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I would have preferred a greater variety in reporting verbs to spice up the reading. I felt the ending was a bit lukewarm. The final confrontation between the knight and the man behind his demons was believable, unavoidable and even necessary, but there was also a nod towards Hollywoodesque film endings that kept me from fully enjoying it. Fortunately, the book didn't end there and offered an epilogue which painted a fuller picture of the monk: As for historical accuracy, it seemed accurate enough, aside one mention of seconds during a military exercise where the instructor counts the seconds the trainees take and the constant insistence on having a noble maiden going about her father's estate and travelling beyind it without any type of escort except later on for her brother or even a female company apparently she was the only woman in the castle, not even having a governess, former nanny, or a maid-in-waiting.

In conclusion, I awarded the book four stars because I could feel the mentality of a bygone era far better than in other novels, and if not for the unemotional style and the solitary noble lady I would have surely given it five stars. Apr 30, David rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a novel of contradictions.

There are the holy and the unholy. There are courageous heroes and cowardly dogs. There are men of honor and men who lack honor.

Seven Great Books on the Crusades

Francisco returns from the Crusades a broken man. He had endured the extreme violence of medeival combat and finally spent time in a Muslim prison. Tortured and starved, when he is finally ransomed he refuses to speak to anyone-- Obviously suffering from what we call today Post Traumatic Stress syndrome..

Battle Fatigu This is a novel of contradictions. An exorcist is called upon, but the wealthy father asks that his case be dealt with by another priest with a different approach-- one that doesn't use Fire and torture to drive out the demonic influence. For years, Brother Lucas has been learning at the feet of an older and more experienced priest. His approach to exorcism is much more like modern day psychotherapy. After more than a month, Francisco begins to speak and tell his story.

His story is harrowing and at times terrifying. At other times it is heart-rending Francisco tells his story in increments and finally we hear the horrifying secret that has tormented him. In between segments, Brother Lucas is tormented by his own selfish desire for advancement in the church, and some doctrinal issues. He becomes reflective on his own attitudes. One minor problem I had was the reference to "leaks" regarding people sharing information that was supposed to be kept secret. I could be wrong, but that seemed like a more modern reference to me.

Other than that, I felt tha tthe author did an excellent job of exploring the mindset and mixed reasons why a young noble would go on a crusade to begin with. The author seemed very well-versed in ancient combat and siege methods This was a great novel with a compelling story.

It's an okay book, but there is much better historical fiction available out there. The middle part of the book contains several long, almost documentary sequences - and the pacing that is already very slow turns almost to a crawl. While historical research is important for books like this one, the way the author presents the historical facts is also important - and several scenes were turning into history textbook at one point.

There are also problems with the structure - some of Francisco's It's an okay book, but there is much better historical fiction available out there. There are also problems with the structure - some of Francisco's flashbacks are too long and the narrator, as a character seems a bit underutilized to me. Also, I would not mind seeing a bit more tension, because the atmosphere is a bit flat.

The final duel with the villain seems out of place the bad-guy talk becomes ridiculous at one point. The overall tone, the story idea, the setting and the gradual transformation of the narrator and his beliefs are things that I liked. It's a decent historical fiction, but that's all. Aug 07, Suzanne Vincent rated it it was amazing. I enjoy reading a good historical fiction novel on occasion.

But this one is da BOMB! It's well-researched historical fiction without being stereotypical historical fiction. You know what I mean. The long pages of precise details, the lengthy descriptions of costumes and ballrooms, either written for male audiences with swashbuckling blood-and-guts-loving heroes or for female audiences whose prime reason for reading is the steamy romance. I prefer the first, detest the second, but really LOVE a I enjoy reading a good historical fiction novel on occasion. I prefer the first, detest the second, but really LOVE a good historical fiction that lets me forget it's historical fiction and just lets me become immersed in the story.

This is one of those. The flow of narration is intriguing and balanced, the characters believable, the language is good. The book still keeps me thinking of those times, with hardships of travel, with the absurdity and brutality of war. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This is another bookswap experience, because I'm not really a big reader of 'straight' historical fiction.

