The Lost Episode (How to Evangelize People)

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I see many people each day but I see them like cars or trees, not as souls with eternal destinies, created in the image of God. The survey asked many unchurched people about how likely they would be to visit a church if invited. How do you think they responded? Counter that with the survey question to Christians about how many invited someone to church in the last year…what do you think?

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Sounds like the new rule, and this is the embarrassing one. Invite them to come to a bbq, game night, book study etc. This gives some serious food for thought….

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For all of us reading this about all of our churches. We want to expand on this in a couple more posts. For now, consider what you can take away from this, as a pastor, elder, or member—what can you apply immediately to your life? What new habits can you start today?

Lesson 5: Jesus Teaches us to Witness, Part 1 (John ) |

Take one day of your life and note the people you come in contact with not landscape and machines and think about what new habits and patterns you could start today. A pointed moment for the conference attendees and for you as you read this is the comment that John made: Building a Culture of Loving People The heart of the consideration for building a culture of evangelism was thinking about the disposition of our hearts toward people—those created in the image of God. Combining a number of the thoughts from the leaders, this sentence encapsulates it: Ask the right questions.

A question was raised for attendees and your contemplation: This was coupled with one of the more insightful thoughts of the day, which was an idea from Eric Hausler relayed to the attendees and to you: The Gospel of John Chapter 2 Part 2. In this segment we look at Jesus and the Jews in this conversation about the true temple.

Using Gospel Tracts to Evangelize to the Lost

The Gospel of John chapter 2 Part 1. Today we look briefly at the beginning of John chapter 2 and Jesus and his disciples at the wedding. In this gospel of John overview we will touch on a few of the high points of the Gospel of John in hopes that we are strengthened in our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Who do you say He is? Your Christology determines what you truly believe about the Christian faith. Healthy Fear of the Lord. The respect for God is in the wind, we live in a time where God is openly mocked and not represented well by Christians..

Two Things You Need to Know to Reach the Lost

Will the real body of Christ, please wake up! The same way you provide physical meals for your family we should seek to provide spiritual nourishment as well. We dont wait to eat physically once a week, why do we wait to eat spiritually? Serving Christ in The Chaos. How do we serving Christ in the busyness of life? Reaping the Harvest, Unashamed. Paul approached evangelism missionally and you see that in Romans 1: Sound Doctrine helps Evangelism. Being an Evangelism Ninja.