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Ankerstich m anchor hitch. Ankiindigungskommando n preparatory command. Anlasser m starter Mtr. Anlauf m take-off run Avn. Anlegepunkt m aiming point. Anmarsch m approach, approach march, advance Tac. Anmarschweg m approach, approach route. Anodenkreis m plate circuit Rad. Anorak m parka Clo. Anpeilen n taking of bearings, radio direction finding Avn. Anruf m call, call-up Rad, Tp ; challenge. Anrufsschauzeichen n incoming-call signal light Tp. Anruf zeichen n call signal Tp. Ansaugetakt m intake stroke, suction stroke Mtr.

Ansaughub m intake stroke Mtr. Anschauungsmittel npl illustrative material, demonstration material Tng aids. Anschlag m aiming or firing position with rifle or machine gun; stop Ord. Anschlagwinkel m try square.

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Anschnitte mpl cross bearings. Ansetzer m rammer G. Ansteckblech n float plate on a trail spade. Anstellwinkel m angle of pitch, blade angle propeller ; angle of attack Avn. Ansteuerungsfeuer n directional beacon Avn. Antenne mit Rundwirkung omnidirectional antenna. Antennen gebildet antenna array, antenna structure, antenna system.

Antennenkondensator m antenna condenser. Antennenkreis TO antenna circuit. Antennenmast TO antenna mast. Antennenstab TO antenna rod. Antennenstromanzeiger TO antenna ammeter. Antennenwiderstand TO antenna resistance. Antiflatterbock TO antishimmy shackle MT. Antrag TO request; recommendation, suggestion, proposal. Antrieb TO drive -Mech. Antriebsritzel TO starter pinion on armature shaft of starter. Anzeiger m indicator, marker.

Anzugm uniform; suit of clothes. Aphongetriebe n constant-mesh transmission MT. Apparattornister in instrument case portable Rad. Appellm roll call; muster; inspection. Arado name of an aircraft manufacturing company. Arbeiten fpl works Ft. Arbeitsanzug m fatigue uniform, work uniform. Arbeitsdienst m See Reichsarbeitsdienst. Arbeitshub m power stroke Mtr. Arbeitskommando n fatigue detail. Arbeitslager n labor camp. Arbeitsmann m workman Reich Labor Service.

Arbeitsspiel n functioning, action Mech. Arbeitstakt m power stroke Mtr. Arbeitsurlaub m leave for purposes of war work. Heimat fit for labor duty in zone of interior only. Armaturenbrett n instrument board, instrument panel. Armband n See Armbinde. Armeebefehl m army field order. Armeebekleidungsamt n army clothing depot. Armeefeldlazarett n army surgical hospital. Armeegebiet n army area. Armeeintendant m army Intendant Adm official at army Hq in charge of rations, clothing, equipment, pay, etc. Armeekartenlager n army map depot. Armeekorps n army corps. Armeekraftfahrpark m army motor transport park.

Armeemunitionslagern army ammunition depot. Armeenachrichtenregiment n army signal regiment. Armeeoberkommando n high command of an army, army headquarters abbr. Armeeverpflegungsamt n office o. Armeeverpflegungslager n army ration-supply depot. Armzeichen n arm and hand signal, arm signal. Arrestant m person under arrest. Arrestlokal n detention room, guardhouse cell, guardhouse. Arrestraum im Lazarett detention ward. Artillerieauf marsch m moving up to positions Arty. Artilleriebeobachter m artillery observer, spotter. Artillerieeinschlag m shell hit, shell burst, point of impact Arty.


Artillerieflieger mpl artillery reconnaissance aviation. Artillerieflug m artillery mission Avn. Artillerieflugzeuge artillery observation airplane. Artilleriefiihrer m division artillery commander special staff Arty officer and Arty commander at Div Hq. Artilleriekommandeur ni corps artillery commander in GHQ pool ; division artillery commander when GHQ artillery is attached.

Artillerienachrichtentrupp m artillery intelligence section. Artilleriepark w artillery equipment park. Artillerierechenschieber m graphical firing table. Artilleriesperrfeuer n artillery barrage. Artillerieverbindungskommando n artillery liaison command post, artillery liaison detachment. Artillerieverbindungsoffizier m artillery liaison officer.