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However the the fact that our protagonists are Spanish crusaders added to a degree of interest in reading this book. The Crusader is about two men, the ambitious low-born cleric Brother Lucas and Francisco de Montcada, heir to a massive estate. The two men first meet when Francisco is sent for his education to the monastery where Lucas has grown up.

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After Francisco leaves, he becomes a crusa This is another bookswap experience, because I'm not really a big reader of 'straight' historical fiction. After Francisco leaves, he becomes a crusader in one of the orders of knights, and it's on his return to Spain that the two men cross paths again, as Francisco is meant to be possessed. It's Lucas' job to heal him, in order that the church can get its hands on a massive financial payment from Francisco's grateful father.

First off, I should probably say that the fact this book is all told in the first person is always going to be an issue for me. Having been to some of the places the book talks about, there's certainly an element of the local atmosphere about The Crusader , but sadly Eisner very much telegraphs the shock-horror revelation he has planned and it therefore loses much of its impact. Aug 07, Marvin rated it liked it Shelves: More heroic are the knight who goes off to fight in the Crusades to redeem his older brother who perished when his ship bound for the Crusades sunk just off the coast of Spain, and the beautiful, smart lady who awaits his return.

Much of the story is told in the form of a confession by the knight to the monk as a means of exorcising the knight's demons. Great look at the time period told through an very good novel. May 24, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: This great historical novel is a sweeping narrative about the Holy War in the 13th Century and the effects it had on those who fought for the cross. Brother Lucas is charged with exorcising Francisco's demons upon his return to Spain from the Crusades.

When Brother Lucas first encounters his old friend, Francisco is speechless, but before long, he unburdens himself to Brother Lucas in a disturbing tale of battle and betrayal. Francisco departs for war with his cousin, Andres, and they encounter This great historical novel is a sweeping narrative about the Holy War in the 13th Century and the effects it had on those who fought for the cross. Francisco departs for war with his cousin, Andres, and they encounter gruesome battles against the infidels.

They are at odds with the illegitimate son of the King, Don Fernando, who has no qualms about slaughtering innocent women and children and other unscrupulous behavior, before finally betraying Francisco and Andre, who end up in a Muslim prison. Their fight for survival in this dungeon is perhaps the most chilling part of the book.

But Francisco's eventual release and return to Spain comes at a cost. He returns without Andres and has to justify his survival and his cousin's demise to Andres' sister Isabel, who is also Francisco's love interest. His confession to Brother Lucas and Isabel seems to release him from his demons, but a final confrontation with Don Fernando is the culmination of all of Francisco's internal conflict. The Crusader delivers an action-packed historical account with vivid battle scenes and depictions of the Middle East.

The novel even has a touch of The Name of the Rose with its account of monastic life. The first person narrative from both Brother Lucas and Francisco are rich with detail and emotion. This is a true prize for historical fiction fans. Feb 11, T K Gilb rated it liked it. Publisher's description that this book is an "action-packed medieval adventure" is misleading. The main character-a melancholy young man haunted by the death of his older brother-doesn't even reach the Kingdom of Acre until almost halfway through the book.

That said, I found this to be an intriguing historical novel that looks at the Crusades through the eyes of a young crusader knight who is quickly stripped of all his illusions about honor and glory. Though his tale unfolds as a confession tol Publisher's description that this book is an "action-packed medieval adventure" is misleading. Though his tale unfolds as a confession told to a Cistercian monk, which puts some distance between the reader and the actual events, the narrative was well written and the supporting characters engaging.

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Oct 29, Stuart Aken rated it liked it. The spiritual growth of the monk is very well handled and the characters are skilfully drawn. A sub-plot involves the love of the knight for his cousin. Much is made of the intrigue within both the monastery, where the confession takes place, and the world of the crusading armies. The cruelty, hypocrisy, and social injustice of the age are well described and there are many moving passages. It is a good tale, well written, cleverly paced and clearly based on thorough research. Jan 19, Helena Schrader rated it liked it Shelves: This is a melancholy, not to say morbid book.

