Ancient Egypt: Light of the World Vol. 1 and 2 Complete with Biography and Poems by Gerald Massey

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He outlines the manner in which evolutionary natural genesis led man from primordial sign-language to totemism and thence to spiritism. The totemic phase, overshadowed by the Great Mother, was a harbinger of the elements that came to form what is now understood as religion. Lineage identification by relation to a common maternal ancestor. A mode of inter-lineage food distribution. A means to promote exogamy out-marriage , thereby imposing the first taboos against indiscriminate sexual congress.

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Preserve her from the ravages of old age. Keep her blood within the totem group. It was the blood of the mother that determined descent and the blood was and is the most potent representation of life. Here then is the original eucharist, i. As Massey attested, the first savior was the Mother — the earth that germinated life, the tree whose fruit sustained life, the water that renewed life, then finally the sacrificial blood necessary to ontologically uphold the community. In the chapter entitled Elemental and Ancestral Spirits , Massey embarked on a discussion of the Afro-Kamite interconnection with the spirit world.

Ancient Egypt The Light of the World Two Volumes In One

Massey, the spiritualist, perceived no incongruity in this spirit connection:. The colossal conceit of obtuse modern ignorance notwithstanding, the ghost and the faculty for seeing the ghost are realities in the domain of natural fact. The seers may be comparatively rare, although the clairvoyant and seer of spirits is by no means so scarce as either the great painter or great poet.

The abnormal faculties are human, and they can be increased by cultivation. Massey, though something of a clairvoyant himself, never claimed to be a mystic, per se. In Ancient Egypt , Massey showed that the highest and last phase of the Egyptian science of the soul — a science slowly fashioned over many millennia from its inner African beginnings — was the eschatological one. The drama of Osiris with its interwoven themes of life, death, and resurrection was the most perfect expression of this final psycho-mental phase in Egypt, eventually giving rise to the late Mediterranean cults like those of Tammuz, Adonis, and Dionysus.

Even though the Osirian drama represented Egyptian soul science in its most spiritualized form, it preserved intact the earlier typology and astro-mythology. According to Massey, the Egyptian priests with their Ethiopian predecessors had maintained an unbroken continuity of star-gazing for more than 10, years. Moreover, as indicated earlier, the types and archetypes had been reconstituted in the heavens. To the ancient Kamites, the celestial and terrestrial worlds mirrored one another.

The important stars and star-groupings were given names, histories, and symbols reflecting directly the natural types. Thus the planisphere and the Zodiac gives us the constellations of the scarab beetle our crab , lion, ram, bull, and fishes, etc. Massey informs us that astronomical mythology passed through three stages — stellar, lunar, then solar. The developed Osirian drama was solar in character but incorporated all of the mythos of the earlier stellar and lunar phases. Osiris was thus the night-time sun passing through the nether-world of Amenta as a result of his murder by Set, the principle of darkness, who was later figured as the Hebrew Satan.

At dawn, Osiris is resurrected as his son Horus who fights and defeats the devouring dragon of darkness for light to triumph another day. In the eschatological stage of typological evolution, Osiris comes to personify the soul of the deceased who, after conquering the forces of evil and corruption that lie in wait in Amenta, is resurrected as the glorified, i.

As Massey saw it, everything in the Afro-Kamite world was of a piece, expressing the complete interpenetration of typology, mythology, and eschatology. Massey capped his signature work with an elaborate and detailed investigation into the Kamite origins of Christianity. He was able to trace all the important Christic themes to Kamite typology and astro-mythology. He asserted that the Gospels, like the Old Testament, are revealed as just the humanized and historicized astronomical mythology Egypt, instituted by the early Christian patriarchs and redactors, and formalized at the Council of Nicea.

Astronomical antecedents of Christianity's are shown in the canonical birthday of Christ, originally celebrated on January 6 — as it still is in the Greek Orthodox Church — but pushed back to December 25 in the Roman Church to coincide with and co-opt the understand Massey's writings of the sun-god Horus and all the solar deities of antiquity.

Two thousand years ago, as the sun dawned on December 25th, the constellation Virgo could be seen on the eastern horizon. Here, the Savior, the Lamb, harkens back to the Age of Aries, the Ram, the Zodiacal ruler from 2, BC to BC, when the sun rose at the spring equinox with the constellation Aries sitting on the eastern horizon. The earthly Jesus is congruent to Horus; Jesus the Christ corresponds to Osiris, the resurrected god.

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There were a number of Christian and quasi-Christian cults struggling for survival in the early centuries AD. The Gnostic Christ was a type of the Deified Man that lies dormant in every human soul and the attainment to which was the aim of Egyptian soul science whose guide map was the Book of the Dead , more properly called the Book of the Coming Forth by Day.

Outside the Gospels, there is no authentic reference to the man Jesus and his supposed history as portrayed by the Gospels by any contemporary commentator until the 2nd century. It has always been an unfailing source of astonishment to the historical investigator of Christian beginnings, that there is not one single word from the pen of any Pagan writer of the first century of our era, which can in any fashion be referred to the marvelous story recounted by the Gospel writers.

The very existence of Jesus seems to be unknown [ 21 ] Italics added.

