person you speak with can't help you, ask for any suggestions of someone to speak with.

All the best to you. I believe you will find what you need and be well. I pray you do. As I read these stories from people eith no hope for treatment, my heart breaks. I was able to receive treatment because of the help I received through a place call ed Skymed They completely paid for my interferon and ribavirin. I am now undetected from hep c. I am a 27 year old female, and I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C genotype 3 in I started using prescription painkillers in high school. I had no idea that they were opioids, closely related to heroin.

From age 16 on, I was on and off painkillers and heroin. I went to detox in , where they drew labs and noticed that my liver enzymes were very, very elevated. After further testing, I got the call that I had tested positive for Hepatitis C. At first I was in denial, then I tried to use drugs to make the depression from my diagnosis go away I started taking the combo, but lost my insurance after one month of treatment.

In my opinion, the medicine should be free. In , I got clean. I stopped using drugs and alcohol and started eating well and excersizing. I decided to stop ignoring my virus, and see a specialist. I continued to test positive for the virus, and I believe my last positive test was in On January 20th, I found out I was pregnant with my first child. They wanted to see where my viral load was at, but the test results came back undetected.

I figured my virus was just on a downswing. When I was re-tested four months later, the test came back undetected again. My daughter is almost five months old now, and I had a final blood draw done on Friday. I got the results today, and the virus is still undetected. This means I have spontaneously cleared the virus on my own, following a chronic infection.

This is very rare. I am mainly just happy that this means my beautiful daughter was never exposed. I attribute my ability to fight the virus to my clean life style. I highly, highly encourage anyone who is Hepatitis C positive and still struggling with addiction, to get clean. There are new medicines hitting the market frequently these days, you just have to keep fighting until you can get on one.

If you qualify for Medicaid, take advantage of it. Hep C was found in my blood lab recently. I started a 12 week treatment and I am happy to say that I am cured. I accepted my illness and prayed to GOD to put the medical team together that will rid me of the illness. I praise God for his healing power. I contracted Hep C in from the airgun shots in boot camp. I HAD Chirrosis not anymore.. I have cirrosis of the liver do I have to vazzin for that particular deaseas? I really don't live a normal life I'm most of the time sick. I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, but I was able to recover from it in a month and a half on my own, and I used alternative treatment remedies.

Hello, my name is Whitney and I'm a not just a survivor; I'm a fighter. By the time I was 16, in , I was a full blown heroin addict, and I was injecting Intravenously using upwards of 26 bags a day. At 18, in , I was diagonsed with Hepatitis C while in a court ordered long-term treatment center in Pittsburgh, PA. I was devastated because I had been safe I thought I was being safe. I never shared needles, cotton, spoons, or water with anyone Anyway, I went to a gastrointestinalogist and my viral count was high but because I was only going to be there another 4 months they didn't order any treatment because of the cost.

He told me to get checked out again upon my release. After getting out, I relapsed on heroin within a couple weeks; we moved to Florida soon after so heroin turned into pills mainly oxycontin and roxicet. Needless to say I didn't go get my Hep C checked on; not until a little less than a year later when I was pregnant with my second son, in I still had a very high viral count but because of the pregnancy the doctor did not want to put me through any treatment.

After he was born, I was supposed to start the treatment but I didn't, and I didn't even have anymore testing done. From to I used harder than I ever had before. I was injecting at minimum 9 roxicet 30mg each and 6 oxycontin 80 mg each a day; that was just enough so I didn't get sick; however, I used as mich as I could buy everyday which was closer to about 20 to 30 roxicets and 10 to 20 oxycontins. This next part I talk about is about my sobriety and how I maintained it in the beginning, because when you have Hep C, using drugs only makes it worae.

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On August 5, I turned myself in after running out on my bondsman a couple months prior. After two weeks in jail I went to court, and like an idiot I took 1 year of house arrest and 2 years of felony drug probabtion; I violated 2 weeks later and was back in jail September 28, That time when I went to court I was offered something like 30 days in jail, 2 years of house arrest, 5 years felony drug probation, and hours of community service to be served after my house arrest was completed. So, I politey asked the judge if I could do jail time instead because I knew I couldn't do it but also because I knew I would start using again.

For my honesty, he graciousy gave me a year in county jail instead of 3 years in prison. The doctor said my viral count was lower than previous years. On January 1st of , we found out another bundle of joy was coming. I went to another gastrointestinalogist 6 times within just a few weeks. He finally sat me down along with 4 or 5 other doctors and told me I didn't have a viral count at all. That I tested positive on regualr blood panels because of the antibodies, but this time when they did the blood work that show viral count there was none That's why they tested me so many times he said; they didn't want to get my hopes up.

I burst out crying and didn't believe it until i saw all the test results. Not oy that but my liver was in pervect condition. He said he had neber seen anything like this which is he brought in a few of his colleagues, who I answred quite a few questions from each. It's not unusual for your body to clear itself of acute Hep C, but I was chronic with a very high viral count at one point. It's beleived that people like me can't be cured without treatment; that there's no way the immune system could eradicate the virus, but mine did.