Artillerievermessungstrupp m artillery survey section. Arzneikasten m medicine chest. Arzneimittel n medicine, medicament. Arzt m doctor, medical officer. Assistenzarzt m second lieutenant Med. Astm branch; knot in wood. Astro m celestial navigator Avn slang. Astverhau m dead abatis made of tree branches. Atemeinsatz m filter element gas mask. Atemsack m respirator bag oxygen breathing apparatus. Atemschlauch m hose gas mask, oxygen breathing apparatus.

Audion n grid-leak detector, detector, 2nd detector Rad. Aufbauliifter in ventilator in Tk sponson or turret. Aufblitzend flash Arty fire. Aufbruchsort m departure point, starting point. Aufenthaltspunkt m stop RR, MT. Aufgebot vt See allgemeines Aufgebot. Aufhakenn message pick-up Avn. Aufladekommando n loading detail. Auflademotor m supercharged engine Avn.

Auflagepunkt m center of tire impact MT ; point of support Tech. Auflagern pedestal, support Bdg ; hanger bar harness. Aufmarsch m concentration or assembly of troops for action; strategic concentration; moving up to positions Arty. Aufmarschgebiet n concentration area Tac. Aufmarschplan m plan for strategic concentration.

Aufnahmehaken m pick-up hook for message pick-up Ap. Aufnahmering m receiving ring AA gun. Aufnahmestreifen m tape Tg printer. Aufsatz m sight mount, telescope mount in a loose sense, either the optical sight alone or the entire sight assembly ; essay, composition. Aufsatztrieb m elevation mechanism G. Aufsatzwinkel m angle of elevation Gunnery ; superelevation AAA.

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Aufsatzwinkeltrieb m angle-of-elevation mechanism G. Aufsatzzeiger m telescope mount reference pointer matches with Rohr-zeiger when gun is laid for elevation. Aufschlagpunkt m point of impact, objective point. Aufschlagwinkel m angle of impact. Aufschreiber m recorder Arty. Aufschrumpfen n heat shrinking Ord. Aufsichtsturm m control tower Adrm. Aufspuler m reel Tp.

Aufstellbahnhof m make-up yard RR. Aufstellgleis n make-up track RR. Aufstellungsbefehl m initial organization order to activate a unit. Aufstromvergaser m updraft carburetor. Auftakt m initial phase of an operation. Auftrag m mission, task Tac. Auftreffpunkt m point of impact. Auftreffwinkel m angle of impact. Auftrieb TO buoyancy, lift Avn. Auftriebsmittelpunkt m center of lift Avn. Auftritt m fire step. Aufwind m anabatic wind, up-slope wind. Aufziehen der Wache guard mount. Aufzug m elevator, hoist.

Augenabstand m interpupillary distance Optics. Augenblicksziel n fleeting target, transient target, fleeting objective. Augenfenster n eyepiece gas mask. Augenring m eyepiece frame of goggles gas mask. Augenschlitz m viewing slit telescopic sight. Ausatemventil n outlet valve gas mask. Ausbau m construction; improvement of a position ; dismantling, removing, dismounting of a gun, etc. Ausbildungsanweisungen fpl training order. Ausbildungslager n training camp.

Ausbildungsplan m training schedule. Ausbildungsrichtlinien fpl training outlines, training regulations. Ausbildungsstab m training staff. Ausblickm objective lens Optics ; prospect, view. Ausblickstutzen m objective-lens socket Optics. Ausbruch der Feindseligkeiten outbreak of hostilities.

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Ausfahrgleis n outgoing track RR. Ausfallm sortie Tac ; long lunge, long thrust bayonet thrust ; casualty ; failure, breakdown of an engine, etc. Ausgangsort m point of departure air navigation. Ausgangspunkt m initial point, origin, point of departure. Ausgangstransformator m output transformer Rad.

Ausgehanzug m dress uniform. Ausgehverbot n curfew Mil Govt. Ausgleich m equalization, compensation, equilibration, balancing. Ausgleicher m compensator Ord, Mech ; equilibrator G. Ausgleicherarm m equilibrator anchor G. Ausgleichgetriebe n differential gear. Ausladebahnhof m detraining point, railhead. Ausladegebiet n detrucking area. Ausladekommando n unloading detail. Ausladeplatz m detrucking point. Auslauf m outlet for liquids, etc.

