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There are many trees in front of the home, as well as a fence. Two men on horseback face each other. They are in front of a large group of trees. Cowboy on saddlebronc at Glendive Roundup. Cowboy is bucked off saddlebronc at rodeo; 3 or 4 cowboys on horses in background at right. Doubleday rodeo arena trees. Skeeter Humble at Mesquite, Texas, rodeo. The bronc is Storm Cloud of the Pete Gay Mesquite string and he's raining it all this particular night. Dennis Reiners, the world champion saddle bronc rider now making his home in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Clipping from unknown newspaper - photo of horse and cowboy rider - horse is up in air; back photo of cowboy on bucking saddlebronc. Rodeo article about Ralph Doubleday's photos and photo examples. His casket, Morse wrote, bore a ten-gallon hat, the gift of his friend, movie star Tom Mix. Doubleday's photo of Bonnie Grey on King Tut at left.

Though Doubleday photographed the Scottsbluff, Nebraska, rodeo in , the only photos of that event that Chrisman has found so far were taken by C. Smith, such as the one of Phil Yoder at right. Clipping of article by Chrisman about Ralph Doubleday and his rodeo photos. Two rodeo pictures, one by Doubleday and the other by C. Charley Castles of Hanford, California, still looks to be in pretty good shape. Hyder Photo [on back is rodeo results and another picture].

Newspaper ha tear in top middle; photo of cowboy getting bucked off bareback; back side has rodeo results and picture of another bareback rider. It's the old hometown dance at the Springville, Calif. Believe it or not, the horse on the left is Livermore, and rider Dennis Kiely lives in that California town; on the right is a bronc named Oakland, and that's where Steve Cosea hails from. Got a little wild at Springville. Two stagecoaches race along track; grandstands in background are full.

Frank Smith bulldogging at Pendleton Roundup. Man jumps off running horse to wrestle steer while other cowboy on horse is running behind him. Grandstands are full of people. Doubleday rodeo rodeo arena track cowboy horses grandstands spectators fence. Charlie Johnson thrown from steer at rodeo.

Doubleday Copyright [back] Cowboy is thrown off of bucking steer at rodeo. People are standing in arena behind him. Other people are sitting on something above and behind him. Doubleday rodeo rodeo arena bull riding cowboys fence trees spectators. Wide shot of Pendleton Roundup - shows rodeo arena, grandstands full of people, trees are in the background. Arena is full of horses with riders. Pendleton Roundup Pendleton Doubleday cowboys horses rodeo arena Indian wagon flag fence grandstands spectators trees.

Woman stands in her bloomers, holding a cowboy hat. She has a ribbon in her hair. There are trees and teepees behind her. Killed at Cheyenne, Wyo. Palin says she froze in blizzard near Cheyenne. Woman stands beside horse; she's dressed in western outfit, with boots, pantaloon-like pants, vest and cowboy hat. Cowboy rides bull at rodeo; cowboy on horse stands in background; shadow of bull and rider on ground. Doubleday bull riding cowboy horse ground plains shadow rodeo. Man chases after steer during roping contest. He's swinging the rope or lasso from a horse. Ray Bell steer roping contest Doubleday steer cowboys horses lasso mountains trees shadows.

Cowboy gets bucked off bareback horse at a rodeo; other cowboys on horses in background. Can see grandstands in background and they have some people sitting in them. Cowboy gets bucked off saddlebronc; horse looks like it's standing almost straight up and about to tip backward.

There is an automobile on other side of fence. Next to automobile is a horse. Doubleday rodeo rodeo arena fence windmill buildings cowboy horses automobile saddlebronc. Stryker [back] North Platte Photo by Stryker. Cowboy rides saddlebronc; three cowboys on horses in background. Cowboy rides saddlebronc at rodeo event. He is riding in an open area.

There is a fence in the background and some kind of buildin g farther back than fence. Chrisman Liberal address stamp appears once but is hard to read. Hancock, as a boy, rode on the roundup with these men [Hancock, as a boy, rode on the roundup with these men is crossed out] Photo courtesy Mrs. Picture of 2 men, 2 horses, 1 cow, 1 man bending over, 2nd man branding cow. Return to Harry E. Picture of 2 men and 1 woman sitting down eating lunch. Cowboys chuckwagon horses cows buffalo grass. This photographic view shows a cowboy having some fun with the cook. Picture of a cowboy grabbing a bottle off the chuckwagon and the cook is threatening him with a long piece of wood.

