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Whatever the case, their blaster worked, for they were able to pass through and complete the journey unharmed.

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They used up most of their water in this effort though and had to get more in order to complete the journey. Upon passing Mars they noted the icecaps at the poles, and discovered that there were still some rivers and lakes on the surface. After determining that the gravitational pull of the planet was not too great as to prevent them from leaving again, they landed and restocked their water supply before continuing on their way. When they got to Earth they splashed down in the waters of the Persian Gulf and were greeted there by Alalu.

It took a while, but over time they adapted to Earth and what were, to them, insanely short daily and yearly cycles. Eventually they established the first Annunaki city of Eridu, in the region that is now known as Iraq, and Alalu was given command of this territory, although for the time being, Ea still had command of the overall mission.

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As for the gold extraction, their first idea was to try extracting the metal from the waters of the region, a much easier process than mining gold from the ground and one that could be achieved solely through the use of machines, but they did not end up with much gold to show for their effort. He reported this to Ea and together they hid the Weapons Of Great Terror in a cave, high in the mountains. Then Abgal returned to Nibiru, where testing confirmed that the gold from Earth could indeed be suspended in the atmosphere.

Since extracting gold from the water was proving to be frustratingly inefficient, Ea went looking for a good location to set up mining operations. Deep underground there were vast quantities of gold. He returned to Eridu and began the process of transferring men and equipment to the location, which he named Abzu.

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Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Roslin realized that her only option was to show Starbuck that Adama had betrayed her first, and this strategy works.

Partly because of the large amount of computer-generated imagery CGI , "Kobol's Last Gleaming" was more expensive to produce than others in the first season. The production team kept costs down on prior episodes in order to have a greater budget available for "Kobol's Last Gleaming". Sci Fi also allocated additional money for it. According to Moore, Eick mapped out the story while Moore concentrated on rewrites and production details for other episodes. Moore wrote the teleplay. The boxing scene was the idea of actors Edward James Olmos and Jamie Bamber , who played Commander Adama and Apollo, respectively; they even choreographed the scene.

Eick pitched the idea of a fight scene between Six and Starbuck about halfway through the first season.

Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 1

The fight was present in every draft of "Kobol's Last Gleaming". Scenes on Caprica were given a distinct "look" to contrast them with scenes on Kobol; both planets' surfaces appear in "Kobol's Last Gleaming", and the production team wanted to ensure that audiences would be able to tell them apart at a glance. One element of Caprica's "look" is frequent rain, which is also an acknowledgment of the ecological effects of the Cylon nuclear attack on the planet.

Moore initially advocated for the interior of the Cylon basestar to be a simple white room. Production designer Richard Hudolin and another writer suggested a biomechanical environment, the idea that eventually won out.

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The design was supposed to resemble but remain distinct from the interior of the stolen Raider. The footage of the Raptor flying through the basestar interior is CGI, but the scenes of Boomer outside the Raptor were filmed on a set. Director Michael Rymer and film editor Dany Cooper made a number of changes from the episode's script:. Moore concedes that Roslin's security detail permits Tigh and his Marines to get much closer to Roslin than a real presidential security detail like the United States Secret Service would.

He explained that some realism was sacrificed to enhance the drama. In Starbuck's sex scene, actor Jamie Bamber Apollo was filmed as Starbuck's partner until she calls out Lee's name, at which point actor James Callis Baltar replaces him. According to Moore, this was done "to establish who Starbuck would rather be with.

"Battlestar Galactica" Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 1 (TV Episode ) - IMDb

Callis actually reached his hand through flames during the shots where Head Six leads Baltar out of the Raptor. The scene where Boomer encounters the Number Eight copies was shot with motion control photography. Actress Grace Park played every copy and had to move and speak according to a precise rhythm in each shot. Moore called the process very time-consuming and expensive.

McCreary recalled that Rymer was unsatisfied with earlier versions of the Part 1 teaser music and encouraged McCreary to stop approaching it as a film score. McCreary stopped looking at the footage for inspiration and produced "Passacaglia". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.