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The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and was released to critical acclaim. San Dena aids the family by carrying out a seance , but they were attacked by an unseen force revealed later to be Lamia that pulls the boy into Hell.

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The medium says she will encounter the force again one day. In present-day Los Angeles, bank loan officer Christine Brown hopes to be promoted to assistant manager over her co-worker Stu Rubin. Her boss, Jim Jacks, advises her to demonstrate that she can make tough decisions to get a promotion. Christine is visited by an elderly woman, Sylvia Ganush, who asks for a third extension on her mortgage payment. Despite knowing Ganush is on a fixed income, and that she suffers from medical ailments, Christine denies Ganush an extension to prove herself to her boss.

Ganush begs Christine not to repossess her house and kneels in front of her. Christine becomes frightened of the woman's persistence, desperate pleading as she is helping her to stand up and calls security, who take Ganush away while Ganush blames Christine for "shaming" her and vows to take revenge.

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Jim compliments Christine on how she handled the situation, and embellishes his positive statements, alluding to a promotion. When Christine leaves work and gets to the parking garage to drive home, Ganush, hiding in the backseat, attacks Christine in her car. Despite sustaining what should be fatal injuries, Ganush rips a button off Christine's coat and uses it to place a curse on Christine. Later, Christine and her boyfriend Clay Dalton meet fortune teller Rham Jas, who tells Christine that she is being haunted by a dark spirit, likely the result of a curse.

At home, Christine is attacked by the entity and has repulsive nightmares about Ganush. She runs out of the office, and in the occurring panic, Stu steals a file from Christine's desk.

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Christine goes to talk to Ganush for forgiveness in efforts to lift the curse. Christine returns to Rham Jas, who explains that as long as Christine is the owner of an accursed object, she will be haunted by a powerful demon called the Lamia loosely based on the Greek Lamia, a child eating demon , that will torment her for three days before taking her to Hell for eternity. He suggests a sacrifice to appease the demon. Desperate to stop the attacks, Christine reluctantly sacrifices her pet kitten.

She is again tormented by the Lamia, plagued with grotesque hallucinations like bugs appearing in a cake she bought for the night, and auditory illusions which cause her to scream abruptly and frighten Clay and his parents. San Dena prepares a seance to trap the Lamia's spirit in a goat and kill it, and then allows the Lamia to inhabit her body. Rham Jas tries to persuade it not to steal Christine's soul, but it vows never to stop until Christine dies. Christine then places San Dena's hand on the goat, causing the spirit to enter its body.

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San Dena's assistant, Milos, attempts to kill the goat, but is bitten by the goat and becomes possessed and attacks the members of the seance. San Dena banishes the Lamia from the seance, but dies in the process. Christine thinks the medium has overcome the Lamia, but Rham Jas explains that she only managed to drive the spirit away until the next day. Then, he seals the cursed button in an envelope and tells Christine that she can get rid of the curse by giving the button to someone as a gift, thereby passing the curse on to that person.

Christine decides to give the envelope to Stu in revenge for his stealing her work, but changes her mind after seeing how pathetic Stu is when he meets up with her. With guidance from Rham Jas, Christine learns that she can give it back to Ganush even though she is dead. She gets a message from her boss telling her that she landed her dream position after Stu confessed to stealing her work and was fired. At the station, Christine buys a coat that she has been wanting as a sign of a new beginning.

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Clay, planning to propose, reveals to Christine that he found the envelope containing the cursed button in his car; Christine then realizes she mixed up her envelope with another that she gave to Clay when she accidentally dropped it and that the curse was never lifted. Horrified, Christine backs away and falls onto the tracks. As Clay looks on, unable to reach Christine, a train barrels towards her, while fiery hands suddenly emerge from the tracks and drag Christine into the fiery pits of Hell.

Clay, holding the button in his hand at the edge of the train platform, with tears rolling down his face, stares at the tracks in utter disbelief and horror.

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The film includes cameo appearances by Raimi himself as an uncredited ghost at the seance, Raimi's younger brother Ted as a doctor, members of Raimi's family Emma, Henry, and Lorne in minor roles, frequent Raimi collaborator Scott Spiegel as a mourner at the death feast, and John Paxton and Irene Roseen as the old couple at the diner.