Was mounted in a mat frame with writing on it. Picture is a head to mid-chest shot of Burris Wright in a suit with hat and glasses on. Burris Wright man men cowboy Cimarron. HEC Brand was L. He was inspector for the Southwest Cattleman's Assn for years.

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Here, on visit to Crooked L in , Bernard roped the photographer. Bernard rode on roundup of , wrote story of it. Picture is of man roping the photographer. There is another man behind him on a horse. They are in an open field. Bernard Lemert roping horses Mr. Property of [stamp] Harry E. Chrisman, Lane D, Apt. Locke sent this picture of Wright to Al Olive, Dodge City, with the following inscription on the back: Chrisman that when Frank Locke showed him a picture of Al Olive and asked if he knew him he replied, "Hell yes, he was our old Cookie on the roundup.

Photo is of an elderly man. His shoulder and head are showing. He is in a suit and tie. Mildred Douglas Return photo to Harry E. Woman cowgirl stands with one arm raised and the other at her side holding cowboy hat; vest and chaps have fringe and conchos. Photo has tape on top and bottom back. Don Bell Days Doubleday female cowboy conchos female cowboy woman fringed vest fringed chaps boots.

Photo has tape on back middle. Cow herd in background, string of horses tethered, wagon with 2 men standing next to it and 1 man bending down. Photo courtesy Jack Best. Copy G-2 [note] Job H Ref Photo is of 5 men on horseback with rifles or shotguns. Looks like a picture of a newspaper article. There is columned text below the photo and to the left side. Sharkey the bull cowboy rodeo crowd saddle cowboy hat Doubleday and Gustin. JJ Ranch cowboys horses open range.

Horses in background, wagon behind men. Cowboys originals by Kirkland, Cheyenne, Wyoming. Reproduction of print is subject to use fee order Notice this material may be protected by copyright law title 17 U. Cowboys originals Kirkland F [note taped to photo] Q.

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What sort of saddle horses did the old-time range cowboys ride? The photographer Kirkland of Cheyenne caught this excellent group of saddlehorses on the Roundup near Cheyenne. It depicts the general mustang stock the cowmen used in the 's and 's on the Wyoming range. Some of the stock had, by this time, been crossed with Morgan, American Bred Saddler and even Thoroughbred stock. Even traces of the Texas Steel Dust breeding remained in these fine saddle horses.

Picture is of men with horses; some men are sitting on ground. Cowboy transportation horse roundup Cheyenne, Wyoming saddle horse. Merchant and his daughters. He owned ranch 23 mi. So of Liberal in Photo is of 2 women and 1 man between the women. There are drapes behind them. They are shot from the waist up. Looks like the lady on the left is holding a fan.

Mr Merchant and his daughters Mr. Merchant No Man's Land Cowboy women man family early settlers. Man sitting in front playing violin fiddle. They are in a building. Banker, Hobbs, New Mex. Cattle herd in background. Photo has tape and tape tear mark on back top. Photo has pencil lines drawn on back. John Leakey is 5th from left standing over table. Doubleday "Teddy" was purchased in from the Ranch in Oklahoma. Four seconds was the longest any rider ever stayed on his back.

In at Madison Square Garden they offered a insert symbol large prize to anyone staying aboard a full five minutes. Trees in far back then fence with people on it and in front of it. Doubleday [back] John Hartwig thrown from "Bovolopug" - photo by R. High fence in background; man in midair off of bull. Bull is dark with white spot on forehead. Man's hair is sticking straight up. Photo is of a man dressed in cowboy hat and boots.

He is standing with his hands behind him. Looks like a field in far background. There is a wood fence behind and to the left of him. Looks like there are machines or something in the field. He is possibly standing in a corral. His shadow is showing on the ground to the right. Don Bell Cowboy Fence. P P P P P Photo is of three men breaking a horse. There is one man on the ground. Looks like he gave the man on right a leg up. There is a man in mid air on the horse on the right.

The horse on the right has no saddle. He is being held by man on horse to the left. The horse on the right has a cloth over his eyes that is being removed from man on horse to the left. Man on horse to the left is sitting in a saddle. Photo is of a man riding a Saddle Bronc. The horses head is down and he is coming down on his front legs. His back legs are still touching the ground. There is a crowd behind a fence. Some are standing on top of something.

Others are standing on ground. There are 2 or 3 men in the corral by the fence. There is a shadow of horse and rider under and to right of horse. Photo is of a man getting thrown from a bucking bull. The man is sliding off towards the camera. The bull's head is down. Can not see the bull's feet. There is a rig and bucking strap on the bull.

