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Las grandes especies de perezosos como M. Megatherium americanum , Lestodon sp. We would like to thank Drs. MacFadden UF , J. Special thanks are due to Drs. Shockey for sharing with us unpublished data about Xenarthra, Dr. Argot MNHN for helpful corrections and comments to an earlier version of the text, and the two reviewers Dr.

Carlini MLP for criticisms of the manuscript. In contrast, our knowledge of Peruvian fossil land mammals is far from satisfactory. Hoffstetter ; and Marshall et al. The material presented includes a revision of the specimens previously cited and described by earlier authors and to summarize new Xenarthran material recently discovered. About thirty Peruvian localities with fossil Xenarthran assemblages will be presented.

Information collected for each locality includes the geology, stratigraphy, taphonomy, and age. A systematic study of all the specimens of known geographic origin and age from Peru is provided for both the Phyllophaga i. Geographical range, diversity, intraspecific variations, and adaptations will be also discussed. Three Mio-Pliocene mammal bearing sites are recognized from the Amazonian forest and one from the Peruvian Coast. Muizon latter collected several complete specimens in Pisco formation.

Thalassocnus antiquus late Miocene from Aguada de Lomas — T. Hoffstetter , and Marshall et al.

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Xenarthran sites here are described from North to South and separated into three broad regions, coastal, Andean, and Amazonian following Marshall et al. Only those specimens for which the locality is known are listed. Today the Peruvian coast is a desert, and except for, occasional oasis, with no vegetation.

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In part for this reason, paleontological sites are relatively abundant and often cover a large area. At the Cupisnique desert or those Pleistocene sites located on top of the Pisco formation, paleontological areas are often vast and may include several localities. Salas in high-energy alluvial Pleistocene deposits. It belongs to at least two adults of different size. The vertebrate fauna was discovered 14 km south-east of Talara city Marshall et al. According to McDonald for Scelidotheriinae , Esteban for Mylodontinae , and De Iuliis for Megatheriinae , the sloths present in Talara are Glossotherium robustum , Scelidodon chiliensis , and Megatherium elenense.

Chlamytherium and Pampatherium are synonym of Holmesina see Edmund, and the skeletal elements are extremely similar to the large Holmesina paulacoutoi from Brazil. The specimen size, astragalus morphology, and degree of hypsodonty of the dentary, correspond to the large tropical Megathere, Eremotherium laurillardi , commonly found along the northern Peruvian coast. Pujos, ; b; Pujos et al.

The Cupisnique Desert is located from 50 to km north of Trujillo city km north of Lima.


Pleistocene levels of the Cupisnique Desert are formed by heterometric breccia with large elements channel deposits where the fossiliferous levels are located , aeolian sands and windworn, and littoral limestones Pujos, b. Unfortunately, the specimen has disappeared before to be collected. Recent field work has permitted the discovery by M. Urbina and one of us F. Pujos of new specimens of Megatherium cf. Practically all the paleontological remains were discovered in caves, often by speleological expeditions.

Pujos, ; b; in progress , Megatheriinae indet. A visit by one of us R. Salas in , revealed that the material is now lost.

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This taxon, collected by one of us F. Pujos , was found and associated with Cervidae, and Muridae. Preserved floral remains indicate the presence of fern spores from the surrounding areas of the cavity Pujos, a. MUSM is a large Megatherium specimen. A partial postcranial Scelidotheriinae without locality information is deposited in UNMSM and could correspond to this specimen.

It was mounted by R. Scelidotherium according to Gervais, The fauna was studied and described by Gervais According to Marshall et al. It is also similar to M. One scelidothere humerus from the same locality is associated with MUSM The discovery was reported by Lisson UNI 1 was considered by Hoffstetter The small differences between both specimens are considered as intra-specific variations.

It is the most complete megathere skull from Peru. It is typical of the Andean Megatherium lineage recognized by Pujos et al. Its preservation does not permit a determination under the subfamily level. The Megatherium specimen was identified as Megatherium sp. The proximal epiphysis of the mylodontine humerus does not permit a determination beyond the subfamily level.

Hoffstetter considered that all the mylodontine remains from this area probably belong to Glossotherium sp.

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Pujos, b; Pujos et al. The megalonychid bones elements are under study Pujos, b; Pujos et al. The astragalus-calcaneum complex from Casa del Diablo Cave is similar to M. Remains were collected by Parodi during the fifties in the hacienda Ymata. Additionally, Willard mentions the presence of a Toxodontidae indet. A possible Pliocene Cingulata Glyptodontidae cf. They are present in some coastal localities, in nearly all of the Andes, and in three Amazonian sites.

Several plates have been discovered in the Talara Tar-beds and from the Cupisnique Desert Peruvian coast. Holmesina is absent in the Andes. Glyptodon clavipes is present in the Cusco and Puno areas. According to Hoffstetter Fossil sloths were apparently not limited by geographic barriers such as the Andes. They are rare in the Amazonian forest region essentially because of the absence of paleontological sites, but are common on the coast, and extremely abundant in the Andes. A detailed anatomical description of the specimen is necessary to appraise its relationships with Nothrotherium and Nothrotheriops from the Pleistocene of Brazil and North America respectively.

