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Around 8th -9th century, innovative Persian scientists started developing new techniques that they've learned from Egyptians, and managed to produce first stable distillation process in metal stills. This marked the beginning of the new age of distillation, but for the next few centuries this process was not used for the creation of more potent alcoholic drinks.

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Instead of that, Persian scientist used their discovery to distill countless numbers of new floral aromas which started the modern perfume industry. While the traveling merchant slowly started to spread the news about Persian distillation across the Europe giving it to the Catholic Church, which gave birth to the whisky in the Scotland and Ireland , Eastern European nation found one innovative way to increase alcohol content in their fermented drinks.

The main way of making drink more potent is to eliminate as much water from the drink as possible, leaving it with more alcohol inside. Eastern Europeans used the harsh winters and cold temperatures to freeze fermented drinks, and because of waters high freezing point they were able to separate water ice from the remainder of alcohol. This enabled them to create more potent drinks, but the arrival of distillation gave the birth of true vodka that we know today.

Origin of modern vodka can be traced to the Poland and Russia. These two countries are in a disagreement to this day, trying to determine who was first to create this iconic drink. Historically speaking, the first record of the production of vodka its name was derived from the Russian word "voda", which means "water" comes from the 9th century Russia, and the first distillery was mentioned in the Russian newspaper Vyatka Chronicle two centuries later in Polish clam of the discovery of vodka goes back to the 8th century, but many historians are in an agreement that by then they only produced crude brandy, distilled from the wine.

#826: The Vodka Proof

In the United States, vodka consumption grew in the s and s. More than new vodkasincluding some high-end varieties in very fancy bottles were introduced between and In it surpassed whiskey as the most popular liquor in the U. Both Russians and Poles claim they invented it. According to a Soviet historians hired to look into the matter in the s, vodka was first produced by monks at the Chudov Monastery in the Kremlin in the late 15th century.

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Their first concoctions were made with alcohol imported from Genoa through the Crimean port of Feodosiya. Later is was made with grain alcohol made from locally grown rye or wheat and spring water.

History of Vodka - Vodka Orings

Many dismiss this version of events as too politically self serving. Vodka may have invented as early as the s. Originally made in home stills, it is believed to have first been concocted as a disinfectant and a treatment for wounds. For many years it was used in medicines and cosmetics as well as for drinking. Before vodka became popular the drink of choice was honey-derived mead.

Petersburg told the Washington Post, "The whole history of Russian culture is tied to vodka. By the early 16th century, vodka drinking was enormously popular. Most of the vodka was produced by local tavern owners who became very rich at the expense of their customers.

The Child Who's Addicted to Vodka - Real Stories

By the mid 17th century the consumption of vodka had gotten so out of hand that a third of the male population was deeply in debt to the taverns and many farmers were too drunk to cultivate their land. The state took over and monopolized the sale of the drink. Disturbed by the impact that vodka was having on his people, Czar Alexander III decided to improve the quality of vodka by hiring the famed Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev.

Among the improvements he made were fixing the alcohol content at 40 percent and basing the amounts of water and alcohol used to make vodka on volume rather than weight. At the beginning of 20th century, a third of the Russian Army was paid by a tax on the Smirov brand. Lenin ended a prohibition on vodka enacted in World War I in the s in a bid t boost his sagging popularity and introduced a kind vodka lite, with only 30 percent alcohol, called rykobka.

Some Russians insist this rationnot the Katyusha rocket launchers Katyusha rocket launchersis what allowed the Russians to turn the tide against the Nazis. In the early s, there was a nationwide panic when vodka production was disrupted when a new regulation required all bottle of vodka to carry a tax stamp were put in effect but the government had failed to produce enough stamps. In the West it is used in mixed drinks.

History of Vodka - Long Vodka History

In Russia and northern and eastern Europe it often consumed straight. In Russia it is regarded mainly as drink of the working classes. The middle class have traditionally considered it uncultured. It is an acrid and irritating drink. You might as well inject vodka into you veins as drink it. It has been said that drinking vodka helps Russians deal with the stress and wear and tear of their daily Iives in Russia. Many politicians and writers were heavy drinkers. KGB hangover remedy Vodka is often consumed straight and cold. It is swallowed in one gulp. Three glasses in a rowfor starters.

The night is not considered over until all the bottles of vodka are empty. Vodka is often consumed with a chaser, often juice. Many beer drinkers add a shot of vodka to their pints. During banquets, guests sometimes pour their vodka into their water glasses. Traditionally the difference between a vodka and alcohol drinker was that the later waits until 5: Two-hour vodka lunches are popular with some people.