Homoepathic Treatment: A School Story

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The Law of Similars states that in order to treat a particular set of symptoms, one utilizes a substance that can actually produce similar symptoms in a healthy person. For example, one way to treat the stinging eyes and runny nose of a cold would be to take Allium Cepa, made from onion — because onions can cause similar symptoms. However, rather than taking a large dose of the substance for example, drinking onion juice , homeopaths utilize very highly potentized doses, prepared through a process of repeated dilution and shaking.

These specially prepared homeopathic remedies carry a kind of energetic signature of the original substance. This use of highly dilute doses is one of the many ways in which homeopathy is distinct from other forms of alternative medicine such as herbalism which uses plant tinctures. Another way in which homeopathy differs from herbalism is that remedies can be made from many other kinds of substances besides plants minerals, metals, animals — really, anything in nature. This first appointment took approximately two hours.

It is important to note that this kind of individualized treatment is fundamental to the effective practice of homeopathy for chronic ailments. Since most people experience an acute ailment like the flu or first-aid situations like a bee-sting or head trauma in fairly similar ways, their symptoms are fairly uniform, easy to predict, and can be matched against a small, easily-anticipated set of remedy choices. As a result, ten different autistic patients will most likely end up getting ten different remedies — the ones that best match their overall pattern of symptoms.

Within days of starting a daily liquid dose of the remedy that John had recommended, Max began showing subtle changes. His speech became slightly more fluid, he used some new phrases, and he seemed more socially aware. As the months progressed; the changes in Max became more and more noticeable. Each month we would increase the potency or dose of his remedy and would notice a characteristic pattern of response.

Upon starting a new bottle of the remedy in a higher potency, we would see a 3-day period of increased hyperactivity followed by a discrete improvement in cognition and behaviour. After six months of treatment, John recommended that we also take Max to a cranial osteopath. John now treats many autistic children, and he has found that skilled cranio-sacral treatment can speed up improvement in many of his cases. Max had several treatments with the osteopath and we noticed that it made a real impact on him. It seemed to calm him and also increased his desire for physical contact and affection.

One-and-a-half years after beginning treatment, Max was testing above age level. When we signed the papers releasing him from eligibility for special education benefits, our therapist told the county representative that it was not her treatment that had helped Max — it was homeopathy. In fact, she told us that she had never seen anything like it before. She had seen autistic kids improve, but she had never seen a child lose their autism like Max had. By the time he was in 4th grade, no one would suspect his former autism.

But Max is not an isolated case. As more and more families are beginning to try homeopathy for their autistic children, I am hearing more and more experiences of true healing from around the world. Many of the homeopaths I speak with report at least some significant form of improvement in a majority of their autism cases. One important thing to note is that the method of treatment utilized for Max is called classical homeopathy, which means that a single remedy is chosen and given to the patient based on his or her symptom picture.

Other methods of homeopathic treatment have also been used successfully by some families. One such method is sequential therapy, based on the idea that the symptoms or historical events of the case should be addressed in a particular order. Sequential therapists often use isopathic remedies — remedies made from substances that are suspected to have triggered the disease, such as vaccines, mercury, etc. Since isopathic remedies and sequentialist ideas are very often incorporated into classical treatment, my own bias is to recommend starting with a classical practitioner who will tailor treatment to the unique characteristics of each child.

For one thing, homeopathy became our primary mode of medicine. For instance, once I began homeopathic treatment for myself, my summer allergies — which had become fairly severe and required daily dosing with antihistamines — disappeared. My older son Izaak has also benefited greatly from homeopathy over the years. A somewhat anxious child to begin with, our experience with Max left Izaak with even more anxiety and a problem with tics and twitches.

Homeopathic treatment has helped him tremendously. Even my year-old mother has benefited from homeopathy; the constitutional remedy selected for her by her homeopath in Buffalo invariably gives her a boost of energy. Of course, good old Arnica can be like gold for older adults, with their occasional falls and aches and pains.

With homeopathy on our side, my family has not taken antibiotics or any other allopathic medicines in many years. Nor are we prey to the flu or other health scares that come down the pike each year. With our homeopathic remedy kit and our family homeopath nearby, I feel well protected. In fact, my family rarely gets sick anymore. Now I rarely get a cold, and when I do, I usually recover in just a few days, without any conventional treatment. My experience with Max also inspired me to change the course of my own life. My work as a researcher in computer science suddenly seemed trivial and mundane in comparison to the miracle that had touched our lives.

I felt a call to devote myself to learning, promoting, and supporting the use of homeopathy. The more I learned, the more I realized that it was like a hidden treasure. Did you know that homeopathy has a long and venerated history in North America — including successful treatment of numerous epidemics of the s such flu, cholera, typhoid, and smallpox? Soon, I gave up my work in computer science and began to study homeopathy myself — first by reading, and then through more formal study in courses and seminars.

I began to help out with various national homeopathic journals and groups, and I now serve on the board of the National Center for Homeopathy NCH — a fantastic organization, open to everyone, that helps to promote, protect, and educate the public about homeopathy. Members also receive a wonderful magazine, Homeopathy Today. To find out more about the NCH, visit http: Then I began to write. First, I began with articles that I placed on the web. Ultimately, I decided to write an introductory book to let the public in general, and the autism community in particular, know about the power of homeopathy.