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If there was a historical Jesus, Yahushua Ben Pandera was him. The system of the Essenes — called Therapeuts in Egypt — prefigured Christianity that evolved directly from it. The worship of Isis and Serapis — a form of Osiris — was lifted bodily out of Egypt and transplanted to Rome where, for nearly four centuries the cult, particularly that of Isis, rivaled those of Jupiter and Mithra.

Isis was especially popular in her aspect of Mother with Child, i. Surviving Roman frescoes in Pompeii represent her priests as Ethiopian and Roman legions carried her image and worship to the farthest reaches of barbarian Europe. When late in the 5th century Christianity began to penetrate these regions, wherever the missionaries found the image complex of Isis holding the Child Horus, they turned it into the Black Madonna and Child.

More than years after Christianization, these sacred sites of the Black Madonna and Child remain the holiest shrines of Catholic Europe. In the Osirian legend, when Horus, personifying the light and sun, was about to achieve complete victory over Set, the darkness and night, Thoth, the Universal Mind and Balancer, stepped in, put a halt to the battle, and restored Set to his proper place.

The cosmos was created in a balanced equilibrium; the subtle and complex interplay between the light and dark gives meaning and form to the universe. In the Deified Man — who is Osirian in one mode, Christic in another — the opposites unite and are transcended. Massey seemed to be a man of many lives; certainly his interests were wide and multifarious. He was self-taught and self-made; a radical activist, editor, lecturer, poet, literary critic, evolutionist, spiritualist, Egyptologist, antiquarian, and mythographer.

Any one of these pursuits would have served as a sufficient vocation for an ordinary man. In Britain, his reputation as an established member in the rank of the minor 19th century English poets wins sustained interest. However, Massey has gained a discernible public readership in the U.

These two men, in fact, seem to have been Masseyan disciples. Churchward, along lines of inquiry first introduced by Massey, was completely absorbed in unraveling the riddle of human beginnings from early Africa through a study of the primordial Pygmy Ba Twa peoples who first colonized the earth. Kuhn adopted the Masseyan approach in his attempt to unravel and understand the enigma of Christian beginnings. Rogers and John G. There was too much information packed in every written line and, taken together, the six volumes ran for more than 3, pages.

Any history that concerns Africa or people of African descent must place Africa at the center of that history; Egypt was the founding civilization of Africa and the re-discovery of the values of ancient Egyptian civilization will play the same role for the African world as the re-discovery of the values of Greco-Roman civilization did for the Renaissance in Europe. In effect, African-centered writers had begun to reclaim ancient Egypt for Africa, from where there had been a prolonged and systematic scholarly attempt to detach it.

Gerald Massey became and still is one of the most important and essential resources in the African-centered scholarly re-examination that ensued. The present writer freely acknowledges that Gerald Massey and Cheikh Anta Diop are, to this day, his most seminal and formative scholarly and intellectual influences. Themes from the African Eden was dedicated to these two men.

However, it has only been relatively recently, that he has felt confident enough to actually critique Massey.

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Massey seemed to have just poured everything that was in his head onto the endless pages of text so that a fair amount of redundancy crept into the books. But who could have edited these books? Recalling the words of Alfred Russel Wallace, there were probably not a score of persons in all England who were prepared by their background and upbringing to understand Massey writings. That date is years too early. However, Brophy demonstrates by using data concerning the timing of the most recent northern culmination of the Galactic Center that the launch date for this cycle of the precessional Great Year would have taken place in 10, BC in the sign of Leo, meaning that the Piscean Age would have begun five Ages later in BC.

Here and there throughout these tomes, there are facts and interpretations of evidence that are dubious or debatable. But then there has never been a writer whose works are free of flaws or errors. Errors of detail and the need for at least some editorial house cleaning in no way vitiate or diminish the Masseyan opus. Massey was not merely a man of protean talents; in the opinion of the writer, he achieved a certain greatness with the three books to which he devoted the last decades of his life. He had the ability, rare in the 19th century, to look at a thing without the blinders of a priori prejudice to unflinchingly arrive at and proclaim a truth unpalatable to the common run of people who surrounded him.

He possessed a wide-ranging and penetrating mind, never limited by artificial distinctions or boundaries. Though he could be prickly in the defense of his ideas and ideals, he projected a sensitive humanity in all he undertook. He was overshadowed in public prominence, recognition, and fame by other ancient historians and antiquarians, but there was no one else like him in the England of his time. In the coming generations, it is likely that his legacy will be rescued from the obscurity that has shadowed it since his death.

He was not the first — nor will he be the last — man to be more fully appreciated by posterity than by his contemporaries. Williams and Norgate, , p. Princeton University Press, , pp. Princeton University Press, An Analysis of an Archetype , trans. Reborn October 29 Jesus points out, in the end, all gods, both good and evil, bow down to Yew. So, if you're interested in the subject, there is lots of fascinating material in this book. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful.

Gerald Massey was the best occult scientist in England. He had a partner named Kenneth Grant.

Gerald Massey - Ancient Egypt - The Light of the World Volume 1 and 2 (pdf)

These 2 men where the best. Any book writen by these gentlemen are a must have for the enlightend members of our planet. They were the best in Occult Science in England. I got this book in i love. Book was everything I expected! But the truth is like a cheerios cereal in milk, u can push it down, but u can't keep it down! Anyone who believes, Sumer, Mesopotamia, or any other area in the East started civilization need to read all of Massey's works!! See all 18 reviews.

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