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Dolores explored all these possibilities and more while taking us along for the ride of our lives. She wanted fellow travelers to share her journeys into the unknown. Intuitive lights come from the hands to direct energy where it is needed to balance any deficiencies in the body. This balancing may be happening on the physical, mental and spiritual level. It chronicles and describes how she and her husband, Johnny, were first introduced to past life regression and reincarnation when they were asked by a Navy doctor to try and help relax one of his patients using hypnosis in Completely taken aback, Dolores and Johnny decided to explore this strange occurrence as far as possible.

They were able to take the woman back to 5 previous lifetimes all the way to the point where she was created by God. This introduction to past lives occurred at a time when reincarnation, past live regression and the New Age were virtually unknown terms to the general population. It began so innocently, yet crossed the boundaries of the imagination to open up an entirely new way of thinking at a time when there was simply no literature to guide and support them. What happens at the point of death? Where do we go afterwards?

How are the good and the bad experiences of life accounted for? What is the purpose of life? These are questions everybody asks and no one is more capable of providing accurate answers than Dolores Cannon. Between Death And Life presents a vast body of information that Dolores accumulated during sessions with clients who relived their dying experiences in past lives where hundreds of subjects reported the same memories. The similarity and sincerity of their recollections are too convincing to be ignored.

This book is a good introduction to the death experience, to guides and guardian angels, ghosts and walk-ins. It examines different levels of existence in the spirit realms, the healing places for damaged souls, the schools where you integrate lessons learned on Earth and where you discover the laws of the Universe, how you plan your next incarnation, the lessons to be learned and future karmic relationships before birth. Prior to contacting Dolores for a regression session, a 22 year old American woman inexplicably became deeply traumatized and overwhelmed by a sudden rush of memories that had no rational explanation.

The memories were triggered in the following settings. On an ordinary day as she walked into her living room, a program was playing on the television where survivors of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima were being interviewed. There were no scenes of the bombing, simply the interviewer discussing the event with the guests. As she viewed the images of the survivors describing their experiences, without explanation, she suddenly experienced scenes flashing through her mind of the actual bombing as it occurred in real time.

As well as experiencing visual images of the event, additional senses were stimulated as she could also hear the screams of people and feel the deep pain of the experience. Intuitively, she knew she had been present when the event occurred. In the days and weeks that followed after watching the program, the horrific scenes of the explosion itself and the resulting aftermath continued to persistently flood her mind. She was able to push them to the back of her mind for a brief period of time so she could function in everyday life, however, this became too exhausting a process which provided no explanation to what was happening to her or why.

At this point, she contact Dolores and she sought her help via a session. This book is the story of how Dolores carefully traced these experiences back to her life as a Japanese man named Nogorigatu living in Hiroshima during WWII. It tells the story of what the Japanese people experienced during the war and is a side of history that has neither been fully explored nor written about. At the time, it was Dolores most challenging case because she was unsure of how the young lady would react to reliving dying in an atomic explosion. It had to be handled with extreme care. It was not his spirit communicating from the spirit side, rather Nostradamus himself communicating as he was living his life in France.

He explains that as a result of the Spanish Inquisition, he was forced to disguise his messages so that they were not destroyed and so they could be deciphered later in time. As a result of how the French language has evolved, modern-day interpreters have unintentionally misrepresented many of their true meanings. Volume 1 of this series illustrates how Nostradamus wished to warn humanity of the extremely difficult times we are now approaching.

He stressed that nothing was final, that consciousness dictates experience and that simply understanding his warnings were enough take us to a different path and avert the worst scenarios he foresaw as mere possibilities. It becomes clear that many of his predictions about present-day events have come true once they are understood in their correct context. The quatrains contained in this book cover: There is an immense amount of knowledge and understanding to be gained in this book on Nostradamus and what his messages were truly intended to achieve.

Rather than to spread fear, his messages are intended to help us truly understand our abilities to create a future we all want by simply focusing on it and living it. Working to collect information from this thread as well as with Nostradamus himself directly, Dolores was able to record and convey the true, intended meaning of an additional quatrains. Topics covered in Volume 2 include: In Volume 3, Dolores opted to use multiple subjects through which to contact Nostradamus.

An area discussed heavily is the nature of disease and illness. Nostradamus conveys his understanding that all disease is caused by emotions, thoughts and feelings. A variety of different healing modalities, including thought, herbs and various concoctions are discussed as well. Other topics covered in Volume 3 include the break-up of the Soviet Union into various independent states, more information about the Pope and the Anti-Christ, an unlikely section on the Live Aid concerts and other rock concerts written about because of their tremendous ability affect politics, war and therefore the direction of history , hidden information of great importance to mankind buried somewhere in the desert in The Middle East, the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster and visitations by Extra-Terrestrials races.