There are tall wood pens behind the bull. There are 2 men standing next to the pens. One man's arm is resting on wood. There is tape on top front of photo. There is a tape tear mark on the top right front side. Photo is of a man standing in front of a building. He is holding a saddle in his right hand and a bridle in his left hand.

There is a window directly behind him. He is wearing a cowboy hat, boots, and jacket. Don Bell Cowboy Harry E. Chrisman Saddle Bridle Building Window. Photo has tape on top front corners and tape marks on left bottom front side. Shadow of head and hat in chute.

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No date circa Picture of a man on a bucking bull in an open area. Bull riding bull cowboy Doubleday photo Teddy bull E. Man falling off of saddle bronc. Man has the number 22 on the back of his shirt. Fence, people and horses in background. Please send me the annals of Wyo back as it is the only one I have. You still have our invitation to visit a couple old timers. From the desk of Walt Thayer; W. Thayer Box Wenatchee, Wash.

For 20 years I kept old negatives of N. Now I suddenly get a request for several good photos of "active bucking horse scenes. Do you have such a thing I could borrow for a few days? Will return them promptly. Went to see an old rodeo man, 86 Monday and found him in a nursing home; so no chance of photos from him. I still have some group photos of rodeo riders dating back to I am sending you some of my pictures Was in a manila envelope. This letter has 2 pages. Steel Milt Hinkle Mrs. Day Coin, Oklahoma George Whitaker. Chrisman - your very courteous letter need. Willard was born in Pott.

And never having lived in the area of which you speak he has nothing to add t the History. But as his wife also from Kansas I would be very pleased to read your book. I do remember that the Cim-River ran through Okla. Not too distant from Faxan. Willard Anderson Ave. I enclose a "not very good picture" I hoped to find one that was autographed but failed at this time. Sent her copy of L. Jess Willard Heavyweight champion of the world Pott. Return to Henry C. Hitch Box Guymon, Okla. Small written in pencil on the note. Not certain why or what it means.

Man had a "shell" saddle looked like something that bad few stolen from the Indians. He arrived for Penny Brothers. Caught big steer that had broken [rank] several times from the thoroughbred herd. Steer made hard run and Texas man's riata ass tried first. Jerked the old flat tree clean out of saddle, left cowboy looking mighty foolish. Text is very hard to read. Penmanship is very poor and the age of the document doesn't help. June 8, - Mr. Chrisman Maverick Publications Incorporated W. Your request for photographic material to be used in a magazine article on locoweed has been referred to this office for reply.

This bulletin used a photgraph of a locoed hirse and photographs of typical symptoms of locoism. The wooly or prple loco plant, Astragalus mollissimus, is one of these seven, but the other species, due to their toxicity and their regional occurrence, are probably just as significant hazards for livestock in the West. Your request for photographs has been referred to the Department of Agriculture's Photographic Division with the suggestion that they send you a print of the horse photograph shown in Farmers' Bulletin No.

Mathews, which includes photographs of locoed animals. You may wish to see this bulletin as well as some of the following publications pertaining to the same subject: The Veterinary Student, Fall Iowa State College, Ams, Iowa. Locoine, the Poisonous Principle of Locoweed. June 20, - Mr. ChrismanMaverick Publications Incorporated W. We are pleased to send you the enclosed photogrpahs in response to your request of June 8, Your work in furthering information concerning agriculture is appreciated and we hope these photographs may be of assistance to you.

There is no charge for these photographs but we would appreciated your returning the ones you do not need. In that way, we can serve others at less cost. Thank you for your interest. If we can be of further service please let us know. Didn't mail any pix. Letter from Jean E. Jeffrey to Harry and Cathy. At long last I am returning the two cassette tapes" Hodges and thanked her for her letters and photos Jack Bailey, Storey Blvd.

First of all, I want to apologize for being so late in acknowledging your good letter and the fine pix you sent by Doubleday. I certainly appreciate then and have added them to my collection, which will pass on to some good repository where they will receive good care and be made available to other writers in the future. If you have others you would care to pass along, do so, for it is a shame so may old papers, letters and pictures are thrown away when an old timer dies. My mother was a great "saver" and I inherited a lot from her, family geneology, etc, etc.

