Self-Publishing Fiction: From Manuscript to Bookstore and Beyond

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I think I might have to start a business, calling it by my pen name, but also not sure on that process or how it works. SPS has given me a lot of good info on everything else and helps the process keep moving forward! I just finished writing my book. This article was just what I needed. Thank you so much. Does anything in the above article cost money?

Congrats with the new book! There are some fees here and there when you publish your book, The whole process is really up to you and finding a good and affordable team or person who can help you with it. Here is also a link to help you market as well. Lots of great links. This is definitely something every author should look at after they write their manuscript. We write about that also on this blog.

Live Forever how to. I live in a very small town in TX that has less than people and it is 3 hr to cities like Austin or FT. I am Dyslexia, therefore I like things that are short and to the point, the flowery manuscripts drive me crazy, just get to the point. How about selling outside of Amazon? Would you ever consider that? Personally I have never purchased a book from Amazon, and never will.

Why would I give them soul distribution rights to my work?

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How to effectively run a free shipping launch of your physical book? An Interview With Chandler Bolt. I am almost done writing my book. May I know I will get help from you people in editing and all post writing stuff. I really want to make my dream come true this year.

Book Launch: How to Run Yours Like a Pro & Sell More Books

I have already started my efforts in creating curiosity in people and building audience for my book through creating page. Loved the recording to transcription process, Chandler! Thanks for sharing that. I was startled by how effective and efficient this process is. I had it in my head that I had to work with dictation software OR by hand.

Thanks again for sharing a super technique that is the best of both worlds. Thank you for sharing. I resonated with what you were saying and it is a process that will work for me. My gratitude and thanks. You make it sound so easy! Excellent resource for those who want to be an author and even those who are already authors! Especially about formatting your ebook. I just finished my second book. My first book was 13 years ago. With the publishing platforms today, it is much easier but there is still plenty to learn.

The are really only 3 steps to success: Remember, your words affect people daily and your writing echos across generations.

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Anyone reading this, and feeling like the content is useful, should read his book Published! It goes into much more practical, step-by-step detail. Your work is impressive, Chandler. Thanks for the motivation. I am about to turn 40 years old in August and am looking to do something quite new for me…write a book! Chandler will give you everything you need to get you book published!

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  6. Tons of great advice here! Nice to have it broken into steps and categories which will encourage people to actually make the leap and write their book! Honestly, my head is spinning a bit from all the information shared here, but what a great blueprint to follow. This is exactly the push I need to pull all my notes and ideas together and turn them into a book. This was a great article! Very well thought out, clear and, most importantly, doable!!! All the hyperlinks to other pertinent resources helped as well. This is VERY helpful and valuable information. Awesome blueprint for people itching to successfully self-publish their book.

    Looking forward to learning tons more from Chandler. So grateful i found Self publishing School!

    Scott Allan

    This article is loaded with value! If someone wanted to begin their book-writing project and needed the most fundamental, basic and absolutely-need-to-know information, this is THE article to reference. The cool thing is that Chandler has built a world-class support team and ongoing encouragement and knowledge for those who enroll in Self-Publishing School. And I highly recommend signing up for Self-Publishing School.

    Thank you for laying everything out so concisely. This is the perfect checklist for aspiring authors. See you in the webinar! Write a book in 6 Weeks and Reach 1. Great article — thank you! What about a physical book? Thank you for all of the information! Amazon is not very big around here, and my target audience lives all over the world but not primarily in America.

    What are your thoughts? My manuscripts are religious books and literature, is there place for me too to publish and sell them on the amazon platform? If yes i will very glad, and thanks for this great piece of information. I think your guide is a real gift to self-publishers.

    You have to forget writing for a living

    I have one question that is not answered in your guide that maybe you could respond to here: I have book material to publish, BUT it is an audio-visual book, i. Is this possible to do with a self-publishing format? This article is a God send! So informative and I am grateful for the guidance. I do have one question that will likely sound silly, but I am completely new to the idea. I have my manuscript in word format and it is at an editor at the moment. I am planning to have the cover designed by one of the resources you suggested as well as the formatting for kindle.

    However, how do I get printed copies to sell on amazon? Once I have a cover design and a completed manuscript where do I go from there where people can buy printed copies of my book? I know that sounds silly. At this stage, I have two more writers doing this with me, and we plan to be done with a first draft in a few months. How does one go about that? This was a very informative article. I am actually the editor for a book that my son is writing.

