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In this episode we discuss pausing a romance, popping the question, and how to reheat french fries.

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Friends and "Hollywood Handbook" hosts join us to discuss fake beer, real babies, and work out regimens. Here we are, between real episodes, to give you a taste of what's going on over at Patreon.

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We dropped a bonus Thursday video episode of this podcast over there, so we figured we could give ev Listen Now. In this episode we announce our newest, most ambitious project yet: We discuss why we decided to launch this channel, as well as the shows c Listen Now.

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    if I were you or if I was you

    Friends and fellow podcasters Grace and Mamrie join us to discuss wedding gifts, hotel safes, and watching movies at 9am. Friends and fellow podcasters Lauren Lapkus and Jon Gabrus join us to discuss splitting bills, midnight shits, and having sex before dinner.

    In this episode we discuss pausing a romance, popping the question, and how to reheat french fries. American iTunes Chart Performance".

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