Her brother, Ray Hunter, was a rodeo performer back in and she had several good photos of him bronc riding and bull-dogging but somehow they were lost or taken from her collections. What I wouldn't give to have them now Acknowledgement of letter and thanks Wyoming. Box , San Diego, Calif. I am sending you here with 19 photos to have reproduced into size 5x7-inch pictures. There may be one or two negatives in the group, so no need to make a negative for them, just use the negatives enclosed. Since I do not have your current Rate Sheet, please send me a bill and I shall remit before you send back the pictures.

This material is for a book in process, so please get the work done for me at your earliest opportunity, Thanks Harry E. Chrisman Make 1 5x7" Photo Glossy of each. Return Pix with care, please. We took our trip to Santa Cruz and I am late sending these pictures to you. I was in such a rush before we left I didn't get around to it. I had no trouble finding them. We have had two nice rain storms in 1 week.

Larry got his mid term grades and he received a B average. We are so proud of him. Joan has been working at hte Telephone Co. Her and John are still going out just as often. In fact he went to Santa Cruz with us. Glenn is 5 ft. Lawrence and I are as sassy as ever and I'm not going to tell you how much I weigh! Ha I gained 2 lbs on the trip. I'm going to get this letter off right away with the pictures. Im bad in need of a few pictures of Mildred Douglas Chrisman - do you have?

Im so happy Ronnie Reagan got his sunny vacation during all the crisis we are having. Three million Bucks shot down the tube, but we as peon taxpayers will pick up the slack. Don handwritten [handwritten on side of letter] She was Mrs. Pat Chrisman [bottom of stationary] dedicated to the advancement of rodeo and preservation of western heritage. Letter to unknown person from unknown person; mostly typed on letterhead; two things handwritten.

Mildred Douglas Chrisman Mrs. Pat Chrisman Willard Porter W. April 16, Dear Don: On this day, , my old Dad died at Scottsbluff, Nebr. Be sure to return photo and negative when through with them. Response to L2-F1a; letter to unknown person from unknown person; all typed except for signature - on some type of business paper. Box Billings, Montana Thanks much ole Buddy Stay well kid and Minnie too. I have written Mildreds Bio for Wold of Rodeo. Response to L3-F1a; letter to unknown person from unknown person; all typed except Re: Letter from Hungate Family Historical Society.

Chrisman, Thank you for your letter of December 10, Goes with newspaper clipping and negative of Billy the Kid spurs. Copy of Christmas card from Burris Wright. Sent me by L. It's the day when we check the brands on the tally sheets of a dyin' year while passin' another mile stone on the long trail. Holland cowboy No Man's Land Christmas. Laughlin, The two pictures of the lecturer and the phonograph etc. Moomaw has the information about the man and could tell you. I believe he originally obtained the pictures from a person in Washington or Oregon who corresponded with him. It runs in my mind his name may have been Gilman, as he was a photographer there in Reddington.

Joe has ancestors by the name of Henton, who, according to records, owned land adjoining that owned by Mordicai Lincoln. Also, the Boone families owned land opposite them and a cousin of Daniels married one of Joe's relatives. It's written in a book by one of the Henton relatives who is is living in Portland, Oreg. We have a copy if you would like to read it sometime.

We have quite a number of old pictures of the Henton's, so wonder if "Abe's" might be an "original. Are they polaroid prints? What kind of preservative do they need? Are they regular prints or newspaper cuts?? Denver To Joe Fairchild: As I re-filed the old photos of the lecturer and his phonograph etc. Joe" stating you hand a Henton background. She mentioned the man from Oregon, George Henton, who wrote the Henton genealogy. I have a copy, now loaned to someone, but we never found the line to which we belong a Mary Henton, or Hinton underlined who lived in Rockingham County, Va.

He lives in Arvada, and we see them frequently. He has three girls and a boy, all half grown. Thanks for your help and regards. He, as you said did not give the correct names of some of the people and places but I was able to recognize most of them. He had quite a life. I also like the magazines good reading. Thought you might like the story about Jack on the back page of the paper. Come see us again Sincerely, Bob. Issuing Cattle to Indians on Rosebud Reservation - neg.

Negative was in a negative envelope which says: Ruins at Old Fort Union, N. Harvesting wheat with Header. N N N E It is stamped over with the Denver address. Note that was taped on is with P Hancock wedding day Charles E. Hancock Lottie Grace Hancock May 1, 61st wedding day. The glue holding front and back together has come unstuck. There is a stain on front of the back piece. Parents of Charles E. Harry Chrisman took the above photo.

