Erotic Gay Tales 10: A College Boy Story

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A new partner during my graduate year.

Drunk at College A drunk college student stumbles into a whole new world. Coming Out Strong Bad break-up to first gay hook-up. Silence in the Library, A Short Two men have a rough late night encounter in the library. Hooking the Hockey Player: Owen Owen and Jake meet under strained circumstances.

Faggot Delivery Boy Ch. Eleanor, Tommy and Martin Pt. The Never Ending Desire A college jock's search for satisfaction.

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Big Man on Campus Rob goes away to college and meets a whole new crowd. Eleanor Meets Tommy and Martin Pt. To Serve Him Ch. What did that mean? Tommy's Third Year at College Pt. Tommy returns to Camford. Defibrillate My Heart Ch. Defibrillate My Heart Love in a hopeless place. Anything You Want Friends progress from straight to bi to gay. Thus, I was really apprehensive about going to college. I knew I would be in a dorm with a roommate that I had never met, and even worse, that I would have to use a common bathroom with common showers An afternoon matinee provides no relief from the heat as an older man warms up the crotch of a young Air Force enlisted man A guy mistakenly tells a friend that he is gay and his friend knew it and lets him suck his dick Cliff noticed me peeking at his cock and would give me mean looks.

My name is John. During the time we were unpacking my things, we learned a lot more about each other. Typical teenagers, we were both pretty horny so we eventually took off our pajama bottoms. Married Sam goes for a bike ride secretly hoping to see outdoors activities and ends up naked and dominated by a hot stranger A new guy moves in next door and we have lots in common. It turns out he is not as young as he looks. Barbara was leaning back on the couch with her head tilted back so I went around behind it and started kissing her.

Meanwhile Vince moved his attention to the other breast and then worked his way down until he was able to pull off her thin pajama bottoms.

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Then going to his knees on the floor in front of her Vince started to softly lick her pussy, while I kissed her and played with both of her 34C breasts Alex was walking through college and found a new scent. A boy named Nate who is a cross dresser how will they cope when both supernatural""World and the non-supernatural world tell them they can be together Kevin, a young gymnast moves to a new school and so begins a clash of wills between him and his coach, Liam Lunch becomes an entirely different proposition when the new base commander invites you to his personal residence.

Did he mention his wife is out of town? One weekend Claude invited me over. You gave me pleasure, dude. You deserve it, pretty boy. He wanted to climb under the bed. Somehow being erect from sucking cock said it all. Now, Billy knew for sure that he had enjoyed servicing that stiff piece of meat. Billy showed some sensitivity.

A lot of guys would bone up. Come on, pull them damn shorts off and take care of your need dude. You satisfied me, now satisfy yourself. You sucked my dick so good that I knew you liked it. No sense in trying to deny anything. We both know you loved having a hard cock in your mouth. His face was red, his dick was hard. He had just sucked dick for the first time. - Sex Stories - Gay Male

His hard dick sprang free as he lowered his shorts. Whoop that big hard rod! He had to cum, he needed to blow a load. He stroked his big fuck tool about 5 minutes and his balls fired! His cum flew out in a long strand, it blasted several feet, as it fell to the floor, another rope of teen spunk erupted from his big boner. His balls pumped again and again. He shot heavily, his nuts fired 8 times. You shot like three fucking feet! Just watching you sperm got me horny all over again. I gotta fuck now. I gotta tap that ass of your now.

I need me some of the virgin pretty boy butt. I need to take that last cherry, pretty dude. Spread those hairy legs, you know you need to know. You know you got to find out. He was about to be fucked. He lay spread legged wondering what it would feel like. That dick, the hard dick he had just sucked off was going to go inside his ass, it was going to fuck him! Billy knelt beside the bed. You just lay there. The lotion was cool, but not cold.

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It felt so strange, a finger rubbing against his asshole. His breath was short fast gasps. Now just stay relaxed. One finger, a lot of cream rinse. He sighed as the finger sank inside and wiggled. His dick was underneath him, growing stiffer against his flat stomach. He could feel dampness and he knew it was leaking.

He spread his legs a little wider in hopes of intensifying the feeling. I wanna make you all hot and ready.

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Gonna make it good for you. Tucker groaned, a slight pain but now he felt so full. They stretched the little ring, getting it ready for the real thing. You ready for my little cock? You ready to be my bitch boy? He felt so empty. His ass ring twitched trying to close, trying to push out the intruding piece of hard teenage cock. Billy had popped enough cherries in his short sexual life.

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He stopped entry, letting the virgin hole get used to something inside it. He groaned, the dick hurt so bad, he wondered if it was splitting his asshole. My curlies are touching your sweet butt. I got all my little dick in your hot ass. They groaned together as Billy re-entered. He grinded in a circular pattern, letting his cock open the tightness, and now enjoying the grip of the fuck tunnel.