Reluctant Native Bride (Reluctant Interracial Breeding Erotica)

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White Woman Captured and Fucked By Native Amazon Tribe

We take abuse seriously in our book lists. Only flag lists that clearly need our attention. As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content eg. We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or for being critical of a book. Mary books 8 friends. BlueSalvatore books 4 friends. Costa books 11 friends. Heidi books 23 friends. Bethann books 73 friends. Danyel books 12 friends. Chandra books friends. Thebookmistress books 95 friends. Jul 07, I seriously cannot imagine anyone who would rape or forcefully seduce someone else as being either romantic, or a hero.

Really, this is so pathetic! Aug 11, I don't remember either rape or forced seduction. And also in Shades of Gray isn't heroine raped by someone else and not by the hero? Sep 10, Jan 08, There are a couple of completely random books in the list that I'd like to remove as well, but It's a bit subtle but it's definitely there. Jan 03, Isn't it the hero who is the victim in "The Tied Man"? This site really should allow you to vote against books on a list.

Jan 04, There are a couple of completely random books i If you want to be able to remove books yourself then you should apply for a librarian status. Apr 19, They kidnapped and raped them! Jul 03, It's disgusting how such a list exists. Can't believe some people love heroes who rape and force the heroines.. Feb 19, I can't stand it, and even less when it's like game of thrones, like they get raped but then they move on like nothing. What I think this list means is that the boundaries are pushed and you get to think, this is scary and sexy and dangerous, and I hope it doesn't happen to me, but in the way it's in this book -since I'm in no danger, and I know I can put the book down if things get too uncomfortable - i want to know how far the characters would go.

If it's paranormal romance it's compelling because it's not close to reality. You think "well werevolves don't exist, so whatever" it's more difficult on a realistic setting. Jun 30, Mar 13, That really sounds like Olivia Gates's novel Let me know if this is the right one: May 12, Jun 19, Jul 06, Jul 09, I don't find list to bash people who enjoy it. We all have different taste, some just darker than others. I hate when readers put other readers down for thier tastes. Don't like it, don't read. Feb 03, I didn't realize there was a comment section on this sort of thing until I got to the bottom of this list.

I find this a huge issue on the review sections of older Lindsey and Taylor novels. So many women coming in to shame one another. If you don't like it I understand. Stay off this list.

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We don't need to hear your comments about how "disgusting" and "pathetic" people are that choose to read this type of FICTION fantasy and like it! I think people that enjoy reading or watching torture books and movies like Saw or Hostel for enjoyment need therapy. That's my personal opinion. Maybe you should get off the Internet if you don't like the idea that there are people that enjoy things that you don't like. Lmao bcz i find it fucked up especially from women in a world where so many women are abused, tortured and raped.

Best Romance with Forced Arranged Marriage/Mating/Bonding List ( books)

Well i can also say same then. Get off internet if you cant handle my opinion. I have the right to post my opinion on the list. Feb 07, I have heard romance authors describe romance books as feminism, and I agree with that, because it finally gives women permission to fantasize about their desires. It serves as a safe place, where it is OK to want what you want in a society where women's pleasures and desires are usually secondary. So it is quite disheartening when other women invade this space passing moral judgement on what "fictional" stories other women like.

Especially, when the same people passing judgement have read the same type of books or have it in their TBR list. What is the word am looking for again? Starts with an H, but I digress. Again, as other people have mentioned, this not being forced on any one, it can easily be avoided. Feb 09, Um i dont think i have rated any books high where the heroes rape the heroines. Not all dark erotica have rape scenes by the hero. Wtf r u talking about?

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Lol thanks for stalking me though. Feb 10, Lol thanks for stalking me And if you would read my reviews for the following books of this series my dear you would know i despised grizz. I dnf the last book bcz they made grizz the hero and killed off grunt. I rated this one high bcz the whole feel of the book was epic and i shipped ginny and grunt. I continued the series only with hope they would end up together. Dont talk and judge when you dunno shit My review of a gift of time: You said anyone reading and enjoying books that this stuff happens in are "disgusting".

You have no context of why this list was created.

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For all you know someone is doing a thesis on rape culture in media. If you yourself have read and enjoyed things that contain the content, then add yourself to the category. It doesn't matter your reasoning, since you assigned judgement to women without the same courtesy. I have had conversations with abuse survivors that read books like this as therapy to examine their own experiences. Facing their fears in a controlled setting. But to you, that makes them horrible people. This reminds me of when Jason Momoa made that bad joke about him enjoying playing Khal Drogo raping and pillaging.

The same people paying premium cable prices, tuning in weekly watching, and shipping the relationship between the mother of Dragons that began obviously as rape got all outraged.

‘interracial ravishment’ stories

But not enough not to enjoy the storyline in the first place. It's all a problem, not just being aware, and being baldly honest about what the thing actually is. I mean even on this thread people saying "Oh doesn't belong on this list! Views Rating Favorite Newest. All Time All Time. Stalked Black woman is taken by white man. Jewelry Store Heist White wife taken by three black thieves. Julie's Forceful Seduction Young wife forced by a black Jamaican and loves it.

Secretary African Style His African secretary makes a bad mistake. Escaped 12 Black convicts use sexy women captives all night. The Thug Beautiful bride gets taken in front of groom. Reluctant Submission Sexy white girl submits to hugely hung black guy. Sharnie's Surrender Young woman lets two burglars have their way with her. Black Babe Gets Caught Taken on tour of stock room and explored. The African Affair Fashion model is ravished by tribe of lesbians. The Setup Forced sex for a job and a sponsorship. Wanda - A Surprise Visitor She's taken by a black man in her own home.