Secret Guides: The Secret Benefits of Lemon and Honey

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My skin is so thin a burn takes the layer of skin off. Skin grew in and just healed and left no scar. The one on my knee wood stove door has a slight color difference at a certain angle but otherwise, great healer and no infection. Been using Wedderspoon for years for many issues. This is one medicine that has no pull date! Wow Helen, this blog post is spectacular! I can tell you took great care in your writing and have a heart for delivering value. I loved the sex drive section. I have no idea that honey worked for that area of peoples lives. Thank you for this delicious article.

Hope you have a wonderful day! Helen, im allegric to honey. My mate and I raise La Mancha Goats for milk and the pleasure of interacting with our goats as pets. I also have a few Bee hives that produce enough wild forest honey to meet our personal needs. I do a lot of research and experimenting. The thing I love most is when I come across a food that is BOTH satisfying to the taste buds and nutrient rich for the body. I would suggest that chocolate goats milk is the super foods of super foods. Do some research and you will likely understand why I make that statement. Organic Coco, unpasteurized organic fed goats and wild forest raw honey is what I use to make my chocolate milk.

I like the flavor of dark chocolate, plus I want as much coco in my body as I can, so this is how I make it;. Remove the pan from the heat and allow it to cool down below degrees minutes and then add the honey. Mix will and store it in a mason jar in the fridge. The honey amount is a close estimate, I make it to suit my taste. Now I realize that this is not even possible for most people to do, sad to say. What I mean is this;. I would not ever use commercial milk for a number of reasons.

Most commercial cows milk is adulterated with e bovine, synthetic Vit. D, puss and blood, not to mention the diets of the cows, the conditions they live in and the fact that it is pasteurized which destroys any benefits that may have been there. At least a pint glass per day, but usually at least 2 pints per day is what I consume. Thank you for sharing. Bless to you and your mate and La Mancha goats and wild forest bees.

Thanks a lot for that post!

Also, as I know honey and its products are essential for tooth health. This entire article is awesomeness! Thank you so much for sharing. There were benefits that I was aware of, but so much more that I was not. I will definitely share this with others. Between raw honey and apple cider vinegar, we have the answer to most ailments. Thank you for your feedback! I would appreciate you sharing it: Thanks so much for your knowledge of honey. I live in North Africa and am always buying honey and it always contains dead bees, debris and other bee body parts that I found to be quite disgusting until I read your article.

Now ive learned that im getting a high quality of honey. Once again, thanks so much. Simply wish to say your article is as amazing. The clearness in your post is simply nice and i can assume you are an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission allow me to grab your RSS feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please carry on the rewarding work. I was married to a 4 generation beekeeper for 17 years, so I know the values of honey.

The Secret Benefits of Onion and Garlic

I am writing a family cookbook and was seeing if there was any new info that I was not aware of when it comes to honey, bees, and bee products. I found your article very interesting and would like to include some of the recipes you have listed in my cookbook. I am so pleased to learn new ways to use honey. I have several honey recipes for different foods using raw honey that is not cooked that I have used throughout the years. My in-laws had 6 children, and only one child knew what the inside of a doctors office or hospital looked like.

That was because of appendicitis.

They were all raised on honey and very little sugar. I loved the post about the goats. This cookbook is only for family and close friends and will not be sold. I would like your permission to use your recipes, and I will give you the credit and post where I got the recipes from. Thank you for a great article. Hi, In one part of the article you talk about honey being good for energy.

In the summer, I'm often drinking cold lemon or lime water throughout the day as a refreshing beverage. For starting your day and preparing your body for digestion, luke-warm or warm is probably the best way to drink your lemon water.

Bet You Didn’t Know These Secret Uses of Lemon

Worried about the effect of the citrus on your tooth enamel? Drink your lemon water through a straw! My favorite variety is the Meyer lemon. It's a bit sweeter than other lemons and really has a delicious flavor. Lucky for me, my parents have a tree that produces abundantly in the winter I love how God designed citrus to be available when we need it most! Meyers are easy to find at the market though, too, and they are also great for baking and cooking.

When lemons are in abundance, I'll also juice some and freeze them in ice cube trays to have "fresh" lemon juice at my disposal at all times. I do recommend straining out most of the pulp before freezing, so the cube dissolves easier in a glass of water. Do any of you, dear readers, start your day with lemon water? Have you noticed any of its benefits? Honey sweetened sparkling lemonade with flavor options From the archives: A 30 minute spring wreath tutorial 4 steps to prioritize the mending pile.

