The Christmas Experiment

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Home or classroom, these fun science and STEM activities are sure to be hit. Yes, you read that correctly, volume 2! We have been enjoying playful science for a few years now and have quite the collection of favorite Christmas science experiments and activities to share. You need to check out volume 1 which has ideas geared for the youngest scientist too. If you are looking for a fun Christmas science plan to follow this season, make sure to check out our 25 days of Christmas STEM countdown where you will find many of these included.

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I have included printable cards for you to use, and I show you how to set up a fun science inspired countdown for kids! Click here for printable cards!

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Another fun set of Christmas science activities is our Santa Science Lab which is a group of super fun and inexpensive activities using very easy supplies. You will see this is a great grouping of activities for exploring the 5 senses with a Christmas theme.

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Think of all the fun Christmas theme items that explore the senses and set up very simple science activities to go along with them. My son was all in favor of the taste portion of our Santa science labs. Our printable science worksheet is a great way to extend the activity if you are using them as lessons!

Click on the links below to learn more about each of the following Christmas science experiments and activities. We give you supply lists, set up instructions, and some basic science information too. This is for you. Do I have to? Thank you very much. One Christmas, when I was most probably nine years old, we had a festival in my school in which we had to get a gift for someone. At last, we bought the gifts and went to school.

The Best Christmas Science Experiments and STEM Activities Volume 2 {free printable}

Surprisingly, the recipients of the gifts are us!! We chose the gifts that can be useful yet cheap and ended up taking it ourselves! I got a chess kit. But at last we were told to give it for donations for the needy. Imagine a smile on a kid's face when she receives the gift! In my opinion, the holidays is the great time for everyone in the world. It is one more reason to spend some days with our family and close friends.

I think, to give gifts is much better than to receive. I'm sure of it, because it's incredibly to see and even to give the fantastic feelings, smiles or tears of happiness.


In addition, the preparation of a gift is amazing, because a person lay her- himself out and put all his her love into this present. When I see person's smile, who gets a gift, I start smiling too.

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To present is gladness and happiness. I would like to spend Christmas time with my family and watch the Christmas and open our presents near the Christmas tree and make our wishes. I I would like to give someone good moon,give presents and talk about happy christmas time!!! What's a meaningful video! I think receiving is very happy but giving present to another is much more happy.

The worthiest present at Christmas is happiness.

Movie Worksheet:The Christmas Gift Experiment

So whatever we give to them,however big or small the present is, the important thing is that we can share happiness, they smile at us and remember us: Merry Christmas to everyone from Mallorca!! We are an English class and we think that giving is a beautiful thing to do.

Christmas For Homeless Social Experiment

For us Christmas is about spending time with the family, friends and love. We hope you have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Merry Christmas to everyone! We're an English class from Spain and we think that it's better to give presents than receiving them, because that makes you happy too. However, everyone likes to receive lovely presents. We hope Santa takes you lots of presents this year.