The Dragons Princess

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Our Maximum Mayhem Dungeons series continues to redefine the genre while preserving the classic look and feel of the original style we all love.

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Once upon a time the kingdom of Thorin Vale was prosperous and benevolent but fell on dark times with the death of the King. A new hope was rising as his only daughter, the Princess was set to marry the King's bravest royal knight restoring the kingdom to ultimate power. However on the wedding day, the evil Dragon Maelfesto attacked the castle by surprise and swiftly took control! The serpent drove everyone out and took the princess captive in the caverns below, wickedly enchanting the palace!

The groom went in with a party of rescuers to save her but never returned. Riches beyond your wildest imagination will be gained for the ones who save the fair maiden, defeat the wicked beast and return alive from the Palace of the Dragon's Princess!

At last, a classic "rescue the princess" module for you with the usual Maximum Mayhem Dungeons twists and turns you know and love! In fact, one of YOUR player characters could potentially end up ruling a kingdom Watch the video below for more information on the adventure and box set! A Dragon Cult has taken up residence inside the ruined castle and they are ruled by a mysterious leader known as the "Master. Hmmm, somebody seems more interested in the ultimate magical power the Unification Rings will bring himself and kingdom more than his bride!

I'm not sure the Master would approve. The Master doesn't like Demi-Humans or Familiars. It will be dark soon. I just don't know.

Princess and Dragon

You'll be dead before you ever hear him utter the words, "and I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids! Before the Dragon Maelfesto attacked the castle, there was a beautiful topiary of plants shaped like animals in the central gardens. After the castle was turned into ruins the plants became overgrown and misshapen until the Dragon Cult arrived and promptly began trimming them into hideous winged and clawed monsters.

This pleased the Maelfesto so much that he used his magic to enchant the plants to become animated and attack any intruders venturing into the Keep! Adventurers - Dragon Wins" artwork by Hugh Vogt! The Dragon attacks a group of hapless adventurers and burns them to a crisp with a fire blast!

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Yes this thing smells as bad as it looks, complete with body odor, bad breath, fart and unwashed flesh aromas. How does it move? It secretes a magical sweat that allows it motion, of course. If the Player Characters get devoured by the monster they will emerge from it as another appendage!

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The Dragons' Princess

See the rewards levels below! Click here to download the free 6 pack! To add-on any of the products below, simply include that additional amount to your pledge. Alan Chamberlain Technical Consultant: Ed Lacabanne Interior Artists: June 12th to June 30th, Project funds released around June 30th. Get all boxes, dice sets and dice bags ordered and ready to ship.

July 1st to August 1st, Completion of writing, InDesign layout and art gathering, play testing, proofreading, fixing all typos or mistakes. August 2nd to August 15th, Complete creation of any stretch goal items. Release Princess PDF file of module to backers. August 16th to Sep 1st, Book printing and final gathering of all box set contents.

A first edition styled character sheet themed for Humans will be created and included in a separate PDF file. A New Monster will be created, placed into the module and given a piece of art similar to the layout of our 1e style Monsters of Mayhem supplement. A black and white, full spread two page Centerfold Art piece will be created for the middle of the Palace of the Dragon's Princess!

A first edition styled character sheet themed for Elves, Dwarves, and Gnomes will be created and included in a separate PDF! So that's the plan! If you can't donate please share the links with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other forum that you think would like the project. Please like the Facebook page for more updates: You can also visit our website at: Check out the other modules below! Thank you again for your time and I look forward to making this project a reality for all the folks to enjoy! Below the Vampire Queen on her throne with her two lieutenants Sin and Diabolica!

Don't worry, they won't bite Yes if you win the arm wrestling challenge then you go free and you don't get your appendage ripped off like this poor unfortunate bastard below! Now he is out for blood from everyone - and revenge on the Vampire Queen as well for his year imprisonment! I hope your players can defeat Artimus in the Speedee Bike Race!

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If you lose you risk being ripped to shreds by hundreds of those Little Green Bastards in the stands! The Star Spawn "busts up the joint" with his dance moves!

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Panicking, the dragon burns it up immediately, but the inhalation of the smoke causes Kazul to fall ill. The plant is dragonsbane , poisonous to dragons. Kazul sends Cimorene to warn another dragon that the wizards are gathering dragonsbane. This news comes too late as the King of the Dragons has already been fatally poisoned. Although Kazul is still ill, she must leave to compete in the trials to choose the next King of the Dragons.

The princess and the dragon

The King is a King regardless of gender. Cimorene hurries through the dragon caves on errands for Kazul, where she meets a prince turned into a living statue. Based on information from the Stone Prince and Alianora, Cimorene realizes that the wizards poisoned the King with the help of Woraug. The wizards plan to interfere with the trials to allow Woraug to win the title of King. In exchange, Woraug will give them access to the Caves and magical items held by the dragons. Alianora discovers a way to melt wizards: Soapy water mixed with lemon juice.

With this discovery, and the help of her friends, Cimorene foils the wizards' plan. Meanwhile, Kazul wins the trials fairly and becomes the King of the Dragons. Reception to the novel has been positive. Kirkus Reviews called it "Smoothly written and ingenious fantasy", praising its non-stereotypical female protagonists. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dealing with Dragons Cover of first edition.


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