Auslegezeichen n ground panel Sig C. Ausleseknopf m selector switch Ap armament control. Ausnahmezustand in state of emergency. Auspuff m exhaust, exhaust system Mtr. Auspuff hub m exhaust stroke Mtr. Auspuffkanal m exhaust duct Mtr. Auspufftakt m exhaust stroke Mtr. Auspufftopf m muffler Mtr. Ausrollen n landing run Avn. Ausschalen n stripping the forms concrete construction. Ausschaltehebel TU throwout lever aiming circle. Ausschalten der Grundstufe calibration correction, correction for velocity error Gunnery. Ausschalten der Schnittbildversetzung halving adjustment coincidence range finder.

Ausschalten des Schallverzuges acoustic correction sound locator. Ausschalten des Windes wind correction Gunnery. Ausschalter m switch; throwout lever. Ausschlag m decisive factor; rash Med. Aussetzen n posting of guards ; cessation of rain, fire, etc. Aussichtsturm m observation tower. Austausch m exchange PW, etc. Austauschschiff n exchange ship, cartel ship Nav. Austauschstoff m substitute material. Auswanderungsmesser m lead computer AA. Ausweichflugplatz m dispersal landing field. Ausweichgleis n siding RR. Ausweichhafen m alternate airport. Ausweichziel n alternate target, secondary target bombing.

Ausweis m identification card, document, etc. Ausweispapier n identification papers. Auswerfer m ejector Ord. Auswertelineal n computing slide rule FR. Auszieher m extractor Ord. Ausziehgleis n lead track RR. Auszug m extract, summary, departure; extension Tech. Autokartograph m stereoscopic plotting machine. Autoschleppstart m auto-tow take-off glider. Azetylensauerstoffbrenner m oxyacet- ylene torch. Azimutentfernungsmesser m depression position finder. B Bach m stream, brook, rivulet. Backbord n port side. Backbordmotor m port engine.

Bade wagen m shower-bath truck. Bagger m excavator, dredge, power shovel. Bahndamm m railroad embankment. Bahnhof m railroad station; trolley or bus station. Bahnhofsoffizier m railroad station traffic officer. Bahnplanum n subgrade RR. Bahnsteig m platform RR. Bahntransport m railroad transportation. Bajonettangriff m bayonet charge.

Bajonettfechten n bayonet fighting. Bajonettgriff m bayonet grip. Bakenempfang m radio-beacon reception. Bakterienkrieg m bacteriological warfare. Baldachin m canopy center section of upper wing of biplane. Balken m balk, beam; girder; log. Balkenstapel m log crib, timber crib Bdg. Balkenverhau m timber obstacle. Ballen m bulb horse ; heel harness ; bale. Ballistit n ballistite Am. Ballonabweiser m anti-balloon device Ap. Ballonaufstiegplatz m balloon site. Ballonbeobachter m balloon observer. Ballongurt m rigging band captive Bin.

Ballonkorb m balloon basket. Ballonnetz n balloon net. Ballonreifen m balloon tire. Ballonstoff m balloon fabric. Ballonvariometer n balloon statoscope. Ballonventil n gas valve Bin. Baltasekunden fpl ballistic density and wind factors in time-of-flight seconds. Baltasekunden-Verfahren n procedure in correcting for ballistic density and wind.

Bananenstecker m banana plug. Band band, cord, tape, strip, ribbon. Bandgestell n harness gas mask. Bandmikrophon n ribbon microphone. Barackenlager n cantonment, camp having semipermanent buildings. Barbarist m artilleryman slang. Basislineal base-line arm plotting protractor. Bataillonsabschnitt m battalion sector. Bataillons-Adjutant m battalion executive officer, aide to battalion commander. Bataillonsgefechtsstand m battalion command post.

Bataillonshornist m drum major formerly called Tambourmajor. Bataillons-Kommandeur m battalion commander. Bataillonsstab m battalion staff, battalion headquarters. Bataillonsverbandplatz m battalion aid station. Batteriebild n battery-location plot SB. Batteriechef m battery commander. Batteriekasten m battery box Elec. Batteriekran m gun hoist, loading crane Arty. Batterieoffizier m executive firing Btry. Batterieplan m firing chart Arty. Batteriestand m See Batteriestellung. Batterietrupp m battery detail, battery headquarters detail, battery commander's detail Arty. Bau w construction, structure, type of construction.

