Can’t You Just Go To Sleep Already?!?

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While alcohol may relax you and make you feel sleepy, it is a big culprit in sleep interference. Not only does it act as a diuretic which means you need the loo more! Snoring is one of the biggest causes of lack of sleep. One of the tell-tale signs of sleep apnoea is chronic snoring. Whether its worries over work, finances, health or family, feeling anxious in bed leads to difficulty in falling asleep and staying asleep. The first step is to write down any worries, or even your to-do list, before you go to bed as it helps to clear the mind.

Next practice some deep breathing exercises, meditation or even some gentle yoga to relax the body. A great bedtime snack could be oatcakes and cheese, peanut butter on wholemeal toast or a small bowl of low sugar cereal. Street lights, TV standby button, notification light on your smartphone and even digital alarm clocks could all be a factor in keeping you awake.

Even this small amount of light disrupts your internal body clock and decreases your melatonin production, making you feel less sleepy. Trying to make up for lack of sleep with extra time in bed the following morning, or even a few days later, throws off your internal body clock.

Go the f**k to sleep, read by Samuel L Jackson

Where possible try to keep to a regular bed time and wake up time. Our bodies and minds thrive on routine. Too much to do: You could try practising some mindfulness, or even meditate, to relax you before bed. You can even try the 30 Day Better Sleep Plan too. Your email address will not be published. Fitting all that in can be a challenge. Teen Sleep Still not sleeping? What time is it: Constantly clock watching can have a detrimental impact on sleep. Removing the clock from the bedroom can be a positive step in breaking a clock watching routine.

However if having the clock out of the room is likely to make you anxious, why not turn it around or cover it. Glass of your favourite tipple before bed: While alcohol may relax you and make you feel sleepy, it is a big culprit in sleep interference. Not only does it act as a diuretic which means you need the loo more! Snoring is one of the biggest causes of lack of sleep. One of the tell-tale signs of sleep apnoea is chronic snoring.

What Should I Do If I Can't Sleep? (for Teens)

I came to pick up a decently large chair ones. Didn't have a car, so the seller offered me to drive me home with the chair, probably because I was cool just paying the asking price without being difficult. You don't get pity or sympathy if you're being difficult. Hell, they could even charge for it! And also include many other services such as food and itinerary recommendations!


It usually gets the hint across that bitch I'm just selling something and under no obligation to fix your life. I don't know all of this industry jargon, YP, MP. You know, I am broke and live in a studio apartment with my partner and two cats. I don't have the money or space to invite people to come visit. This could very easily be me selling this bed for grocery money. People need to stop pretending they believe sellers are greedy. You're not the only person with issues. Oh, my diamond shoes are too tight, boo hoo! The entire thing is cheaper than a used mattress lol.

A full bed even without a mattress can be thousands of dollars. Just because stuff can be bought very cheap doesn't mean that is in any way related to whatever OP was selling. There's nothing wrong with OP's price or posting, as far as we know. His mattress may well have been worth more money.

Here is what is NOT a ChoosingBeggar:

I certainly spent more than that on my own bed. I was referring to the choosing beggar, who was apparently on a budget. If money is as constrained as it is apparently for them, there are plenty of options for those who aren't too lazy to look for it. Refusing to accept that OP's item is out of their price range is ridiculous. I bought one just recently a few weeks ago. It arrived with every thing I needed almost missing two screws The cool part was unwrapping the mattress itself. It was all compressed and rolled up. As you cut the wrapping it naturally rolls out and 'inflates' itself.

I'd be scared to use that phrase because one day I'd accidentally say it to a black person and I'd be on the news. I just responded to someone else's comment here with my usual go to response, "Not my monkey. That's the point where I would just retort with "Make them sleep on your couch idgaf".

So many people don't seem to get that just because you're selling something doesn't mean you're a business, and you don't have all the resources big places do. If you can't come get it, then I'm sorry but it's not worth it to me to deliver it either. There'll be plenty of people who will come pick up whatever I'm selling.

I was doing a garage sale once and a lady hit me with "can I get some service over here? Lady, this ain't the damn Macy's. I had to threaten to call police on a guy who showed up to my garage sale. He wasn't interested in purchasing anything but the diamond engagement ring and wedding band that I was wearing at the time. My husband was standing right next to me and was too stunned to speak. I came close to giving the asswipe a mouthful of the rings on my right hand.

Some people are really fucked up. God forbid they message someone with a disability.

Welcome to Reddit,

I'm certainly not going to land myself in a wheelchair for weeks just because someone demands that I carry a bed up the stairs. I have MS, and sometimes am stuck in the wheelchair or crutching it anyways I'm not carrying a fucking mattress upstairs on a goddamn good day. I'm happy to pay other people to do stuff I can't physically do though, but I also ordered my mattress from a place that has delivery that I paid for! I have a hernia and two herniated discs to go with it. I can't lift a lot of things anymore.

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If I'm giving something away or selling it cheap it's because I don't want the damn headache. Even businesses don't necessarily offer delivery and if they do it isn't necessarily free. I've been selling some old equipment from my work on marketplace for them small industry-specific appliances mostly and I have had several "buyers" ask me to explain what this does and how this works.

I'm not a salesperson, it's not my job to educate you. And then they hit you with how could you do that! I already promised my sick child and now he's going to die! That's when you hit them with Spider-Man's old reliable, "I missed the part where that's my problem.

In an endless argument you need to come up with an "end it" phrase. If you give them any wiggle room they will keep on going. Yeeahh, I wasn't even thinking about being "afraid", or you putting me into any kind of danger, before you said that! Now, it's all I can think of. Totally safe to deliver to me. I promise I won't murder you when you come. And definitely not by poisoning you.

10 Reasons Why You Still Can’t Sleep

Instead, I'll give you delicious food. Never mind that bitter flavor, it's supposed to taste that way. It's not the building I'm not afraid of I like when people clearly articulate what's wrong instead of just walking away from a problem. Good job on this person for addressing the issue instead of it turning into an argument.


A potential new landlord was a nightmare. I told her we rented someplace else because of location. For some reason I keep imagining this person to be an old asian woman or some random immigrant from India. I lived at an apt near my college and when I graduated I was selling some furniture.

I keep telling him the lowest I would go is and he would have to find a way to get it to his apartment I didn't have time to carry it out while I'm packing. I sold it to my neighbor for When I lived in LA was selling some tables and a old chinese lady next door furniture asking was she would go Ok 10 dolla you deliver to my son's house. I would explain I could do 50 but I would not deliver it somewhere else but I would be nice enough to put it in her apartment. I close the door cause I really don't like continuing a conversation that wont progress further than 10 dollars and its my responsibility to deliver it where ever she asks.

Wow you have a lot of experience with stubborn people. The sad part is, she understood English perfectly so she understood what my offer was but I guess she was hoping to convince me otherwise. It's cause I lived in areas that had people who rather barter for a cheeseburger than pay full price. This kind of haggling, "meet me in the middle" approach is standard in some cultures.