Another interesting turn of events for our family has been a growing awareness of the dangers of vaccination. For example, while we did not re-vaccinate him at age five, he did get the TB test — and he immediately had a marked relapse in his autistic symptoms. Luckily, we resumed homeopathic treatment and he rebounded. I also discovered, years later, that Max had received his Hib and MMR vaccines just as he was recovering from roseola.

I have now learned that vaccinating a child who is already in a compromised state can sometimes be a recipe for disaster. Because of my increasing involvement with the autism community and because my husband Steve and I are both computer scientists, we were approached by the Alan Yurko Project to improve the accessibility and usability of the VAERS database — the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. This database of vaccine injury cases is supplied online by the CDC, but is virtually unusable for research by most people.

It is so important!! You only do school once and it has helped me so much in my practice because of how much I had to study the remedies for it. Share with us a recently cured case with Homeopathic Medicine. He was told he was not going to make it to October and was told to make his arrangements. We have been treating him since April and his blood counts have almost completely normalized, including his urea and creatine levels which were over !

His doctor told him the creatine count would never come down. Do you have anything else you would like to share? I am much, much better now. Especially, if in the beginning there were so many problems that I was not sure on which to focus first.

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First and most important aspect of my successful Homeopathic education was studying with the very knowledgeable and talented teachers at CCHM Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. The teachers are just brilliant! As well, extremely important was observing our teachers and participating in Clinical training, where homeopathic theory meets with real patients struggling from diseases. And finally, all courses were so well designed and effective, from the first semester to the last, that during these three years I have gained everything necessary to start practicing homeopathy immediately after graduation.

The symptoms were quite unusual, since my patient 5 years old girl had no pain, only very frequent, each minutes trips to washroom. Before seeing me, she started antibiotic treatment but has to stop it because of progressive diarrhea. The girl was inborn leader but did not speak English well, so nobody in class was playing with her. For those, who love homeopathy and are considering starting their training, I would like to say: This year, 5 years after graduation, I moved into my own clinical practice: I have a multidisciplinary group of holistic practitioners working in my space and the group dynamic is wonderful.

It has been a dream of mine to have my own office that highlights homeopathic medicine and I am so grateful to have been able to accomplish this so quickly. Hahnemannian Fundamentals — the focus on The Organon in understanding homeopathic principles and practices is paramount, not only to the foundational knowledge of homeopathy but the functional knowledge in case evaluation and critical thinking.

Program Schedule — I commuted from Kingston for the entire 3 years plus a 4th year for the post-graduate program. The Faculty — from administration to professors, the depth of knowledge and experience with homeopathy at the CCHM is invaluable. Joe Kellerstein, Monica Frohmann and Kim Elia were so inspirational in their case work and philosophy they made learning fun and engaging.

A women who had been suffering chronic yeast infections most of her adult life over 20 years and trouble sleeping all of her life contacted me for consultation as her family doctor was only able to palliate the symptoms. I prescribed Sulphur 30C, dry, triple dose. A minor aggravation with the itch was experienced the first 3 days and then all her symptoms began to subside. At our follow up in 3 weeks time, her eczema was gone and she was sleeping for 5 hours in a row, while still napping on the weekends. I prescribed a single dose of Sulphur C after this consultation. The first time in her life!

Practicing homeopathic medicine is a commitment to life-long learning. There is something to be learned from each new patient and with each remedy you prescribe no matter how familiar the remedy is. It is also important to stay connected to peers through conferences, webinars and discussion forums. One of the best ways to grow our profession is to support each other. Seeing improvement in people's health and educating those that have no idea what homeopathy is or how it works.

I enjoy seeing results such as reduced pain or more emotional freedom because of homeopathic medicines. Knowing the physiological, mental emotional effect of the medicines makes it easier to narrow down a remedy that fits their totality of symptoms, even in an acute case. A patient had her boyfriends' elderly grandmother come and see me over a stress fracture in her tibia.

I sent her off with a remedy for trauma to the tissues and help mend the bone faster. The education and support from practitioners at CCHM has helped me build my knowledge of the body and understand how people can improve their health as well as cure illness at the cellular level. Effectively helping others as a Homeopath and doing what I love is what I feel most proud of. There is a unique sense of deep appreciation when a condition finds its cure. Many years ago when I was suffering from a condition that conventional medicine had no solution for, I first experienced that deep appreciation when a homeopathic remedy saved me.

That homeopathic remedy became my inspiration to study this unique medicine in order to make its healing more available to others. It is my pride and joy to share the benefits of Homeopathy with others and see that happiness in them as they recover. This program included a three year intensive academic and science curriculum, including thorough clinical training supervised by Canada's most experienced and respected Homeopaths.

It is designed for building confidence with taking on new clients and at the same time being backed by an experienced supervisor. The most recent success was last week. A mother came to me with a condition she had been suffering for years that caused severe itchiness and sore spots on her scalp and other areas of her body. She had tried everything but nothing had worked, it was literally driving her crazy. After she took the remedy I prescribed, her itching went away completely and she is now symptom free.

