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It is about learn how to react to situations in a better way.

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Can you help me, please?

How to view things in a better way, meditation and calming your spirit. DBT therapy is used for the above issues and more. Read some of buddhas teachings Good luck with your recovery. Thinking that you don't fit in and feeling isolated can be upsetting.

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Do you feel that if you don't perform well then you are worthless or 'not good enough'? It sounds like you aren't comfortable in your own skin and look to prop yourself up with achievements or these 'arrogant' traits you were talking about? How do you feel about yourself in general? I'm really sorry to hear about the tough things you went through in your childhood, but that doesn't have to define you, or be a crutch that you have to carry.

What are some positive characteristics you like about yourself?

Help Me Please

You need to think of your interests and hone in on them. Something that makes you happy, something that puts even so much as a smile on your face. You need to keep your self busy with things you like to do. THat is where you will meet people with similar interests and similar traits.

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Those are the people that will accept you, and become your friend. However, like everything else in this world there will always be small hiccups that seem so much larger than what they appear to be. You your self just need to think out side of the box and look at the big picture. The big picture is this won't last forever, you just need some guidance. There are people that will help you. It is sad that your family may not be willing to help but someone else will.

There are great people in this world that you may not even know exist right now, but you'll meet them, and they will become your family.


Check out some things on the internet, look up pictures of the things you want, the way you want to live and set goals to get them. Even the smallest goal that you succeed will not only make you feel better about your self and your skills but will also lead up to the accomplishment of other and bigger goals. The number one thing is to never give up, because you just never know. YOu could be at your all time low yet right around the corner is great oppurtunity for you.

So sorry to read that you can related to Hallow.

If you would like to discuss what you are going through or want general support, then I encourage you to start a new thread. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Someone please help me i don't know what to do anymore.. Reply 0 High Fives.

That sounds like a lot of difficulty for just one person to have to go through. Hi, Some of what you are discribing is a reaction of the stress you are experiencing. You can look up on this site and other sites like Lifeline to work on your self talk. My psychiatrist told me to be patient, but I cant. Can someone please tell me what is going on with me? Or can suggest me an effective treatment in orden to talk with my psychiatrist about it? Please dont leave me alone with this, and dont let me down!

Thanks for your help! I'm glad you found this forum. Sometimes you need to try a few different anti-depressants before you find the right one for you. But it does take time for them to kick in and work. It's good that you have found some changes and have more energy. Your psych is correct is saying you need to be patient. I've been suffering depression for 3 yrs and it did take a few months before i started to feel slightly better. But i still every now and then feel empty and emotional. I wish there was a quick fix for depression but unfortunately i don't think so.

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