I know my story is a bit long, so I'll end it with these words of advice. If you're using try to stop, you can do it If you continue to use don't share needles, water, or cotten, and use fresh needles every time. Your immune system relies on you as much as you rely on it. Take care of yourself; get clean and stay clean, eat right, take vitamins, excercise, and keep your immune system at it's peak. You're not invincible, Hep C can happen to anyone. If my Hep C had stayed as bad as it was and if I didn't get sober and start taking care of mysel, I'd probably be needing a liver transplant soon if not already.

My story isn't the norm, I've been extremely blessed, and I know it. I've got about 7. S in Psychology with concentration in Addictions and I'm currently earning two Master's degrees, one is a M. A in Addictions Counseling and the other is a M. A in Clinical Mental Heath Counselling; and right now I'm a counselor intern for adoscents who have drug abuse problems. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope something in it helped. Don't mess around with homeopathic routes, they weren't shown to clear the virus.

If you treat the hep c soon enough, it will not do damage. Don't waste your life. Contact the drug maker, see if they will send you vouchers. Trust your gut, question your Dr, keep copies of all of your medical records and tests. You are your own best friend!! We're all in this together!!! I have been diagnosed last year after biopsy. My hepatologist proscribed me Azotropine after 2 weeks i had a terrible pain in their abdomen with , i talk with Dr. Khan in leicester Royal he said everything the liver works good my blod test results is great. After 1 week i been in hospital QMC Nottingham with I have pain on my liver on my bones on my muscles my left leg completely hurts bones knee cant walk i fell tired all the time i dont have energy cant muve.

He give me one time vitamin D3 and tell me to ssk my GP for next time. I ask him questions why i have this pains and muscle bones my luver hurt me like he'll. I meet him every 3 months for 15 min maximums. My GP sends me to him he sends me to my GP? I ask him about vitamins he says ask your GP the GP says i cant do nothing ask your hepatolog. My GP stopt for a long time does not want to give me the Nutritios?

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Dr Judith Maxwell from Inclusion healthcare in Leicestet she estimated that I am already well with the weight? I try to explain her thath i need nutritions because i have livee priblem and i need them not just for my weight my body needs vitamins and minerals. She stopt them and after one month i get found I have lumps in my chest and my arms have no strength to go and have a bath. Im very very scarred worry about it and I am currently in a very severe depression cant eat I have a tension of confusion I can not sleep for fear because there is no one to care for my health on the contrary, they transfer me to one another and Dr.

Judith Maxwell even stop me from treating me she dont want give me Vitamins and minerals she stopt my nutrition drink witch is very important. By the way my hepatolog srnd me letter says im very well my luver is perfect? Befor yesterday i beenseen by GP shei s new in the surgery i told her to fund ne another Hepatologist and i wanna Complain about Dr. Judith Maxwell she is the onewho put me on this condition stopping what I need for the treatment and giving me no other treatment. The one of the GP refer me to cancer chek and have appitmen tomorrow with a nutritionist.

And by the way im on the bed alone alone alone and cant work cant eat because of the depresion i need to by on diet. I don't have helpand support from nobody because lonely peson. I need help from liver foundation but how i dont have idea. Thanks for take time reading my story. I was diagnosed about 25 years ago and have lived with the filthy Stigma and thought of having to live with this disease all my life. I wouldn't be able to adhere to the old protocol of shots back when they barely knew what it was as it was just coming out of the non a non b disease and into the what it is called now hepatitis c.

I learned to live with it but I have definitely prayed and had hands layed on me, anointing oil poured on me but still tested positive, not to say our prayers weren't answered yet. I have come to the point of almost being approved for the treatment but have decided to not get the treatment because of the price of the drug.

I can't see or be apart of lining someone's pockets for something that I feel God can and will heal. I do pray for all of those effected by this horrible disease. I absolutely know what it's like to be in your shoes. Don't ever give up hope and I do pray that someday we will all do things with our time and resources out of the kindness of our?

I love you all! My geno type is 3 b. Virus become active agter a month. But all these medicines fail. And no treatment can control my virus. Now i m thinking to start harvoni treatment. Can anybody tell me a liver specialist who can understand my virus and can control my virus. Diagnosed with Hep C and f3 fibrosis.

It was a learning journey and very rough. I had to stop taking many meds and diet change. Harvoni is a Awesome medicine. Peace and Love Rick. In I received a blood transfusion during emergency surgery, I had also had a homemade tattoo done in the late 70's. In I applied for a job with hospital and had to have labs drawn. I received a phone call that there was something wrong with my tests results.

I stopped by the hospital after work to speak with the admin. After having a biopsy done which showed level 3 cirrohsis and level 2 scarring, i thought what am I going to do, I was a single mom with 3 girls to raise and working full time. I found a gastroenterologist that was specializing in Hep-C and he put me on the first medication for Hep-C at that time.

I have been through treatment twice with no good response. Ever since that treatment my blood work has come back clear of the virus. You have to trust in God and your Dr. I still have the cirrohsis it's not going anywhere, but God handles it for me. Good Luck to all of you. Then when I gave blood 15 years later found that I had Hepatitis C. During that time I was unaware that I had contracted it and could not figure out any other way I could have gotten it considering I lived a clean life. Until Harvoni came in existence I had not tried any other treatments due to the fact that I was a single mom working full time crazy job and didn't feel I could function from the side effects the olde drugs had.

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