I had a wild rash all over my upper body several weeks before my wedding! Not only did I get my resolution within the next few days, I have found an endless source of diverse information and encouragement to live in a happy and healthy state. I truly look forward to our monthly consults and walk away with new insights for further improving my quality of life, every time.

There is no judgement in Anna's care and for the first time I feel that I have found a medical practitioner that does the art proud. By the time I booked an appointment with Anna, my carpal tunnel was causing extreme pain. No matter how much I'd rested my hand, used a therapy glove and wrist support, along with a special computer mouse, nothing helped.

With my science background I've always been skeptical of holistic medicine, but the thought of surgery scared me so I was willing to try anything -- and am I ever glad I did! Much to my surprise, within two days of taking the remedy Anna gave me, the discomfort had almost disappeared. And within a week, it was as if I'd never even had carpal tunnel - truly remarkable! Needless to say, I am so thankful -- and Anna's enthusiasm and patience in answering all of my questions was also gratefully appreciated. It warms my heart to see the natural healings of Homeopathy becoming available to more and more people.

I am most proud of being able to take care of my family and creating a home environment that promotes an optimal healthy lifestyle. The collaborative learning environment of the college has thus far been the biggest influence on my success, I am still able to draw on the expertise of my mentors and my diverse collection of classmates when in need.

The extensive clinical experience, along with the manner in which our learning clinic was conducted, helped me immensely. The focus on the core teachings of Dr. Hahnemann have given me a constant reference when I am faced with a difficult case or I need help from the other side. I'm not going to get too specific, but I find that half my cases have a skin condition as a chief complaint.

It is a good example of where traditional medicine has failed and provides the greatest challenges and most satisfying successes for me because the ailment is so visible. I recently had a patient diagnosed with shingles herpes zoster and was given a prescription from his doctors of pain killers and patience. This is a condition that can persist for over a month, it is severely itchy and burning. A dry dose of Mercurius C relieved the symptoms within 3 days.

Every time I choose the right remedy and I see that it quickly improves the state of health of the patient, I must say that I feel proud! It is a feeling of deep accomplishment, as well! What a privilege to be able to offer a treatment that is completely natural, with no side effects, with gentle action on the body, yet so effective! I truly believe that Homeopathy is the best healing method by far, available nowadays! First of all, the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine CCHM is the only college in the province of Ontario that offers the true Hahnemanian Homeopathy program, and this holds a tremendous teaching value.

Secondly, I truly believe that the externship and internship played an extremely important part of the learning process, exposing us, the future Homeopaths, to a lot of different cases. I feel that this tremendously prepared us to become confident in case taking and remedy prescribing. The third aspect that contributed the most to my Homeopathic education was the fact that I had the best professors and mentors during the 3-year Homeopathic program, such as Dr. I was facing anxiety, panic attacks, palpitations, blurred vision, loss of sleep, fear of death, only to name some. I was visiting doctors, emergency rooms, specialists of all kind.

Not only that it didn't help, but the medication offered always was antidepressants and sleeping pills which made things worse. One day, I read an article about homeopathy and how it is used in all kind of illnesses with certain results. And than I called Angelica. She helped me right away. After a thorough examination of over two hours, Angelica established a treatment that really worked. The first day of taking the remedy I felt immediate relief.


Success Stories | Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine

I could sleep and my fears washed away suddenly. Slowly and gently, and with a lot of professionalism, Angelica succeeded to bring me back to my normal life in only few weeks. I am very thankful and would recommend Angelica to all my family and my friends. I know made homeopathy part of my life as it keeps amazing me with its applicability in all medical fields.

I was able to improve my thyroid function, to regulate my missed periods, to decrease my heartburn and most important to heal my depression and to make my anxiety go away. Without Angelica I would have probably been just another depressed Canadian like 70 per cent of adult population as the medical science, with sour irony, classifies us. Thank you, Angelica", Dr. Continuing education in this field is extremely important, because it helps us, homeopaths, refine our skills. I continued my professional education with Dr.

Kellerstein's monthly seminars allowed me to review the Materia Medica as well as work on some interesting cases, strengthening my clinical skills as well. Witnessing the joys of patients on acute and chronic cases, most especially when they have given up from other forms of therapy. But by using homeopathic remedies they saw the ailments disappear. Also, making patients feel welcome is very important when they come to the centre. Sharing, listening and receiving some of the professors' knowledge have contributed to my success in every way.

My clinic supervisors' challenges in school helped me in full time practice.

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Those write-ups may have been hard then but paid off after! I recently had a patient who had problems with her stomach. Her food pipe was disjointed, and had needle-like pain. Her internal system was not permitting her to eat or drink. The remedy Ipec 30, 3 pellets, 3 times daily was prescribed. She was normal in 24 hours. Another patient with migraine headaches and trigeminal neuralgia came into my office crying. She could not eat, but CT and bonescan was good, blood work was normal.

Her other medications were not helping. Rhododendrum 30, 3 pellets, 3 times daily was given. After 72 hours, the patient was smiling. The efficacy of homeopathic remedies are alarming. I will forever be grateful to all my professors. I started 2 years ago and already have tremendous progress. I've been blessed to have a number of proud moments in such a short time of practice. My first case after graduating was a Crohn's Disease case and the patient was about to go on immunosuppressant drugs.

