Die Telefonnummer von Gott (German Edition)

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The others, of course, would be useful to know if you are traveling to regions where they are used. As you can see, the different German-speaking regions often have their own ways of saying hello and goodbye. However, you will not be required to know any of these less common phrases for any problems or tests. Germans respect higher authority with their choice of certain phrases. The others are neutral on the formal — informal scale.

The 26 letters in both German and English are shown above.

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Note that the eszett is not used in Switzerland. You always write double s instead, even after long vowels. Another difference between German and English is the Umlaut. The Umlaut changes the sound of the vowel. For pronunciations of all the letters, go to the Pronunciation Guide. Look at this short phone conversation.

Try to read it aloud.

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The translation of words and phrases is given below the text. Cases describe what a noun or pronoun does in a sentence.

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When a noun or pronoun is the subject of a sentence, it is considered to be in the nominative case. You will learn more about cases as the course continues. In all conjugations, it acts exactly like sie plural. They are conjugated like this:. German, like many other languages, gives each noun a gender: Masculine , Feminine or Neuter.

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Plural is easy; the definite nominative Article is always die. And as in English there is no indefinite article in plural. Nouns in plural form require different verb forms than nouns in singular.

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