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Did I mention that it sounds really good?

march to (the beat of) a different drummer

I am really enjoying this one and running it on both my pad and phone. Running it a lot. Different drummer is doing something else and thats exactly what this seemingly "transparent digital era" needs more of.

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I have plenty of music apps Amazingly creative app with realtime updating. I ask the developer to update a feature and they responded by a adding to their next update. One of the best iOS apps for drumming easily. This app just keeps getting better and better. The more you dive into it the more it will reward you with its wave metaphor of rhythm. A very interesting and flexible approach to rhythm.

It takes some effort to learn how to use it, but it's effort well spent. Put in the time to learn and understand how it works and you will be rewarded. This is for those who wish to create something new and original. If you want to create tired old 4 on the floor style beats, geezus there are hundreds of other apps that will do the trick. The most intriguing and deep app in the store. A Must for all musicians. I'm a crap drummer and have been looking for something like this where I can experiment and listen to different drum patterns and tweak them I think I'll be using this App about everyday now and can't wait for more Updates!

Audiobus now works in iOS 6 and A great sounding app with incredible potential Well done, nothing like it out there This really is very good and nothing like ANY other app to date.


march to a different drummer

Very unique, intuitive to use I haven't even looked for a manual and sounds fantastic. Feature packed too - you can paste in your own samples and it supports AudioBus. Ooh I love this app. Nice makeover in latest updates as the dev's hard work continues.

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Played with this for a couple of days now and love it. Much More than a drum machine or sequencer. A very adaptable synthesiser really. You can morph any of the percussion samples into any sound you think up. The examples on the developers website don't give the whole picture. This app is great and truly unlike any drum program I've ever used. It can be a little tough to control because there's not one of those "kick on the 1, snare on the 2" sequencers that every other drum machine seems to have.

But if you're looking for a drum that will surprise you and give you patterns that you might not have thought of, this is your baby. I'll add that the customer service is great. I've had a few issues that were resolved very quickly. All told, one of the best apps I've ever bought. I just bought your app and I wanted to tell you that I love that thing.

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A new world for creativity. A new kind of app. Thanks a lot for your job, and happy new year. I don't think I'll be able to go back to a normal drum machine after this. It is just so easy to come up with really interesting parts with rhythms that I haven't been able to achieve before, which makes me even more excited by the prospect of the Cyclophone app. If you put recording and audio copy into this it will certainly dominate the iOS drum market, but it will do that as it is, it's unique and basically just creates better results than anything else.

So thank you for giving me this experience: It can also be used to inspire new ideas for drum patterns or rhythmic ideas for songs because, as you will find out, the variety of rhythms and melodies is truly endless.

If you are serious about your rhythm tracks, Different Drummer is a must-have tool! Pros can use the direct MIDI out and MIDI sync features to use this to play complex musical wave patterns out to other synthesizers and drum machines on your iPad or in your studio. Changes the pitch of drums. You won't believe the difference "tonal" drumming makes to your productions.

With Different Drummer you set the key and scale of your drums and can change it on the fly for enhanced impact. Many times drums are out of tune with the songs they are used in creating subtle harmonic dissonance. Different Drummer samples have been tuned to a key pitch and can be transposed with ease and locked into one of over 70 musical scales.

Even using slight pitch variations takes your drums from black and white into color! Lets you create gaps in the drum pattern based on the interaction between a wave pattern and a line. The rest wave has a huge impact on the perceived rhythm since it determines where notes can play or not play. Lets you create rhythmic variations that tie drum notes together or break them apart based on waves. Tie waves have an intense effect on rhythms and are reliant on the wave's assigned beat-value that determines how fast or slow untied notes play.

Lets you control the loudness or velocity of drum strikes creating a very human feel. Slower dynamic waves create crescendos while faster waves can create complex accents. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'.

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