Europe on 5 Dollars a Day, Then and Now

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It reveals both prices and attitudes that were normal then, but seem incredibly foreign today.

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All the prices below were considered cheap at the time, and most unsuspecting visitors would end up paying quite a bit more at the traps designed for just that, just as they do today. In early , John F.

4 Guys Live on one dollar per day for 28 days in Haiti - 1 Dollar Poverty

Of the 40 or so places listed in the book, only a few of them carry on with the same name, and only a few more continue as hotels at all. Most of them have transformed into something else or been demolished altogether. There are some interesting exceptions though. Hotel-Chelsea — West 23rd Street — The still-famous Chelsea, which opened in , was considered a landmark long before Sid Vicious allegedly stabbed Nancy Spungen to death here in William Burroughs among many others.

Now — Things evidently went downhill for the Beechwood because in the hotel was bought by a group of Franciscan friars called the Friends of the Poor in order to prevent the welfare hotel tenants from being thrown out into the street. It still operates as a home for the homeless called the St.

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Francis Residence, and is run by the same group. Now — No sign of any hotel here now, although research indicates a man who was the superintendent of a business located here in was convicted for trying to swindle an Atlantic City casino by past-posting the big six wheel, so this location has not been without excitement. Search for Hotels in New York.

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The 40 budget restaurants listed in the book fared even worse than the budget hotels. Only a few are still operating under the same name doing the same thing, although several of them have morphed into new and well regarded restaurants in the years since. A slightly larger steak 20 oz.

Baby Boomers: - Europe on 5 Dollars a Day; - Europe on Dollars a Day | HuffPost Life

The writer sampled vegetable-barley-mushroom soup, then eggplant steak served with beets, cabbage, carrots, and celery, followed by homemade cookies and milk for dessert. The dessert part sounds pretty good. The iconic David statue symbolizes all this. And for over forty years, Boomers have crisscrossed the Atlantic seeking stories and experiences of their Western heritage: In alone, reportedly over half-a-million Boomers donned backpacks and circulated through Europe, many using affordable youth hostels for lodging, and many prudently getting by on a few dollars a day.

Arthur Frommer's best-selling book published in , Europe on 5 Dollars a Day , is quaintly incongruous 52 years later.


During one of my ambitious strolls through meandering streets of Venice, I stopped to rest at a cafe in a stunning square. I ordered a cappuccino, which in Europe consists of about three sips from a demitasse cup.

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When I was ready to leave, the waiter required five Euros for my brief interlude. Those three sips cost over seven dollars. Here's the wake-up call for those who are experiencing a renaissance of yearning to discover more about the Renaissance: If this seems spurious, then consider that a modest two-star hotel in a major European city can run around 95 to Euros.

A practical evening meal - a once-a-day indulgence and nothing too fancy - can easily cost a couple about 60 Euros, especially with a glass or two of wine.

Arthur Frommer

Just at a time in Boomers' life-cycle when seeking treasures of antiquity takes on momentous import, the opportunity to cherish Europe's art, history and culture may be fading with progressive weakening of the U. This also comes at a time when Europeans desperately need our dollars.

Near the Rome Termini, my wife and I had a lovely dinner at a family-style restaurant that was almost bursting with grey-headed tourists. The owner came to our table, an unbridled conversation ensued, and she lamented that this day's success is an exception, an exclamation point during a downbeat The recession has hit hard.