Do Nothing to Get Everything

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I felt like I had nothing. Seriously, I had no job or city to go back to. Yet, it was just the breakdown I needed to move to the other side of the breakthrough. That made it easy to get off my sorry butt and take full charge of the limitless possibilities in my life. In the empty space of having nothing, there is plenty of room for the new and incredible to make its way in. If you are not living the life you want, the biggest hurdle you face is within your own mind.

As said by Anthony Robbins:. If you want anything to change in your life, you need to change your mind first. If you feel like you are in a the midst of a breakdown—like things around you are falling apart and not going the way you hoped, you need to first change your mind and then choose another way. The energy around a breakdown is heavy.

When Doing Nothing Is Doing Everything | HuffPost Life

However, energy is just energy. That pure energy is pure potential. Take that massive amount of energy from the breakdown and transform it into your breakthrough moment. If I had remained in my funked-out state, worrying that I have no job and no home, I never would have started researching new places to live, and new things to learn, and the new life I wanted to create.

I took the energy of the breakdown and redirected it into taking action to change my circumstances.

How to Do Nothing and Achieve Everything

A shift in my perception led me from living in a situation that was no longer serving any joy or purpose, and directed me to move to Vancouver and study holistic nutrition, which has played a massive role in my joy and purpose. If you are feeling in a funk, or like things are just not working out, take that energy and redirect it. Start by simply giving yourself permission to fully feel the pain you are in. Once you can accept that your current circumstances are no longer serving you, you can choose to deliberately change it.

This is what keeps us stuck in a perpetual state of unhappiness. Give yourself permission to think. Go outside in nature and give yourself an hour of pure thinking time. What do I want in my life? What is my dream solution? The answers are inside of us. All we need is to give a little time to take care of our emotional body so that we can break free from the self-made blocks that leave us feeling heavy and unhappy.

Why You Never Get Anything Done

Once you give yourself time to think, you will often start to shift into a new mindset full of possibilities. The most important thing at this stage will be to make an action plan to actually change how you are living. Ask yourself, what step can you take today to make your life lighter?

What can you let go of that is no longer serving you? Sometimes it will be a radical change, like moving to a new city and starting a new job, or studying something brand new.

Other times it can be as simple as integrating a new healthy eating habit or daily exercise routine. Whatever it is, make sure you take action so that you actually breakthrough to the other side and live a life of more meaning and fulfillment. Have you ever experienced a shift in perception that helped you get unstuck? Photo by Leland Francisco. A Guide to Health and Happiness , is now available on Amazon. Everything ended very simply, after a discussion about happiness. So we parted ways.

I decided to do nothing, for some months, a total novelty for me. I decided to create space and this space saved me in so many ways. In order to deal with my mind, I took a deadline in my head and we had a small discussion: No questions, no worries, nothing. It protested a bit, but not as much as I expected. It went quiet in a corner and stayed there, calm and patient. This was one of the biggest surprises I had — I could control my mind, if I gave it clear deadlines.

I had been making this problem so big in my had and now … it was so easy to handle! Nothing big, but things that I was really happy doing. There were things I felt from all my heart I should be doing and I let myself doing them, without feeling guilty, without comparing myself to others that were working, without following that fearful thought peaking some days that I was jobless.

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I gave myself the right to just stare at the walls and breathe. I was deserving it and it was ok.

How a “nothing” period can get you everything

This was a major accomplishment for me — not feeling guilty for not doing anything. What I was actually doing in that period was that I was creating a space for new things to blossom. It means cleaning up the old and preparing yourself for the new. I was offering me the opportunity to experience new things, which I trusted would appear from the void. I gave up all the ideas of what I should do and just let life be.

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For a control freak, giving up expectations and images on how life should be, even for some days, is a major challenge. It requires a deep trust in life itself, to trust that life would support you and that you are taken care of. Because that state has a high vibration, a vibration of courage and abundance, you are affirming to the Universe that you trust it and that you already have everything you need. And, when you believe it, it happens. Sometimes, I believed my heart has no voice. You need silence in order to hear what you heart is saying.