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In Shards of Honor , Prince Serg is so outrageously psychopathic that his father considers it necessary to both start an unprovoked war and then lose it deliberately just so Prince Serg and his supporters can be killed and discredited in the process. In Kill Decision , Odin uses this to defend his tipping off an insurgent leader to an impending airstrike, explaining that the guy is a moderate compared to his rivals and would-be successors and would fight other foreign extremists and drug dealers once the West gets out of the way. In The Man in the High Castle , at least some factions of the Nazi Party are depicted as more reasonable than the leadership, and oppose its genocidal plans such as wiping out the Japanese.

And that reasonable faction is Heydrich and the SS, who already are genocidal maniacs in their own right. Faced with the Sadistic Choice of either supporting the SS rise to power or watching his homeland be exterminated , Mr. Tagomi has a bit of a Heroic BSoD moment. He had the choice between getting captured and possibly killed by the men of a guy who wanted his throne and seeking help from his enemies. He chose the latter and now considers himself a Child of Two Worlds.

At the end of the series, this is the entire reason Visser Three chooses to be a Graceful Loser and willingly surrender to the Animorphs; as he himself states, no punishment he might receive from the Animorphs could possibly be worse than what he would receive from the Council of Thirteen. Cray from The Hunger Games. He was head peacekeeper working in District 12, replaced by Romulus Thread in second book.

By no means a good person, but he did turn a blind eye on black market and poaching, as he got his booze and turkey from it. Since Thread got into the district it all ended and everyone caught doing anything slighly illegal got The Taste Of The Leash. This is the central theme of The Witcher. No matter which side wins, in the end one of two evils prevails.

This is the main reason Geralt prefers to not get involved in such conflicts. Geralt himself doesn't believe that there are lesser evils, it's only an excuse people make to justify their bad deeds. The A-Team , " Curtain Call ". As Murdock's condition worsens and Face and Tawnia still haven't returned with medical supplies, Hannibal tells B.

The sheer fact that Hannibal thinks bringing the team's archnemesis directly to their hiding spot is the better option and that B. Let the world be destroyed, or give the psycho the keys to the time machine? A mafia boss hired the heroes to find a voodoo doll to end a curse against him. The trope was invoked out of fear an Eviler Than Thou boss would take over. Lucifer the archangel is released in season 5 and starts the Apocalypse, and the Winchesters are stuck in a battle between Hell and Heaven.

The demonic armies want to destroy the Earth and take over Heaven, although Lucifer plans on killing them too , while the angelic bureaucracy is barely better, being a corrupt military theocracy who want to bring about Paradise and find the slaughter of half of humanity in the ensuing fight between Lucifer and Michael acceptable losses.

The Winchesters are too powerless to kill either of them, and after being stuck between two bad options for an entire season Dean almost gives in to Heaven's demands, but the team pulls him back and they continue looking for more options. The season 1 finale of Gotham has Jim Gordon reluctantly work together with Don Falcone, only because Falcone is the one person who can put an end to the gang war. Throughout the case Chavo sabtage's his defense, saying he ran over the cat on purpose, in the end as Don Ramon sees the case as lost, he allows Chavo to take the stand and give his testimony.

Chavo reiterates that he did in fact ran over the cat on on purpose but he did it becuase of a pretty woman that was nearby. When Don Ramon says a boy like shouldn't yet be interested in pretty women, Chavo says the pretty lady wasn't the reason he ran over the cat, but it was a moron who stood in his way, looking at the pretty woman, the reason he swerved and ran over the cat. When Don Ramon asked why he didn't mention a moron who stood in his way before, Chavo responds that he would've been asked if he could recognize the moron, looks at Profesor Jirafales and asks if he could by any chance recognize that moron.

Profesor Jirafales declares Chavo not guilty and closes the case. This was remade in a Chespirito skit starring Doctor Chapatin. Chapatin is being sued by a woman whose dog he ran over, and he keeps sabotaging his defense by admitting that he ran over the dog.

Just as his lawyer is about to give the case as lost, he allows Doctor Chapatin to give his testimony and again admits to running over the dog, but he ads that he did it not out spite, but because he would have otherwise ran over a jaywalking drunk. When his lawyer asks why didn't say anything about a drunk jaywalker, Doctor Chapatin says that they would ask him, under oath, if he could recognize who that drunk was.

He looks at the Judge and asks if the court would like to know if can recognize that jaywalking drunk, the judge declares Doctor Chapatin not guilty and closes the case. In these cases, the "lesser evil" is usually an established star and the "greater evil" a fast-rising newcomer or an ex-face who just recently turned. With this technique, a promotion can get both "lesser evils" over as faces and "greater evils" over as heels. During The Nexus 's domination of RAW during the summer of , several of the brand's top heels like Edge , Chris Jericho , and Sheamus , although remaining on the bad side, were cast as "lesser evils" compared to the Nexus.

