Love, Lust and Landscaping

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To the contrary, Reik baited the New York analytic establishment in his quite popular writings some dozen of his books are still in and out of print and many have gone through multiple printings and editions. Consider the following If he was not to be my analytic father, he was, indeed, my analytic grandfather Allow me for a moment to diverge, then, with a personal historical anecdote that, in the end, says something about Reik Perhaps the year was Theodore Reik against charges of quackery, of practicing psychoanalytic medicine without a license.

I was familiar, as well, with his imprimatur within the community from framed documents on the walls of analysts whom I knew; the handwritten document under glass would read from memory:. I hereby attest that Dr. But back to the story. On the appointed Sunday, we arrived carrying with us a carefully chosen bottle of toasting wine and our machine, which even then was outdated. Glasses were set, bottle uncorked, tape loaded onto the Webcor tape machine; alia jacta est , the die was indeed cast, and anticipations ran high.

One click and the voice of an unidentified osteopathic psychiatrist was heard on the scratchy tape again, from memory: You have been practicing Psychoanalysis for more than half a century. You walked and talked and argued with Freud and he gave you the first prize in psychoanalysis [actually, it was a prize that was shared with two medical analysts; the division of such prizes among Lay and Medical recipients was a practice that lasted for several years].

He even carried a hobbyhorse up the stairs to your flat for your son to play upon. We are just beginning our journey into the Unconscious. Maybe you have some advice for us.

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There was a not insignificant pause before the heavily accented Eastern European voice of an obviously elderly man was heard speaking slowly and methodically, one word at a time: If your patient would like a cigarette, maybe you could get them an ashtray and then listen! And listen some more for the surprises of psychoanalysis. There have been many traditions put forth in psychoanalysis; we are a community that functions, at least in part, by inherited traditions. Reik, on the other hand, stayed closer to that more heimlich style and spoke of surprise in the analyst and his or her need for genuineness.

The following comments made by Reik a half century ago resonate with certain sentiments that today appear not only in interpersonal approaches to analysis but have found their way into mainstream thinking, as well. He confuses the calmness and control of the observer with lack of sensitivity, objectivity in judgment with absence of sensation and feeling.

When he sits behind the patient, he tries to be everything else but himself. But only he who is entirely himself, only he who has the sharpest ear for what his own thoughts whisper to him, will be a good psychoanalyst. I am of the opinion, not shared by many New York analysts, that the personality of the psychoanalyst is the most important tool he has to work with p. There were more than a half-dozen book-length works on Biblical themes and dozens of papers , including those on religious ritual and Divine revelation on Sinai , , , on Eve and Lilith , and on Isaac and Jesus In each, the author invited the reader on something approximating an archaeological dig.

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Unlike Ernest Jones who focused heavily on the symbolic e. As to initiation rites, for instance, other writers tended to look at the homology between the ritual surgery and castration and parricide. Reik was circumspect in his study of Isaac and Jesus and his conclusions about the superstructure upon which culture is built , p. On Love and Lust: On the Psychoanalysis of Romantic and Sexual Emotions was first published in The reissued printing pagination is identical to Sherman edition comes with a brief forward by Paul Roazen.

He commented that the word was quite fitting for any theory that presents anthropos as constitutionally bisexual. Reik was indeed posthumously blessed to have a sensitive piece to accompany his work at the hand of Murray Sherman. While Freud saw masochism as a vicissitude of the Death Drive, das todestriebe, Reik conceptualized masochism as an attempt to maintain control through a flaunting of defeat. Consistently, these differences are played out on the Biology-to-Psychology continuum with Reik opting for more psychologically-informed models. Love and Lust is divided into four sections or, more correctly, is a volume that combines three book-length essays and a shorter one.

This final piece is a compilation of many short ones This is, indeed, rare.

As we ended, clinicians and non-clinicians commented that Freud was unique and decidedly unlike many contemporary writers in psychoanalysis, inasmuch as he wrote clearly enough so that we each knew when we disagreed with what he was saying. Love, lust, remorse, anger and play fuse with the landscape and become a diary of generations.


Love, Lust and Landscaping

Today Inwood Hill Park has no official residents but it does serves as a sanctuary for homeless and individuals seeking isolation. These photographs were taken on the western shore of the Bronx on a tiny outcropping of land in the Hudson River. The first image was taken at sunrise around 5: After sunrise I spent much of the day cleaning this small, nameless parcel of land from which the photograph was taken.

The overgrown landscape is unmarked but easily accessible and because it is out of public view it has acquired years of flotsam mixed with garbage left by negligent fishermen. At the end of the day I piled the bags of garbage and recyclables up for easy removal and then photographed the same northern view at sunset.

Love and Lust: On the Psychoanalysis of Romantic and Sexual Emotions (Book Review)

On a beautiful August day we started with a discussion about the history of Storm King Mountain and the early environmental movement that protected it from a major industrial project, one that would have destroyed an ancient view of the Hudson River. The petition was signed and submitted. A tremendously refreshing exhibition when compared with the competitive, shallow vanity found in so many Chelsea shows, Local Expeditions instead suggests the influence of Hamish Fulton and Richard Long, two artists of expansive domain that nonetheless seem to fly under the radar of obvious contemporary references.

Abandoned Structure, Governors Island, NY , shot on the eponymous acre island off the southern tip of Manhattan , is a series of 60 c-prints; each photograph shot from the same perspective in 60 abandoned government housing units. Assembled into its installation, the effect of the series is as much a formal study of composition, line and space as it is a psychological profile of the past.

45 C-Prints, 21’’ x 14’’ each, installed in a line

The most recent body of work in the exhibition is 31 Winter Walks , a series of c-prints which document 31 daily walks. On each walk, Jensen collected natural detritus twigs, flowers, etc. Perhaps Jensen is perfecting the art of the profound minor gesture, playing a metaphysical sleight of hand in which the smallest shift in our vision, the smallest refocus on the minutiae is able to open epiphanic gateways: This fall, he will be an artist-in-residence at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, where he will begin a major project titled The Wilmington Center for the Study of Local Landscape.

It was a lovely day and as the walk began it started to drizzle, then the Storm King came out to play and it rained harder then it had all year. White noise under umbrellas, wind, thunder… Thankfully I will return in August for a second walk! Truly magical landscapes to work in and an amazing venue to present the work.