After one dose he saw immediate improvement. I've been able to help babies, kids and adults with homeopathy but I'm most proud of the fact that my own family hasn't stepped foot in a hospital or walk in clinic in 6 years because we strictly use homeopathy. William Ellwood and his miasm lectures. He changed the way I look at dis-ease and the body, which I've found extremely helpful and effective in my practice. Great to fail and succeed with the safety of having the instructors there to back you up and support you when you are learning.

Case strategy and analysis. When I was in class, it was annoying to have to write everything out, but now I appreciate learning these skills because I'm able to articulate my strategy to the patient and manage the case properly. A family I have been assisting with their health care for over 3 years now, called me one night while I was making a house call to another family. I literally was stepping up the porch when I answered the phone and the mother was frantic, her 2 year old poked himself in the ear and possibly injured his ear drum with a Nintendo DS pen.

I could hear the panic in her voice, but of course I was on the stairs of my next appointment. I told her to give the child Arnica every 15 mins and I would come over after my appointment. When I got to the house an hour and 15 mins later, the child was curled up on his fathers lap with a blanket and a very painful look on his face, tears streaming down his sweet cheeks. This child is very mischievous, rambunctious and resilient, but the look on his face was otherwise on this visit. I proceeded to check his inner ear with my ophthalma scope and saw what was normally pink with yellow discharge from previous checks, was black this time, which meant to me that he was suffering from a blood clot in his inner ear.

The parents said that he had had roughly 6 doses of Arnica at this point and that he had gone from an intensity of 10 with the pain to about a 7. I raced home, got Arnica 1M and returned to the house. By this time it was nearly 9pm and the child had been in pain for 2 hours. I told the parents, no matter what time it was during the night, that they were to call me, even if they were choosing to go to the hospital, I wanted to be able to guide them along their way. Well, the next morning came without a midnight wake up call and in the morning I called the family for an update. I asked for her to bring the child by my office so I could check his ear out for myself.

Once she brought him in, he was smiling and laughing, running around as if nothing had happened. I asked him to let me see and he cocked his head in anticipation of me looking in, and I tell you, it was pink with yellow discharge again! A week later, I spoke with the father and he said that his son is being his normal mischievous self, and that there was not any residual effect from the Nintendo pen. Gotta Love Homeopathy and Arnica.

I am happy I made a bold career change and took my training at Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. There are many things that I am most proud of so far in my endeavour into Homeopathy, but I would have to say I am most proud of graduating from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. The program at CCHM was challenging and rewarding and by the end of it there was definitely a great sense of accomplishment.

The three aspects that contributed the most to my success would be the high quality of the professors that teach at CCHM, The student clinic which really helped prepare me for the variety of cases that I have seen in my private practice, and the friendships and relationships that were built during my three years of study. Having friendships with other students and instructors really builds that support network that is needed when a tough case comes your way and you need to bounce ideas off of people. I really enjoy cases surrounding hormonal imbalances.

The patient was a 49 year old female that was having difficulty sleeping. She was waking at night from hot flashes and was very restless. She had whole body perspiration and was better in cool air. She also reported that she was having great difficulties in dealing with stresses that were in her life, mostly associated with her career. Yeast infections were reported on a monthly basis that were very itchy and inflamed.

After urinating she would stand then realize she still had "to go". She would sit back down on the toilet and urine would only dribble out. After the dribble she no longer had sensation of having to urinate. I gave Sepia C, one time per week for 4 weeks. Patient even reported that she had to wear a sweater around the house at times, couldn't remember last time she did that. There was no longer any sensation of still having to urinate after going to washroom. No vaginal itching or inflammation since taking remedy and she is dealing with major stresses at work as if they aren't stresses at all.

Homeopathy is life changing for everyone involved. From the patient to the Homeopath, to the loved ones of the patient, everyone is better off because of Homeopathy. To be honest, each and every referral and compliment feels like a proud moment I have had the honour of teaching health education classes at a highschool in Belize Being told that I had truly changed, not only the kids I was working with, but the entire island, with the information I was able to share I feel truly blessed to have gathered pieces of wisdom from each and every one of these inspirational Homeopaths Walking into that classroom everyday with an internal buzzing and excitement is a feeling I will never forget When we decided to work on his homework, all of the clouds were gone!

We are SO grateful I genuinely feel blessed to have found my path in homeopathic medicine Very grateful for this opportunity to share the unique spirit of this homeopathic community. My homeopathy career is still rather new and exciting. I continue to be in awe when remedies work perfectly and improvement or healing comes swiftly. I would say that what I am most proud of in regards to my success and journey as a homeopath is that I have stuck to the path that most resembles who I am. I went back to school in my 40's and that came with some challenges, but I had the attitude that I can learn from every situation and every teacher.

I also believe that my life experience and personal journey of homeopathic care adds depth and encouragement for many of my patients. I have created a growing practice that fundamentally involves homeopathic healthcare, but also includes life style management, crisis care, education, nutrition, and a few ounces of friendship.