The original story for Drag Me to Hell was written ten years before the film went into production and was written by Sam Raimi and his brother Ivan Raimi. The film went into production under the name The Curse. James ' short story " Casting the Runes " such as the similar-shaped demons and the three-day curse theme in the film.

Unlike his past horror films, Raimi wanted the film to be rated PG and not strictly driven by gore, stating, "I didn't want to do exactly the same thing I had done before. After finishing the script, Raimi desired to make the picture after the first draft of the script was completed, but other projects such as the Spider-Man film series became a nearly decade-long endeavor, pushing opportunities to continue work on Drag Me to Hell to late After completing the script and having the project greenlit, Raimi started casting the film.

Raver was not aware of the specific nature of her character until being cast, stating that all she had read was "about a little old lady coming into the bank because they're closing down her house. It was only later that I saw the whole script and said, 'Oh my! But as we were looking at his reading, Sam said, 'There's no minimum age requirement on wisdom. Once he got on camera, he brought that shoulder for Alison to lean on.

Rogers, Chelcie Ross , and Octavia Spencer. But I also wanted to have a lot of dark humor sprinkled throughout. The film was produced by Grant Curtis and Rob Tapert. Tapert and Raimi are longtime collaborators, having attended college together in Michigan. Raimi finds editing with Murawski to be "relaxing", adding, "I love it. For me, it's so relaxing, unlike pre-production, which is fraught with anxiety and fear about how we'e going to do things, and production, which is so rushed and a sleepless time and you're just racing to finish every shot and worrying about focus and so on.

So post is soothing and I can watch the film come together, so it's a time of discovery for me as Bob and I fit all the pieces together. I see new possibilities in post, as Bob puts the film together, sometimes in a way I never imagined The color grading was completed at Company 3 with colorist Stephen Nakamura. Nakamura used DaVinci Resolve. It was CO3's first start-to-finish feature in 4K resolution. It's really a very creative, experimental time where we try and take everything that's been written and then shot to the next level," said Raimi.

The effects in Drag Me to Hell were created in many different ways, including green screen , puppets , prosthetics and computer-generated imagery. Of Jones, Raimi commented, "He brought a great can-do approach to the film He's got a great team of artists and technicians with him, and he's got great instincts. There were hundreds of visual effects in the film, and different effects houses were utilized. In this film, the supernatural, the unseen, is almost another character, so sequences were developed — even in post — that would suggest the presence of the supernatural, and we kept on adding.

So the Four Horsemen are now fugitives on the run, just like in Natural Born Killers , and they have become celebrities for their crimes, just like in Natural Born Killers. They go to the Top Secret Warehouse…and it turns out that the safe is already gone!

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But when the safe arrives, they open it up: Dave Franco faked his own death in the most elaborate way possible: The Four Horsemen stole a duplicate vehicle, and they were pushing that duplicate vehicle in front of a bus that Woody Harrelson was driving because he was pretending to be a New York bus driver, and they crashed the duplicate car on purpose with a cadaver inside. The Four Horsemen arrived at the Top Secret Warehouse early and set up a gigantic mirror that would make it look like the safe was already gone.

The movie says this is the same way magicians do the old disappearing-reappearing rabbit trick. I would argue that mirrors do not work that way. So basically, instead of just stealing a safe, the Four Horsemen pretended to steal the safe and then stole the safe. Oh, I forgot to mention that they hypnotized Common. Oh yeah, Common is in this movie!

His father was the magician who drowned in the East River. He drowned because the safe malfunctioned, because the safe was made cheaply by the safe company that wound up being the company that owned the Top Secret Warehouse. The movie ends with Mark Ruffalo hopping on his flying pig and riding into the sunset. No, actually the movie ends with Mark Ruffalo inducting the Four Horsemen into the secret order of the Eye. Or maybe fake magic? Mark Ruffalo spent like thirty years climbing the ranks of the FBI specifically for this one act of vengeance, I think?

Did anyone else see this movie? Am I missing something? What should they call the sequel? Now You See Me Again? Now You See Me: Now You See Three? Follow Darren on Twitter: How real illusionists made movie magic. Now you see Michael Caine.