While well written with unusual characters, I found myself just wanting to get it over with.

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The construction of the novel, a monk recording a "confession," has many intriguing advantages, but knowing from the start that the hero returned from the crusade a wreck suffering from "demons" made me dread reading the next chapter. I knew there was bound to be even worse to come. In retrospect, I also found the vilain too evil. That said, this book does mak This is a melancholy, not to say morbid book. That said, this book does make you think, and the narrators are excellently drawn. This book even has a spark of genius in it.

It is more than just a story, more than adventure or romance or mystery. It was definitely a Spanish book -- albeit other readers have pointed out some serious anachronisms. Nevertheless, I could see, hear and smell Spain in the pages, and readers who have an affinity to Spanish culture may like it better than I. Yet it was too unremittingly depressing to satisfy me as a reader. Maybe I've just been lucky, but my experience of life is of shadow -- and light, of ugliness and beauty, and of good as well as evil.

The light, the beauty and the good gets too little space in this book. Michael Eisner wrote the story well, infusing historical fact as the story progressed. It begins with a first person narrative from the viewpoint of Brother Lucas, who arrives at the monastery of Santes Crues in Spain, to perform an exorcism on Francisco de Montacada. Brother Lucas goes into some detail on his first association with Francisco so the reader has an understanding of the backstory. Slowly with repeated visits to Francisco, Brother Lucas, learns of his old friend's experiences in wha Michael Eisner wrote the story well, infusing historical fact as the story progressed.

Slowly with repeated visits to Francisco, Brother Lucas, learns of his old friend's experiences in what is now known as Syria. Once the tale reaches Acre in the Middle East the viewpoint changes to that of Francisco with colourful description of life and customs of the Knights Templar. I will not go further as to prevent any spoilers, but this book is an excellent read for those desiring an indepth look into the type of conditions the knights were exposed to.

The historical portions were accurate and well researched. Jan 23, Alex Telander rated it it was ok Shelves: Contrary to the title, this is not a novel about a bloodthirsty Christian knight slaying Saracens left, right and center. Well, it is sort of, but in a really boring way, where everything is recounted from memory in chronicle form, and a certain lacking in gory detail that a reader might be expecting with a title like The Crusader. Nevertheless, the motif of the crusader is apparent, in his goal to purge the world of these Muslims that are invading Spain and crawling up to the Pyrenees, as well Contrary to the title, this is not a novel about a bloodthirsty Christian knight slaying Saracens left, right and center.

Nevertheless, the motif of the crusader is apparent, in his goal to purge the world of these Muslims that are invading Spain and crawling up to the Pyrenees, as well as remaining a true and pious knight who believes only in God, and therefore as Him on his side. This is the story of a crusading knight who as God in his court, and where victory is as inevitable as his assurance in ascending heavenwards at his death. Originally published on April 15th For over book reviews, and over 40 exclusive author interviews both audio and written , visit BookBanter.

I picked this up on a whim at the library after seeing it on a table of historical fiction. It's a debut novel for the author, and it's alright. I think that the book is an interesting story wrapped up in an over-complicated and somewhat convoluted narrative. Having the priest tell the story the crusader shares is a bit clunky, in my opinion. I think the story would have worked as more of an adventure epic rather than a story about spirituality, but that's just my opinion. Also, it's written in I picked this up on a whim at the library after seeing it on a table of historical fiction.

I believe this man begs to differ. Well it would be kinda miraculous that a man his age survived a fall like that with only two broken legs, but surely there's a more efficient way of getting Chocolate and Vanilla bear over to India. Now the kid is offering implements of war in exchange for dark and arcane knowledge. Maybe he was an earlier coming of Aleister Crowley. Speaking as both a bladed weapon enthusiast and a guy who had a pocket knife as a kid: I don't think year old boys would call a knife "beautiful".