I have become a life coach to many of my senior patients who have spent decades in the medical system without someone who took the time to care. I have become a mentor to many young moms who need support and examples to follow. I am often 'taken back' with how much opening myself to my patients and giving them a few ounces of love mixed with homeopathic care has changed a life even before the remedy takes effect.

It's an aspect of our medical system that has been missing for a very long time. Having a variety of different teachers always adds flavour to education. CCHM does a great job providing a variety of teaching perspectives. One thing that I learned at CCHM is that what is taught in class is only a morsel of what you will need to know in everyday practice. It is a teaser to get you thinking, reading, studying and researching.

CCHM gives the foundation: From there one will quickly see that there is more to do and learn, but with the right foundation, learning is quick and relatively painless. I developed a variety of perspectives to consider with every case, and I have practiced consistently the solid Hahnemannian principles taught in class.

There are multiple ways to practice Homeopathy; some are better and more effective then others which we debated in class! The rest comes with experience and study. I valued time in clinic and with my supervisor because the real learning happens in the daily work of patients in the office. This past September I had two sisters come in my office with the chief complaint of Molescum. They both had approx 50 warty blisters from their groin down to their ankles.

The eruptions had been present for just over a month and mom had used a harsh medicated cream to attempt to eradicate the molescum, which did not help. The eruptions started at the same time after summer camp and presented identically, but as to be expected, I treated them separately. Sister 1 is 5 years old; She is gutsy, impulsive, headstrong, determined and pushes limits and rules. She had energy, curiosity and filled the room with her personality.

She was smart and picked up concepts and abilities easily. She develops rashes and eruptions easily that are always worse in the heat and water. She experiences nightmares, has foul breath in the morning, and is very warm blooded, sleeping naked and always throwing off her blankets at night. She experiences very foul flatulence and is always very thirsty. Her molescum was primarily in the inner thigh area and very itchy. I gave her Sulphur 30c to take every second day for 3 doses. She returned 2 weeks later to show all molescums were gone and no scars were left.

She continued to have many nightmares, and there was an increase in lying and temper tantrums she was not holding in her anger any more. Her verbal and reading skills at school had seen a sharp increase, and her over-heating at night had balanced out. I prescribed 4 doses of Sulphur c to take once a week for a month. She returned reporting that she was rarely having nightmares, no more lying or temper tantrums, and her teachers felt she was engaged, sensitive, articulate and strong in math and reading. All behavioural and sleeping issues were gone, as were the skin eruptions, and mom felt her daughter "was in a really good place right now.

Sister 2 is 8 years old; She is quiet, easily worried about her family and others, and she has anticipatory anxiety expressed especially at night before bed. She works at things slowly and methodically until everything is perfect. She sweats at night, especially on her head. She has cracks on her lips, feet and hands; she also licks her lips when anxious causing chaffing and chapping. She continues to suck on two soothers at night and loves to feel cozy with blankets and have company around her.

Harvard Study Has Good News for Homeopathic Medicine

I prescribed Calc Carb c to take every second day for 3 doses. She returned 2 weeks later with all the molescum and scars gone they flared up, looked angry, then disappeared 24 hrs after the third dose. Her anxiety was mildly improved, but she had started to lick her upper lip constantly at school causing chaffing and chapping. I gave another dose of Calc Carb c. She returned 2 weeks later to say her anxiety at night over people and horrible stories had improved, her skin was no longer cracking, the molescum was still gone, and her sleep had improved.

I wasn't happy with why she was licking her lips so much anxiety , so I repeated the dose once every 2 weeks for the next month. She returned a month later with less tendency to worry about her family and continued decreased anxiety at school; a calendula salve easily healed the lip chap previously nothing helped healing this , all skin was clear, she was more vocal and communicative, and she decided it was time to throw out the soothers.

As a graduate just start working, start caring for patients, and start studying Materia Medica when your office is empty The foundation you receive from CCHM is fantastic, and the resources they provide after graduation will be there for you during times of struggle. Trust in what you have learned and how you have been taught. Take charge of your post graduate education, you will always be learning. Listen to Joe, Lisa, Kim and Monica - they know what they are doing and they will help you flourish as a homeopath. Natasha speaking about homeopathy: My proudest moment as a Homeopath was the day I finally had the courage to leave my 16 year career in software sales to follow my passion.

There were many tests along the way to be certain that this was the path, and now I can't imagine doing anything else! Thankfully a number of them are part of the faculty at CCHM. I think it's best rather than speaking for myself here, to instead include a testimonial from one of my patients who is an actor and writer. Before I came to see Natasha, I suffered from severe allergies to fresh produce as a result of allergies to pollens of all kinds. My throat, ears, tongue and palate would become very itchy, and the threat of anaphylaxis would set in if I went near melons.

Natasha said that we could work to reverse this, and we began treatment. Not only did it help for my allergies, it also helped with my overall well-being. We continued therapy, and things continued to improve. I saw my relationship getting stronger, my outlook on life improving, and I no longer felt isolated from the rest of the group because of my food restrictions.

I am so happy that I decided to use homeopathy. So many of us are not open to the realm of possibilities out there that can rid us of the ailments our bodies go through. I believed in Natasha and I believed in homeopathy, and that belief has paid off huge.