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Burris Wright Cimarron cowboy man men. Negatives N and N were in an envelope which was in this mat frame. Kansas women gathering cow chips - era Neg only. Women Kansas Cow chips era Negatives Pioneers. P P E20 N Billy Custer, Rancher and Store Owner derby hat 2. Lee Larrabee, Store clerk, later prominent businessman at Liberal, Ks. There was negative in a negative envelope with: Billy Custer, Rancher - Store keeper 2. Lee Larrabee, clerk later prominent businessman at Liberal, Ks. P P E22 N P P N E Rock Island map with states and towns. The inset map shows the heartland section of the United States covered by this great railroad system.

Map used by permission of the Rock Island Lines. Can't tell if the animals are sheep or cattle in the negative. Some look like sheep, with black faces and white body, while others look like they have the build of a cow. They are out in the middle of open ground, further back in the picture is a herd. There is a hill and a group of trees in the background. Man is sitting on a saddled horse posing for a picture. He looks to be in a suit and hat, with tall riding boots on. He and the horse are in front of some trees, and there is a fence in the background.

Looks like there is some kind of decorative boarder around picture on negative. Street scene of Beaver, Oklahoma.

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  • Chrisman Collection detail, Liberal Memorial Library.

The buildings are made of wood. There is a large dirt street running in between the buildings. There is a row of buildings, very close together, on both sides of the street. The first building on the right might be a general store according to the partial lettering on the side. Can see a small path in the brush leading to the general store in the foreground of the negative.

Beaver Oklahoma Main Street street scene wood buildings businesses general store dirt street scrub grass and other brush dirt path Kodak. Babbitt and family on porch of house. Man with wife and children standing on house porch to pose for photo. Three boys stand in front, tallest on left and decending to right. Woman holding baby behind middle boy, and man in back on right. They look to be wearing their best clothes -- suits for the men. Two of the boys are wearing a hat. Looks like there was a tear in the negative at the bottom. Babbitt woman children boys house Ansco.

Large group of people pose for picture. There are rows of people, and the group spans the length of the negative. There are men, women and children in the group, all wearing very nice clothing. Men are in suits, women in dresses and fancy hats. Children are also dressed nicely. Could be a family reunion? Group in front of trees. The original picture has Wyoming [another word I can't make out] written in pencil on the bottom. The negative is pretty dark and has a large shadow on the right. Looks like there is a cattle herd in the background.

There might be a wagon-wheel rut in the foreground of the picture. JJ Outfit cowboys horses chuckwagon cattle Day Kodak. Three deer stand in the far distance on the plains. Nothing on the plains but grass. Three cowboys unsaddle horses. Large herd of horses fenced in. JJ camp cowboys horses saddles plains. Seven cowboys sit on their horses facing the camera.

There is a large herd of cattle in the background. Looks like they are on the plains. Sod house with trees around it. There are a couple of barrels in the picture, one up by the house and one in the yard. There is a fence on the right side of the picture. Might be a sheet hanging over fence. Secoro's Ranch sod house Beaver County, Oklahoma trees fence barrel. Woman cowboy rides saddlebronc at rodeo; grandstands full of spectators in background.

Prairie Rose "Miss Cheyenne" Frontier Days Doubleday spectators fence woman cowboy horse saddlebronc rodeo rodeo arena grandstands. Cowboys eating around chuckwagon on round-up. Seven cowboys sit around chuckwagons for dinner. Pots and other supplies are on the ground beside them. There are two wagons in the picture, one on the left and one on the right. A team of horses is still attached to the one on the right. Might be a herd of cattle in the background.

Several bison or buffalo are grazing on the plains. There are calves with the full-grown buffalo. Sod house with a little girl standing beside it. It looks like she might be holding a puppy or something else. House has one window on the end. House sits among trees. House has two chimneys on top. It looks like it's two story, with a window on the top and a door on the front. People beside their home built into a hill. A sod house is built into the side of a hill.

A man stands on top? A team of horses pulling a wagon looks like it is on top of another part of the house, while the woman is standing on the hill below the house. There are at least seven cowboys and a herd of horses behind them. There is a wagon in the background, and some of the cowboys are beside it. Woman and four children stand in front of sod home. Man holding reins to two horses stands to the side of the home.

At least three of the children are girls because they are wearing dresses. The other is a baby and is in a high chair. Family stands behind rabbits hung on stick. Eight rabbits hang upside down from a stick. Man holding rifle or other gun stands behind them, with his wife who is holding a child. Three children are on mule at right; two children on mule at left. Looks like a house or other building in the background.