The Crusader

It may be an error in the method I used to scan these images but these kids are so red they are practically glowing. Maybe they're located a bit too close to Bhopal? Here's a picture of the devil. There aren't any photos of the devil. What was she thinking leaving this poor kid unattended with a picture of the devil himself? It's amazing demons aren't possessing every kid with a library card. Wait, that's what he traded for the picture?

A dinky little pocket knife? I was expecting something like a bowie knife , a switchblade or hell even a swiss army knife. What exactly did you expect dipshit? Devil was my father.

Check out the veritable talons on that kid, too! This and the glowing eyes in the first panel are all before he's possessed too. Are we sure this isn't the antichrist? Glenco International is apparently a company that does consulting for interior decorating.

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  • Why are they dispatching the God Squad all over the globe? Though being interior decorators would explain their And God's purpose for you was to tend to the village whose preacher is bedridden after God had him fall off a ladder so that he could Better watch it fellas. Chick doesn't take kindly to plane travel. Jack Chick should sue Pixar , he was doing talking planes back in the 70's.

    Please send your bank details to Harvey's just lazing about in a soiled wife-beater. Don't let something as pathetic as a shattered tibia keep you from doing the work of the lord! Even the something year old men are ripped like Olympians when Fred Carter's doing the artwork. He got hit by a car instead of faceplanting onto some concrete stairs! This is totally not a rip-off of that Satanic Hollywood movie I never saw! You know, all things considered, this is still a better Exorcist sequel than " Exorcist 2: Don't demons get any time off between assignments?

    Like a lunch break or something? Satan's minions work like dogs. Two theories come to mind. Either God's messing with them again, or Satan's resorting to petty nuances to get in their way. Either way, this makes for a pretty lame holy battle. If we aren't there by 2: God got them the money to fly to India but can't convince them to take a 20 minute layover. While it has been claimed to date back to the 1st Century, India has a history of not keeping records. The general consensus is that it was an established religion by the 6th century , but that's still about a year margin of error.

    To put that in perspective we have a smaller time margin for determining the birth of Buddha. What she won't tell you is that an overwhelming majority almost 12 million of those Christians ascribe themselves to Roman Catholicism, which is a fact I am sure Jack Chick is careful to gloss over thoroughly. It seems like Hinduism does claim to have over million deities , though that is somewhat of a figurative amount.

    Three hundred million satanic gods, from a Civilization established thousands of years before the earliest Abrahamic texts. I suppose Satan was busy establishing false religions as well back when he was planting all those dinosaur fossils. Apparently letting in the Holy Spirit is a better fitness plan than Crossfit. Even for Fred Carter this is ridiculous. I don't think he's pounding on the wall lady, I think he's discovered trouser snake charming. Santosh's dad rocking that little 'stache kind of looks a little like an old, puddiny Clark Gable there.

    Or maybe Gomez Addams. Really digging the stereotypical oil lamps here. Stereotypical Arabic lamps that is, I really don't get how culturally ignorant you have to be to confuse the two. Indian oil lamps look like this. Though they still seem to have some pillow banter, and Tim's pose is more than a little suggestive I kinda expected him to be in a full sprint in hot pants It's a Fred Carter book!

    Apparently we've found the good Mr. Carter's biggest shortcoming as an artist, he doesn't seem to know how to draw fire. Chick depicts communism as vehemently anti-religion, but the relationship between religious dogma and marxist philosophy is a bit more convoluted than that.

    Wait, Santosh set the fire? Then what the hell was the point of that scene with Arjun and the Commie? Also, where did he get the Kerosene? I doubt a kid his size could carry a can of the stuff big enough to burn down a church anyways. And how did he manage to pull it off in the short time span in between his mom checking on him and Big Jim Slade 's midnight stroll? Unless this is taking place in the early 20th century Chick seems determined to portray these people as living in poverty and squalor.