She changed my life, and I am very grateful. All the work I do, as a homeopath, makes me quite proud. There are a few patients that really stand out for me: I have successfully treated: The three aspects of my homeopathic education that contributed the most to my success are i taking a good case; ii rubric selection for getting to a group of remedies for differential diagnosis by using the root of the problem, i. She presented with bald spots in circles the size of quarters on her scalp.

After taking her case, I realized that the hair loss came after a fight with her step daughter. My patient was full of anger, disowned the step daughter and even mentioned she hated the woman. One dose of 30 C Ignatia and her hair was coming back, a dose of 30C Nat-mur given the next month for a life long history of silent grief and the hair was completely back by the third follow up.

The patient was so elated she offered to do anything for me, I told her to enjoy her beautiful life. My daughter Holly is the reason I became a homeopath. She developed a chronic cough when she started school at 4 years of age. She suffered for 6 months with wheezing to breathe, coughing all night long every night and three rounds of antibiotics that did nothing for her.

She was given a 6X of Silica and she was cured! Although, it took about 3 more months for her strength to come back she never needed any more remedy. This is when I embarked on my journey to learn everything I could about homeopathy, and I became a homeopath. Today, Holly is a healthy 11 years old, in grade 6. No sign of asthma or breathing issues have ever returned. I am most proud of treating a Rheumatoid Arthritis case. My patient had been suffering for 20 years. After only six months of homeopathic treatment with Silica, they were able to get off their medication completely.

The third year Teaching Clinic, lead by Dr. Joseph Kellerstein, taught me how to manage complex cases and learn effective dosing strategies. I especially remember the case of a 40 year old epileptic woman. Her treatment began with Phosphorus, and for the first time in her life she did not have a single epileptic attack in over a month.

Her feedback on my reports pushed me to constantly re-evaluate my case management techniques, and taught me to become a closer reader of the Materia Medica. My most recent cured case was one of seasonal allergies. The patient presented with many of the common symptoms of hay fever: What was unique about their symptoms was that they were alleviated by being outdoors, and exacerbated by warm, stuffy air.

I prescribed Pulsatilla 30Ch in water and they were symptom free within two days. I come from a background of allopathic healthcare R. I was most impressed by all the support I got from many colleagues who were interested in my studies. There is a lot of interest and support in the mainstream healthcare community. Since graduation, my most satisfying moments have been when clients have "ah-ha" moments while telling their stories and seeing connections between different parts of their lives, and seeing how happy they are when "homeopathy works".

Personally, I have always been pretty healthy, but using homeopathy on myself, I noticed I started getting fewer "colds" every winter. I also discovered the benefits of "Rescue Remedy" in times of stress. Aspects of My Education Contributing to my Success: Homeopathic journals, conferences locally and internationally My education also introduced me to classmates from very varied backgrounds, and friendships, which have endured, were forged in self made study groups and clinical days, as well as in the classroom. Clinical days and supervision of my own cases in second and third year, made "book learning" come alive.

A Mom brought her teenaged son to me with a progressively worsening problem of insomnia. His academic career was threatened and his plan to go to university was at risk. We found a remedy which brought considerable improvement for six or more months, and then the benefit started to wane. As often happens in homeopathy, the longer you know someone, the more you know of them, and the better you can find a remedy more closely matched to their situation.

His "picture" became clearer with his trust in me and my greater knowledge of him. The second remedy brought him the ongoing relief he sought. Sleeping well obviously improved his ability to study and his goal of getting to university was met. A "not necessarily cured" case but under control is my own.

In the fall of , I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

Trigeminal Neuralgia patient shares improvement story after treatment at Life Force within 1 month

My TSH was non-existant. Between the news from my G. By the time I saw the specialist, two of my hormone levels were back to normal and the third was on its way. The specialist advised me not to take the remedy because I could "make myself worse". I advised her I knew what I was doing and "not to worry", I wouldn't be taking the remedy forever. Through all of , my thyroid hormones were normal and then in February of they went back to the original "diseased" level. I took another series of the homeopathic remedy, and my hormones went back to normal again. The specialist comments that "you seem to be self-correcting".

Thyroid ultrasounds, a little more than a year apart, have indicated no progression in signs of illness nodes. To me, this is a case where allopathy and homeopathy work together, since I still need the blood tests and ultrasounds to fill out the picture. There is a lot of successful homeopathic healthcare going on beyond North American boundaries. We find these things out by ongoing reading and attending conferences to keep updating our knowledge. One group I've been following and following up on are the Banerjis' in India who spoke at the Canadian Homeopathic Conference here in Toronto, in the fall of They have been having success with serious cancers, where allopathy has failed.

They were impressed with the results of their research We can all find avenues for this. I belong to the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario voluntary, while membership in the college is mandatory. They have numerous special interest groups, one being for nurses interested in complementary health care and I have written an article for them about the Banerjis. The more we talk, the wider the circle.

Health care choices for all. I was given 6 weeks to live and told there was no conventional means toward recovery or successful treatment. I sought out natural modalities to assist me in maintaining my health during seven years of harsh conventional treatments which included chemotherapy among other experimental immune suppressing drugs.