Save yer pennies, kids. (Mixville: The Life and times of Jubal Tom Mix McCabe Book 2)

Several cowboys stretched out on blankets on the ground in front of a wagon. There is one cowboy sitting up beside wagon and holding a rifle or other gun. Some cowboys are leaning up on their elbows, while others are laying flat. There is a dog laying beside one cowboy. There are approximately cowboys in the picture.

Four dogs attack a coyote on the plains. Three of the dogs are biting the coyote, and one is looking back toward the plains. Woman rides saddlebronc at rodeo; stands with people in background. Smith spectators telephone pole woman cowboy saddlebronc horse rodeo rodeo arena grandstands. The cook is holidng a long stick or rod like he's going to throw it at the cowboy, who is crouching at left of photo.

Cowboy is holding what looks like a bottle. There is a chuckwagon in the background, and pots and other supplies on its shelves. There is a horse beside the cowboy and another horse behind the cook. McQuillan Guymon, Oklahoma pans plate bottle. Five cowboys are riding their horses; they are silhouetted on top of a hill.

At least four of the horses are bucking. Second cowboy from the right has his hand in the air, holding his hat. The last horse on the right is just standing still. Seven cowboys are sitting on the ground around a campfire while two cowboys stand up behind them. They are warming their feet and hands in the fire.

There is a wagon and a tent in the background. Wagon could be a chuckwagon. Several cowboys or men dancing together and one playing a fiddle or violin. The men are wearing nice clothing, with suspenders, vests or ties.

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  5. Four couples of men are dancing together. Three men standing in background. Binging Calves to brand. Two cowboys on horseback pull calves behind them with a rope. The calves are fighting the rope. There is a large herd of cattle behind the cowboys and one calf off to the right. Group of cowboys playing a card game.

    One looks like he's drawing poker chips to him, while all others around him have a gun or knife drawn on him. At least 12 men in photo. Positive image on negative paper. A train is moving through a town in the background. There is a field and dirt road on the picture. Train's engine is billowing smoke. Remnants of building, most likely brick. Part of a wall still standing, and several columns of brick from corners of building. No other buildings around it, but is some yucca plants and other plains shrubs. Large building on the plains -- no other buildings around it or in the background.

    It has square features and many windows. There are two main stories, plus two more towers on back side. Longhorn cow lays down on the plains in front of several trees. The cow is looking at the camera. There is another cow sitting in the background among the trees. There is a telephone pole in the background also.

    A box of red pencil is drawn around the two cows. Cowboy on "Teddy" at North Platte, Nebraska rodeo. Ball on "Teddy" North Platte, Nebr. Cowboy rides longhorned bull at rodeo; cowboy on horse at far left. Bull standing in the plains in front of several trees. Looks like it might be a longhorn. He is facing left in the photo. A box of red pencil is drawn tightly around the bull. Three longhorn cows are running across the open land.

    There are hills in the background and trees. One cow is standing still on the left. Visible is the cab of a vehicle, like someone took the photo from the windshield of a car. A box of red pencil is drawn around running cattle and part of the trees in the background. A herd of longhorn cattle are on the open plains. There are hills in the background, and one tree on the left. Two cows are in the foreground, one slightly farther back to the right, and the rest of the herd in the background. Visible is part of a vehicle's window, like someone took the photo from the window of a car.

    Also visible is the road or highway. A herd of longhorn cattle are in the background. In foreground is a large tree. There is a house or other building also in the background, along with a telephone pole and lines. Four cows are standing and several are laying down in the field. A box drawn in red pencil is around the cattle and house in the background. A longhorn cow stands on the left of negative, facing right.

    A calf and other longhorn cow sit on ground behind shrub or small tree.

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    Other trees in the background. In red pencil is a box around the calf and cow sitting on the ground. One longhorn cow sits on the plains, facing the camera. There are several trees and a telephone pole and telephone pole lines in the background. A box in red pencil is drawn around the cow. A herd of cattle stand among trees on a pasture or on the plains. There is a house or other building in the background, and a telephone pole and lines. There is one longhorn visible in the bunch. There is a red box drawn around the closest group of cattle.

    A longhorn cow and a calf sit on the ground behind a shrub or small tree. Another longhorn cow is on the left side of the negative, but only its head is visible. The cattle could be in a pasture or on the plains. Telephone poles and lines are in the background. Four longhorn cows walk through a pasture or the plains. There are hills in the background, and some trees. Possibly a small lake or pond in background also. Two of the cows are light colored, one is mostly dark and the other is multicolored. Product details File Size: June 20, Sold by: Share your thoughts with other customers.

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