Baubataillon n construction battalion. Bauch m abdomen, belly. Bauchgurt m front cinch pack saddle. Bauchtreffer m sidewise-striking projectile. Bauglied n structural unit, section of a structure, structure element. Baumbeobachtungsstand m observation post in a tree. Baumstamm m tree trunk. Baumstumpf m tree stump. Baumuster n model, type Ap, MT. Baumverhau in live abatis. Baumwollabfall m cotton waste, cotton linters. Bausoldat m engineer soldier in construction unit. Baustab m construction staff.

Bautrupp m construction detail, construction squad. Bautruppen fpl construction troops. Beamter m official, civil servant. Bediener m controller AA SL. Bedienungsschalter m operating switch Elec. Beendigung der Luftgefahr "all clear. Befehl m order, command.

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  7. Befehlsnetz n command net. Befehlspanzer m command tank. Befehlsstand m command post, headquarters.

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    Befehlswagen m command car, command truck, commander's car, staff, car. Befehlsweg m chain of command, command channel. Befestigungsarbeiten fpl fortifications, works. Befestigungswerk n permanent fortification, work. Begegnungsgefecht n meeting engagement. Begleiter m escort; assistant driver. Begleitfeuer n accompanying fire. Begleitkommando n escort party, escort detachment, covering party.

    Begleitpanzer m accompanying tank. Begleitschutz m escort, fighter escort Avn. Begleitzettel m emergency medical tag.

    PISA at DIPF

    Begrenzungshebel m clamping lever MG. Begrenzungsstift m traversing stop MG. Behelf m expedient, makeshift. Behelfsgasschutz m emergency gas protection. Behelfsmaterial n emergency construction material. Behmlot n fathometer, echo depth sounder Nav ; Behm sound-ranging altimeter, sonic altimeter Ap. Beiende n warp of a rope. Beifahrer m rear rider, sidecar rider Mtcl ; assistant driver MT.

    Beinleder npl leather puttees, leather leggins. Beitreibungsschein m requisition receipt for civilian property. Beiwagen m sidecar Mtcl. Beiwagenkrad n sidecar motorcycle. Bekleidnngsnachweis m clothing account. Bekleidungssack m duffle bag, bar-rack s bag. Beladeplan m stowage chart for vehicle. Belag m planking Bdg ; reinforcing strap harness. Belagerungszustand m state of siege.

    Belastungsfaktor in load coefficient. Beleg m voucher, proof, evidence, document. Beleuchtungsfenster n illuminating window panoramic sight. Benzinkanister m gasoline container. Benzinmanometer n gasoline pressure gage. Benzinstandmesser m fuel gage. Beobachter m observer; air observer, navigator-observer. Beobachterabzeichen n observer badge decoration. Beobachterfernrohr n observer telescope. Beobachtersitz m observer's seat Ap. Beobachtungsbereich m observation area Arty. Beobachtungsfehler m personnel error. Beobachtungsfernrohr n observation telescope BC telescope.

    Beobachtungskorb m observer's basket captive Bin. Beobachtungsnetz n observation post system Arty. Beobachtungsoffizier m observation post officer Arty. Beobachtungsraum m " searching sector AAA ; observation area. Beobachtungsrohr n trench periscope. Beobachtungsstand m See Beobachtungsstelle. Beobachtungsturm m cupola Tk. Beobachtungs- und Wirkungsstreifen m sector of fire SA firing.

    Beobachtungswagen in' observer's car. Beobachtungswinkel m aiming point offset Arty. Beobachtung von seitlicher Beobachtungsstelle flank spotting Arty. Bereich m area, district, zone; range, scope. Bereitschaften fpl alerted reserve troops or police. Bereitschaftsbataillon n reserve battalion. Bereitschaftslazarett n mobile surgical unit. Bereitstellungsbefehl m assembly order. Bereitstellungsplatz m assembly position, assembly point Tac. Bereitstellungsraum m assembly area Tac.

