Confessions of an Accidental Sleuth

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Harry is by turns intellectual, wry, verbose, foolhardy, and lovesick.

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These nuances and his vividly-drawn history with his father make him come to life. The protagonist is supported by avuncular, imposing men of scholarly bearing who also jump off the page. Indeed, the villains, too, have layers. Confessions pulls readers in and holds their attention as the plot speeds along.

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Monachino makes baseball history and book-collecting accessible and interesting to the uninitiated. Occasionally, though, the author interrupts the plot to explain the mechanics of processes integral to the story. Such abrupt detours jar readers out of the flow of the novel. Other stumbling blocks include trite phrasing to indicate foreshadowing and a distracting number of missing quotation marks and periods.

This article is not an endorsement, but a review. The author of this book provided free copies of the book and paid a small fee to have their book reviewed by a professional reviewer. Scarred by the experience, I've developed a low-key approach , although for the kind established company I favour for investment it's not usually necessary to approach a company at all.

Unlike my earlier selections, it wasn't the story that attracted me to Anpario, it was the fact that it makes money. It manufactures raw materials into products it sells for more than the cost of production. Learning how it does that, and whether there is anything special about the way it does it, might give me the confidence to add it back to the watchlist.

If the company is amenable to including more information in its financial reports, information that would help private investors understand its business better, that would help too. Specifically, I would appreciate more divisional and geographical financial reporting and the kind of strategic report recently mandated for fully listed companies but not for Aim, the market on which Anpario is listed. The businesses I had selected earlier on the basis of popularity and novelty value, weren't just losing money, they had never made any.

They weren't investments, they were speculations. All I could report on were dreams, and as so often happens, that's all they were. If you have an interest in Anpario, please contact me in the usual way.

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By the way, you may notice I've turned the Digest's subheadings into hashtags. This isn't just a trendy gimmick. I'm using them to catalogue Tweets. Air Partner's pro-forma results tell a sanguine story.

Confessions of an Accidental Sleuth by B.F. Monachino

The longer-term reality is the company still faces a challenging market, but quality should shine through. Smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector designer Sprue Aegis's results confirm the company is turning its technological advantage into competitive advantage. I've halved the Share Sleuth portfolio's holding in Sprue Aegis, ejecting shares at p , the actual price quoted by a broker. The company's prospects are good, but I expect to put the money to better use.

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Shares in SpaceandPeople have fallen 45 per cent since last Thursday when the company revealed revenues in its first quarter had fallen 12 per cent short of management forecasts, a trend that will last the rest of the year and result in pre-tax profit of little more than half that previously forecast. SpaceandPeople sells promotional space in shopping centres and other public locations.

Man Accidentally Confesses To Rape (VIDEO)

A rout in Quindell shares prompts veteran investor and speculator Paul Scott to offer risk management advice to speculators. His rules start with diversification, and end with a recommendation to avoid the kind of 'story stocks' I started today's digest with. A letter , to a newspaper, advocates direct registration for shareholders in a dematerialised form, also championed by John Kay in his review of UK equity markets.

It's not such a novel idea, the letter says: John Cassidy reviews Capital in the Twenty First century by economist Thomas Piketty, a book that demonstrates that rising inequality may be the capitalist norm, and not just a symptom of its rapacious early stages as standard accounts of economic development suppose. Be the first to receive expert investment news and analysis of shares, funds, regions and strategies we expect to deliver top returns, plus free access to the digital issues on your desktop or via the Money Observer App.

Confessions of an Accidental Sleuth

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