The Mylodontidae scelidothere Scelidodon chiliensis Figs. Scelidotherium leptocephalum has been found in Argentina Hoffstetter, and Uruguay Mones, The sub-complete scelidothere specimens from Peru, e. Moreover, the intraspecific variation in S.

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They are present in nearly all the Peruvian Pleistocene sites. Both Pleistocene genera, Megatherium and Eremotherium, are abundant in Peru. On the northern coast of Peru Megatherium and Eremotherium might have been sympatric. Move this previous sentence elsewhere, morphological variability has nothing to do with geographic distribution. The small sized temperate megathere M.

A systematic reassessment and paleogeographic review of fossil Xenarthra from Peru

A revision of M. The Andean megathere was more of a grazer than browser contrary to what is commonly considered for the largest plain-dwelling megatheres E. Moreover, pairs of large and small sized sloths have been recognized to have shared a common habitat, like the large M. A new small sized Megatherium species was discovered in both the coastal region and in the Andes of Peru Megatherium P. The only small sized megatheres known from in the Andes are M. Moreover, a large and peculiar megathere has been discovered in the northern part of the Peruvian Andes.

Pujos first considered this partial specimen as a megathere clearly distinct from Megatherium and Eremotherium. However, the discovery of additional material required Pujos to include this taxon in Megatherium genus Megatherium Pseudomegatherium sp. They are distinguished by the weak degree of hypsodonty in the mandible and a poorly twisted femur. The Andean lineage range seems to include northern Chile, Bolivian altiplano, and coast of Ecuador. Nika Glimstrasse 3 Innsbruck Austria - Phone no: Quandseite Schmidtgasse 7 Wels Austria - Phone no: Bloomside Bischofstrasse 4 Linz Austria - Phone no: O-lijfje Vredebaan 71 Mortsel Belgium - Phone no: Look 50 Vredestraat 10 Elsene Belgium - Phone no: Vinca Zuidstraat 13 Veurne Belgium - Phone no: Yankadi Magdalenasteenweg 13 Brussel Belgium - Phone no: Donna Mechelsesteenweg 5 Kontich Belgium - Phone no: Mayouty Donkersteeg 10 Gent Belgium - Phone no: Onieme Zandstraat 16 Herentals Belgium - Phone no: Succes Mollestraat 5 Asse Belgium - Phone no: Royale Parijsstraat 44 Leuven Belgium - Phone no: Ego Steenstraat 29 Brussel Belgium - Phone no: Coccas Lindekensstraat 2 Noorderwijk Belgium - Phone no: AS Adventure Kortrijksesteenweg St.

Denijs Westrem Belgium - Phone no: Kjolehimlen Kongensgade 98 Esbjerg Denmark - Phone no: Pelli Jernbanegade 11 Ebeltoft Denmark - Phone no: Liberty Vesterhavsvej 26 Blokhus Denmark - Phone no: Lohse Nygade 3 Nakskov Denmark - Phone no: Kysthuset Rosensgade 37 Odder Denmark - Phone no: Mustus Klosterplads 11 Svendborg Denmark - Phone no: Mamelukken Adelgade 89 Skanderborg Denmark - Phone no: Manufacture 16, rue des Carmes Montauban France - Phone no: Florentine Florastrasse 60 Berlin Germany - Phone no: Fantasie Katharinenstrasse 5 Reutlingen Germany - Phone no: Gaenselies Hauptstrasse 27 - 29 Dresden Germany - Phone no: Mpl-distribution Crusiusstrasse 3 Memmingen Germany - Phone no: Retronia Damaschkestrasse 38 Berlin Germany - Phone no: Schmachtfetzen Olgastrasse 41 Suttgart Germany - Phone no: Toxic Strandstrasse 39 Zingst Germany - Phone no: Theaterstrasse 38 Theaterstrasse 38 Chemnitz Germany - Phone no: Feinherb Marktstrasse 14 Cottbus Germany - Phone no: Traumweg Mehringdamm 43 Berlin Germany - Phone no: Store 68 Fleischstrasse 27 Bamberg Germany - Phone no: Hippie Arndtstrasse 34 Magdeburg Germany - Phone no: Lieblingsladen Burgstrasse 67 Salzwedel Germany - Phone no: Dito Norderstrasse 14 Flensburg Germany - Phone no: Zierrat Meerstrasse 3 Moers Germany - Phone no: Baretta Susannenstrasse 19 Hamburg Germany - Phone no: Spirit Waitzstrasse 9 Hamburg Germany - Phone no: Kolibri Markt 11 Torgau Germany - Phone no: Vertigo P7 8 Mannheim Germany - Phone no: Ladendrei Hauptstrasse 27 Forchheim Germany - Phone no: Pura Letz 3 Weitnau Germany - Phone no: Cassata Bergmannstrasse Berlin Germany - Phone no: Kleiderzimmer Hermannstrasse 20 Bonn Germany - Phone no: Gerberau 5 Freiburg Germany - Phone no: Stabendig Osterstrasse 16 Hildesheim Germany - Phone no: Kunsthandwerk Herrenstrasse 6 Ravensburg Germany - Phone no: Luvgreen Sandgasse 54 Aschaffenburg Germany - Phone no: Vor dem Steintor Bremen Germany - Phone no: Unit - F Uhlandstr.