    For me, traditional publishing means poverty. But self-publish? No way

    He chose me because he says I am brutally honest. Thanks for the information. What about protecting what I write from editors? And, the final product? I imagine it should all be copy righted? Indeed, an exceptional Article. It was really informative. But I would like to seek the attention of all the self-publishing authors out there, regarding the self-publishing platform for your book. I got 2 of my books published with The Write Place and I am really satisfied with the supportive efforts of the team at The Write Place.

    I intend to write and publish a book on Butterflies and Sunrise and sunset in exotic places in my country.. I would publish the book locally through a Printer company as well…can you recommend a software.. Get your free video training course now: Come up with at least 10 valid reasons why you want to write a book. Use the questions above as a starting guide to brainstorm.

    Create a resistance plan! Figure out which methods best filter out the negative noise to get you into the writing process. Join Chandler Bolt at his FREE Webinar Training as he reveals the exact tactics and strategies he used to write and publish 6 bestselling books in a row — and how he used them to build a 7-figure business in less than 2 years! Chandler Bolt At Self-Publishing School, we help people write, market and publish their first bestselling book. You May Also Like. A Detail of Full Expenses Dec 12, Traditional VS Self-Publishing Everything to Consider Before Deciding Dec 7, What if i want to offer my book for free maybe the kindle version.

    Can i do that on Amazon?

    To run a free promotion, your book has to be enrolled in the KDP Select program for 90 days. A book that is listed for free will be ranked in the free store and books set at a price are ranked in the paid store. The free promo gets your book into more hands that will hopefully read it and increases its visibility across more platforms.

    When launching your book, especially during your free promo , you want to put it into the hands of as many readers as possible. Amazon ranks your book in the free store based on how many downloads it gets. This is where book promotion sites come in. You can use them for both your paid and free launch. An aside if you have a healthy email list: You still need the essentials: Below is a list of my favorites that I have personally used, in combination with an email list to launch multiple bestsellers.

    How to Write 3X Faster - Non-Fiction Book Writing Tips

    However, for this post, I will look at how to include a free promo as well. Your launch will look and perform differently than this, but you can use this as a model and tweak as required. I use the term soft launch below, which is different from your actual book launch. Your soft launch begins from the moment you hit publish. As Amazon takes about 24 hours to set up your book, I recommend hitting the publish button at least 24 hours before you begin your actual launch. For example, if your launch plan beings on a Sunday, then publish your book on a Saturday.

    Ready for your book launch? In this book launch model we use 3 days for our soft launch window, and then begin the actual launch on day 4. The first day of your soft launch is critical. This is the day when you are going to set up your book to successfully launch over the next 11 days. Social media burst to your FB page, mastermind groups, and other sources to spread the word.

    Book Launch: How to Run Yours Like a Pro & Sell More Books

    The promotional sites you got in touch with on day 1 will be advertising your book. Send an email to your team to notify them that your book is now free. Promote to social media! Run paid promo sites recommended from the list above. You can cluster these a day apart or combine promos a day.

    Remember that your numbers will vary depending on your platform, book quality, niche, and sometimes, luck. Email your list and remind them the book will be 0. Contact your launch team and thank them for reviews and their support. Monitor the sales and adjust accordingly. Stagger them out over the course of days.

    Here are two things you can focus on:. Multiple books create momentum. How did George R. R Martin build that? By setting up and writing the books as a series. Do you have a series of books you could write? A series is a great way to build your brand, a list, and to keep traffic growing with increased interest in your books.

    Create a business around your book with coaching, a course, or an automated email course that gets readers engaged after they are finished your book. They want to know more about you and so, if you have a business set up to kick in for subscribers, this is the start of what could be a great author business. Launching a book is a combination of strategy, imagination, and hard work. If you have a great book to promote and a team of people a small team will do backing you up, you can have a great launch that gets your book into the hands of your market. With every book launch, there is more to learn.

    Eventually, you can turn your launch into a massive movement with thousands of fans standing behind you pushing your book towards New York Times Bestseller status or get featured in The Wall Street Journal. In truth, you should always be looking for new, better ways to maintain your book sales. Your book launch will only be as successful as the work you put into it.

    That includes the team you have assisting.