    Can you get promoted in Communism? Is that what his father does for a living? Like he goes down everyday to the Communism plant for his eight hours? Does he belong to the Local Communists Union? I don't know if it's the artwork, the scene of the kid puking on the table, or the priceless reactions of the dinner guests but man is this hilarious!

    I'm guessing Chick and Carter didn't want to do a scene of the kid urinating Well This panel is soooooo exploitable I dunno, a shaking bed doesn't really inspire terror in me. Yeah, it's an obvious supernatural event, but it's hardly anything compared to twisting one's head degrees. Now the kid looks like he's trying to channel Edward G. Is this possession like that crappy scene from Casper where Bill Pullman pulls of a bunch of nonsensical actor cameos? Everyone knows seizures cause heavy wooden beds to left two feet off the ground and shake around like a rodeo bull. In my prime I could make a bed shake for a half hour, minimum!

    Santosh has no dedication. Wow, contemporary medical technology. I wasn't expecting to see that outside of the U. I was expecting something a little closer to this. Now Santosh looks like a 's Morlock. Is he running through the entire golden age of Hollywood's A-list? Then why didn't you kill him ages ago?! Nice right cross by the way, enough to deck a grown man! Putting aside the fact that Santosh really is possessed, this doctor is way too quick to dub it a spiritual issue. Three weeks is hardly enough time to properly analyze something like this, especially in the Psychiatric field.

    I'd be more inclined to believe the kid has repressed trauma after seeing his best friend die from a snake bite. Given their archaic understanding of medicine as depicted by Jack Chick I'd think they'd be more inclined to recommend a lobotomy before an exorcism. If your Doctor suggests an exorcism your first instinct should be to sue for malpractice or report him to the Medical Council of India Established roughly 40 years before this comic had been printed. Why is Santosh getting a beer gut? If the Demon is eating him alive inside shouldn't he be all skin and bones? His face has become just one giant tangle of pubic hair.

    Or is this supposed to be symbolic, like the frame is a photograph and the demon inside of him prevents his face from being caught on film? Also, why does this Buddhist Temple look more like a mosque? They don't share any kind of common lineage aside from the fact that they're both practiced in India. Ah yes, Buddhist monks, well known for their harsh attitudes and lack of compassion. I did some research, and while there are some branches of Buddhism that have exorcisms in their practices, they're mostly off-shoots in other nations and not strictly part of the core philosophy so I guess that's a point for Chick.

    Still, Santosh's mom really should have known that. As I pointed out earlier though, finding a Catholic in India shouldn't be all that difficult. Let alone one willing to perform an exorcism. I doubt he could have missed it, it's the only book on that shelf. I have to wonder what the good revs has in the way of reading material actually. Aside from the "good book" and this biblical demonology text Why does he have that anyways? I really don't think he seems to be the type to keep a copy of the Encyclopedia of Hell lying around in his library.

    But we're still going to have to give you a whoopin'. His name is Ganesh. Because again I, the author, heard once that that was a name somehow associated with India in some way. Kudos for topping the kid puking on the table scene! Such an exploitable panel, make that a meme , internet!

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    Call it the Running Sadhu or something, but spread the hilarity! Really smart move there lady, just let the two random gentlemen into your house because they want to see your underage son. Oh, and it was also full paragraphs and sentences spoken backwards, not just two words. The kid can suck cocks in hell for all I care. So now they're back at the Reverend's house? I'm pretty sure a demon possessed kid is a pretty high priority. Yeah, he can't harm you with his Supernatural powers, but we already established that he had no problem setting fire to holy ground. Even putting that aside, he could get loose and harm the people who didn't accept Jesus yet That is, if you really do care about the souls of those who are currently hell bound, which I really doubt given your indifference.

    Yeah, Chick seems to think that a necessary part of an exorcism involves going off and leaving the afflicted. He's included it in other tracts as well, leading to the inevitable wacky hijinks. Once again, Jesus is coming soon, says the man in Santosh had actually escaped and murdered about six children before getting shot by a vengeful villager, this is what happens when you leave the demon possessed kid alone while you go discuss biblical passages for a few hours.