The Diet to Stop Smoking - Reduce or Regain Weight and Feel Great

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But the biggest part was exercise.

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Dealing with Weight Gain

I had been completely sedentary -- the only exercise I got was a ski trip once a year and walking around Manhattan. So I started going to the gym three or four days a week, doing weight training and cardio. Another thing that was important: When I quit smoking , I avoided the bars, and I wasn't getting all those calories from alcohol! I actually managed to lose about 20 pounds while quitting smoking , and I've kept most of it off.

Why It's Hard to Quit Smoking Without Weight Gain

I have to be honest, though. It's hard, because my husband smokes too. We quit together, and when he started again, it was hard for me not to. It's really an ongoing process. On average, people who quit smoking gain about 10 pounds, according to Trina Ita, Quitline counseling supervisor for the American Cancer Society.

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One of the best ways to avoid weight gain while quitting smoking is just what Baltimore did: Exercise also has the additional benefit of helping you burn off the nervous energy many smokers struggle with when they quit. Studies show that people who exercise while quitting smoking gain much less weight, and are twice as likely to kick the habit as those who don't.

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Besides eating a healthy diet and exercising more, here are some other tips to help you avoid gaining the "kick the habit 10":. Smoking Cessation Feature Stories. Weight gain while quitting smoking can be traced to two factors. First, you eat more. If you're not smoking, you want to put something else in your mouth.

How Can I Avoid Weight Gain When I Stop Smoking?

Since you now can smell and taste food better, things like sugary and sweet foods become very attractive. Parosmia is term used to describe health conditions that distort your sense of smell. If you have parosmia, you may experience a loss of scent….

Self Sabotage - Why Do We Gain Weight After We Stop Smoking?

Cooper's ligaments are bands of tough, fibrous, flexible connective tissue that shape and support your breasts. Over time or after multiple….

7 Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight After You Quit Smoking

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Jaundice is a symptom of an underlying condition. The short answer is no. However, some of the underlying conditions that….

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