    Bergm hill, mountain collective: Bergedienst m recovery service, salvage collecting service. Bergekommando n collecting unit, salvage party, recovery party. Bergen n recovery, salvage. Berghang m mountain slope, hillside. Bergjoch n saddle Top. Bergschuhe mpl mountain boots, ski boots. Bergungsschiff n rescue vessel, salvage vessel. Bericht m report; communique, news dispatch. Berichter m correspondent, reporter. Besatzung'sheer n army of occupation. Beschlagmeister m horseshoer with rank of Tech Sgt. Beschlagschmiedobergefreiter m horseshoer with rank of Cpl.

    Beschwerungsrohr n counterpoise,counterweight G. Beselerstegm hasty trestle footbridge named after General H. Besetztschauzeichen n "busy" signal light Tp. Besetztzeichens busy signal Tp. Besoldungsdienstalter n seniority for computation of pay. Besoldungswesen n pay and allowance administration.

    Besoldungszulage nach dem Dienstalter longevity pay. Bestand m stock supplies, equipment, etc. Bestandsbuch n stock book. Bestattungskommando n burial detail. Besteckn ship's position; set of instruments or utensils; knife, fork and spoon considered as unit of mess kit. Bestellschein m requisition ticket Adm. Betonbunker m concrete bunker, concrete pillbox. Betonturmm concrete turret Ft. Betonunterstand m concrete shelter, concrete dugout.

    Betrag TO amount, sum. Betrieb TO operation Tp, Rad ; traffic; action; factory. Betriebsbuch n station log Rad. Betriebsfunkspruch m routine radio message. Betriebsschalter m operating switch Tp. Betriebsstoff m fuel, gasoline, Diesel fuel. Betriebsstoffkesselkraftwagen m gasoline tank truck. Betriebsstoffzusatzmittel n dope for Avn gasoline. Betriebsstrom m operating current.

    Betriebsunterlagen fpl consolidated plan of telephone communication. Bettungsloch n gun platform excavation RR gun. Beunruhigungsfeuer n harassing fire. Beurlaubteristand m reserve status. Offizier des Beurlaubtenstandes officer commissioned for the duration abbr. Beutegeschiitz n captured gun. Beute-Kraftfahrzeug n captured motor vehicle. Beutel m bag, pouch. Beutestab m salvage staff for captured enemy materiel. Bewachungsfahrzeug n patrol vessel, escort vessel Nav. Bewegungsbuch n record of transactions.

    Bewegungskrieg m war of movement, mobile warfare. Beweismaterial n written evidence. Bezug m datum, reference, relation. Bezugspunkt m check point, datum point. Bezugsschein m ration card; requisition ticket. Bildberichter m war photographer in Ger propaganda company.

    Bildflieger m aerial photographer. Bildfunk ra radiophotography, radio-photo transmission. Bildoffizier m photographer officer. Bildplan ra controlled mosaic aerial Photo. Bildpunkt in picture point aerial Photo. Bildwerfer m still projector Photo. Binauralverfahren n binaural method sound locator. Binder m necktie Clo. Bindereifen ra rim G-carriage wheel. Biwakskommandant ra bivouac commander ranking officer at bivouac. Biwaksplatz m bivouac site. Blasangriff m cloud attack, cloud gas attack, gas-cylinder attack. Blasverfahren n gas-cylinder method of gas release CWS. Blatt n leaf; blade; sheet; propeller blade.

    Blaukreuz n sternutators Ger. Blech n sheet metal; nonsense slang. Blechkanister ra metal container for water, gasoline, etc. Bleisammler m lead-plate storage battery. Bleispritzer ra lead spatter, bullet spatter. Blendenhebel m shutter lever SL. Blickfeld n field of view Optics. Blindabwurf m emergency release bombing. Blindflug ra blind flying, instrument flying. Blindkurbeln n blindfold operation of crankwheels gun-laying exercise. Blindwiderstand m reactance Elec. Blinkfeuer n flashing light, blinker light Avn.

    Blinkspruch TO signal-lamp message. Blinksuchtrupp TO signal-lamp spotting squad. Blinktornister TO portable signal-lamp case. Blinktrupp m signal-lamp team. Blinkverfahren n lamp-signaling method. Blinkzeichen n flash signal Sig lamp. Blitz TO lightning, lightning flash. Blitzableiter m lightning arrester. Blitzkrieg TO lightning war, blitzkrieg. Blitzstrahl m lightning flash. Blockm block; writing pad. Blockwart TO block warden. Blumenkohlm cauliflower; Oak Leaf Cluster slang.

