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Set in modern-day Washington state, the series features Harriet Truman, current owner of the long-arm quilting business founded by her aunt Beth. Loose Threads is the name of Foggy Point's quilting group. In the first book of the series, Quilt As Desired, Beth rescued Harriet from the deep depression of widowhood by asking Harriet to run Beth's long-arm quilting business while Beth took an extended cruise vacation.

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Harriet soon found out that Beth had actually retired and deeded the business to Harriet. While Harriet established herself in the community as a talented long-arm quilter, joined her aunt's long-time quilt buddies in the Loose Threads, and started a new relationship with young veterinarian Aiden Jalbert, she also happened to investigate a murder and thereby place herself in mortal danger.

Harriet also meets and befriends young Carla in the first book. Aiden also happens to be in Angel Harbor for the week, on veterinary business. At first, the only mystery to solve is who plagiarized a quilt designed by Lauren, one of the Loose Threads, who bullies Harriet into investigating. Then a murder occurs at the folk art school, followed by an apparent attempt on Aiden's life, then Lauren disappears. The police suspect Lauren of the murder due to her outspoken criticism of the murder victim, so Harriet investigates on her own, and again places herself in danger.


A subplot is Harriet's effort to bolster Carla's confidence and better her circumstances. The book is an enjoyable read for a quilter. Quilting and fiber arts techniques taught at the folk arts school are interesting. The woodsy setting of the school, all buildings scented with wildflowers and eucalyptus, all meals based on hearty soups, sounds restful and delightful. Taking a week off from everyday life to focus on quilting with a group of friends sounds wonderful. I recommend quilters start with the first book, to learn about Harriet, Loose Threads, Aiden and Carla.

I don't think the book would interest the average mystery reader who is not a quilter. The mysteries are not very compelling, due to the victim's abrasive personalities. The story continually mentions the Loose Threads quilters drinking tea, throughout the book. Drinking tea is not germane to solving the mysteries, nor is it key to any subplot, so you have to wonder why the author included it so often.

Harriet's relationship history with Loose Threads members is not explained, but it's not key to solving the mysteries.

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Although I read the first book, it was months ago; I cannot recall why Harriet hides eating cookies from Loose Threads members in this book. To any mystery reader, it is not credible that Harriet would repeatedly place herself in serious danger for these obnoxious victims who have personally offended and harassed her, or that when she is in danger, she would use extremely limited cell phone power to leave a message for her boyfriend instead of dialing for help. I will continue reading the series because I enjoy quilt-related books and I already purchased the third book, Quilt As You Go.

Feb 26, Nancy rated it liked it. Sep 16, Katarina rated it liked it Shelves: Not bad, but not brilliant either. I bought Quilter's Knot at a library book sale, mostly because it was a mystery that didn't look too dense.

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I also liked the idea of the quilting them. I expected it to be slightly more light-hearted than it actually was, but I can't really expalin why I expected humor, so that's not anything I feel disappointed by. The characters were fairly interesting, and neatly balanced, if rather 1-dimensional. I liked that there were characters that were nice and charming Not bad, but not brilliant either. I felt the plot was decent, and largely probable although I tend to be very believing.

I was a little disappointed that I as the reader didn't get more hints as to whodunnit.

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Do I solve the mystery? Not usually, but I like to try. The characters were missing a few facts, or maybe just not aligning them properly, and I felt that I was handicapped by that. In fact, the mystery was solved only AFTER it became painfully clear [trying to avoid spoileres here] who was behind it all.

That was, I think, the one thing about this book that I really would have liked done differently. On the whole, I got what I wanted out of this book-- a light, ever-so-slightly-suspensful beach read that I will pass along to a friend.

Quilter's Knot

Aug 08, Jeannie and Louis Rigod rated it really liked it. Harriet doesn't really want to attend, but, to keep harmony The first thing that happens to the 'Loose Threads' quilting groups nickname, is that the owner and quilting expert, Selestina Bainbridge, rants and raves at the new students orientation. Causing bad feelings, emotions are mixed when the next day, Ms. Bainbridge suffers a 'heart arrhythmia' and is rushed to ICU.

The group can't understand this as they have never heard of anyone dying from this ailment. I have clinically died from just this issue. It is sometimes an electrical malfunction and can cause a 'Sudden Death. Bainbridge has been poisoned. The police lean towards Lauren, one of the Loose Threads more vocal and possible victim of theft of her quilt design by the deceased. There follows, trucks being forced off the road, fires, and more. We learn a lot about the personalities of the Loose Threads individually and as a group. Harriet deals with her first romance since her Husband's passing and more.

This was a good solid murder mystery.

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  5. Very good explanation of quilting for non-quilters and you react to the personalities of the characters, or in my case. I enjoy this series. Aug 21, Julie Carpenter rated it really liked it. I am really enjoying this series about Harriet Truman. They are easy, clean, lighthearted reads. The book is well written and keeps you guessing throughout with little clues to lead you along until the final reveal at the end. I had my suspicions about who the murderer was but wasn't positive until the end. This series is not for someone who wants fast paced, violent murder mystery or thriller but for someone who does enjoy fun mystery novels.

    Harriet has taken over her aunt's long arm quilting mac I am really enjoying this series about Harriet Truman. Harriet has taken over her aunt's long arm quilting machine business and joined the local quilting group called the loose threads. The women in the group range from early twenties to grandmothers. The group go away for a week of quilting at an art school that is holding a conference. While there one of the loose threads members who is currently a student at the school accuses the owner of stealing her quilt design. The owner of the school is murdered and the student, Lauren, is accused of being the murderer.

    Harriet apparently has the knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time She is once again able to piece together who did it and why. I hope you enjoy it like I did. There are moments where the author goes into detail about quilting techniques but you can either read those parts or skim ahead. Jul 01, Gail rated it did not like it Shelves: I wanted to like this Harriet Truman is a bitter, negative woman who can't see a clue if it hit her on the head, and is ungrateful for the blessings in her life.

    She's got a hottie guy pursuing her and she's all in a twist because he's ten years younger. Look at the actuary tables, will ya, it will even out in old age. She's less bitter than the first book, but she sure can carry a grudge. Could have been both hilarious and interesting. Th I wanted to like this The quiling group from the gossipy, nurturing, claustrophobic small town goes on a quilting retreat with many eccentric quilting celebrities.

    Lots of quilting details. The author missed an opportunity for a good, poignant heart-warming story about Carla, the young unwed I hate that term mother living on the edge but learning the glory and beauty of quilting. I gave up halfway through, read the last chapter and found out I pegged the killer and the motive early on the book. This is the first that worked! Recent Activity Loading activity Korryn McMinn Finally I can download and read this ebook.

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