I refused all narcotics and pain management offered as a standard protocol; fearful of addiction and fearful of the residual effects. The toll the disease took on my physical and mental state was nothing short of disturbing. I was reduced to 87lbs, my skin looked like that of an Egyptian Mummy and I had lost the ability to walk and the use of both hands. Lifting a full glass of water could tear the skin around my wrist and elbow. The protocol of drugs I was placed on were doing more to end my life than save it.

Within the first three weeks of treatment there was a noticeable and marked difference in my appearance, appetite, evacuation and in mobility. The difference was literally night vs day. Not one of us had a good reason as to the incredible change and my physicians became excited and hopeful. I was given a great gift in the form of tenacious dedicated health care professionals that run the entire spectrum of medical practices who were willing to do just about anything short of tossing jelly beans at a lemon to derive a positive effect.

Side by side we learned together. The results are undeniable and blissfully incredible! My proudest moment to date — came in the realization that through diligence, effort, study and experimentation the impossible is certainly possible! This realization came in the form of a clean bill of health — a determination of a complete cure and a return to a healthy and happy state of being.

There is no better teacher of homeopathy than the application of the modality itself; and there is no greater reward than that of being returned to a healthy state of being. Through Homeopathy I garnered a full and complete understanding of the word and its true meaning. Hot searing stabbing pain. Length of stay is varied. Patient expressed grave concern over the use of such potent pain relievers and sought a natural means to a cure.

Despair about recovery; is convinced that no one understands his case and that he can't be cured. Liver sore and painful: Aching between scapulae or in lumbar region, Burning pressure in spine extending across dorsal region and under scapulae. While undergoing chronic treatment, each individual reacts to the remedy in a different way. Usually the effects are gentle and gradual, though at times more rapid or dramatic changes occur.

Since the remedies work to improve the general health, we were not concerned if local symptoms did not change immediately. Patience is a necessary ingredient one must add to treatment. Temporary minor aggravations of symptoms or recurrences of previously experienced symptoms did occur. These are not side effects of the remedy, but an indication that the body is responding to the medicinal stimulus. The patient suffered chronic symptoms which did improve over 3 months. These follow up visits were scheduled at varying depending upon the individual characteristics of the recordable progress.

Annual visits check-ups have been maintained since and there have been no sign of any reoccurrences of the initial complaint. The patient is recovered, happy, healthy and enjoying life and has ceased all conventional medications aimed at reversing depression and anxiety. It is my honest and true hope that the Regulation of Homeopathic Medicine proceeds un-hindered and the profession is given a place of recognition and respect within our health care system that is both necessary and long over-due.

Miracles do happen — but not the way we see in the movies. Miracles happen because a select few with a particular set of skills work diligently toward achieving that miracle daily; and for this, I as well as millions of others are and will remain, eternally grateful. I am most proud of seeing how homeopathy works each and everyday. It is a privilege to practice this form of amazing medicine and for people to allow me into their private world to help them regain their quality of life.

My education at CCHM is number one on my list. When I decided to go back to school to become a homeopath I looked up all the schools that offered this course in the GTA and surrounding areas. I visited each school one by one. The dean spent the time answering my questions, showing me around and explaining in detail the model that CCHM follows.

  1. Fugue in E Minor, Op. 84, No. 6?
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  3. Ley de Empleo (Spain) (Spanish Edition).
  4. The second aspect would be the teaching at CCHM. The teachers are incredibly knowledgeable in all areas of homeopathy. The school is very particular about their education and clinical training, wanting a minimum of five years work experience practicing homeopathy. They are trained to follow the model of classical homeopathy. They provide a solid education in Hahnemannian Fundamentals.

    Without this training it is impossible to practice homeopathy correctly. The last aspect would be clinical experience, the internship and externship process. The internship process in year two and three was fantastic. Watching other experienced homeopaths take cases and follow up with each patient along the way was an amazing and practical way to learn how homeopathy works. The externship process was the building block for my practice. It provided me with a base of patients once I graduated that I could build on. It also helped to build my confidence to practice on my own with the cushion of knowing I have a supervisor along side of me to help with any questions.

    A recent case that stands out in my mind was a 17 year old boy who came to me suffering from severe depression and anxiety. He was seeing a psychiatrist at the time and was on 4 separate medications. One anti-psychotic, two anti-depressants and one anti-anxiety medication. He was tall and lean with long hair that hung over his eyes and a baseball cap that was pulled down just exposing his eyes. He spoke slowly and paused for long periods of time before he would answer my questions.

    But underneath his exterior I could tell he was well spoken, intelligent and engaging. After taking his case it was apparent that he had experienced a very traumatic childhood. I prescribed the remedy first in dry pellet form. After a couple of months I switch his remedy to a water dose and prescribed it daily.

    I started to see significant changes in his mood and motivation. Because of these changes his psychiatrist started lowering his medication. I am please to say that eight months later he was off of all medication, started college, got his drivers license, had no signs of anxiety or depression. He sat in front of me with no hat, short hair, complete eye contact and told me how amazing he was feeling and that he was currently pursuing an education in social work to help other children that had gone through the same heart ache as him.