    Blutopfer n heavy losses, heavy casualties. Blutorden w medal awarded to participants in Munich riots of Blutspender TO blood donor. Bock TO trestle, bent Bdg ; wagon-driver's seat. Bockbein ra trestle leg Bdg. Bockschnellsteg m hasty trestle bridge. Bocksprengwerk n lock-spar support Bdg. Bockwagen m trestle carrier MT. Boden m ground Top ; base Am ; floor; earth; bottom. Bodenanlage der Luftwaffe air-base service area. Bodenaushub TO spoil Engr, Ft. Boden-Bord air-ground Sig Com. Bodenbrett n floor board MT. Bodendienst m base services Avn. Bodendruck TO ground pressure. Bodenfunkdienst TO ground radio service Avn.

    Bodenlader m supercharger with low blower ratio Ap. Bodennebel TO ground fog. Bodenpersonal n air base troops; ground crew, ground personnel, maintenance personnel, service personnel Avn. Bodenpunkt TO place mark Surv. Bodenschwanz TO tail of a bomb. Bodentreffbild n dispersion pattern, horizontal shot group.

    Bodentreffer TO overended shot. Bodenverdichter TO road grader and tamper. Bodenwind TO surface wind. Bodenziel n ground target. Bogen w arc, arch; bend, curve; sheet of paper. Bohrer TO bit, drill, auger. Bolzen TO bolt, pin. Bombe mit Verzugszeit time bomb. Bombenabwurf TO bomb release. Bombenabwurfwinkel in dropping angle bombing. Bombenabzughebel m bomb control, bomb rack control Ap. Bombenangriff TO bombing attack, bombing raid Avn.

    Bombeneinschlag TO bomb hit. Bombenfernrohr n telescopic bomb sight Ap. Bombenflieger mpl bombardment aviation. Bombenflugzeug n bombardment airplane, bomber. Bombengeschwader n bomber wing. Bombenhebel w bomb release handle. Bombenkopf TO bomb nose. Bombenloch n bomb crater. Bombenmagazin n bomb bay Ap. Bombenschacht m bomb rack Ap. Bombenteppich TO practice-bombing panel. Bombentief angriff TO low-level bombing attack Avn. Bombentreffer TO bomb hit. Bombenvisiere bomb sight Ap.

    Bombenwurf TO bomb release, bombing. Bombenwurfplatz m target area bombing. Boraben-Zubringewagen m bomb trailer. Bootw boat; hull of flying boat. Bootsmann m boatswain Nav. Bordbuch n log book Ap. Borderkunder m shipboard reconnaissance airplane. Bordflugzeug n shipboard airplane. Bordfunker m radio operator Avn. Bord-Maschinengewehr n aircraft machine gun.

    Bordmechaniker m flight engineer. Bordmonteur m aircraft mechanic; flight engineer Avn. Bordnetz n aircraft wiring system Elec: Der in Frankreich angeordnete Verkaufsstopp soll erst ab dem Wie hier zu Lasten aller Patienten getrickst wird, haben wir Ihnen in diesem Beitrag aufgezeigt: Doch was wir heute erfahren, macht uns zornig und da fragt man sich zu Recht, was kommt noch? Schlechte Studien-Ergebnisse zu vertuschen, ist ein beliebter Trick.

    Das war schon bekannt. The medicines, from both Indian and multinational companies, will lose validity in the EU on Aug. GVK Bio will continue to work with the government of India and our customers to help resolve this. Last week, New Delhi asked diplomats in Europe to avert fallout on any halt of medicines that had validation conducted by GVK Biosciences, the Financial Express reported.

    In the case of the Indian companies, Business Standard said the drugs include antiepileptic drug Levetiracetam, antidiabetic drug pioglitazone among and ulcer drug pantoprazole from Lupin, as well as alendronic acid from Ranbaxy used to treat bone diseases and antihypertension drug irbesartan by Torrent Pharma.

    Business Standard said that Dr. Liste der gestoppten 80 Medikamente — Rund 1. Die xte Gesundheitsreform — Es geht wieder an unseren Geldbeutel!!!