The one exception though was The Miz , who was seen as an equal although separate evil waiting on the sidelines to strike. Savage was one of two wrestlers left standing in a battle royal for the WWF Championship — the other was Paul Orndorff, the man who had seemingly sent Hulk Hogan into permanent retirement. The fans hated Orndorff so much that they were willing to root for anyone who would possibly keep him from winning the title, even someone who had only months before broke Ricky Steamboat 's throat.

The "problems" being that becoming their ace by default also made Shirai a face by default, to the point straighter baby faces have regularly worked with her. They looked like little girls, more so than Mayu Iwatani. Most fans didn't like seeing them get hurt. When Io tagged with them and hogged most of the ring time to herself it looked less like It's All About Me and more like a good mentor protecting them from harm.

Some people view the ending to Jenufa as an example. For other viewers, it's a subversion of the trope: This is a focal point to the plot of Tales of Symphonia. The main character, Lloyd, is an idealist.

[SFM] Two Evil Eyes: Chapter 2 - Five Nights at Freddy's - FNAF Animation

His friend, Colette, must sacrifice herself in order to save her world. Most of this game's struggle involves finding a third option. In the first two Golden Sun games, the object is to restore alchemy to the world. Though the main characters understand that this will bring war and strife back to the world, they do this out of necessity because otherwise, the world will decay. They have to choose between the Britons and the French.

They choose the French side. This is a case where the good guys misjudged which evil was the lesser one. No one can know now as the UED simply didn't get the chance to prove themselves to be better or worse rulers than the Koprulu Sector's natives. The sequel shows that in the long run it was the better choice, as Kerrigan proves be the Spanner in the Works for Amon's plan. That said, The good guys including Kerrigan herself, eventually have to go through hell before it pays off.

Raziel allows himself to be absorbed into the Reaver rather than be the Elder God's captive for the rest of eternity. He's a prisoner either way, but one of his prisons can do more good than the other. In Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots , Snake tries to stop Liquid from taking over the System. He would have total control over pretty much the whole world. Given how much of a nut he's proven himself to be, the protagonists feel that at least The Patriots give the world more stability than Liquid would.

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In the second Baldur's Gate game, the player at one point must ally with either the local guild of ruthless thieves and murderers, or the invading unholy vampires. Every good character, even the paladin Keldorn, is grudgingly willing to ally themselves with the thieves, but many leave the party if the player goes for the vampires instead. Though it is possible to go with either, the former is clearly regarded as this trope in the game. The player opposes one whose plans threatened to destroy the world and allies with the other who is trying to prevent it.

Which is which depends on which game. Thus, in this case, the Lesser of Two Evils is the team you ally with. As much as Viridi is convinced that Humans Are Bastards , she nonetheless considers the Underworld Army to be even worse. Played with in the Metroid series. The catch is Samus doesn't learn this until after she'd already eradicated all but one of the Metroids. Some said they would not vote; some said they would vote for a third party candidate. That mantra delivered us to Richard Nixon in until Watergate did him in. And it delivered us to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney in until they were termed out in ".

Lesser of two evils principle

For a particular voter in an election with more than two candidates, if the voter believes the most preferred candidate cannot win, the voter may be tempted to vote for the most favored viable candidate as a necessary evil or the lesser of two evils. Supporters of lesser-evil tactics in the United States often cite United States politician Ralph Nader's presidential campaigns as examples of what can happen when a third-party candidate receives a significant number of votes.

They claim that the mere existence of the third-party candidate essentially steals votes "tilts" or "tips the scales" from the more progressive of the two main candidates and puts the election in favor of the "worse" candidate—because the small percentage that goes towards the third party candidate is a part "wasted" that could have instead gone to the lesser-evil candidate.

For example, as the Green Party candidate in , Nader garnered 2. One counterargument is that Nader's candidacy likely increased turnout among liberals and that Al Gore took four of the five states—and thirty of the fifty-five electoral college votes—in which the outcome was decided by less than one percent of the vote. Others argue that supporters of Nader and other third party candidates draw from voters who would not vote for either Democrats or Republicans. In elections between only two candidates where one is mildly unpopular and the other immensely unpopular, opponents of both candidates frequently advocate a vote for the mildly unpopular candidate.

For example, in the second round of the French presidential election graffiti in Paris told people to "vote for the crook, not the fascist". In the Hong Kong Chief Executive election , the "lesser evil" debate rose within the pro-democracy camp as the pro-democrats did not field any candidate in order to make use of their votes in the Beijing-dominated Election Committee to boost the chance for an alternative establishment candidate. Some pro-democrats inclined to support John Tsang , a relatively moderate pro-establishment candidate to prevent a perceived hardliner Carrie Lam from winning.

Radical pro-democracy legislator Leung Kwok-hung refuted the "lesser evil" strategy, thinking it would cost the pro-democrats' moral high ground and announced his own candidacy in order to persuade the pro-democrat electors from voting for Tsang.

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In the story, Odysseus chose to go near Scylla as the lesser of two evils. He lost six of his companions, but if he had gone near Charybdis all would be doomed. Because of such stories, having to navigate between the two hazards eventually entered idiomatic use.

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