To conclude, the last chapter of Volume 3 provides comforting reassurance from Nostradamus that nothing is final and that humanity has the ability to change the dire predictions foretold by him. It is simply a choice.

It also signified a change in the direction where she could focus on newer, more challenging information of which there was a lot more and still is to come. Suddi was born several years before Jesus and the book chronicles both scenes and events throughout many different periods of his life, ranging from the age of 12 to his death when he was over The messages relayed to and presented by Dolores in this book put forth a different perspective of Jesus and his work and gives comprehensive insight into the lives of the Essenes, an extremely important group who have been purposely left out of the bible.

It was with the Essenes that both Jesus and John the Baptist completed their early education, some of which is described in the book, with their main function being to protect knowledge and keep it alive. The Essenes strictly adhered to the Laws of Torah and their community housed a library comprising a vast collection of scrolls in numerous languages and a detailed model of the solar system. The past-life memories of two women capture a true and compelling portrait of Jesus the man, from the healing miracles he performed to the gentle philosophy he preached.

This book includes drawings of the Temple and Old Jerusalem, and includes scenes at the Temple in Jerusalem, visits to homes and leper colonies, political intrigues leading to the crucifixion, and also the personal feelings of those who met him. The realism of this information is astounding. It focuses heavily on metaphysical concepts such as the power of conscious thought and intent, how we understand and relate to the concept of time, different dimensions which coexist along ours, parallel universes, parallel lifetimes and alternate realities.

The book gives detailed explanations into a wide variety of Earth mysteries, many of which have baffled conventional science, all of which require us to stretch our imagination of the possibilities outside our current paradigms of thought.


Dolores Cannon et l’hypnose régressive quantique

This book is intended for those readers who want their minds expanded by the more complicated metaphysical ideas that border on Quantum Physics. For those of you who enjoyed the fascinating information presented in Book One of this series, Book Two is sure to captivate your imagination even further. Buckle your seat-belts and get ready for another roller coaster ride that will present new ideas and concepts that will most certainly expand your belief systems and what you consider possible.

#4 L'Esprit de Dieu LA SCIENCE DE LA GRANDEUR par Wattles & Stoupy

Dolores continues to uncover incredibly complex and intriguing metaphysical concepts with topics including: Learn more about the incredible power of our minds and our ability to heal ourselves simply by focusing concentrated thought on particular areas of our bodies. Read about lives her clients have lived both on Earth, in non-human bodies as animals, plants, insects and even rocks, as well as on other planets in different parts of the solar systems as members of ET civilizations.

More information is reported regarding parallel universes, alternative realities and how the decisions we make in the now constantly shift us from one reality to another. Dolores also introduces and writes in detail about what she identifies as the Waves of Volunteers souls that have incarnated on Earth at this specific time to help humanity and the Earth herself raise vibrations and make the coming shift as smoothly as possible.

Earth is an extremely challenging school and one where only advanced souls may incarnate to go through the vast amount of experiences and lessons available here. One of the central lessons of the Earth game is to learn unconditional love, both for ourselves and each other. What a challenging time in human history to take on such a lesson! We learn that the karma is a self-imposed facet of life that we have set up ourselves, all that we experience is a either direct result of our choices in this life time or karma from the past lives. Learn more about our essences as souls, the spirit side we constantly visit, where our souls go after our physical bodies die, how we review our lives once we have died and how we prepare life contracts, plans and goals for our next incarnation.

Dolores described in great detail the vast amount of souls who have incarnated on Earth to help mankind ascend out of our destructive and exploitive ways to create a New Earth where love and mutual respect for all life are governing principles. Much information is provided on the splitting of the Earth into two Earths. Neither will be aware of the other and only those whose vibrations are high enough will accompany the new Earth.

Those who choose not to evolve will stay with the negativity they have created. Its informative, reassuring and comforting content will help any reader further understand who they are, why they are here and the extremely interesting and challenging times we are currently living in. You Asked for It!! World renowned past-life regressionist, hypnotherapist and researcher of lost knowledge, Dolores Cannon has done it again.

Using deep hypnosis and her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique , she presents mind-blowing theories and concepts originating from other dimensions. In this book Dolores discusses topics on: Dolores had several books completed, just needing to go through the publication process when she passed.

As this process is completed, we will present them to you. They explain that there are no souls on Earth that do not originate from somewhere in the stars, how the Earth was seeded eons ago by travelers from outer space and how visits by extraterrestrials have continued up to the present day resulting in a whole class of contemporary humans who have been subject to alien abduction. Avoiding this scenario is just one of the agendas of extraterrestrials that are currently visiting Earth. Lives in different bodies are described with wildly different forms of nourishment and reproduction detailed.

This book demonstrates that we are literally infinite, ageless spirits that have been around forever and will continue to be, forever. We all lived many lives in unusual environments before deciding to journey to Earth to learn the lessons it has to offer. After our schooling is complete on Earth, we will journey onward to discover new worlds, to explore and to learn.