    I am humbled everyday by the stories I hear about peoples emotional and physical illnesses. I am privileged to work as a homeopath as well as teach future homeopaths at CCHM. If you would like more information about myself or my practice please visit my website at. There are a great many moments that thrill me along this career adventure Before I applied for admission, I contacted a random list of practicing homeopaths in Toronto who were only too happy to share their experiences and suggestions.

    The supervised clinical experience I received at CCHM - both the internships and externships - were invaluable. When it's not an acute condition, I find that treating patients is really an ongoing process. As layers are treated with the right remedy and that particular chronic condition is ameliorated, the patient is also growing and transforming. And as they do, they may see new and different mental and emotional or physical conditions which are then to be treated although it may be weeks, months or even years between these visits with a new or different condition.

    The beauty of homeopathy is that we often see conditions diminishing as each layer is treated, and a return of ones natural vibrancy. I think what is very exciting now, is seeing patients questioning and searching for natural and beneficial solutions for their health. They are breaking out of the doctor-tells-me-what-to-do mold and taking ownership for their health.

    It is lovely to see patients empowering themselves. That their searches and journey bring many to homeopathy and other natural health modalities that will help guide them back to their natural state of health is wonderful and holds promising things for the future. In the last two years I have achieved excellent results, with both chronic and acute disease, and continue to be amazed each and every day, by the depth of this medicine, and the incredible healing that can happen in even the sickest of patients. I am so happy that I attended the Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine, not only because of its reputation as the leader in Homeopathic training in Canada, but the incredible foundation that it gave me in my Homeopathic education.

    Joseph Kellerstein, who taught me so much, and allowed me to practice to the best of my abilities. Without his training and direction, I believe I would not have the success I have today with my patients. I had a 16 week pregnant patient with large gallstones, The patient was noticeably warm in body temperature and required fresh air. In addition, she noticed that since becoming pregnant, she was very weepy and easily moved to tears.

    She was thirstless, and had incredible pain from the gallstones when eating anything with any fat in it. She continued to lose weight as a result of the lack of any fat in her diet, and even the dietary changes were not alleviating the pain and the other symptoms. After dosing with Pulsatilla ch daily for a few days, the patient noticed much improvement in all of the above symptoms. Over the next few weeks, dosing daily with Pulsatilla ch twice a day, she went back to her medical doctor and the gallstones were noticeably smaller. We continued and the stones eventually disappeared; she was pain free through the remainder of her pregnancy.

    I'm most proud of this case because it represents how both conventional allopathic medicine can work alongside homeopathic treatment for the best health and least risk to the patient; it illustrates how the "system" can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in the cost of a surgery such as this if they were to use homeopathic expertise; and how gentle and effective homeopathy is during pregnancy, with no risk to the baby. There are not many registered, practicing homeopaths in Nova Scotia, which limits my pool of colleagues on the east coast.

    However, through my training at TSHM, I am able to consult with colleagues online across the country when I'm "stuck". I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to be excited to come to work every day, and to love what I do for a living. In addition, homeopathic medicine has allowed me to grow so much, because it is challenging, no two patients are the same, and I continue to be amazed by the body's ability to heal through homeopathic treatment.

    It is a privilege and an honour to witness these events, both large and small. One of my patients was in the hospital breathing through an emergency tracheotomy and coughing up blood due to pneumonia. Prior to my consultation, she'd been in the hospital for several weeks, after having been placed in a medically induced coma due to multiple organ failure.

    She was told that she should expect to remain in the hospital for a minimum of two to three more weeks. Within 10 minutes of receiving the homeopathic medicine selected for her case, she said that the pressure on her left side had lessened and that she could breathe more deeply. When I returned 5 days later for the follow-up appointment, she was being discharged from the hospital. Recently, I went to a patient's home for a second follow up. His speech stopped around the same time he received some routine vaccinations. Before this follow up, the patient had not made any eye contact, or any contact with me at all really.

    That evening when I arrived, he was waiting at the door with his father. I was touched and hopeful to hear about his reaction to the latest homeopathic medicine selected for him. Throughout the consultation, he continued to make eye contact with me while he sat on his father's lap. That moment was so powerful and moving it nearly brought me to my knees. There was such a profound sense of connection between me and my patient and his family, and a palpable feeling of hope. The externship process was the perfect springboard to set up myself and my practice for success.

    It is a safe haven for prescribing because I was backed by an experienced supervisor, and it served as the perfect venue for helping me determine what kind of practitioner I wanted to be when I graduated. For me, putting theoretical learning into practice by observing patients responses to remedies was the greatest teacher of all. Being able to watch other experienced homeopathic practitioners conduct consultations was also very important. This process provided valuable tips for how to ask questions, as well as work with silence comfortably during a consultation.

    It also allowed me to clearly identify my practitioner biases, and then work on removing them. As a lover of languages and speaker of several, I know the importance of learning the fundamentals of grammar. CCHM focuses the bulk of the curriculum on studying Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine so that students have a solid foundation on which to build other styles of homeopathic practice if they choose.

    In the winter of , I received a referral for a patient who had been diagnosed with the flu.