This makes me wish I liked lemon in my water! I wonder if we can still get the benefits of lemon in another form? Have you heard of or tried True Lemon. Mucho convenent at work. The regular ones are super sour! I love this info! Funny thing is the first person I remember recommending it for health is Richard Simmons way back in I think limes are even a more helpful source of alkaline alkali?

I do love either in hot water and a bit of honey, especially first thing in the morning. Also, my teens and husband drink more water when I keep a clear glass pitcher of lemon or lime water in the refrigerator. I love lemon water. I let it sit overnight in fridge and strain in the morning — therefore having a nicely infused pitcher of water. I add a slice of cucumber and lemon to my water. I like the taste of water with either cukes or lemons, but I think the combined taste is great, too. I like to keep a pitcher of it in my fridge.

Thanks so much for explaining it! I never knew why lemon water was recommended, and I would have thought it was acidic too. I too use lemon in my water…I love it! But you have to make sure you get a really high quality kind that is safe for ingesting. I love your little lemon tree…I might have to get one of those! Just this morning I spotted two ripe lemons on my dwarf meyer lemon tree that I adore so I went out picked them, and we all started our day that way! And yes, God is amazing to make citrus a winter season fruit: Now I have something to pass along.

I always go through a Costco-sized bag of them each week during pregnancy, but I felt a little guilty because i thought it was hard on my body and my teeth. This was great to read. The realistic truth is that people need to recognize the truth about Alkaline Water and all the benefits it will give you. We need to get the word out about Alkaline Water. They would be out of business if we all were all healthy and did not need them any longer. The elementary facts are that it works. It cleanses the body of contaminants that we put it by everyday living, lets the body do its job of healing itself, and restores your natural wellness.

In addition, irrespective what Machine you buy, the alkaline water is going to help you feel better. Check it out for yourself and you make the call. Eventually, lemons were harvested not only for culinary purposes but for other—including medicinal—uses. In , famous Scottish physician James Lind conducted experiments on seamen who suffered from scurvy by adding lemon juice to their diets. Today, we all know lemons are most commonly found in kitchens, but they are also used in many other ways:. It should come as no surprise that the numerous important applications of lemons stem from their robust properties.

Lemons have a lot of nutrients, and consuming lemons can bring you many health benefits. Here are just a few:. Water supplies many benefits on its own, but by adding lemon, you will get the added flavor and nutrients, including antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. When you start your morning with a glass of hot water and the juice of half a lemon, you can reap the following benefits:. Drinking a glass of water, especially warm water, in the morning after going hours without a sip is a good way to hydrate your body.

Giving your body adequate water when you wake up is a great way to prepare your body and your mind for the day ahead.

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Drinking warm water with lemon in the morning is an Ayurvedic practice that helps to clear the digestive tract of toxins that have built up overnight. The liver is extremely active during sleep, since this is when your body restores and regenerates itself. Drinking lemon water in the morning allows you to flush out the toxins that have built up over night. Lemon water can help to relieve symptoms of indigestion such as heartburn, burping, and bloating.

As mentioned above, lemons contain vitamin C. When you drink lemon water first thing in the morning, it gives your body an immune boost. Recent studies have found that daily lemon digestion is linked to lowering blood pressure, especially for people who are at high risk for high blood pressure and cholesterol. Many of us rely on coffee caffeine in the morning to wake up, but one of the best benefits of lemon water in the morning is that it can boost your energy! Staying hydrated and the vitamin C in lemons are also good for reducing the effects of chronic stress by being directly involved in the production of cortisol stress hormone in your adrenals.

When you are under chronic stress, a common consequence is adrenal fatigue a depletion of hormones that causes fatigue, body aches, low blood pressure, lightheadedness, etc. Therefore, vitamin C is essential for the recovery of your adrenal glands. Additionally, just the scent of a lemon has been found to reduce stress levels and help improve mood.

The citric acid in the lemon contains antibacterial properties as mentioned above that can kill the bacteria that causes bad breath. The vitamin C in lemons also promotes collagen production, which helps produce smooth, healthy skin. Drinking water, especially warm lemon water, first thing in the morning, can help you increase your metabolism and maintain a healthy weight. Before you make lemon-infused water, here are a few tips for selecting lemons so that you can get the most out of your drink:.

Here is a simple and easy recipe to increase your vigor and vitality every morning. Other optional ingredients can also be added to customize your lemon water to your personal preferences, such as mint, honey, ginger, basil, cucumber, or strawberry.

First thing in the morning before you consume any other food or beverages, pour the warm or hot water into a cup. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon. Mix together and sip slowly.