A central theme of focus is the vital importance of raising our vibrations to the highest level possible so as to be able to energetically acclimate to the new Earth. Tuin was a member of a tribe who thought they were the only people on Earth because they had never encountered other tribes throughout their existence. Tuin reports the story of the history of his people as told by the Shaman during long narratives around the campfire.

They were descendants of the Old Ones who had traveled across the void of space and had crashed in the area many years ago. Their history states that a group of 5 spaceships were traveling through our solar system thousands of years ago with the intention of colonizing other planets.

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One of these crafts malfunctioned, crashed on Earth and was unable to continue its journey. Ils avaient l'ordre de tirer sur ceux qui ne pouvaient soutenir le rythme de la course. Coups de feu [ 51 ]. Je ne sais rien de plus [ 52 ]. Un violoniste juif polonais fait ses adieux au monde en jouant un fragment d'un concert de Beethoven , musique interdite aux Juifs.

Il y eut cependant quelques coups de feu, et quelques morts [ 54 ]. Je me jetai sur son corps. Je frottai les mains, en criant: On va te jeter du wagon Son corps demeurait inerte [ Un ancien de Buchenwald explique qu'ils prendraient une douche chaude. Une raison de vivre de moins [ 61 ]. Je ne pleurais pas, et cela me faisait mal de ne pas pouvoir pleurer. Mais je n'avais plus de larmes. Mais de vengeance, pas trace. Du fond du miroir, un cadavre me regarda. Le regard dans ses yeux, comme ils regardaient dans les miens, ne me quitte plus [ 62 ].

Assez longtemps pour voir clair. Un di Velt Hot Geshvign Et le monde se taisait [ 66 ]. Je fermai mon bloc-notes et me dirigeai vers l'ascenseur. Ils trouvaient cela trop morbide, disant que personne ne le lirait. Attendons et croisons les doigts! Et ce n'est pas tout! Je vous recommande donc cet album. Lebo M s'explique sur la similitude entre ces deux BO: Le concert commence donc avec plus de 25 minutes de retard. Vivement le prochain concert! Il ne vous reste que deux mois pour le voir! Rencontre avec le chef d'orchestre, Constantin Rouits. Bonjour, je suis Constantin Rouits, 30 ans.

Le public est plus large que pour un concert de musique classique. Ce sont des concerts tout public. Et la musique Pixar? Il y a une vraie synchronisation images et son. Et non, car la salle sonne bien. Pour la saison prochaine Faisons la Reine des neiges 2.

Et enfin mais surtout Robert: Merci, on vous aime. En tout cas, prochain rendez-vous avec la musique Disney: Sortie le 5 mars Sherman ainsi que certaines chansons originales du film de Le livret contient aussi une note liminaire de Randy Thornton, producteur de la restauration et de la compilation. Enfin, si vous voulez patienter intelligemment jusqu'au 5 mars, je vous conseille la lecture de "Mary Poppins, she wrote.

The Life of P. Sortie de l'album We Love Disney. Enfin, je voulais corriger quelques erreurs du livret, eh oui… Je chipote! Enfin, trois phrases me semblent incorrectes. Inutile de rechercher sur internet, on trouve les deux versions et en plus, chansons-disney. Tiana chante bien "Mais j'atteins le sommet"!

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Sortie de la bande originale du film La Reine des neiges. Vraiment un bel objet en tout cas. Tout est simple ici, tout va de soi. Comment se sont faits les choix des morceaux? Je trouve cela fascinant: Vous dirigerez l'orchestre national de Lyon. J'ai une collaboration de longue date avec l'Orchestre national de Lyon. Paris, 2 juillet Il cherchait un compositeur. Il est venu chez moi.

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La Petite boutique des horreurs nous avait mis au centre des attentions. Disney souhaitait renouveler le genre. Belle entre dans le village. Trois chansons sur cinq donc et au final deux Oscars [meilleure chanson et meilleure musique originale]. On reprend les anciennes chansons dans le musical. Je lui ai dit: La chanson traduit le tic-tac de la pendule, du temps qui passe.

La chanson pour le film durait 9 minutes. Avec tout ce temps, il serait mort! Yoni Amar est ravi: Et quand je suis sorti, je me suis dit: Rencontre exclusive avec Dimitri Granovsky. Sortie le 1er juillet Et puis en marchant, on apprend. SR [8 novembre ]. Notes liminaires de Jeff Bond: Jeff Bond, 9 janvier Dans Taram et le chaudron magique , nous avons un amalgame de tous les merveilleux styles musicaux de M.

Heureusement pour nous, le morceau existe encore.

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Randy Thornton, producteur, 12 janvier Extrait et traduction exclusifs pour les lecteurs de chansons-disney. Ils parlent en coulisses.